The Tales We Weave (A Collection of Short Stories)

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3rd Tale: The Desperate

Amabel had been waiting for this day the entire week. She was finally going to get her much-deserved massage, something she did once in a while, when work became hectic and her back started making protesting noises. After all, while she didn’t look it, she was thirty eight, had gone through three births, and worked her ass off being a famous graphic designer and owning her own company.

So every Saturday she went to a massage at the Porter Spa in downtown.

Wearing her most comfortable clothes of jeans and simple blouse (after she was forced to wear annoying pencil skirts and matching blazers the entire week, she deduced she deserved feeling all comfy and free) she grabbed a cup of coffee to-go from her kitchen when she saw her three children and nephew talking about in the front yard balcony, sitting together and having the breakfast. Amabel hadn’t seen the four so close since... Well, since a long time.

Smiling, she grabbed her coffee and purse and went over. “Morning,” she said, looking at the faces of her two old and young daughter, Adair and Eira, her son Kaden, and her nephew Lucas. Lucas had moved in with her and her husband Nate when he was seventeen and Amabel’s older sister, Cressida, died along with her husband Ricardo in a car accident. Amabel treated him like another son and he wasn’t anything but grateful in return.

“Hey, Mom,” Eira said with a big grin on her face. Lately she’d been looking much happier than Amabel remembered her being. Maybe she had a secret boyfriend? “You going?”

Amabel nodded and gave a smile to Kaden. “I’m going to the Porter Spa. You know, your friend Daniel’s family business.”

Kaden nodded, smiling a little. “Daniel’s supposed to be working right now, so if you see him say hi for me.”

Smiling, Amabel exchanged a few more words with her children and then took off, driving in her brand new Lexus and parking in her VIP parking lot right outside the spa after a fifteen minutes drive.

When she got out, she made sure she looked presentable in the side mirror. Her honey-brown hair was longer than most women her age, reaching just the top of he waist, and like usual, it tumbled in uncontrollable curls she somehow managed not to pass on to her kids. Her eyes were thickly framed, a stormy kind of gray that she believed to be her best feature. Then there was the fact that she had a great ivory skin, and her figure was short, almost as short as her daughter Eira, and curvy in the right places. She’d been going to the gym like crazy after Eira, her youngest, was born, and she made sure that all fats from her pregnancy, that all fats in general, were gone and would stay gone. Her hard work sure paid off, Amabel thought with satisfaction. She looked ten years younger, and she loved it.

After her self-check-out, Amabel walked into the spa’s reception and went to the receptionist, a girl not that much older than her oldest nineteen-year-old daughter, Adair. “Hello, Mrs MacLean,” she said, and Amabel remembered she was Tiffany, who used to be with Lucas in the same class at high school. “You can wait until Mr Porter is available.”

Amabel smiled in return. “No problem,” she said and made her way to the plush sofas. She was just sitting down when the massaging door opened and through it walked none other than Daniel Porter, Kaden’s best friend from school.

Surprised, she first just watched him. She’d seen Daniel a lot of times, of course; he and Kaden used to be inseparable when Kaden had just begun attending high-school here. But Daniel, the quirky beautiful boy she remembered, had been gone with the years. The Daniel in front of her now was eighteen, and he filled out, looking like a man. And not just any man. Boy, but puberty knew how to hit certain people.

Daniel was extremely good looking. He had the Porters’ pure blue eyes, ragged black hair, and muscles upon muscles, ripped so much so, that Amabel remembered with a spark that Kaden told her he began kickboxing after dropping swimming. His athletic figure showed how those two vastly different sports collided in his tightly roped body.

She knew it was unethical of her, but she couldn’t help to check him out, mostly trying to find the boy he had been. In the past year she hadn’t seen much of Daniel as before, since Kaden and him preferred hanging outside instead of at home. And now that she did, she couldn’t find a trace of the fourteen-year-old smiling boy. Instead, what she saw was a man, smirking as he said something to Tiffany, who blushed and looked all flustered as she murmured something back.

Apparently, Daniel was perfectly aware of how puberty had hit him.

Amabel tore her eyes away from him, feeling like a creep. She shouldn’t have watched him like that, she admonished herself. She was his best friend’s mother. Watching some young boy like a sex-starved woman in her prime was simply not done.

When she felt a burn on her cheek, she raised her eyes in surprise and found Daniel walking toward her, the smirk he’d just flashed to Tiffany still intact. And for some absurd reason, the smirk made her stomach drop... in the best, sensual way.

Daniel had always been into older women. When he was fifteen, he’d dated a twenty-one-year-old college girl, who was his first time and his first love. After she broke his heart, he’d begun dating only women over twenty, not younger. However, when he turned seventeen, he wanted even older women. He wanted those who were searching for “Mr Right,” those who were practically desperate, because those, in his opinion, were the bomb in bed.

However, there was one woman he hadn’t been able to obtain and who’d been haunting him in his dirtiest dreams since he got his first hard-on.

Amabel MacLean wasn’t like the average MILF. She was crushingly beautiful, with this long honey-like hair, those doe-like gray eyes, and her short, tightly curved body that made him drool every time he saw her. Then there was her skin, so creamy in color, he so wanted to take a bite.

But there were a few things wrong with his fantasy. First, Amabel was happily married. Second, she was his best friend Kaden’s Mom. And third, Daniel doubted that even if he didn’t care about the former two and went after her, she would just think him a hotblooded silly boy.

So he was at an impasse regarding everything that was Amabel.

“Hello, Mrs MacLean,” Daniel said in a greeting at Amabel when he paused in front of her in the reception room. Like every Saturday, she came to his family’s spa to get a massage. However, she was in for a surprise today. “I’m going to be your masseur.”

Her hypnotizing eyes widened. “What about your father?” she asked as she rose from her seat. Daniel fought a growl of satisfaction. She was just so short, she barely reached his shoulders. Which didn’t really say much, he guessed, since he was pretty tall.

“Dad’s out of town with Mom,” he said with a small smirk, the best he had, “so they gave me the spa and promoted me to an official masseur.” He’d been taking courses from his father since forever, so it was about time he moved from helping around to have an actual profession of sorts, until he decided what it was he wanted to do in life.

Amabel didn’t look so happy about the predicament, much to Daniel’s disappointment. “Oh, I see,” she said, and then gave him a strained smile. “If it’s okay with you, then, I would still like to get a massage.”

Daniel frowned, confused. “Why wouldn’t be okay with me?”

Regarding him with deeply gray eyes, Amabel said nothing for a few silent moments. “You’re right,” she then said, and gave him another smile, a pretty smile that lit up her entire face. “Lead the way, Daniel.”

He hoped his pleasure at hearing her saying his name wasn’t showing. “As you wish, milady,” he joked as he had her following into the small massaging room and closed the door after her, locking it.

“I’m going to prepare the lotions,” he said, “and put in some music and all that. You may go to the changing room there.”

Once Amabel disappeared inside the changing room, Daniel forced his mind out of the gutter and began preparing the lotions and put in the stereo some oldies. As he mixed some lotions, he suddenly realized something crucial.

He was going to touch her. He was going to touch her all over. She was now taking off her clothes, getting naked, and he was going to fulfill part of his fantasy of touching the woman he’d been dreaming about for four years.

A bolt of lust short directly to his cock, and before he knew it, he was hard. Cursing under his breath, he adjusted his black yoga-pants and plain tee so Amabel wouldn’t be able to see that. Because if she did... things could go really awkward.

Groaning silently, Daniel couldn’t help but wonder what had he gotten himself into.

Amabel put on a robe once she was naked and went out of the changing room. Daniel was waiting for her near the patient’s massage bed with a smile on his face. He really did look amazing for someone so young. “You can take your robe off and lie down,” he said, voice somewhat lower. In the background she heard songs from her own time playing and couldn’t help but smile at his choice.

Giving him a small nod, she pushed the robe off and climbed the bed, lying on her stomach. She thought she heard his breath catching, but she couldn’t be sure, and as he put a small enough towel that covered only her butt, she dismissed it. He couldn’t possibly be affected by someone as old as she was, right?

As the soothing music of Vangelis played, Amabel closed her eyes and waited. Then she felt his big, warm, hands on her, smearing her back with lotion, and she didn’t even bother stifle a moan of pure pleasure. Her back ached so much, and she trusted Daniel had been taught how to do his job correctly.

She felt his hands as they glided down her body, lingering in her hips, then moving back up, to her shoulders, to her hands, covering every part of her skin with divine-smelling oil. She wished he would’ve gone on forever.

When he finished with the oil, he began with the actual massage. He started with her taut legs, and worked on her aches one after another. She let out a soft moan when she heard the crack that was her muscle finally being snapped into place.

Once her legs were nothing but mush jello, Daniel’s skilled hands moved up, brushing her supposedly covered butt cheek all of a sudden. She would’ve tensed in alarm had he not continued upward, to the core of all her pain. She relaxed. He must’ve brushed them by mistake. Yeah, that was probably it.

He worked on her lower back, untying the knots of pain caused by the past week. Had she been a cat she would’ve purred in deep pleasure. As his hands traveled north, pulling her muscles free in their wake, and finally ending in her shoulders, she was a limp excuse for a woman, feeling more sated than she’d felt in a long time. And it wasn’t just the skilled touch; Daniel’s hands were marvelous, so warm and big, and while they felt distantly similar to those of his father’s, his had their own specific brand, making her feel physically imprinted somehow.

As he massaged her shoulders in determined, languid motions, another moan escaped her mouth. His grip on her skin became firmer, stronger, and one more moan inflated the air. The nape of her neck suddenly prickled and she felt a brush of foreign hair against her skin, and then she felt his breath, blowing against her neck, then the lobe of her ear.

In a moment of shock, she heard him murmur huskily into her ear, “Is it any good?”

Her stomach knotted, this time with a different kind pain. This pain throbbed deep down in her, and she found herself turned on by his voice, by his tingling touch. It came so suddenly that her breath caught. How could his touch affect her so much right now after he’d been working on her muscles and that didn’t make her feel like that? Why it had to be him whose touch made her so breathless so unexpectedly, so thrillingly?

She found herself muttering in response, “Yes.”

He made a sound that made her stomach somersault in the best of ways. “Say my name, Amabel,” he barked out harshly, and she gasped in surprise when she heard her name on his lips, spelled like both a dream and a sin.

She shivered involuntarily as his hands left her shoulders and began roaming down her arms. “I want to hear you say it,” he said tersely, and in that moment, he sounded like a grown man, his voice deep and rich and velvety.

Forgetting who she was, who he was, at that specific moment, she moaned out, “Daniel.”

Daniel couldn’t bear this anymore. His erection was growing more impatient too, fidgeting in his pants at the sight of this sexy, curvy woman all limp with tranquility. She was his every dream come true, everything he’d ever wanted, and when she lay like that at his mercy, moaning whenever he worked loose a muscle, he just couldn’t hold himself back.

He needed to touch her more. Needed to do that or he would go insane.

“Amabel,” he growled, and then... His hands slid away from her arms began painting the outline of her body, moving them slowly down to her waist. “You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen,” he admitted softly, almost in wonder at the bare skin under his hands.

“D-Daniel,” she stuttered and went to roll to he back when she stilled, feeling his hands suddenly under the towel and cupping her butt. “What are you doing?”

Her ass was perfect in his hands, all round and plump, all deliciously female. “Whatever I wanna do,” was his brazen answer as he plopped the towel to the floor and began massaging her bottom. She gasped, and he saw her hands curling against the sheets, and he grunted, feeling her so soft and feminine under his naked hands.

His cock strained against his zipper and he saw no reason not to let it out. Amabel wasn’t giving him any back-off signs, so for him that was good enough. Heck, more than good. It was all he’d ever wanted.

Easing out of the pants, he climbed onto the bed and straddled her. She tensed, whispered, “Daniel?” when he parted her butt cheeks, wrapped them around his cock, and shoved. She gasped, then moaned, and he groaned. She felt better than in his fantasy. She felt the best.

He began thrusting forward and backward, the graze of her butt on his cock making him shudder in utter pleasure. But the butt-job was not enough. He needed more, wanted more, craved more. So he took his cock away and with one fleeting motion flipped the woman underneath him onto her back. Wild gray eyes misty with lust clashed with his own hunger-riddled ones. “Daniel,” she whispered, her cheeks flushed, “we can’t. You’re just a boy – “

That annoyed him. Her grabbed her legs, spread them wide, and settled himself in between them. He grasped her wrists in one hand and pushed them above her head. With his free hand, he clasped her chin. “I’m eighteen, will be nineteen in a few months,” he said with a growl, “and you’re the woman I’ve been wanting since a long time. And you want me too.”

Amabel’s cheeks flushed redder. “I’m a married woman,” she said softly, “and I’m your best friend’s mother. Do you think it’s ethical to do it?”

“Fuck ethics,” Daniel snarled. “Fuck your husband and fuck Kaden, too. I want you. You want me. I’m going to have you.”

Her eyes widened and she was about to say something when he pressed his lips against her, shutting her up effectively. She moaned into his mouth as he plunged inside her, his tongue warring with hers, biting and nipping at her, tasting her to the fullest. He released her wrists and his hands wandered greedily to her generous breasts, grabbing them, fondling them, needing them to no end. He pinched her tight nipples, and then decided they needed his attention more. Breaking off the kiss, he trailed with his lips down her body until they found the left breast. Without preambles he took her nipple into his mouth, suckling and nipping and licking and torturing her to not end.

He felt her hands in his hair, pushing his head even deeper into her breast. He was filled with satisfaction. She was participating fully in the act, and his male pride was inflated, making him feel almost viciously delighted.

He was going to take her, and she was going to let him.

Amabel didn’t know what kind of lunacy took over both of them as his hands suddenly parted her intimate lips, inserting two fingers at once into her soaked entrance. She arched her back, called out his name, and her sex-starved body replied in earnest, beginning to rock on his teasing fingers.

It was, Amabel knew, the fact that her life with Nate had kind of fallen into a boring routine. They barely had sex anymore and when they did, it felt like an obligatory kind of sex, just to get over with it.

Amabel hadn’t come in almost six years, and pain was very real.

She didn’t want to cheat on Nate, because for all his faults, for all their faults in their sex life, she did care about him. However, the situation was different now.

Daniel was making her feel alive. That’s all Amabel had wanted since her life became so dull around her. And that was the reason she didn’t stop him when he fingered her, while kissing her breasts and rubbing her clit with his thumb, making her spasm, a rush of excitement showering over her, turning her into a breathless woman, jittery and itchy, then, with a sudden burst, pleasure rippled through her, tearing out of her very core, making her entire body to quiver and her inner liquids to cream his fingers.

He took out his fingers, and, with his ever-blue gaze on hers, licked them dry. “You taste just like I thought you would taste,” he said as he took off his remaining tee, gloriously naked above her, “Like sweet and woman and heaven.”

She stared at him with hooded eyes as his muscles came on display. She licked her lips, and almost came again when he slithered up her body, burying his head for a moment in her breasts, before reaching her face and kissing her deeply. “I’m going to fuck you, Mrs MacLean,” he murmured and grabbed her hips, spreading her for him, his hold almost bruising but wonderfully so. When he nudged her open with the tip of his cock, she couldn’t keep her head straight and threw it back.

He plunged into her with one, deep, rough stroke, and she cried out, feeling stretched wide at his significant size. He didn’t wait for her to get used to him; instead he began fucking her like he promised, unyielding in his quick pace, his hold dominating, his pumps determined and confident.

He was working her like a marionette, getting reactions out of her by simple touch, and she adored it all. She adored the feel of him inside her, of how fast he moved, how athletically he was built, which made him an even more phenomenal lover. She delighted in it all, took it all in, and rode wave after wave of pleasure and aftershocks.

She would’ve expected him to come, for he was young and wild and healthy, but he held it all in, not satisfied with their current coupling. “More,” he growled against her neck and flipped her back to her front, making her go on her hands and knees, and pushed back inside, the position making the penetration that much more deeper than before. Amabel cried out, and whimpered when she felt his fingers playing with her clit, while another grabbed her boob in an effort to hold on to something as he rode her to yet another orgasm.

This time he couldn’t hold it all in anymore. He pumped into her fast one, two, three times before, he shoved again, and spilled himself inside her, groaning and shuddering with pleasure. She felt his semen filling her up, and it didn’t stop coming until after a few more moments. Then he crushed her to the mattress, still buried inside her, and wrapped his arms around her, tugging her close.

They lay like this for a few, breathless moments, before she felt him kissing her neck, her jaw, her cheek, then nibbling her lobe. “I want more,” he murmured into her sensitive ear, causing her to shiver. His arms tightened around her. “I want more of you. More sex. Much more sex. Just more.”

She moaned at his words. “I-I’m married, Daniel,” she whispered, knowing that any dream of having him screw her on a regular basis was just that: a dream.

“I don’t give a flying fuck,” he growled into her ear. “Now that I got you I’m not letting you go. So be warned; I will be back.”

And with those words, he got off her, pulled on his clothes, and went to the bathroom. Amabel rose slowly onto her feet after he was gone, hazily changed into her clothes, and then went back home, thinking that, no matter how much she might want to have sex with Daniel again, this was not possible. One time was enough. More than that would be the continuation of her lunacy.

What a shame her life circumstances didn’t bring Daniel to her sooner.

When Daniel said he wasn’t going to give up, he meant it. After Amabel left his massage room, the memory of her so soft and languid around him didn’t leave his head. It’d already been a few days after their intercourse and he wanted another taste – no, needed another taste.

Daniel had never really been the giving up type.

He came up with a simple plan, something that could work. He called up Kaden, asked to meet him at his home the next Sunday. Daniel gave him the excuse of missing his buddy and needing to prepare to finals of their senior year of high school.

When he came over to the MacLean grand estate, Kaden greeted him with a manly hug and pat on the back. “’Sup man,” Kaden said with a grin. His friend had been extremely happy these past few months for reasons beyond Daniel’s care-radar.

“Good,” Daniel grinned back and entered the house. “You been hanging around here lately, huh?” It was Easter holiday, after all.

Kaden grunted in response and the two went to Kaden’s room. They began working on some Calculus for the finals, and for the next hour they did just that. Then Daniel decided to put his plan into full action.

“You know, man,” Daniel said, pretending to be queasy, “I think I ate something bad this morning.”

Kaden looked at him with a frown. “You don’t look so well,” he noted and stood up. “Let me call my Mom.”

Daniel fought an inner grin. Sundays were Amabel’s day off. Also, when Daniel was younger and used to have stomach aches, it was Amabel Kaden called. There had been times Daniel pretended to be sick just so he could see Amabel fretting all over him.

He decided the old plan was the best plan.

Amabel appeared at the door with Kaden after a few minutes and when Amabel saw Daniel’s scrunched face, her lips pursed and her eyes narrowed. Daniel gave her a tortured look, the one he’d mastered a long time ago. Her eyes narrowed farther in suspicion, but when Kaden said, “Can you take him to the kitchen and give him some medicine or something? We still need to get ready for finals.”

Daniel slid a glance to his friend before returning his pleading eyes to Amabel. “Please?” he fluttered his eyelashes.

Amabel said nothing as she motioned for him to follow her. They left Kaden in his room and Amabel led the way to the kitchen.

Another good thing about this situation? Mr MacLean worked on Sundays.

Once the two were in the kitchen and Amabel silently fished in the cabinet for medicine, he struck. With two steps he was right behind her, his arm sneaking around her waist, his face buried in her neck, his lips tugging at her skin, and his free hand slipped under her jeans and panties, circling her entrance.

"Daniel!” Amabel hissed in surprise, tensing in his arms.

A carnivorous grin stretched on his lips. “I told I wasn’t giving up,” he murmured and the hand he wrapped around her slid up to her breast. “I’m going to take you again, and again, and again, and we’re going to do this every time we can.” He grinned fully then. “No one needs to know.”

She shuddered when he pushed her jeans and panties down right there in the kitchen, opened his own zipper, and freed his raging cock. Growling into her skin, he thrusted inside her without warning, catching her surprised gasp with his lips. He stroked in and out of her against the kitchen counter, his movements languid and deep. She moaned into his mouth as he licked into hers, taking her everything.

They both came together and came hard. When he pushed out of her, he was already semi-hard again. She turned, fixing up her clothing, and looked at him with lingering hunger in her eyes. “I want you again,” she whispered heavily, “and I want to say fuck ’em all, but – “

“Then say it,” he pushed his thigh between hers. “Say it and we can be together. I don’t give a shit if you’re married or not. I can be your lover or whatever, as long as I can have sex with you whenever I want.”

“You deserve love, Daniel,” she said softly, “not just sex.”

“And you can give me this,” he breathed heavily against her mouth. “You feel this. You know there’s potential here to be something more.”

She didn’t respond, and he decided to leave that for now. If all she wanted was sex, he could damn well give her that. Heck, it was even better. “Meet me tonight at the local motel,” he said, locking her gray gaze with his blue one. “I’ll be waiting.”

And with that, he left her in the kitchen and went back to Kaden’s room, pretending he was sick no more.

Amabel felt like a teenage girl, with how aroused she was for the rest of the day after Daniel fucked her in the kitchen. And now here she was, standing outside of the motel, waiting for him despite everything.

For the first time in her life, she didn’t care anymore. Daniel was a magnificent lover. He brought out an animalistic, needy side of her she’d almost forgotten she had. And she wanted to explore that side of her in detail again.

Daniel appeared a few minutes after her on his bike. He got off, and without preludes grabbed her waist and kissed her. She sighed, wanting to open to him, but he let her go too soon. “Inside,” he said, eyes heated, his single word a musky promise.

They checked into a room, and once inside, all bets were off. Clothes tore away from their bodies, their lips were plastered to each other, slick sounds of skin contacting, of lingering touches, of longing, echoed in the air.

When he penetrated her, it felt like perfection. Amabel knew that Daniel was right then; there was potential there between them, something flaring to life every time their bodies connected. But for now she settled for the sweaty, hot, dirty sex. It was all she needed, all she’d ever wanted. The rest could wait.

Desperation took root, and from their hot messy coupling in the motel, whenever Amabel met Daniel in secret, their passion burned hotter, fiercer, and much more desperately.

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