Mafia Business

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Chapter 9

Everyone gathered in the living room. The box with the ear inside was placed at the center of the coffee table, everyone just looking at it. I crossed my legs and held my head against my palm. The box with it’s content inside was a gross scenery to watch at but I just couldn’t look away.

~Who the fuck did this? This can’t be Jack’s. He must’ve sent this to fool us. Who is he working with? Is he really going this far just to try to ruin me?~

„I can’t look at this anymore! How can we be so sure that this belongs to Jack?“ Tylor suddenly asked. They spoke between themselves when Andrew spoke up.

„He was struggling with his capturers on the phone when we got a call. Even if this isn’t his ear, it has his earrings on so someone has got him for sure.“ There was silence and I was looking around, watching for any reaction. Alex looked worried and then there was Sam who looked relaxed like it was just an ordinary day to him. Then there was Nathan who looked like he was about to kill someone and Clyde who was, I guess, deep in his thoughts.

„We need to watch out for every move we make.To think hard and be very careful. Who knows who might be standing behind this.“ Clyde said.

„I think I have an idea.“ Alex said, glaring at me.

„We are not sure about that Alex. Think before you speak. It can be anyone. Maybe it’s Mr. Ross or Samuel Wang. We must not make any reckless moves.“ Clyde said in a stern voice.

„Do you hear yourself Clyde. Jack is somewhere God only knows and you are telling me to be careful. We must act fast and send Caroline back.“ Alex yelled and I looked at him. At that moment, everyone looked at Nathan. He raised his head and looked at Alex with arched eyebrows. Alex closed his eyes and shook his head before he sat down.

„Listen to me here Alex. I know you’re upset about Jack and everything but all of us here are. Don’t think that finding him isn’t the first thing on my list now.“ Nathan then said and Alex only nodded.

„I think it would be the best to split in teams and search for any information we can get. Clyde and Andrew will go to visit Mr. Ross, Sam will go to try and find out something about Samuel Wang and Tylor and I are going to talk with Mr. Kingstone. We’ll think of some information about Caroline.“ Nathan turned to Alex who looked confused.

„What about me? You want me to go with Sam?“ Alex asked and Nathan looked at both of us.

„I would like you to stay with Caroline and take care of her.“ Nathan said while Alex frowned.

„I don’t need any protection honey. I can look after myself.“ I said and Nathan held a finger to silence me.

„Alex, take this seriously. It’s very important to me personally. Don’t let me down. I hope I can count on you.“ Nathan said and stood up. The guys were getting ready to move and Alex grabbed Nathan’s arm firmly.

„Promise me you’ll find him.“ Alex said.

„I can’t promise anything but I’ll try my best Alex.“ Nathan said and walked towards me. He came to stand in front of me and crouched down. He took my hands in his and he kissed them. I took my hands away and grabbed his face, pulling him close and kissing him passionately. He kissed me back hard, deepening the kiss. He pulled away and looked straight into my eyes.

„I want you to stay safe and please, make Alex think about something else. He is too occupied with this issue about Jack.“ Nathan told me softly.

„Don’t worry honey. We’ll be fine. Be careful Nathan.“ I said and pulled his face to kiss his forehead before he left with the rest of them. Alex was sitting on the sofa while he rubbed his hands on his pants, bouncing his legs. He was way too upset. I only watched him for a while before I decided to break this agony.

„Sweetheart, you need to relax. I’m beginning to worry about you.“ I said softly. He didn’t even look at me. I sighed and walked towards him, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him.

„Alex, honey, don’t be like that. I know you think I have something to do with this but I’m telling you now honestly that I have nothing to do with this. Talk to me Alex.“ I said sternly this time.

„I know but I’m just scared.“ He said, looking at me with his big eyes.

„Oh, honey, you don’t have to be.“ I said to him, sitting on the sofa and pulling him to lay his head on my lap. I bent down and kissed his forehead, brushing his hair lightly.

„Everything will be alright. Nothing is going to happen to him. He can live even without his ear but I highly doubt that this is his ear so I guess he is more than okay.“ I said but he remained silent.

„Now, since we have a lot of time, what should we do?“ I asked but he only shrugged.

„How about we watch a movie. Do you like watching movies?“ I asked him.

„I do. I like watching movies but I don’t get to watch that much“ He said, getting up.

„Oh, is that so? Well, since we have some time now, why don’t we watch some movies you want to watch? You can pick anything.“ I said, smiling.

„Really? That’s great. I’ll be right back.“ He ran to the room to get the movies while I found comfortable postition on the sofa. When he came back I couldn’t help but smile at his happy face and his hands full of DVD’s. He placed them neatly one by one on the coffee table. He looked at me and my smile widened.

„So, which one are we going to watch first?“ I asked and he grined.

„You’ll watch more than one movie with me? Seriously?“ He asked excitedly.

„Yeah, I will. I’ll watch every movie you want to watch.“ I said and waited for him to play the movie and come to sit next to me. He played the movie and placed the rest of DVD’s on a heap at the end of the table. He came and sat right next to me. I hugged him and covered us with blanket. He placed his head on my chest and hugged me back. I brushed his hair slowly while we watched the movie. Sometime in the middle of the movie, Alex broke the silence.

„Caroline, can I ask you something?“ He asked.

„Of course you can honey. What is it?“ I asked him back.

„How do you feel about Nathan? Do you love him?“ He asked again and I looked at him surprised.

„Listen honey. It takes a lot of time to fall in love. You need to get to know them well first, then you need to have a good connection with each other.To understand your partner and to trust them. Loyalty is also important. We do have all that but I guess that we need some more time to fall in love with each other and make that love last. I want to stay with him and you all because you are already making a way to my heart.“ I said.

„Do you really think that’s going to work?“ He asked. I lifted his head from my chest to look him in the eyes.

„What is all this about Alex?“ I asked.

„I don’t know....It’s just, are we someone who can be loved. Can gangsters really feel love?“ He avoided to look into my eyes. I grabbed both of his cheeks and made him look at me.

„Sweetheart, are you worried that no one is going to love you? That is bullshit! You already have lots of love. First from your gang members and then me, I don’t love you yet but I like you a lot. You know, sometime in future, you are going to find a girl who will love you with her whole heart. Don’t ever question it again.“ I told him.

„Will that girl be someone like you? Because I really like you Caroline and I think you’re an amazing person.“ I smiled.

„Well, thank you for that. It means so much to me. I don’t really know if she would be similar to me, but if you want that, I hope she will. But also, I’ll always be here for you so don’t worry.“ I kissed his cheek and he smiled. After couple of movies, it became dark. There weren’t any news from guys about Jack. Alex was sleeping on my chest. I was quite tired myself and I closed my eyes for a little bit. Just as I began falling asleep, a loud thud made me open my eyes in alarm. I looked around but there was nothing. I wanted to go and check it but just then, all electricity in the house went off. I grabbed Alex’s shoulder, shaking it to wake him up. This wasn’t good. Some real shit was about to go down. Alex woke up, sleep still evident in his eyes. He looked at me but we could barely see each other in the dark. I pulled him from the sofa and brought him next to me.

„Stay close.“ I told him and began to move towards the stairs. Just as I found the railing, a big figure appeared atop the staircase. I took a deep breath and pulled Alex behind me.

„Who the fuck are you? How did you get in here?“ I yelled at the figure now going down the stairs. I felt Alex’s hard breathing on my neck and his hand was grasping mine so hard that I had to grit my teeth. I took a step back, pushing Alex further in the room. In one moment, dark figure jumped down in front of me. I pushed Alex away from me and just then, I felt a leg being pushed in my stomach and I fell hard on the floor. Alex tried to attack the figure but it hitted him so hard on head that Alex only fell on the floor with a loud thud. He wasn’t moving. As I got up, dark figure approached me. I grabbed it by neck but then the figure took my hand and turned me so that I was pressing my back on it’s front. After that, I felt a hand with a cloth on it pressed on my nose and my mouth and then, it all turned black.

After almost whole day of searching for any kind of information without success, Nathan was driving back to the house together with Tyler. He wasn’t happy at all.

„Do you think Mr.Kingstone knows that we are keeping Caroline? Or is it just me?“ Tyler asked him. Nathan gripped the steering wheel hard.

„Of course not. He thanked us for the fake information we gave him so it means that he has no clue neither about Caroline or Jack.“ Nathan said and began driving faster. „I just can’t take it! I don’t like the feeling of not knowing anything about this situation. It’s really going on my nerves.“ Nathan yelled and Tyler took a deep breath because he didn’t like the speed they were riding in now.

„It’s going to be okay. We are going to solve this. We just need to stay calm and we’ll go through this.“ Tyler said and Nathan decreased the speed.

„I have a feeling that none of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t kept Caroline. Everything is my fault.“ Nathan said while sighing.

„Don’t say that. We all know about your feelings Nathan. They may not be so deep right now but they’ll get with time. It’s not your fault you’ve fallen in love. Being in love is a wonderful thing. Don’t you ever think you should regret falling in love. Only in case you’ve fallen in love with a wrong person which isn’t the case in this situation.“ Tyler said. As Nathan parked the car in front of the house, he didn’t felt right. The house in front of him that was in a complete darkness worried him. He turned to look at Tyler but he only shrugged.

„I’m sure they have fallen asleep.“ Tyler said as they walked inside the house. They went into the living room, trying not to hit into something. Tyler called for Caroline and Alex but there was no answer. Dead silence.

„Something is not right. Let’s go and turn the power back on.“ Just as they were about to move, all of the electricity in the house powered back up. They looked at each other.

„What’s going on here?“ Nathan asked and in that moment, Sam walked into the living room.

„Well, I would like to say that some paranormal shit was going on here but I would have to disappoint you with the fact that it was just me.“ Sam said, smiling.

„Do you know where are Caroline and Alex?“ Nathan asked Sam.

„I have no idea. I just got back myself and I went straight to turn the power on. I found it really suspicious that the power was only turned off. No sign of cutted wires or something. I really don’t have any idea why would those two turn the power off. You get me?“ Sam asked while looking at both of them. Nathan and Tyler exchanged their looks and Nathan took off running. He climbed up the stairs, checking every room on the upper floor. He went down the stairs failing to find any of the two.

„Maybe they went out to grab some snacks or something?“ Tyler asked and Nathan only shoot him an angry look.

„Caroline wouldn’t put them in such a danger as getting out of the house. Fuck! What was I thinking when I left them alone.“ Nathan yelled while he paced the living room like a mad man. The door opened and everyone turned to look at it. Clyde and Andrew came in, looking confused. Nathan began pacing the living room againg while others just looked between themselves.

„What happened here? Did you find out something about Jack?" Clyde asked.

„Caroline and Alex went missing. When we got back a couple of minutes ago, they were nowhere to be found.“ Sam answered. Nathan was grabbing his head, trying to think. Things like this don’t happen just like that. People don’t just disappear. Something must’ve happened.

„I swear to God, if someone doesn’t shut the fucking TV off, bad thing will happen.“ Nathan said as Tyler rushed to get the remote and turn the TV off. Everyone froze.

„Did you hear that?“ Nathan asked, going to the kitchen where the noise was coming from. He opened one of the cupboards and there was Alex. He was crumbled inside of the little space. Clyde and Sam grabbed him and pulled him outside. They carried him to the sofa and slowly laid him on it. Andrew came rushing to him and Clyde was checking his head.

„He has a pretty bad injury on his head, probably caused by a hard hit. I guess it knocked him out since he seems to be waking up now. Andrew, go and get him some water.“ Nathan was pacing next to the sofa, impatient to wait for Alex to wake up. Alex opened his eyes, immediately grabbing his head and wincing.

„Caroline....Where is she?“ He asked, though it sounded more like a whisper. Nathan kneeled in front of Alex, holding his knees.

„That’s what I want to ask you. Tell me what happened here.“ Nathan asked softly even though he was raging with anger.

„ I – We were talking and watching a movie and than I fell asleep.“ He tried to remember as he winced while Clyde dabbed his head with a wet cloth. „Caroline woke me up, pulling me behind her and telling me to stay close. The power went out and everything was dark.“ He trailed off. „ She went to take us upstairs but there was a dark figure standing at the top of the stairs.“ Alex pointed at the staircase and Nathan took a deep breath. „He kicked Caroline and she fell and when I tried to attack it, the figure knocked me out. I couldn’t do anything. I don’t know where is she Nathan, I’m so sorry.“ Nathan nodded and patted his knees whille he got up. He didn’t know what to do. Where was she? Who the fuck took her? And in his own house?

„How did it went with The Ross Family?“ Nathan asked Clyde.

„It’s no way that The Ross Family has to do anything with this. They are barely a gang anymore...There is no way they could pull out something like this.“ Nathan nodded and turned to look at Sam.

„Did you find out anything about Samuel Wang?“ Nathan asked him.

„Nothing that can help us with Jack. All that I could find is that he’s probably a pshyico and Caroline should be kept away from him.“ Sam said and scratched his neck.

„Okay. Clyde is going to stay here to look after Alex. Everyone else will come with me and we are going to find them both.“ Nathan said and went out. The rest of them looked between themselves.

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