The Tales We Weave (A Collection of Short Stories)

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2nd Tale: The Wicked

Lucas had had enough.

As dinner continued smoothly around him, with his Aunt and Uncle talking to either of his cousins, Eira and Kaden, Lucas found himself in a staring match with his iPhone, just so he wouldn’t have to look up and see his third cousin watching him.

Adair fucking MacLean.

Around nineteen years old, Adair was a student in an online university for English Lit. She was smart, no doubt about that, but what really draw people to her was her looks. She was gorgeous, with long dark brown hair, hypnotizing bright hazel eyes, and a figure most guys stroked themselves to bliss over; heart-shaped butt, generous D cup chest, and hips that knew how to sashay tauntingly to whoever prey she spotted.

Adair was a sinful, seductive woman. And she was Lucas’s cousin.

He felt her gaze on him as he pretended that whatever game he was playing in his smart-phone was entrancing. She’d been gazing at him a lot lately, and Lucas had no idea why. In the four years ever since his parents died in a car accident and Aunt Amabel, his mother’s older sister, took him in as a scared seventeen-year-old, Adair had never given him much attention. In fact, he was in good terms with Kaden, his only male cousin, and he even managed to crack joked with Eira from time to time. Adair, however, had always been distant, whether on purpose or not.

But in the past few weeks something had changed, and now Adair wouldn’t stop looking at him.

Grunting when he felt her gaze burning holes in his head, Lucas straightened, tucked his phone back in the pocket of his jeans, and stared right back at her with a hidden challenge. Surprised at the sudden eye contact, Adair’s eyes widened and her cheeks flushed slightly. Still, however, she wouldn’t look away.

In fact, she looked even more determined for some reason.

Lucas sent her an inquisitive gaze that seemed to bounce right off her. She was now biting her lip as she stared at him, and Lucas couldn’t help but freeze when she began licking her lower lip slowly, almost tentatively.

Before the accident took his parents away, he didn’t spend much time with the MacLeans, and that extended to Adair in particular. Still, he watched her as she grew into the beautiful woman she was today, and in the past few weeks, ever since she began paying serious attention to him, he found her harder to ignore.

It was wrong. They were cousins, after all. He shouldn’t be feeling those kind of feelings to his cousin. His dick, however, refused to listen to reason.

As her eyes turned lidded and she gave him a look of pure lust, Lucas narrowed his eyes and clenched his hands into fists. He was trying to give her a warning look, because whatever game she was playing it was dangerous, with her parents just a few seats away, yet he couldn’t help feel his jeans tightening in his crotch.

When he suddenly felt her bare foot on his knee, his cock hardened farther, pulsing with need. Lucas gritted his teeth. Part of his extreme reaction, he supposed, was that it’d been a pretty long time since he last got some. Whatever the reason might be, though, the facts remained facts. And when Adair’s foot found his raging erection, she smirked a little in triumphant at him and let her foot drop, leaving him breathing heavily, his cheeks slightly flushed, and his cock poking a hole in his jeans.

He needed to do something about it, and thankfully, dinner dispersed not long after the small incident with Adair. Flying out of his chair, he bid everyone good night and went to his own bedroom (which used to be a guest room until he moved in). Walking out to his private balcony, he pulled out a cigarette, lit it up, and forced himself to calm down as he inhaled the nicotine deeply.

He was the older than his cousins. At twenty-one, he already knew how to stifle his urges and move forward. But girls like Adair were his kryptonite; curvaceous, seductive, beauty merging into a sexy package of every man’s fantasy. And the fact that this girl was his cousin made it even worse.

His cock was still so goddamn hard after that stunt she’d pulled at dinner. What was that, anyway? She couldn’t suddenly be interested in him in this way, could she? Lucas didn’t know the answer to that. He wished he’d been closer to her just so he would know how to predict her next move. Unfortunately, he was at a dead end.

Sighing, he tucked his cigarette in his mouth and pushed his hair back, closing his eyes in agony. A picture of his oldest cousin popped in his mind; naked with only a slight triangle pair of thongs covering her sex, her face flushed with lust and need, her eyes glazed with passion, and her hands kneading her own breasts. He imagined one hand gliding down her flat abdomen to beneath her panties and then, he thought, she would probably gasp and shudder when her fingers finally made contact with her aching clit.

He had no recollection of zipping his jeans open and pulling his harsh erection out, cigarette forgotten in his mouth, and the cool night’s air brushing over his taut, intimate skin. He groaned as the image he’d just conjured played in his mind, teasing him, and he stroked himself, up and down, his motion beginning steady, but the pace quickly rising, turning almost vicious as he pumped his cock with an awful need to release –

Slender arms embraced him from behind, enclosing his waist in their heat. He paused mid-stroke, freezing, when he heard the object of his imagination purring softly, “Let me.”

He couldn’t let her. “Adair – “ he started but then her hand was continuing what he’d begun, stroking him excruciatingly slowly. He bit out a curse, his cigarette falling from his mouth to the ground, and he gripped the railing with one hand. His shaft in her hand felt like heaven, especially when she quickened the pact slowly, with no rush whatsoever.

“Fuck,” he cursed and put his hand on her gliding hand. He showed her how he wanted to be stroked, and she complied, all along pressing her front to his back, rubbing her clothed breasts against his spine. “Fuck, Adair, do you even want th – “

He stopped thinking. She pumped faster than before, and he felt his orgasm arriving. Shutting his eyes, Lucas could do nothing but ride the wave of bliss as it hit him, and he could feel him ejaculating all over her hand, pulsing with aftershocks. He shuddered, opened his eyes, and felt his cock was semi-hard already. It was the proximity to her, he knew.

Pushing her hands off him, he zipped his pants back into place and turned around. He found Adair standing there, starkly half-naked with lacy bra and lacy panties. Her dark hair was gliding down her back to her waist in soft waves, and when she locked his gaze with her mesmerizing one, she licked the cum off her fingers, one after one, slowly, as though she was licking chocolate.

Lucas’s entire body turned rigid. “Adair,” he said quietly, and while he was still excited from the sight of her, he couldn’t let it stand. “We’re cousins. Doing this kind of things is wrong.”

She shrugged and stepped forward. Since his back was to the railing, he had nowhere to go. “It took me four years, but I finally noticed,” she said softly, her voice full of temptation, “I noticed how you look at me when you think nobody’s watching. I noticed how you seemed to gauge for a reaction out of me whenever you brought one of your bimbos home. And I watched,” she was now plastered right against him, her boobs smeared against his hard chest, her head barely reaching his chin, “I watched when you fucked those bimbos to oblivion. I watched when, still hard afterwards, you didn’t use them to relax the need but instead preferred stroking yourself over and over again until you were no longer aroused. I’ve been watching, studying you, and now I’m ready.” Her lips were inches away from his. “I’m ready for you to divest me of this year-long dry spell.”

Lucas forced himself not to think of having Adair watching him during his sexual intercourse with other girls. He also forced himself not to react to her being so close, even though that was harder now that she was inches away from giving him what he wanted most.

And lastly, Lucas forced himself to put his hands on her shoulders and push her away. “We’re cousins,” he said firmly, giving her a chiding look, “and cousins don’t do stuff like that.”

He wouldn’t let them do stuff like that.

Adair wasn’t used to men rejecting her, even if the man in question was her cousin. She was used to guys thinking her hot, hitting on her endlessly, and when she finally got down to business with some, they screwed her fast and furious and came way too quickly, before she even could feel herself getting worked up.

After Gideon, her ex, couldn’t seem to keep his cum in checked and sex was usually over after twenty-six seconds – she was that desperate she actually counted – Adair had reached a decision; the next guy she took into her bed was one she trusted could make her go absolutely wild.

That’s when she began noticing Lucas.

She was never too interested in her one and only cousin. Before his parents died, she’d barely interacted with him, and that was just because she was interested in a different kind of men back then. Besides, he’d been too old for her, even if only by just a couple of years. Adair preferred men her age, and unfortunately, that may’ve been the reason why her sex life sucked.

She finally truly noticed Lucas Delgado when he brought a girl home three months ago. The girl, for Adair’s surprise, was one of her high-school classmates, Marina Jones. She was a bombshell – like all other girls Lucas brought home, to be honest – and she seemed smitten with Adair’s cousin. So when Lucas asked Adair if there was anything to eat before he made his escape with Marina, Adair said she could make grill some bacon if they wanted. Agreeing, Marina and Lucas kept her company as she made what she promised.

When Lucas handed her the olive oil, she, for the first time since forever, truly looked at him, and what she found had made her belly clench with sudden, surprising need.

Lucas was crushingly hot. With dirty blonde hair all mussed up, eerie gray eyes that were a few shades darker than those of Kaden’s, her brother, and face of almost perfect proportions, with lush lips and thick eyebrows and a Roman-straight nose she found devastatingly sexy. Then there was his body, which was draped in casual clothes like usual, but only then she realized that nothing looked simply casual on him; his broad shoulders and strong arms made her fantasize about him grabbing her waist tightly as he pounded into her; his hard chest, ripped abs, and long legs made her imagine him moving athletically in and out of her, and his skin, a beautiful Spanish-gold skin, like that of his father, her late Uncle Ricardo, made her mouth water.

After that day with Marina and the bacon, she watched him. She noticed that Lucas was an inherently sensual being, who couldn’t satisfy himself with just one woman; he was a serial monogamist, and every girl he dated ended up with a broken heart and scarred pride. Because having Lucas for your own seemed like a dream come true, with him being such a sexual man.

For these past few weeks, she seized him up. Then, a few hours ago, when she sat with her family for dinner and found out her seat was right in front of his, she made a decision.

Cousin or not, Lucas was going to be hers.

“I want you,” Adair now said, her own frankness making her cheeks flame. Still, she refused to back down, even though Lucas had just pushed her away. But she felt him back at dinner, how hard he was when she bit her lip and licked it. She felt how hotly he pulsed in her hands when she stroked him. She also felt how he was still semi-hard when she was done with him, and as he watched her now, she could see the lust he couldn’t quite hide in his eyes. “I’ve been wanting you for a while, Lucas.”

His eyes were unfit into his serious face; they betrayed him, showing that he truly wanted to jump her bones, almost as much as she wanted him to. “We can’t, Adair. We. Are. Cousins.”

“And I. Don’t. Care,” Adair put her hands on his shoulders, felt him tense deliciously under her touch, his muscles coiling as his tension had probably sent a certain bolt of lust to a certain part of his anatomy. This, she was used to from guys. What she wasn’t used to was how quickly he’d recovered from his orgasm. Which returned her to think about the reason she’d picked him to break her dry spell and make her feel like a woman should feel during sex.

She’d peeped when he screwed his bimbos in his bedroom. She saw how long he could stand, how much of a beast he was, and how no woman ever satisfied him enough. She wanted to be the one who finally tamed the beast. She wanted him to be the one who finally screwed her brains out like she deserved. She didn’t care about them being cousins; there were countries and even cultures that didn’t think of incest necessarily as a bad, illegal thing, so why would Adair, when she wanted her really hot cousin like she’d never wanted anyone else?

“You should care,” Lucas said, and suddenly his hand was grabbing the nape of her neck, holding her still. “Cousins simply do not mix in this kind of things. Get it into your head or you’ll regret it.”

Adair stayed firm. “I don’t give a shit,” she said, her gaze never wavering from his. “I want you to fuck me until I can’t think about anything. Only when that happens, I’ll be happy.”

Lucas froze for a fleeting moment before releasing her. “You want to have sex with me, consequences be damned?” he shrugged, his face turning blank, his eyes hard yet inscrutable. “As you wish.”

Before she could show her utter delight at his agreement, his hands were in her hair, tugging her head forcefully backward and angling her so when he dived for a kiss, she was in the right place. And what right place that is, Adair couldn’t help but think when her lips parted and his scorching hot tongue stormed inside, tangling with hers, kissing her until she couldn’t breathe.

They were off the balcony and inside his room, somehow, because all of a sudden his lips were off hers and he pushed her violently onto the sheets of his bed. He closed the door to his balcony, too his shirt off, and made her look at his moonlit chest, which seemed as though it was chiseled by an artist, it was so beautiful.

She went to open her mouth to tell him so when he was on top of her, her wrists held in on hand, and her chin grabbed in another. “You have no idea what you asked for,” he growled in her face, and when she went to tell him that she didn’t care what he unleashed on her – she found her hands were now shackled to the headboard of the bed.

Shocked, she looked at him as he purposefully leered at her almost naked body. “You are truly one gorgeous woman, Adair,” he told her, grinning a wicked grin that was bordering on sinister. “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Her body ran hot and cold, for some reason. She didn’t understand why, though. She wanted this. She’d been needing this for a long time. She was ready.

Her bra and panties were off the next moment, and her skin was exposed to him completely. That seemed to snap what restraint Lucas must’ve had, because he was looking at her body with wildness like nothing Adair had seen before. And that turned her both excited and scared.

Spreading her legs, it took Adair a few moments to realize that he was now tying each leg to a different end of the bed so she was completely, helplessly sprawled. She hadn’t seen him doing that to any of his bimbos. “You’re into BDSM?” she asked in shock, finally comprehending what was going on.

Lucas didn’t answer until he was naked too. “Just remember you asked for it, baby,” he said darkly and then, without preparing her, he braced himself on his elbow next to her head and inserted three fingers inside her tight entrance.

Adair would’ve screamed in pure pain had he not shut her up with his mouth, stroking his tongue deeply inside her. She tried to wriggle, but she was tied up good, and so she lay there helplessly when he pumped the fingers in and out of her so fast, she felt every tiny unused muscle deep inside her contorting.

Feeling her almost coming made him insert a fourth finger inside her while his free thumb rubbed against her clit roughly, hastily, potently. Her back arched when the orgasm ripped her apart so suddenly, she was left almost scared with its ruthlessness. She’d never come like that before. Heck, the number of orgasms she had she could count on one hand.

The viciousness of her arousal shoving her into bliss was terrifying. And Adair found that her body adored being terrified, if her aftershock spasm were any indication.

Lucas pulled his finger out of her and without a warning, he pushed himself inside her so roughly to the hilt in one shove, his balls slapping against her skin, his cock twitching deep inside her, kissing her womb. She would’ve screamed at that, too, it was so painful and good at the same time, but his lips were still locked on her, and so her scream was muffled, blown into his own mouth.

He withdrew and pushed back, penetrated her deep and hard. He growled into her mouth, pumping fast and fast, but it still wasn’t enough for him, because his cock only grew bigger inside her, only hardened farther. Growling again, he pulled out of her, snapped her legs freed, and, her hands still shackled, turned her onto her front, pulled her lower body up so she was half sprawled, half on her knees, and the shoved back inside of her with such vehemence, she cried out.

His hand was immediately covering her mouth as he began pumping inside her again, motions almost as fast as before. It was still not enough for him. Grunting, he took his hand off her mouth and instead grabbed her mussed hair and pushed her face onto the mattress, stifling her. She tried to gasp but found she couldn’t, and when she tried to wriggle with her legs to let him now he was suffocating her, he slapped her butt cheek in a warning and, with her face still shoved into the mattress, he grabbed her butt in a bruising hold and rode her even faster, gliding in and out like a beast.

The orgasm hit her out of nowhere and her back bowed when she came around him, spasming relentlessly. She was still suffocating, but she didn’t care. Her body felt so freaking good. And when he groaned and pumped two, three more times inside her, she felt him emptying himself in her depths, filling her up with cum, claiming her in the most archaic way.

And she loved every moment of it.

He pulled out of her once he calmed down a little, and then unshackled her hands. She rose, gasped for air, and turned to look at him. Lucas gazed back at her, his eyes harsh, his jaw locked. He walked toward her, grabbed her hair and forced her to look at him. “There, we did it. Satisfied?”

Adair heard the bitterness in his voice... And she didn’t care. “I want to do it again,” she told him, giving him a meaningful look. “We fit together and you know it, Lucas. Our bodies are compatible. We need to do this on a regular basis.”

Disgust filled his eyes when he suddenly shoved her away so violently, she fell on the floor. “Get lost, Adair,” he said, voice dripping with reject. “I don’t want to see your face right now.”

The words cut her, and for the first time in her life, she felt utterly self-conscious. Looking at Lucas with pleading eyes, wanting him to take his words back, to say he was sorry, to be sorry, she saw him instead walking towards his private bathroom and locking the door behind him. The message was clear.

Her heart aching in her chest and her eyes filling with sudden, unreasonable tears, Adair pulled on her undies and fled back to her room.

Lucas had never cummed so hard as he did with Adair, and that spelled trouble. He’d also never been so violent with a woman before; those were his deepest fantasies, fantasies he allowed himself to unleash only on those he prepared first, which weren’t a lot.

But when he’d seen Adair lying on the bed, looking at him with barely contained heat, he’d lost it and caved in to his darkest whims. He wanted to see her creamy-white skin turning red with his slaps; he wanted to feel her scream when the pained pleasure finally hit her; he wanted her to suffocate, to feel everything more than normal without breathing even a little. He wanted and wanted and wanted and now he wanted to punch the mirror in his bathroom.

Because Adair was a mess when they both finally came. She was red, her hair was a mess, her butt was bearing his handprint, and she actually seemed satisfied about it all. That was the final straw, because his dream was to find a woman who could take all that and wish for more. He needed her out of his room before he’d done something he would truly regret.

Then she looked like he’d slapped her, and that was even more unbearable. Because he thought she wanted this only superficially for sex. He thoughts she wanted nothing more than that. Yet she looked as though he pissed on her feelings or something, and that was just... enough.

It was bad that he’d had dirty sex with his cousin. It would be even worse if said cousin fell for him.

Because if Adair truly loved him, he would have much more trouble concealing the fact that he’d been crazy for her for years.

Lucas needed to focus. That was why he forced himself to think nothing about what had just happened, and when he finished taking a shower, he walked back to his room, lay on his bed, and closed his eyes.

When morning came after a sleepless night, Lucas made his way downstairs to the kitchen. He was wearing his sleeping sweats when he poured himself some black coffee when he heard his cousins – the ones who didn’t cause as much trouble as the object of his fascination – entering the kitchen. When they saw him there, they greeted him with a hearty “Good morning.”

“You going to school?” Lucas asked, trying to sound like the normal cousin he was supposed to be.

Eira chuckled and leaned against Kaden’s side when she fixed herself some cereal. “We kinda have to,” she said, “since we need education and all that.”

Kaden chuckled at that and pressed a kiss to Eira’s hair before moving to fetch some black coffee, like Lucas. “Thankfully, though, it’s Friday, and that means weekend.” Kaden said, and his gray eyes, like his mother’s, like Lucas’s mother, like Lucas’s own, scrutinized him more perceptively that he would’ve liked. “You have any plans for tonight?”

Lucas feigned a shrug. “I’m an old soul, unlike you, cousins.” He winked at the boy. “You go have fun tonight. I’ll be a nerd and study.”

Eira laughed at that. “Come on, Luke,” she said, “we know you have a line of girls just waiting for you to spare them a glance. Why not have a date for tonight?”

Lucas was about to evade the question when into the kitchen walked Adair. His chest tightened at how she looked; sleepless, tired, and angry. Eira and Kaden watched her silently, as though sensing the aura she emitted, and then exchanged a look. That distracted Lucas for a few moments, enough to let him think that lately, Eira and Kaden seemed closer than before. They used to fight a lot or simple avoid each other, but they seemed to be past that by now. Which was good. More than good.

He wanted to erase last night and do it all over again. However, from the fact that Adair refused to even glance at him or utter a word, he knew that this was a wishful thinking. She finally understood the true beast that stalked restlessly inside him. She finally understood that all he was good for was sex.

It was good. That was what he wanted. They were cousins, so they needed to keep their distance. So why did he fell like such a fucking bastard? And why all he wanted was grab her and fuck her senseless, telling her she was special despite everything?

Eira and Kaden left hastily, leaving Lucas alone with Adair. Adair’s bloodshot eyes were fixed steadily on the water as they boiled.

Seeing her so subdued after last night, when she’d been anything but, made him grit his teeth. His brain made a small calculation before he could suppress it; Eira and Kaden were off to school, Uncle Nate and Aunt Amabel were off to work, and so no one but them was at home...

Lucas snapped.

Putting the mug of coffee on the counter, he walked with renewed determination towards her. Adair whirled her head around to him, eyes widening when she saw his resolve. He couldn’t take it anymore. He’d had a taste, and he wanted to have more. Much more.

He didn’t care about anything. Adair said she didn’t care they were cousins, so why would he? And she seemed perfectly okay – more than okay; she’d been ecstatic – when he’d done whatever he wanted to her body. He didn’t want to hurt her. He didn’t want her to think he didn’t care.

Because he cared. He cared too fucking much. And she was going to realize that as soon as he had her in his bed again.

Adair found herself stepping back from Lucas when he stalked toward her in the kitchen. Her back hit the counter, and when he put his hands on either side of her, she went motionless. She couldn’t help herself from checking him out, though, and found his shirtless state and close proximity too much for her to even restrain the need. So she let her eyes glide down his body, let herself take him all in, and when she finally raised her eyes back to his face, she remembered what he’d told her last night.

Her chest filled with pain at the memory and so she made her face as expressionless as she could. “Get out of my face, Lucas.”

He didn’t listen to her. Instead he leaned forward and grabbed her lower lip in his teeth, biting it before letting it go and saying one word in her face. “No.”

Her eyes narrowed. She would stoop so low again as to beg for him to screw her. “Step. Back.”

He grinned a wild, unbidden grin at her, the beast inside him rising to the surface. “Your stubbornness is cute, but futile.”

She saw red. The one thing Adair hated the most was when men played with her. With any other man, she would’ve seen it coming from miles away. With Lucas, however, it was worse. She couldn’t know what would come next, and that scared her. She didn’t know what to do with an untamed Lucas who didn’t mind flirting with her like that or cajoling her to give in to him. So she let her own sinister streak into play in order to defend herself from the unknown.

As fast as she could, she opened the drawer behind her, pulled out a kitchen knife, and pointed it at him. “Step back or I’ll cut you,” she warned, and let him see in her eyes that she wasn’t joking.

Lucas’s grin became wider and wilder. “As you wish, Adair,” he murmured and stepped back, eyes glittering with mirth Feeling her sense of control coming back, Adair forced him out of the kitchen, all along aiming the knife at him, and then up the stairs to her room, where she had her own toys.

“Lie on the bed,” she said after locking the door behind them. Grinning still, Lucas did as told. Much like he did with her last night, Adair pulled out her own pair of shackles and restrained him to the headboard. She put the knight on her nightstand for use later, and then straddled him. She felt him through his sweats, already hard and pulsing. She smiled now, very much in charge. “You’re mine.”

His eyes blazed with heat. “You’re mine, too.”

Her smile turned wicked as she pulled his cock free. Not waiting much, she took of her clothes until she was stark naked, and then began rubbing her pussy against him, milking his cock with her juices. He groaned as he pushed his waist up but she squeezed his cock in warning. “Tat-tat, Lucas,” she purred, eyes lidded, “you’re at my mercy now, my personal boy toy. I can tease you for how long I wish to.”

Lucas grunted when she slowed her rubbing pace, her intimate lips wrapping his cock like a hot, wet blanket. She moved her hips up and down, getting wetter when she felt his precum coming in waves, and his cock turning into a rigid, thick rod. She smiled of pure bliss and let herself moan when she intentionally rubbed his head against her entrance, then continued with slow, rubbing strokes. He growled at that, and she laughed, feeling strong and powerful and in control.

He’d made her wild with loss of control last night. It was his time now.

When she couldn’t take it anymore, she finally raised herself so she was posed right above his cock, then pushed it all inside in one shove. They both groaned as he stretched her to the max, hitting her right to the end, her clenching around him and him twitching inside her. “You fill me up so well,” Adair whispered, eyes rolling in her head. She cupped her breasts and began kneading them. “Fuck, Lucas. You feel so damn good.”

She began moving, excruciatingly slowly at first, while massaging her breasts, pinching her taut nipples. She locked her eyes on his face, saw his muscles all locked up with tension, his eyes flaming up as they fastened on her breasts. She bit her lip, and began riding him harder, faster, rougher.

And that seemed to bring the beast inside Lucas right out.

Lucas was strong. He knew he was strong. He just never knew how strong he was until he ripped his hands free from the headboard and the shackles. He also hadn’t surprised just himself with his strength; Adair’s hazy hazel eyes widened with something like smug satisfaction.

She made him lose control entirely and they both loved every second of it.

With his hands free, Lucas sat up and cupped Adair’s butt in his hands. “Hands behind your back,” he barked the order, and she seemed delighted to comply, probably still feeling in control. Not that Lucas cared much; he was beyond comprehension anyway.

Her hands behind her back, Lucas slapped her butt cheek and began pounding inside her fast and rough, with him still sitting and her straddling him, her magnificent body in his plain sight. He planted his face in the valley of her breasts before he took one tight nipple into his mouth and bit it. She screamed, her hands suddenly on his shoulders, her nails digging in. She was losing control. He wanted her to be as wild as he was. He bit harder, drawing blood from the tiny, pebbled thing.

She came hard around him, crying out his name. But Lucas wasn’t finished with her. Turning her around so her back was to his front, he lay back, her lying on top of him, and spread her legs wider as he came inside her from behind, the position making the penetration impossibly deeper. Adair screamed again, grabbing the sheets, as his thrusts turned meaner, rougher, harsher. His hands were now on her breasts, fondling her with such roughness, he knew they would be red. He wanted to see them red anyway. He pinched her nipples hard, so hard it must’ve hurt, and Adair yelled, shuddering and spasming as she came again.

He wasn’t satisfied just yet. Her body limp in his arms, he pushed her off him and placed her so her torso was on the floor, her legs up and wide. He stood above her, feeling powerful over her, and with a bruising hold on her hips he thrusted downwards, rubbing her clit with his thumb. She gasped, breathless, as he began pumping into her in this position, locking them together, sexing her up so roughly she was beginning to tense again, and when he inserted a finger into her tight, untouched anus, her back bowed and he felt he reaching oblivion again.

This time, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, and when she came, tightening her inner muscles around him, he didn’t even think and shot his cum deep inside her, filling her with so much semen that when he pulled out, it dripped erotically out of her entrance, making him want to take her again, and again, and again.

He grabbed her from the waist and lifted her back to bed. When they were both lying, exhausted, Lucas felt Adair cuddling to his side, raising her eyes to him. He couldn’t not look at her. “Will you push me away again?” she asked, and her eyes, hypnotically green-gold, made him want to pounce on her and fuck her senseless again.

But she was probably sore, and he wasn’t up to full speed just yet, so he decided to indulge her in the verbal way. “No,” he told her, and pulled her closer with one arm around her. “You’re the best fucking thing in my life and I’m not going to push you away.” He pulled her head using her silky hair. “I meant it when I said you’re mine. No other guy can touch you anymore.”

Adair grinned. “It goes to you, too,” she purred, arching her face up so her lips brushed against his. “The bimbo parade stops here.”

He sucked her lower lip between his teeth. “It’s not just sex,” he told her.

“No, it’s not,” her eyes flashed.

Smirking, he grabbed the knife on the nightstand and without warning he had her pinned under him and his knife pointed at her still-taut nipple. “This thing is forever,” he warned, eyes blazing. “Your body is mine forever. Your heart is mine too. I’m not letting you go, ever, and I’m going to leave a mark on your skin so every time you see it, you remember who you belong to.”

She didn’t glance away when he pointed the knife at her nipple at slice. She half-screamed-half-moaned at the cut he’d initiated, and when blood poured out of the injury, Lucas sealed his mouth over the nipple and sucked, licking and nipping and biting until she was writhing beneath him, aroused again.

When the wound stopped bleeding, Adair snatched his knife and, her skin flushed, pushed him to his back. “It’s my turn now,” she said huskily and, grabbing his raging hard-on in her free hand, she lowered the knife to his balls and cut. Lucas groaned in pain that soon transformed into pleasure when Adair fondled said balled, licking the wound she created, sucking in the blood, sealing the deal in the same manner as he’d done.

As she finished, she threw the knife to the floor and turned so her entrance was at Lucas’s ready mouth, and she closed her own lips around his rigid cock.

When Lucas began licking at her sex, Adair fought a moan and continued sucking on his cock. She’d been aching for weeks for this, and she would not waste another moment. She pumped at the bast of his cock while teasing the head, and when she felt him parting her intimate lips and delving his tongue so deep inside her, she closed her eyes in pure bliss.

As he fucked her with his tongue, Adair found him fucking her with his cock as well, thrusting with his hips upward, deeper inside her mouth, choking her. She wanted to be choked. She tried to put as much of his cock as she could in her mouth and shuddered when she felt his fingers playing with both her anus and cunt.

This was heaven. And when she came with a sudden, ripping sensation that left her a hazy mess, this seemed even more likely. Not long afterwards Lucas pumped one last time into her mouth, so his entire big thing was inside her throat, and shot his cum right inside her, making her swallow and suck in every pint of his juice.

She was grabbed by him all of a sudden and then pushed onto her back, with him looming over her. He put a hand to her throat, choking her again, as he slid into her with one, sleek move that left her breathless anyway. Then they screwed each other like rabbits until neither had any more liquid left inside them to come.

From that day onward, Lucas and Adair reached a decision together. They belonged to each other. They kept their affair a secret, just because they wanted no one to question them or their choices.

Their love was different than the average type of love. Their love was mainly for sex, and what was left of it they gave to each other. Lucas and Adair were lustful creatures who were made to crave and seek sexual pleasure. It mattered not anymore that they were related. Nothing mattered but satisfying their darkest of cravings.

And satisfying those cravings they did. Constantly. Violently. Passionately.


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