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She is the moon, and he is the sun, together, they create a dangerous heat. "Say it!" "No!" I'm pushed towards the floor as I drop with a hard thud. My body now aches for the harsh shove from Midas's strength. I ignore his demands, challenging him to his expectations. However, I can't deny him much longer if I ever want to survive his wrath. "Say it Winter, or-" I stop him abruptly. The same story that has continued throughout the months since he's found me, taken me to be frank. "Or what? You'll punish me, make me cry, make me bleed. No? Better yet you'll finish the job and slit my throat?" My stubbornness continues this will to defy his being. To challenge the very essence of who this man is. I cannot accept him. I will not accept him. "Watch your steps Winter; you're on fragile ice." "Go ahead Midas hit me with your best shot." Winter is unaware that her life will forever change. She challenges the mate bond that everything is predestined for you. When fierce warrior Midas pillages the small pack, he takes his mate despite her unwillingness to leave with him, he destroys everything she’s ever known for her to comply. However, she will fight all the way 'til the end. So will he.

Erotica / Romance
Dalila Alvizo
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It was winter’s eve, they begin to gather around the fire. Bringing about the abundance of food, fur, weapons, and necessities that will be used for the long cold months. While everyone shivers, I relish in the cold as it kisses my skin with its harsh bite. I wear fewer clothes than most wolves, I merely enjoy the weather as it prickles its cold needles into my skin.

The others put more fabrics than I do; lips quivering, hands trembling, and knees shaking. The females hold their pups close so they do not fall from the colds' wicked powers, most young pups never survive the winter months.

The other males stand tall against the winds, but I know better, they’re cold freezing their asses off. When they see me, their eyes turn dark, I can feel them become emasculated when they see me stand against the cold better than them.

However, my people continue against the short days and long nights. The wolves begin to show the alpha of these small lands that we’ve gathered here today.

“We have extra fur that can be sewn into coats for the women and children. Plus the extra meat we had hunted from the caribou last week.” The Alpha’s beta, Mason, speaks as he stands with his heavily pregnant mate by his side. The alpha smiles graciously looking over the crowd with kind eyes, he appreciates every one of his pack members as they do their part. No one takes more, always giving than the other.

“This winter will become the best we’ve had all seasons. I have hope that we will survive with this much to help us live through the long nights. Thank you all for your contributions,” he thanks each one of the pack members, he never forgets their names because he is the Alpha; he needs to know who we all are.

His Luna, Leah, stands tall with her head held high, a slight grimace to her lips. She wore a fur coat already before any other of the pack members has had the chance to pick from the pile. Her eyes stare at us with disinterest, her barely-there smile is colder than the weather itself.

There’s callous in the way she regards others. When she first arrived here, she was kind. Yet, when the Alpha looks away her eyes become a raging torrent that leaves an itch to scratch away the pain. Sweet words slither her tongue, but her bite is fierce if you don’t do as she says. The alpha too blinded by the way his mate treats others for the truth of the matter is she’s one evil bitch.

“My my Winter, these gloves were sewn beautifully,” the Alpha compliments my handy work. Beaming with such pride, I bow my head towards my leader.

“I’ve made enough for the children as I noticed they have worn their old ones from two winters ago.”

“Very considerate of you Winter,” once the inspection is over. We begin the celebration of a successful week of the pack’s contribution.

Dancing and singing.

Frolicking amongst each other in the comfort of knowing one another. I chow down on the plate that I waited to eat as everyone beat me to the line. My wolf growls her disapproval of a lack of respect. But it confuses me as to why she feels so esteem. She regards herself as if she is more. However, in time, I remind her we are no more than simple Omegas living a simple life. The pack has a system, the higher ranking must be first over the lesser wolves.

If it were up to me, it should be the less should have a chance to either be helped or help themselves.

“Hey, why aren’t you dancing?” Maia asks me as she shuffles over to sit by me. Her stomach bumping against the table. A life that is ready to be born into this world vibrates its rhythm of life as the pup kicks and moves around its mother’s stomach.

“Because I prefer the comfort of food filling my belly than to have someone stepping on my toes,” she chuckles lightly from my response as she rests her feet up on another chair.

“Oh boy, this one is going to be the death of me, literally. I can barely breathe,” she gasps as she takes a sip from her cup of water.

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll be thanking his mamma for letting him bake just a little more,” she laughs as we watch the scenery in front of us. So many smiles, happiness spreads across the wolves. Soon, howls are bellowing out as the Alpha commences the first run for the winter.

“You should run with the pack, Winter,” she says as the juveniles and adults begin to circle their alpha. Nipping and imprinting his scent in memory of their leader.

“Oh, I doubt they want some omega ruining the run of the first winter night.” It’s odd at times, how I say winter for the weather yet it’s my name as well.

No one knows who my parents are, but the only thing the alpha knows is I was dropped here, onto their lands with no one looking after me. The late alpha had found me on their steps when I was crying. The old alpha had given me a letter on my 13th birthday that explains how someone left it to me when I was a pup.

I still have it to this day, but it has instructions on the front of the envelope. I cannot open it unless I am twenty-one. The letter was engraved in bold letters that spelled out one word. They could only assume one thing and that it could be my name.


Whoever my parents were must have had a hilarious sense of humor. I don’t know why they would name me such a weird thing. I believe they could be possible nomads. No matter what, what’s done is done, and I cannot open it unless I am twenty-one, so I only have three more years to go. My mind comes back to reality when I realize Maia is talking to me again.

“I think they would pay more attention to the run than just a little ole omega such as yourself. Besides, the Alpha is here. If they give you trouble then he’s there to help.” I roll my eyes and scoff at her words.

“He doesn’t need any headaches for my sake,” I remark, when the alpha had found me, he raised me as his own despite the fact he had a son already. No matter to him, blood or not, I was a daughter he never had. The Luna adored me; she treated me with such warmth and kindness. I can remember the way she would hold me at night when I would cry from harsh storms. While Alec, the new alpha, would comfort me with stories about our wolf's history when he was fifteen, and I was seven years old.

He would tell me fascinating stories that enchanted my world whenever he spoke about the kingdoms that are far away but hold power over our world. How the King and Queen rule with kindness and justice and that all of the wolves adored them because they were wonderful rulers with abilities, unlike any other wolf. The monarchy blessed by the goddess herself, gifted with such powers that they can only use when a wolf is corrupt or justice needs to be served.

Alec even spoke of how they once had a little princess who was destined to be our future Queen, our first Female Alpha queen. That is unheard of, to have firstborns as females. However, their rule was usurped by traitors amongst the werewolf kingdom, some have theories it may have been the Lycans who killed the King and Queen. No one knows of the princess, some have hoped she may return and bring balance to the world to protect the wolves from the treachery of sinful Lycans.

Seeing as there was a time where I had hoped I could have been Alec’s mate. There was also a moment where he and I had shared a tender kiss when I turned sixteen on my birthday. But then it all changed, his mate had visited us when her pack came to form an alliance with us. It was easy for him to forget about me. I was merely the girl his family adopted, and then I became nothing when his mate pushed me away from the only family I’ve ever known. Alec is still nice to me and talks to me as someone he was once close to but his mate makes sure there is a long distance between us. Since the death of our parents, nothing was ever the same.

“It’s his job Winter,” she says as the wolves disappear from our sight running deeper into the woods.

“Then I don’t need to make his job more difficult,” she rolls her eyes as I stood up to walk away smirking. Picking my plate and throwing it in the waste bin. I stay with the other omegas who were put to charge to clean. Throwing away any debris that might have been dropped on accident.

“Whoops,” or on purpose, the Luna drops her cup onto my shoe. Flicking it off, my white shoes are stained with her ale drink making the shoes feel sticky.

“You missed the wastebasket Luna,” I dislike her, very much, if she weren’t the Alpha’s mate, I’d probably have ripped her throat out long ago. This is something I agree with my wolf. She hums a rhythm that tunes a taste for vengeance against another she-wolf that has done us wrong.

“No, I didn’t,” she laughs like she was triumphant to make me feel low. On the contrary, I pity the woman who only loathes herself. I walk away knowing she gets annoyed when someone ignores her overall.

Entering inside my small home away from the larger homes that hold more members with more prominent families. Passing the much bigger house of the Alpha and Luna, it homes only them with the betas and their children.

My home was built for me as I was considered an outsider for a very long time. Most wolves were wary of my presence. They were uncertain where I came from. Slowly, I gained their trust as I showed the pack of my skillful hands. The capability of making shoes, clothing, blankets.

Anything they can think to ask, I do it with my hands. It was thanks to Alec’s mother, Luna Inna, who taught me every skill I know. She would always comment on how skillful I am. She was fascinated by my choice of designs to create beauty from the fabrics and furs I would stitch together.

My hands that I hold sacred.

For they make me a useful member of this pack.

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