Mafia Business

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Chapter 8

I had fallen asleep on Nathan, waking up hours later. Nathan nowhere to be found. I noticed drawers next to bed, wondering what's inside. I stood up and began flicking through, loudly. I smiled when I found my phone laying in the drawer, switched off. I held it in my hand for some time, thinking what to do. My phone came to life after I pressed power button. There were hundred of missed calls, messages, voicemails. Couple of names such as "Dad" , "Mia" , "Jenna" , "Katy" , "Isabela" , "Nora" , "Alexis" came across my screen...Just as I looked at Isabela's name, my phone flew out of my hand. Alex came out of nowhere, smacking my phone from my hand. The moment it landed on the floor, he stepped on it couple of times until it was in milion pieces. I turned to look at Alex who looked quite satisfied.

"That was totally uncalled for." He turned to look at me.

"How about thank you Alex, sounds way better." He said.

"Oh, thank you very much for breaking my phone into milion pieces, you did a great job." I said, my voice full of sarcasam.

"Your father probably has your phone tracked, waiting for you to turn it on. Thank God I came just in time so we won't have any problems now. I have to report this to Nathan thought." He said and I looked at him in disbelief.

"My father has never even touched my phone, let alone put a tracking device on it." I said to him.

"I don't know that, can't take any risks. I have to tell this to Nathan." He said.

"You have to tell me what?" Nathan said, both of us turning to look at him. He looked between the two of us suspiciously before he turned to look at the smashed phone on the floor.

"Who wants to explain what happened here?" He asked.

"I broke her phone because I thought that she was going to contact someone." Alex admitted looking at Nathan. I smiled.

"Yeah right, I'm bored to death in here so I wanted to call someone to chit-chat with me." I said sarcastically.

"Alex, you can leave. I want to talk with Caroline in private." Alex left the room quickly as Nathan sat on the bed, facing away from me.

"Did you want to call your father?" Nathan asked me in stern voice.

"No, Nathan, I didn't." I answered honestly.

"Why did you swich on your phone then?" He asked, still not looking at me.

"I just wanted to check something. Besides, even if I wanted to contact someone, I couldn't because the moment I turned on my phone, it was on the ground, smashed into milion pieces by Alex." I said.

"I thought that you didn't want anything bad to happen to the guys. What you did now was very dangerous for all of us." I was shocked.

"You've gotta be kidding me. Are you fucking serious? I was honest when I said I didn't want anything bad to happen to any of you. Like I said, my father isn't tracking my phone so I don't know where is the problem. I wouldn't be that stupid to turn it on if he was tracking me." I said, frustrated. Nathan was silent.

"What's wrong with you Nathan? You are not acting like yourself. Did something happened?" I asked.

"Nothing much, I just got my eyes opened. Got some sense talked back to me, too. You've blinded me." He said calmly. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I tried to look at Nathan's eyes but he refused to look at me. I knew exactly what was happening.

"Oh, now everything is clear. You had enlightening talk with Jack, right? I should have known. Tell me then, what did that snake told you about me? I can't wait to hear it. Must have been all good stuff since he 'loves me so much'." I said smirking.

"Or maybe because he 'loves you so much' he is the only one with clear head." Nathan said, walking over to the door. I looked at him amused.

"Yeah right, I think so too." I said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry for this Caroline." Nathan said, closing the door. I stayed on the bed, looking at the door with disbelief. I stood up and walked to the door, finding it locked.

~Fucker. What the fuck are you doing Nathan?~.

I thought as I walked back to bed and sat down.

~What did that snake do to make Nathan listen to his shit. Was I missing something? Something must have happened while I was asleep and non of this fuckers aren't telling me shit.~

As I was lost in my thoughts, voices came from outside the door. I walked carefully to it, trying to hear who did the voices belong to. I could hear Andrew and Sam.

"You can't go in there Andrew. You know the rules. She is not with us anymore." Sam spoke and I could hear Andrew walking off. I pressed my palms on the door.

"Sam, I know you can hear me. Tell me what the fuck is going on." I yelled.

"No can do Caroline." Sam said, his voice laced with boredom.

"Oh, come on Sam, just give me something, anything." I pleaded.


I thought as I slamed my fists on the door. I leaned my head on the door and threw another punch at the door, this time hard enough for my fist to go through the wooden door.

"Oh, shit." I said, pulling my fist from the door, wood sticking out of my hand and blood oazing through my wounds.

"Jesus fucking Christ! Caroline, what's wrong with you?" Sam said, opening the door.

"Fuck, Caroline, that looks nasty. Have you gone completely mad?" He said, taking my hand to look at it.

"I didn't mean to do this. It was an accident ." I said through gritted teeth while Sam gave me a judging look.

"Don't move and please, for fuck's sake, don't try anything. I'm going to go for Clyde." Sam said, shooting me a warning look. I moved to sit on bed, waiting patiently for Clyde. The pain was unbearable but there were worse injuries than this.

"Oh my God Caroline, tell me honestly that this was an accident." Clyde said while walking to me.

"Honestly, I didn't want you to know this just yet, but I guess it's time for you to find out." I said in a serious tone. Clyde looked at me with full attention while trying to take the pieces of wood out of my hand.

"I'm actually a masochist. I enjoy pain and I did this on purpose." I said with a sight. Clyde stilled and looked at me with wide eyes. I burst out laughing. Clyde snickered and turned to look at my hand. I stopped laughing and looked at him.

"I'm sorry but your face was just so funny." I said. He didn't look at me.

"Oh, come on Clyde. It was an accident, I swear." He still didn't look at me and I sighed.

"Clyde, are you going to tell me what's going on. What did Jack told Nathan to make him hate me?" I asked softly. Clyde looked at me and I smiled slightly after what he sighed.

"It's not about you. It's about your father." He said.

"What is it about my father?" I asked, gritting my teeth while Clyde sanitized my wound.

"This morning, Jack tried to convince Nathan that you are a spy. That you came here to destroy us. He said that you killed that man yesterday so he wouldn't tell Nathan. Nathan thought he tried to pass his hate towards your father on Nathan and you..." Clyde sighed. I smirked.

"Do you know where Jack is? I think that I should go and congratulate him on this amazing made up story. He really has a wild imagination. Oh, and also, do you know where Nathan might be? I want to congratulate him too. He officially won the award for the biggest idiot in the world." I said. Clyde only glared at me.

"Earlier this morning, after his talk with Nathan, Jack went out to finish some business. He hasn't returned yet. We received a word that your father captured him."

"Yeah, right after he filled Nathan's head with his bullshit, he went missing. Classic...I'm just wondering how long did it took him to came up with such a plan. He must have someone on the outside helping him." I said.

"We received a hurried phone call with Jack struggling with the capturers. He told Nathan to believe him about what he said and that he has a proof." He said looking at me.

"Oh, I bet he does. He can give me his best shot. I'll be waiting." I said.

"I just hope you won't regret believing him." Clyde looked at me with the mixture of emotions.

"I don't know, I hope that too." He said while packing his stuff.

"I thought better of you. Turns out you are nothing better than that snake. But he is right, you shouldn't trust me." I said smiling.

Clyde only looked at me for a second before leaving the room, locking the door. I breathed in and out couple of times. I need to stay calm. Shit like that won't make me mad. They can trust whoever they want. Soon, hell will break loose. I can feel it. Everytime something starts going right for me, shit needs to happen soon after. This is what you get when you are involved with mafia. Trust is a rare thing. You need to prove it. Fight for it. Do the craziest shit for it. I need to do something. I'm not going to stay locked somewhere where I'm not welcomed. I stood up and changed my clothes. I picked black thight pants, black shirt, black boots with heels and black jacket. I walked to the door and kicked the handle hard with my leg. I kicked it few more times until it broke. I walked to the living room and headed for the front door.

"Caroline..." Nathan called me and I turned around to face Sam and him.

"I guess you heard some noise. I think you'll need some new door for your bedroom Nathan because I broke this one." I said smiling.

"Where do you think you are going?" Nathan asked in a stern voice while getting closer to me. Sam just watched silently. I backed away from him.

"I'm thankful for your hospitality, but it's time for me to go. I'm not welcomed here anymore." I said calmly.

"I'm sorry Caroline, but that's not happening." Nathan said and Sam smirked.

"I'm also sorry that you don't have a say in this. I made a decision already." I said while looking at Nathan.

"I won't stop Sam from shooting you in both of your legs before you ever take a step through that door." Nathan said in a warning tone.

"You should really know that your words does nothing besides amuse me. Why have Sam shoot me. You can't do it yourself baby?" I said with the smirk on my lips. Nathan tensed and Sam raised his brows.

"Try me Caroline." He said shrugging. I smiled.

"If I were you, I would shoot me in the head. I can still use weapons with my hands." I said. Sam and Nathan exchanged a look before Sam tried to get out of the room.

"No Sam, stay here. You don't want to miss the best part." I said while looking at Nathan.

"Stop this right now Caroline." Nathan yelled while trying to capture me. I escaped him easily.

"No, I want this to be over right now." I said, shooting Nathan a warning look.

"Hey, guys. Come to the living room, I have some important news to announce." I yelled, moving to the center of the living room. At that moment, Clyde and Tyler came from kitchen and Alex and Andrew were walking down the stairs. Everyone was here.

"Great. Now that I have you all here, listen to me carefully because I'm going to say this just once. As I can see, Jack filled your heads with his bullshit. You have been blinded indeed. But not by me. And I'm going to tell you why. When Clyde told me what Jack told Nathan, I immediately knew it was a lie. And do you know why? Hmmm?" I asked, looking at each one of them. Silence.

"That's what I thought. Now, let me explain." I said, walking around.

"First thing, I don't even live with my father. I visit him very rarely. I almost never talk to him on the phone. We basically don't have contact unless something urgent comes on. I don't work for him and I definitely don't take his orders and do business for him. Now that you know that, you should understand that even if my father wanted to send me here as a spy, he could never make me do it." I said, walking past Nathan and Sam, then past Clyde and Tyler and finally past Alex and Andrew. And than I stopped and turned to look at all of them.

"And the second thing. If I wanted to destroy your gang, I wouldn't need help from my father to do that. And you know why? Because I have a whole gang on my own." I said smiling. They all looked at me confused.

"That doesn't ring any bells? Hmm, maybe this will. When you brought me here, Nathan, Alex told you my name was Caroline Kingstone, right?" I asked him. He still looked at me confused but nodded.

"What if I tell you that my real name is Caroline Mickelson. Does that ring any bells?" I asked. There was a silence for a long moment until Sam spoke.

"Isn't that the name of The Kingdom's leader?" Sam asked looking at me, followed by everyone else.

"Yes it is. Gentlemen, let me introduce myself properly. My name is Caroline Mickelson and I'm indeed the leader of The Kingdom." I said while bowing. At that moment, everyone pulled out their guns.

"Caroline, is this true?" Nathan asked me.

"Why wouldn't it be?" I said and there was a sound of gun shooting. I dodged the bullet.

"It's not fair, I'm unarmed." I said mockingly and then all of them began shooting. I chrunched down, avoiding the bullets and rolling over to the sofa which was right next to Alex's leg. I pulled hard at his leg and he fell with a loud thud. Quickly, I took his gun and pulled him up. Placing a hand around his neck, I pressed the gun against his head.

"Now, I think the game is over. Put your guns down before I blow this beautiful head." I said and all of them pulled their guns down. I pulled Alex to sit with me on the sofa. We sat next to each other and I motioned with my gun for the rest of them to sit. I threw the gun on the coffee table and turned to look at Alex. He was already looking at me. I kissed his cheek and brushed his hair from his face.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart but I had to do it. No hard feelings?" I asked softly but he only nodded. I turned to look at the rest of them.

"Now listen here, since we established that I'm not with my father in this, you should know that I'm also not here to hurt you or anything similar. I was at that club accidently. I accidently met Alex and Andrew. When Tyler kidnapped me, I honestly didn't know that he's from The Royal Blood. I knew Nathan because I know all of the gang leaders. And finally, everything that happened up till now wasn't planned. I didn't came here with hidden agenda. I repeat, I don't want to hurt you." I said.

"How should we know that?" Andrew asked.

"Because, if I wanted to do something to you, I would've done it already." I answered simply.

"All of you, get out. I want to talk alone with Caroline." Nathan said and everyone was out. I stood up as he came close to me. He tried to take my hand but I slapped away his hand.

"Don't touch me Nathan. You think I'm a spy, that I'm plotting against you, you don't trust me...." I said.

"How can I trust you when you just said that you are the leader of The Kingdom? We are basically enemies Caroline. We are fighting against each other for the second place." He said in a serious tone.

"Hah, that's what you think. I don't need to bring down your gang to be on the second place. In fact, I don't need that second place. It's all yours. I just can't believe that this is what I get after sleeping with you, giving you my virginity, opening up to you." I said with a disappointment lacing in my voice.

"Where will you go after you leave me?" He asked.

"Home. To my home. Away from you because I can't even look at you anymore. I thought we had a connection Nathan. That we are the same. I guess I was wrong." I said bitterly.

"The way you think of me really breaks my heart. I feel dirty. Ashamed." Nathan stepped closer to me, keeping me between his body and the wall. His nose trailed up my neck and my chin. I pushed him away.

"That's not how things are going Nathan. I won't let you use me when you want me and then accuse me for something that I didn't do and lock me up." I said in a serious tone.

"Tell me honestly Caroline, are you a spy? Did you came here to destroy me and my gang?" Nathan whispered to me, looking at my eyes.

"If you are asking that question it means that you have already decided Nathan." I said sighing.

"Say it Caroline, say that you want to leave me." He breathed, fanning my face with his hot breath.

"What are you saying Nathan?" I asked him.

"Say that you want to leave me, to walk away and I'll let you go, without another word." He said in a serious tone. My legs and my brain were telling me to go, fucking run without looking back. But my heart, my poor heart...It kept me here. Standing. Not moving at all, like I'm going to break into milion pieces if I move just an inch.

"Nathan, this can't keep going. If you want me, want me. If you don't, just leave me and don't torture me. You can't do both." I said and in that moment, Nathan's lips were on mine, devouring them with desperation. Not able to refuse, I kissed him back even harder, my hands going around his neck. He grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him up the stairs. He pushed me into the room.

"Let me show you the connection between us. Let me show you how much we are same." He trailed his hands down my body. I took hold of his wrists.

"No, Nathan. You can't show me if you don't trust me. I trust you but can you trust me too?" I asked. He looked at me and kissed me lightly on my lips.

"I acted without thinking. This is what I'm the best at. Pushing people away." He said, his hand going under my chin, pulling me closer. He spoke to me quietly, closing his eyes and kissing my lips.

"Caroline, please don't hurt me, don't betray me. My heart couldn't take it." I smiled.

"I won't. I could never. But when did you became such a cry baby?" I asked, smirking. He narrowed his eyes at me.

"You really know how to ruin a moment..." Nathan said, pushing me away.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to see you smile." I said softly. Nathan growled, picking me up by the waist. He began kissing my neck, leaving love marks all over it. I moaned and just as he was about to lay me on the bed, someone bursted into the room. Alex and Andrew entered, catching their breaths. Andrew was smirking but Alex turned pale.

"Oh, boss, I see you accepted the fact that she is the leader of The Kingdom faster than I thought." Andrew said and Alex slapped his hand.

"Leave that for later Andrew...Boss, this just came." Alex handed Nathan the box. Nathan laid me on the bed as he took the box from Alex, peeking inside. He dropped the box instantly on the floor, the content spilling out.

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