The Tales We Weave (A Collection of Short Stories)

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A collection of 5 short stories about a dysfunctional family, including love between siblings, cousins, woman and her son's friend, man, and his friend's daughter, and love between woman and rent-boy. He found her dancing. Not just dancing; dancing with a guy. He recognized the guy as Wyatt, one of his classmates. His blood boiled. They were dancing too close; Eira with her back to him, moving sinfully against him, grinding her butt against his midsection, and Wyatt seemed as though Christmas had arrived early. He grabbed her narrow waist and moved his body along hers. When he lowered his head and pressed a kiss against the skin of her neck, Kaden felt something blow in his head. It was too much. Walking to Eira and her squeeze, Kaden forced false calm on himself, blanking his face, and tucking his hands in the pockets of his jeans. His stride was slow, confident, and he saw from the corner of his eye that people were looking at him. He cared nothing about it. He was going to make Wyatt take his hands off what was his.

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1st Tale: The Fruit


Eira wanted the ground to open and swallow her whole. Unfortunately, the ground did not answer her prayers, and so she had to sit in the middle of the crowded cafeteria and listen to Richie Gibbons as he got himself up on the table and yelled so everyone could hear, “I’m in love with Eira MacLean and I will make her my girlfriend. Who’s with me?”

Everyone hollered at that, whistling and making cat noises. Eira felt her face turning as red as tomato when almost everyone in the room stared at her. Her friend Fiona nudged her with her elbow, hissing, “You’ve got to do something, or he’d get his own way again.”

Sighing, Eira glanced up at Richie, who was watching her triumphantly. She supposed she should have been flattered about the fact the hottest boy in Junior class was pinning after her, but she only felt embarrassment at him being so open about his intentions toward her. “I’ve already rejected him,” she murmured to Fiona, “numerous times, in fact. If I did that publicly...”

“He needs to get a life,” Fiona sighed, and Eira couldn’t help but agree. Apparently, Richie had dedicated most of the year to chasing after her, and she was less than enthused, not to mention that one time he managed to sneak a kiss on her cheek, which made her quite mad at him. But Richie was unrepentant at his pursue, so much so that she was beginning to cave only due to pure exhaustion of turning him down.

Richie smiled at her then, winking. He was a really cute guy, Eira couldn’t help but think, just not her taste. He looked much too Justin Bieber-esque for her to admire, with mopey blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes. Even if he wasn’t the arrogant, cocky guy he was, she wouldn’t have wanted to date him.

Eira sighed at that. She really needed to make sure he understood that there wasn’t going to be any “them.” She rose and turned to face him fully, much to their crowd’s delight, and was about to tell him everything, privacy be damned, when a familiar stomping interrupted and the people fell silent.

Turning around, Eira’s heart skipped a beat at the man who’d just entered, her shoulders sagging in relief. Kaden MacLean was considered the hotted guy in school, being the only one who could top Richie. With dark brown hair, gray eyes and body roped with broad shoulders and intimidating muscles due to him practicing as a professional swimmer, Kaden didn’t just op Richie, but he ate him for breakfast, and it wasn’t just in the appearance department; Kaden was smart, ambitious, friendly and good-hearted, everything that Richie wasn’t. He was also a Senior, which immediately gave him bonus points.

He was also Eira’s big brother.

“Hey, Gibbons,” Kaden said, his low, deep voice echoing in the suddenly silent room, “what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Most people didn’t figure out the connection between Eira and Kaden, mostly because they looked nothing alike. Where Kaden’s hair was dark, Eira’s was honey-brown; while Kaden’s eyes were a stunning light gray, Eira’s were murky hazel; and where Kaden was tall and sinewy, Eira was of slim average height.

That was why Richie didn’t seem to understand what Kaden wanted with him. Usually, Richie was the one who tried taunting Kaden into fighting him, probably feeling annoyed at being second best, but Kaden had never been goaded into a fight, since he was too level-headed for that. That he was actually speaking to the other boy caused Richie to smile triumphantly at finally getting a reaction out of the never-fazed Kaden MacLean.

Eira’s relief transformed into dread. She’d seen what her brother could do to someone who annoyed him. While he was tough to anger, when his fuse was finally short-circuiting, there was no stopping him from violence. And Kaden was always irritated when someone hit on his sister.

That was why Eira had never told Kaden about any of her pursuers. But now Richie had gone and exclaimed his love for her in front of everybody, including her dear brother, and she knew that she needed to do something before everything went to shit and resulted in Richie taken to the hospital and her brother suspended indefinitely.

“What, you jealous?” Richie, the idiot, said tauntingly, and jumped on the ground right next to Eira. Slinging an arm around her shoulders, he winked at her before turning back to Kaden. “I got the hot girl and you got nothing. Piss off, man. She’s taken.”

Eira was finally able to leave her shocked state. Sweating his arm off her, she glared at him. “I’m not taken,” she snarled, “especially not by you. So you piss off, because my answer remains a big fat hell no.”

Someone cat-called from the crowd, and other joined him. Richie’s face went red and he was about to spout something when Kaden was right there, grabbing Eira’s hand and dragging her to his side. “Leave my sister alone,” he said, and with his towering height, glared down at Richie, whose face blanched, hearing the S word. “I hear you asking her out again, your face will have a date with my fist.”

And with those ominous words, Kaden, using his grip on Eira’s hand, dragged her out of the cafeteria. Once they were out of sight and in the front quad, he finally let her go and turned to give her his furious glower, the one reserved specifically for her for whenever she “misbehaved.” “What the fuck did you think when you didn’t tell me you were being harassed by him?”

She folded her arms. She’d been quiet while Kaden threatened Richie but now she was through. “I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d react like that!” she snapped, glaring right back at him. “I could’ve handled Richie by myself if I had the chance, but now not only you so-called handled him for me, but you practically told everyone that any guy who wanted to ask me out would have to go through you first!” Which meant the end of her love life as she knew it. It wasn’t a great love life, sure, but Eira liked what she had. She liked going on a few dates here and there. She liked kissing boys. But here was her brother, taking that away from her.

“You really looked like you handled that,” Kaden said sarcastically, gray eyes stormy with fury, “especially when he put his slimy arm around you. As for the the others – if they can’t be men enough as to show me they’re serious, then they don’t worth your time.”

She scowled. “That’s not your call to make, Kaden. You have no right to do that.”

He stepped forward, stopping when he was toe-to-toe with her. “I have every fucking right,” he almost growled. “You’re my sister.”

“But you’re not my freaking jailer!” Eira sniped, refusing to back down. “So back the fuck off, before I’ll seriously hurt you.”

His eyes narrowed. “Don’t swear.”

Furious, she gave him a death-glare and said, “I’m not four, Kaden. I’m sixteen. You’d better get it into this thick head of yours before I won’t be responsible for my actions.” Then, without so much as another look, she turned and left him there in favor of her next class.

Their relationship had been strained for a while now. It started when she was a freshman and he a sophomore. At fourteen, Eira was much more mature than most girls her age, and so she began going on dates and even had her first kiss. Kaden, who was less than happy about that, turned into the prick he was now and tried to dictate her life; threatening off potential boyfriends, beating admirers up, and warning anyone who even dared looking at her. Despite not telling him about any of them, he still found out about them eventually. As he found out about Richie’s actions.

Gritting her teeth, Eira avoided those who stared at her after Richie’s spectacle at lunch break, and found Fiona before they went to Trig. She hated fighting with Kaden; before she got into high-school, they were close. More close than either of them was to their older sister, Adair. Yet in the past couple of years... She couldn’t stand him and his chauvinistic protective urges.

She told him once that she didn’t exactly see Adair tell any of his ex-girlfriends’ off. His response was: “I’m different than you. I’m a guy. A guy having a girlfriend is far less worrisome.”

Eira called bullshit. But, whatever she thought, whatever she said to Kaden, it didn’t seem to matter. Her brother was hell bent on making sure she remained single and lonely for the rest of her life.

Kaden punched the tree, uncaring for the pain it brought to his knuckles. “Fuck,” he snarled, remembering the look Eira gave him, her beautiful hazel eyes shooting lightning at him.

Even furious, his sister was still pretty.

Slumping against the tree he’d just hit, Kaden leaned his head on his hand. When he heard Richie practically claiming Eira, and then saying to his face, “She’s taken” had been too much. He wanted to beat the little shit up, wanted to shove his balls into his head, but since he was already eighteen, an adult, the prat could’ve pressed charges against him and Kaden would’ve ended up in jail. And if he was in jail, he wouldn’t be able to protect Eira from unwanted attention. That was the only thing that held him back from punching the git in the face.

Eira was his. His to protect, his to ensure her safety, his to make her happy. Until a decent candidate came a long, someone who wouldn’t irritate Kaden –

He growled at the mere thought. Guys were assholes. All of them, himself included. Men had no sensitivity regarding the other sex, and Kaden was the perfect example of that. When he hooked up with some girls, he never promised them anything and that led to them being hurt. Most men were like that, especially in their age; they only wanted to fool around without making any promises.

Eira was only sixteen. She would be hurt if his guard was down. He didn’t want anyone to fool around with her, didn’t want her to be hurt. But she refused to understand. Her hormone-filled mind would eventually lead her astray, and Kaden was afraid that when it did, he wouldn’t be able to be there to protect her, to make sure she wouldn’t make any mistake.

Of course, there was another reason to his protectiveness. A reason he refused to acknowledge, because the moment he did... He wouldn’t. He avoided thinking about it at all costs.

“Yo, MacLean,” Daniel’s voice made him raise his head. His best friend sauntered over, hands in the pockets of his jeans. “Been looking for you. We have PA.”

Kaden sighed and rose on his feet. “What would Mr. T do without us, ha?”

Daniel grinned the grin most girls referred to as “wicked” and Kaden as “goofy.” “You know how the guy gets if his two star pupils don’t arrive on time.”

Chuckling and feeling much lighter after his fight with Eira, Kaden said, “I stopped counting the times we’ve been late, yet every time he lectures us as if it’s the first.”

“Then he makes us do laps and shower us with compliments,” Daniel rolled his eyes. “I think he’s bipolar.”

“He’s also smitten with us like some One Direction fangirl,” Kaden commented, giving his friend a half smile.

Daniel snorted in agreement. “You’d know how smitten a 1D fan is like... how?” Giving him a suspicious look, he mock-whispered, “Don’t tell me Eira is a fan of those fags?”

Just at the mention of her name leaving his friend’s lips Kaden tensed and his thoughts turned to violence. “Why would you care if my sister is a fan or not?”

Sensing the sudden change in the air, Daniel raised his hands. “Don’t worry, man. I don’t like your sister or anything like that. I mean, sure, she’s hot and all, but I know where to draw the line.” He gave him a short grin. “No fucking with my friend’s sister.”

Relaxing one muscle after another, Kaden nodded. “Good.”

The two were silent for a few moments when Daniel spoke. “Why’re you so overprotective anyway?” he asked, eyeing Kaden with pure curiosity. “I’ve seen your sis in action when that bitchy classmate of hers, Lena, tried to bully her. Eira knows how to hold her own.”

Daniel, Kaden knew, had no sisters of his own. “You don’t know how it is, seeing your little sister being leered at by some brats.”

“Still,” Daniel’s eyes didn’t move away from him, “don’t you think you’re taking your protective-big-brother role a little too far?”

He was right, technically. Kaden knew that his friend was right. But the other side of him, the darker side, the side Kaden refused to think about, growled in irritation. And, like whenever he found himself talking with anyone about Eira, that side of his took control. “It’s none of your business,” he said coolly, refraining from snarling at his friend but making sure he knew he was pushing too far.

Daniel gave up. “Talking to you about Eira is like chatting with a brick wall,” he informed him.

“Then let’s not talk about her at all,” Kaden offered, returning his voice to normal. Point made, friend caved in.

His friend chuckled and said, “As you wish, bro.”

When she was home, Eira hunted her sister down. She found her in the kitchen, slapping a sandwich together, and humming some popular song under her breath. Adair was studying in the open university, which meant she had classes from home, interacting with her professors and classmates online. That also mean Adair spent most of her time at home, but since she was an indoor type of girl, that was fine by her. Or so Eira thought.

“Hey sis,” Adair now said, smiling at Eira. The similarity between the two was significant; Adair had the same honey-brown hair of Eira’s, and their face was almost identical. The differences, however, were that Adair’s eyes were gray like Kaden’s, and she was taller than Eira, although no taller than Kaden, and she was rather curvy to Eira’s much more petite form.

“Mind making a sandwich, too?” Eira asked, smiling hopefully at her sister.

Adair chuckled at her theatrics. “Sure,” she said, and began preparing a second sandwich. “How was school?”

With their parents working from morning to evening, usually it was Adair who saw Eira off and greeted her when she returned home from school. So she told Adair all of her stories from school everyday. Today was no different.

When Eira finished telling her sister about Kaden being a jerk again, Adair sighed. “You know he doesn’t mean to be a prat,” she said with a long-suffering look. “He just worries way too much.”

“He might not mean to be a prat, but he still is,” Eira scowled. “I just don’t get it. Why does he care so much about who I date or not? It’s not like he’s an angel; I remember his girlfriends, and I’m sure he hooked up with too many girls to count. So how dare he preventing me from having a love life myself?”

Adair grimaced. “You need to stop seething and try to think,” Adair said almost chidingly. “Why do you think he thinks he can do whatever he likes with your love life? It’s because you let him get away with it. You need to stop use words and start taking actions.”

Eira looked at her sister for a long moment, and when Adair handed her the sandwich, Eira finally understood what she was telling her. “You’re a genius!” she told her with a big grin. She had just the perfect idea of how to make sure the words got across to him.

After she spent an hour with Adair, eating sandwiches and watching a Friends episode, Eira went to her bedroom and called Fiona. “You’ve got to find us a party this Friday. I want to get frisky.”

Fiona didn’t miss a beat. “I’m on it.” A few moments later, her friend said smugly, “Friday night at Callie Wilkins’s. Want me to come over and get ready together?”

“You got it,” Eira said giddily and hung up. She went to her calendar and circled the upcoming Friday square with a red marker. It was only two days away. Barely containing her excitement, she went to start doing her homework when a voice interrupted her. “What’s happening on Friday?”

She didn’t even turn around when she said coldly, “None of your business.”

Kaden appeared to be deaf, because he walked into the room, forced her chair around she she would look at him, and gave her his hard gaze. “What the fuck happens on Friday, Eira?”

Kaden knew what would be happening on Friday. Daniel had told him just before they parted ways that Callie, a Senior in his Calculus class, was throwing a party on Friday, and that she invited all Juniors and Seniors alike. Then, when he came home and was on his way to his room, he walked by Eira’s bedroom, and through the open door he saw the big fat red circle in her calendar. On Friday.

Now, his sister narrowed her eyes at him and folded her arms. “Don’t talk to me, Kaden,” she hissed at him. “I’m angry at you, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Of course he noticed. He noticed everything about Eira. “You can’t be angry at me forever,” he said, arching an eyebrow in challenge when she open her mouth in protest, “seriously, Eira. Pettiness is not like you.”

Her eyes flashed. “I’ll show you petty.”

Kaden wanted to smile at her fighting spirit, but knew that doing so would be suicidal with her in this mood. Instead he sat on the bed in front of her and gave her a somber look. “If you want me say sorry about today, I’m not going to.”

She visibly gritted her teeth. “Get out of my room.”

“Eira,” Kaden opted for a more gentle voice. “What are you doing on Friday?”

“Get. Out.” She was on the verge of screaming.

Sensing he would get nothing more out of her, her relented. “Fine, but you will talk to me again, and you will tell me where you’re going on Friday.” He gave her his this-is-not-over look before he stood up.

“In your dreams,” she sneered at him and once he was outside, she shut the door in his face. Kaden fought the urge to hit something. Eira would talk to him again, of course she would. She was his sister. She couldn’t stay mad at him. He wouldn’t let her. As for Friday night...

He didn’t plan on going at first, but his plans changed. Once he was in his room, he called Daniel to tell him he was game. Where Eira went, he followed. Especially to a party where older guys would be at and Eira would be in danger.

Grim determination burning in him, Kaden began preparing for swimming lesson. He had a lot of pent-up anger to work out of his system.

Eira checked herself out in the mirror once Fiona finished helping her apply makeup. She wore a cute strapless pastel-green dress that fit her slim figure like a glove. It was also extremely short, barely reaching the middle of her thighs. With the dress she put on black Mary Jane heels Fiona lent her that made her short legs seem longer. Her long hair was pulled into a smooth high ponytail, her eyes were more vivid thanks to the eyeliner, and her lips were plump and glistening with red lipstick. At last moment she decided to wear a pair of silver hoops in her ears that made her feel sexy.

Fiona grinned at her as she appraised herself. “You look damn hot, Eira,” she told her. “You’re so going to get laid tonight.”

That was her goal, after all; she was sick and tired of Kaden scaring off potential boyfriends. She would go to this party, give her number to a few boys, and, if the moment was right, maybe even lose her V card. Fiona did it in a one-night-stand, and she told her it wasn’t so important as everyone made it out to be. Eira agreed wholeheartedly.

“If you say so, then I think I’m ready,” she smiled at Fiona, who looked stunning herself. “Let’s get going.”

Fiona helped Eira sneak out of the house, or rather sneaking away from Kaden. The last thing Eira wanted was her brother yelling at her to change clothes. She did manage to say goodbye to Adair, who wished her luck, and her mother, who was home and told her she looked beautiful. Then Fiona and Eira took a cab to Callie’s.

When they arrived, it was eleven and the place was packed. Seniors, Juniors, and surprisingly some Sophomores, were mingling, dancing and making out and drinking beer from red plastic cups. It was a typical American party, and Eira was excited. She’d already spotted a few cute guys as Fiona and her made their way to the bar, and she noticed more than a few guys checking her out, some blatantly and some more discretely. She felt confident and hot and couldn’t wait for any of them to actually hit on her.

As she chatted with Fiona and the two drank some beer, the nape of her neck prickled. Glancing around her, she wondered what caught her attention when her eyes landed on gray ones.

Tensing and barely listening to Fiona, Eira braced herself for Kaden to come over and lecture her about her fashion choice or about her presence there in general, but for her surprise, his expression turned unreadable and his eyes roamed down her body. Her breath hitched when she saw him gazing leisurely at her body, and when his eyes traveled back up and ensnared her own again, she found an odd emotion flickering in them.

Then, for her astonishment, his jaw locked, his face darkened, his hands clenched into fists, and he turned to talk to whomever he was with.

Eira let out a shuddering breath, the tension leaking out of her body, leaving her dazed for an unknown reason. When she returned her attention to Fiona, she saw her friends narrowing her eyes on her. “What was that?” she asked suspiciously. “Did you find a cute guy?”

She shook her head and said, “My brother’s here.”

All Kaden wanted was to go to where Eira was standing with her friend, but that would have to wait. Because he was currently talking with Callie, the one who hosted this party. Callie was a pretty girl, and her obvious interest in him was duly noted. More than duly noted, in fact. It was a necessary tidbit.

Because the darker side of Kaden was popping up more than ever, and tonight, when he saw how Eira looked, how the guys stared at her... that side reared its head, wanting to do unspeakable things –

Callie suddenly leaned over, pressing her barely-clad front to his. Thanks to her heels, she managed to whisper into his ear, “Let’s go to my room.”

Kaden knew he should take her up on that, but he couldn’t leave his sister unsupervised. Not if he wanted to stay sane. “Soon,” he whispered back to her, giving her a small smile that made her blush. Then she kissed him.

He let himself fall into this kiss. His arms around her waist, he pressed her closer to him, and took control over the kiss, not that she minded. As she let him inside her mouth, a picture of another girl appeared in his head. It was the beer, he knew, that made the walls he built around his darker side fall down. It was the alcohol he downed earlier. And so when he thought of Eira, when he let the picture of beautiful Eira play in his head, imagining it was her he was kissing, he became turned on.

Callie squealed when he pushed her against the wall of the hallway and forced her legs wide. Blood thrumming in his veins, he groped her breasts roughly through the fabric of her dress and kneaded them, much to her delight. In his head, he imagined Eira’s head falling back in ecstasy as he caressed the mounds of her chest, pinching her hard nipples. When he kissed her stronger, more forcefully, her imagined it was Eira moaning into his mouth, that it was Eira who was wrapping her legs around his waist and rubbing against his unbearably hard erection, that it was Eira who whispered his name...

That last one did it, and Kaden took his mouth off Callie furiously and stepped back. “I’m sorry,” he snapped, angry with himself that his control slipped like that, that he thought about her in such a way. He didn’t wait to see Callie’s reaction; he turned around and walked to the bar, intending to find the object of his thoughts, take her home, get this insanity over with.

He found her dancing. Not just dancing; dancing with a guy. He recognized the guy as Wyatt, one of his classmates. His blood boiled. They were dancing too close; Eira with her back to him, moving sinfully against him, grinding her butt against his midsection, and Wyatt seemed as though Christmas had arrived early. He grabbed her narrow waist and moved his body along hers. When he lowered his head and pressed a kiss against the skin of her neck, Kaden felt something blow in his head.

It was too much.

Walking to Eira and her squeeze, Kaden forced false calm on himself, blanking his face, and tucking his hands in the pockets of his jeans. His stride was slow, confident, and he saw from the corner of his eye that people were looking at him. He cared nothing about it. He was going to make Wyatt take his hands off what was his.

Eira sensed his look and, like a deer caught in the headlight, turned to look at him. When she his cool face, she blanched. Still, she didn’t move away from Wyatt, who was still unaware of the danger coming his way.

When he reached the two, Wyatt raised his eyes to him and immediately took a couple of steps away from Eira, which didn’t clear Kaden’s head by much. “Dude, sorry,” he said, seeming afraid from what he saw in his eyes, “I didn’t realize she was your sister.”

Eira looked at Wyatt in disbelief. “You’ve just told me you didn’t care if my brother beat you up, as long as you could get me to spend the night with you!”

Wyatt’s face lost what color it had. “I didn’t know he’s crazy! I’m not up to be killed today!” And with that poor excuse, Wyatt disappeared among the crowd like the coward he was.

Eira turned back to him with tears in her eyes. “You ruin everything!” she yelled at him. “Always, always, always you ruin everything for me! How come you hate me so much?”

Some of his false calm cracked. “Eira – “

“Fuck you, Kaden!” she cut him off. “Just... just leave me alone.” And with the tears she turned and paved her way through the crowd hastily.

Kaden cursed and, while knowing he was in no state to follow her, knew he couldn’t leave her alone. He just couldn’t. Not now, not like that, and not with him. But the latter mattered little next to the former, and so strode right after her, finding her entering a bedroom by herself and shutting the door behind her.

It was dangerous, Kaden knew. She was dangerous to him in his current state of mind. He was tipsy, he was thinking clearly, and not too long ago he was about to shove himself deep into Callie while imagining her to be his sister. It was a mistake, he knew that with everything in him. If he entered the room after Eira, he would do something he’d regret. It was a given.

But Kaden didn’t care anymore. Eira was his.

Eira was both furious and exhausted as she threw herself on the bed in the abandoned bedroom on the other edge of Callie’s house. She was crying hysterically, angry at Wyatt, for lying to her; angry at Kaden, for ruining her life; and angry at herself that she couldn’t find at least one decent boy who wasn’t so afraid of her brother.

The door to the bedroom opened and closed and inside walked Kaden. The expression on his face was desperate. “Eira,” he said softly his eyes locking onto her position. She was sprawled on her side, hugging herself and crying. She was not a pretty sight, yet something in his eyes made her feel beautiful. She didn’t understand why. She didn’t understand anything anymore.

“Go away, Kaden,” she sobbed, “because of you nobody will ever love me, so just go away.”

“You know it’s not true,” he said quietly and for her annoyance got on the bed next to her. He reached with his hand to push a few stray hairs away from her face, his big, warm hand then cupping her cheek. She raised his eyes to him. “There’s already someone who loves you more than anyone else.”

Their eyes locked, and Eira gasped at what she saw there, the love that Kaden always covered from her. “But you always hurt me,” she whispered, unconvinced when her memories of him confronting Richie on her behalf surfacing. “You belittle me, think I’m a little girl who knows nothing, and chase all the guys away from me. That’s not love. That’s hatred.”

“It’s only love, Eira,” he said, and his hands were on her shoulders, pushing her to her back. Frowning through her tears, she went to ask him why, when he was suddenly looming over her, trapping her body between his legs and hands. “I’ve done all that because I love you, because no one will ever be good enough for you. There’s not a man who can love you more than I do.”

At that, her eyes widened, tears forgotten. “Kaden, what... What’s going on – “

His face were inches away from hers, his eyes boring into hers, desperation bright in them. “I love you, Eira,” he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Then he kissed her.

Eira tensed when his lips touched hers, her mind refusing to comprehend what was going on. His hand cupped his cheek, another snaking around her neck as he craned her head. He deepened his kiss, licking at her lower lip, and she didn’t have a problem parting her lips, because she was gaping in both shock and terror.

Then he was inside her mouth, his tongue touching hers, making her blink and finally realize what was going. Her brother was kissing her. Kaden was French-kissing her!

When she went to push him off, her hands on his chest, his hands left her face and his arms were around her waist, pulling her to him. Then he was truly kissing her, roughly and desperately, and for her utter astonishment, Eira found herself breathless, actually kissing him back.

And she couldn’t stop herself from kissing him. He tasted like beer. He tasted like nothing she tasted before. And the taste sent her sense wild. Her mind melting, her arms moved on their own accord, wrapping around his neck and pushing him forward, tightening him to her. He groaned, and the kiss turned even more uncontrollable, now that he realized she was responding.

It was bad. It was bliss. It was forbidden. It was breathtaking. Eira wanted him to keep on kissing her, wanted him to drown her in his essence.

He seemed to feel the same urgency, because his hands were now on her breasts, kneading slowly. She gasped, eyes wide, at the overload of sensation, and her thighs clenched, her panties turning damp. Growling into her mouth, he pulled himself between her legs and rubbed his clad erection against her panties. She realized with a start that her that the seam of her dress was now in her waist, revealing her panties to plain sight.

Revealing her panties for him grind against.

She moaned when she felt his hardness against her most intimate part, dry-humping her. She was lost in sensation, grabbing at his shoulders with desperate need. She’d never felt anything like that, never went as far as this with anyone, least of all Kaden –

“Kaden,” she whispered, horror splintering through her lust. “Kaden, it’s wrong. We need to stop. We need to stop...

Kaden continued his motion, now kissing her neck, and almost tore her dress to expose her breasts and this time knead them in the open. She arched her back at the first skin-to-skin contact. “Kaden!” she called, moaning, when his mouth was suddenly on her left breast, biting the nipple, torturing her with pleasure as he continued to rub against her clad sex.

As he was teasing her chest, his hands skimmed down her body, arising heat wherever they touched, and suddenly they were shoving her panties down and off her legs. A moment of clarity struck her mind. “Kaden, we shouldn’t...”

Kaden raised his head from her breast and looked down at her, his gray eyes cloudy. “I can’t wait,” he told her, “I’ve been dreaming about this for years. I can’t wait.”

She was suddenly afraid. “It’s wrong,” she whispered, horrified at what he wanted to do to her, what her body was so willing for him to do. “We’re siblings. You’re my brother, for Chrissake – “

“I don’t care,” he said bluntly. “I don’t care, Eira. You’re mine. Only mine. And I will take you.”

When he kissed her again, Eira realized that she wanted this. She didn’t care, too. She wanted him, wanted whatever was going on, and she couldn’t wait. How did she never realize she wanted Kaden like that? How did she never see how truly beautiful he was? How could she say no to him when he was making her feel so beautiful, so wanted, so goddamn good?

She spread her legs and looked up at him with pleading eyes. “I’m yours.”

Kaden both wanted and feared it was another dream as he grabbed her legs, zipped his erection free, and probed at her soaked entrance. Eira couldn’t really be right beneath his body, writhing against him almost naked, wanting him to take her, telling him she’s hers. She couldn’t be.

But she was. She wanted him back almost as much as he wanted her. And waiting was not an option anymore. Neither was going back.

With one deep thrust, he tore through her virginity and was buried to the hilt inside her, the head of his cock kissing her womb. Her back arched and she shuddered, eyes flashing with both pain and lust. Her nails dug into his thighs and she tried to ride the overload of emotions. He knew how she felt now; he felt so too, shuddering at the feel of her wrapped so sweetly and tightly around him.

She was his now. All his,

“Fuck, Eira,” he murmured and, grabbing her hands and pulling them above her head, he pulled his throbbing cock out excruciatingly slowly, then shoved hard back inside. She gasped, her eyes rolling back in bliss, and the view of her being like that almost made him come. Growling deep in his throat, he took her mouth in a rough kiss and all of his control was gone.

He began pumping inside her, faster and faster, and she squeezed him so tight he was in constant war with himself to save the cum for later. He wanted to sink in this bliss, to sink himself in Eira for as long as he could. He wanted to prolong the feeling of her so soft around him, clinging onto him, moaning his name, as he pumped in and out of her, faster and faster, his motions almost a blur.

He couldn’t hold it in anymore, and a minute later he was on the verge. “Come for me, Eira,” he whispered, grabbing her breast with his teeth. “I need you to come for me.”

She shuddered, but still didn’t come. He wouldn’t have any of that. With her breast in his mouth, he began fondling her clit, rubbing her roughly and quickly as his thrusts became even faster. That did it; she was breathing quickly, her body clenching around him, and suddenly she broke, shivering and spasming, as her juices coated his cock deliciously.

Just then he emptied herself inside her, no longer able to control himself. His shoot his cum deep inside her, semen filling her up, and when he took his cock, he watched as her cunt milked his semen out, the view so erotic, he was suddenly semi-hard. He was nowhere near satisfied. He wanted her again.

But he couldn’t take her again. Because she was crying now, and this time not in pleasure.

Eira couldn’t believe what had just happened. Yet she was so happy, it was terrifying the crap out of her.

“Eira,” she heard Kaden say, felt him kiss her tears. “Eira, please stop crying.”

She looked at him with agonized eyes. “I love you,” she whispered, fear choking her throat, “and this was a-amazing... I love it... I wanted it... It’s wrong...”

He hugged her to him. “It’s wrong, I know it’s wrong,” he told her softly, “but I can’t take it anymore. I’m in love with you, Eira. I can’t not be with you.”

It broke her heart. She now realized she loved him too. Really loved him. She felt so much with him, more than she’d ever felt with all those guys who merely kissed her. When he touched her, her body exploded from sensation. She never understood, never comprehended that he felt the same way, but now it all made sense.

She understood why she wanted to date so much. She’d done that because secretly she liked it when Kaden threatened those guys off, acting all protective when he was, in fact, jealous. She loved it when he told her no guy was worthy of her. She loved it that he acted like that and so much more.

And she understood that he’d always been jealous, that he wanted her to be his only, and seeing her with other boys tore him apart. He couldn’t bear it, couldn’t bear her being with anyone else. And she... she didn’t want to be with anyone else.

“What are we going to do?” she whispered, clutching his shirt in her hands and looking into his eyes, seeking answers. “It’s wrong. It wasn’t supposed to happen. But... but I love you.”

“I know, I love you too,” his voice was thick with emotion when he cupped her face. “So until we’re old enough to leave the house, until we can move far away, to a place where we can live together, we’ll have to hide it. It’ll be our secret.”

She loved him so much, and she was so unused to this feeling, she felt overwhelmed, didn’t know how to deal with it. “I’m so scared,” she whispered, caressing his cheek.

“Me too,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against hers. “Believe me, me too.”

They were silent then, scared yet determined, and when they could move, they straightened their clothes, sneaked out of Callie’s house, and made their way back home. After they made sure everyone was asleep, they went to Kaden’s room, and made love until morning came, and Eira sneaked back to her own room.

And from that day onward, Eira and Kaden hid their love for each other, pretending to be like any normal pair of siblings, and whenever night came, they showed each other the love they stifled constantly, the love that overwhelmed them both, and lost themselves in one another until they felt nothing but bliss.

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