His Temptation

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Tonight I was determined to make her mine. No matter the consequences, I was finally going to take her tonight. Isabel Gregory has always had a crush on her history teacher, Mr. Kelly, during her Junior year. Now in her senior year and 18 years old, she's determined to seduce her history teacher. Hansen Kelly, a history teacher at Cambridge High School, has always felt attracted to Isabel, but has denied the attraction, fully knowing the consequences. Sparks will fly, and will eventually turn into flames. Who will get burned?

Erotica / Humor
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1 | I S A B E L

Chapter 1

The first time I saw him, he was beautiful. 27 year old Mr. Hansen Kelly, was my history teacher last year. Butterflies erupted in my stomach, shivers broke out throughout my body, and my heartbeat started beating rabidly.

His amazing amber eyes, broad shoulders, tan skin, and silky curly dark brown hair that begged my hands to touch and run my hands through them. His sharp jaw and slight stubble had me wanting to know how it would feel against my naked skin.

I so badly wanted to know, I had fantasies all the time, the way he would run his hands down every inch of my body until he reached my–

“Ms. Gregory.” Mr. Kelly’s deep velvet like voice rang throughout the room.

I cleared my throat and sat up straighter in my chair, “Yes, Mr. Kelly?”

“What year did the bombing of Pearl Harbor happen?” He crosses his arms, his buttoned up shirt tightening around his arms. His amber eyes study me, making me shiver in pleasure.

“1936?” I answered slowly and unsure.

“Incorrect, it was 1941,” some junior students in the class chuckled, “pay attention next time Ms. Gregory.” He went back to teaching and I went back to daydreaming.

I had my chin on my hand as I stared at my two best friends l, Olevia and Jacquelin, laughed at the story I had just told them.

“What’s so funny?” I grumbled and picked at my pasta.

“You were turned on when he was scolding you!” Jacquelin bellowed out a laugh, the people around us turn to look at us.

“Shut up.” I growled.

“I mean I can’t blame you for feeling turned on, Mr. Kelly is one of the hottest teacher in this school, of course there’s also Mr. Marzullo and Mr. Zink, but he’s married...unfortunately.” Olevia said as she started talking to herself.

I sighed and moved onto my tator tots, nibbling on them and dipping them into the mayo condiment.

I looked up just as Mr. Kelly came into the cafeteria. My breath hitches and my body lit up. Olevia and Jacquelin obviously noticed and turned to where I was looking.

“I have to admit, he’s one fine ass man.” Jacquelin muttered.

“He’s more than fine.” Olevia whispered following them.

“Do you think he’s good in bed?” Jacquelin leaned in and whispered.

“I don’t know, which is why I’m gonna find out.” I leaned back into my chair.

“What do you mean?” Olevia eyed me warily.

“I mean, I’m gonna fuck him.” I crossed my arms and watched him leave the cafeteria.

“Huh?!” “Say what now?” Both Olevia and Jackieaskedinshock.

“You guys heard me.” I smiled and bit out of my grilled cheese.

“B-but–” Olevia started to protest.

“No buts, it’ll all be fine, I have everything planned.” I waved my hand at her.

“Girl, this is not gonna turn out pretty.” Jacquelin sassed.

“Thanks for the confidence guys.” I muttered sarcastically.

“Isabel, think about this–”

“I have. Like I said, I have everything perfectly planned.” Olevia still looked doubtful.

“If you get caught?” Jackie flipped her curly black hair back over her shoulder.

“We won’t, it’ll be just like in the books.” I shrugged, actually feeling confident.

“Yeah, except this is the real world. Plus the teacher and student still get caught in the books.” Jackie lets out a frustrated breath of air.

“Jackie.” I turned to look at her,
“Believe me, I’ve got this.”

She eyed me before turning her attention back to her food.

“So,” I clapped my hands together, gaining their attention, “who wants to go shopping after school?”

“I’m down.” Jacquelin smiles.

“Sure, I guess I’ll go. If my parents let me.”

“Text them.” Jacquelin points to Olevia’s phone.

Olevia rolls her eyes but does what was told.

“They said it was fine.” She answers a few minutes later and placed her phone face down on the table.

“Awesome,” the bell rings, signaling lunch was over, “well guys, I’ll see you later.”

They both nodded and I left to my 6th hour class.

“You need to make sure your project isn’t too thick or else it’ll explode in the kiln and we do not want that.” Mr. Lynch, my ceramics teacher said.

I leaned forward, placing my hand under my chin and zoned out. My thoughts went to Mr. Kelly.

He was one sexy motherfucker.

Speaking of the sexy devil, he had just came in to my classroom. I shoot up in my chair and stared at him.

Damn, I had it bad.

Very bad.

“Mr. Kelly.” Mr. Lynch greets him.

“Hello Mr. Lynch, I’m here for the papers.”

“Oh that’s right.” Mr. Lynch walks to his desk, while Mr. Kelly looks around the classroom. His eyes stop on me for a second before returning to Mr. Lynch.

“Thank you, have a nice rest of your day Mr. Lynch.” My eyes follow him out the door, getting a glimpse of his nice ass and watched him through the large glass windows before he disappeared from my sight.

“Get to work everyone!” Mr. Lynch’s voice booms throughout the classroom.

Before I start having inappropriate wild thoughts of Mr. Kelly, I got up from my stool and went to get my clay project.

While pinching the walls of my pinch pot, my phone dings the normal Snapchat noise. I look down at Olevia’s name and then turn back to my project when the screen goes back to black.

I would check the Snapchat she sent me but my hands were covered in dry clay and dust and I didn’t want to get my phone dirty.

My phone beeps again with another snapchat from Olevia, then a few minutes later, I get one from Jacquelin.

What the hell?

I stand to go wash my hands and unlocked my phone when I came back. Tapping on Olevia’s name first, a shirtless Hansen Kelly is shown on my screen.

My jaw literally drops as I stare at his fit body, he had a 6 pack which I wanted to run my tongue down them so badly, his demin jeans hung low on his hips, showing that delicious V, and his broad/lean arms are lifted up in the air, as if he was putting on a shirt before the picture. I quickly screenshot the picture and tap my phone to see the next picture. But he already had dressed up.

Feeling disappointed but happy and turned on at the same time, I tap on Jackie’s name and another picture of a shirtless Mr. Kelly was shown on the screen and the caption Jackie added were of the emoji with heart eyes. The image disappeared from the screen. Quickly holding on Jackie’s name, the image appears again and I screenshot it too.

After that, I text both Jackie and Olevia, asking how the hell did they get to see such a fine specimen and I didn’t, plus he had only left my classroom about 15 minutes ago.

Jackie: Mrs. Engle spilled her coffee all over his shirt and pants. He left to his classroom, I followed after asking to go to the bathroom, I texted Olevia to come out too and we both got to see the greatest creation of god 😍😍💦

Me: Lucky bitches!! I wanted to seeeeeee😫😫

I humphed in disappointment and placed my chin on my hand, thinking back to shirtless Mr. Kelly. A familiar sensation started spreading throughout my lower body and I bit my lip as naughty thoughts flashed through my mind about Hansen and I.

A clearing throat startled me and I looked up at Mr. Lynch’s blue eyes. I quickly turned off my phone, my cheeks reddening.

“You should be working.” He tapped the table, then turned to go back to his desk.

I sighed in relief and went back to work only to have the bell ring a minute later. Scrambling, I went to replace the dry paper towels with damp ones, wrapped it around my project, and put it away. Not worrying about washing my hands, I quickly put away my stuff and walked out of the classroom with my backpack dangling off one shoulder.

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