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4th Tale: The Twisted

Nate had been less than enthused when, as he met Isaac for a beer after work, his friend asked him for a favor. “I have a meeting in Arizona,” he said, “and I don’t want to leave Julia alone.”

Julia, Isaac’s only daughter, was eighteen and about to finish high-school. She was in the same class as Nate’s son, Kaden, but the two, according to his son, weren’t friends. “I would’ve suggested letting her stay with me, but our house is full as it is, Isaac,” Nate said, sipping his beer. Besides, he thought silently to himself, he didn’t want another trouble to take care of. He had his hands full with work, being the CEO of a grand investment company, and he had his own kids and nephew to keep an eye on. Adding another one, even for a short while, would be troublesome.

“I wouldn’t have asked you if I had another option, Nate,” Isaac sighed, pinching the skin between his eyebrows, “so please, can you help me out here?”

Nate believed himself a good friend to Isaac, just like the other one was to him. Besides, Nate knew Isaac mustn’t have anyone else to ask. His own parents were long gone, his wife long dead, and so it was just him and Julia.

Since he wasn’t a complete self-absorbed bastard, Nate relented. “Fine,” he said, forcing himself not to groan in irritation, “but we’ll do it differently. I don’t have spare rooms in my house, so every day after work I’ll go to yours and make sure everything is alright with her.”

Isaac’s shoulders sagged in relief. “Thank you,” he said, his smile tinged with crinkles, “I owe you one.”

Snorting, Nate raised his beer pointedly. “Today, drinks are on you.”

He laughed. “You got it.”

As the two chatted on, mostly on work, Nate’s mind drifted to the predicament of babysitting Julia Lanter. He’d known Isaac years before he’d met his wife, and he’d seen Julia grown within the years. He hadn’t seen her ever since she was about fourteen, however, and wondered how she look now. She’s always been a pretty girl, with long, wild, bright-red hair, and cat-green eyes she’d gotten from her father. Did she still have a spray of freckles all over her cheeks and nose? Was she still that skinny, scrawny child?

Soon, Nate knew, he would find out.

When her father told her he asked his friend to keep an eye on her, Julia’s plans were ruined. She’d been expecting having her father away so she could finally have parties over at her house, bring friends whenever, and maybe, hopefully, finally have sex with Evan and lose her V card in the process.

But no. Her father couldn’t trust her to stay alone and so he made his stupid friend come over everyday after work to keep her company, as if she was still a little girl.

Julia had met Nate MacLean a few times in the past, the last one being about four years ago. He was her classmate Kaden’s father, and some big hotshot in the business industry. He was the same age as her father, but unlike Isaac, Nate didn’t look tired and beaten and old. At least that’s what she remembered from that time she’d seen him years ago.

Sighing to herself, Julia tried to concentrate on her homework. Her father departed to Arizona yesterday night, and today, in just a couple of hours, would be the first time she saw Nate after all these years. He’d already emailed her earlier that he would be over with Chinese takeout, and she couldn’t help but scoff at that. Who emailed anyone nowadays, anyway?

Tapping her foot on the floor, she tried to figure out the math formula that glared back at her. Julia didn’t usually suck at math, but she couldn’t focus for the life of her. Why was she so anxious? It was just Nate, her father’s friend. She shouldn’t be feeling so uneasy. He was just an old man doing another old man a favor.

She groaned in frustration and pushed the notes back. She couldn’t do homework when she felt so nervous. So instead she took a shower, put on her favorite green jammies, and brushed her red hair until it lay in thick, puffy waves down her back to her waist. She went to her computer and decided that the best distraction would be in the form of Game of Thrones. Her friend Carla had been nudging her to watch this since forever, and now was the right time to finally start.

The first episode seemed alright. Right near the end, however, she found herself watching with disgust as a pair of brother and sister were having sex in front of a small boy’s eyes. She felt a little ill at the scene, and flustered, too, since watching sex scene weren’t her cup of tea, when the there was a knock on the front door.

Jumping in her seat, she shut down the computer almost fearfully and went to open the door. Her mind was still filled with that awful scene when she threw the door open and found a tall man in a business suit waiting there. Freezing, Julia’s eyes ran up the man’s tall – and extremely athletic – form and found herself needing to lean her head back just to reach his face. And his face...

She remembered Nate’s face a little vaguely from the past. Apparently, her memory hadn’t done him any justice. The man was stunning, in the same way David Beckham was stunning. He had chiseled jaw with faint scruff, tousled dark brown hair sprinkled here and there with silver, and the most mesmerizing pair of hazel eyes she’d ever seen. And he was hot. Really hot. Brad Pitt hot. He also looked ageless, neither forty, like he truly was, nor anything else.

She gave herself a mental slap. This was her father’s friend, for God’s sake. She couldn’t turn all dreamy-eyed on him, because ew, and besides, she had Evan. She shouldn’t let her eyes wander to anyone else, especially not an old man.

The shock at seeing Nate like that dissipated and she folded her arms, harrumphing. “Hi,” she said, voice less than friendly. She didn’t bother not to seem pissed at the entire arrangement her father planned.

Nate’s stare was almost searing on her face, for whatever reason. “Hello, Julia,” he said, smiling thinly. “May I enter?”

She scoffed at his official request. “Yes you may,” she said mockingly and stepped aside, closing the door once he was inside.

He didn’t look at her as he walked to the kitchen and placed the Chinese takeout on top of it, just like promised. As he’d done that, Julia couldn’t help but skim her eyes all over him again. It was really illegal for someone so old to look so good.

Nate glanced at her and gave another smile, this time much more genuine, and that made his face seem so much hotter. “I hope you’re hungry now, because I am.”

Scowling, Julia nodded and padded forward, trying to ignore the strange, unfamiliar flutter in her stomach.

What was wrong with her?

Nate didn’t want to take his eyes off the girl in front of him. No, he thought as Julia stood on her tiptoes, opening the cabinet and pulling out two plates, she was not a girl anymore. Julia had turned into a fully fledged woman, neither skinny nor scrawny as he remembered.

He shouldn’t look, he knew, but he did anyway. How couldn’t he, when she parades in a soft green pajama pants and tight matching tank top? Her breasts were full and round, bigger than Nate’s wife, Amabel, for sure. She had a thin waist yet round hips, curving into a plump, tight bottom. She was short, too, probably reaching to the his shoulder blades, and that just turned her into a hotter, sexier, tight little package of a woman.

Nate swallowed surreptitiously, refusing to listen to the flare of lust in his gut as Julia placed the plate on the dinning table and a stray of fiery red hair escaped from behind her ear, falling softly next to her face. She still had freckles, just like when she was little, but they didn’t mar her beauty. No, they only added to her appeal, only made her look so much more exquisite.

That, Nate thought, was unexpected.

Julia caught him looking at her and arched an eyebrow. “Can you get the stuff out of the bag so we can actually eat?” she asked sarcastically, her voice as saucy as her raised brow.

He forced himself not to grin, although his lips twitched to do so. When did the shy little girl he remembered disappeared? Instead he was looking at the most fucking beautiful woman he’d ever seen, who was as sassy as Isaac’s wife used to be. He’d been jealous of his friend before Marina died, because Nate’s wife, Amabel, was as dry as the sand, no sense of humor to speak of.

But his relationship with Amabel had been like that from the start. They’d only got married when she was eighteen and Nate twenty, because she’d fallen pregnant with their now eldest daughter, Adair. Their marriage had been solid, but as solid as a relationship between a boss and his coworker was. They never fought, they’d barely had sex, and when they actually did, they both didn’t find pleasure from it. Yet the arrangement suited them both. Besides, Nate was pretty sure Amabel was sleeping with another man, especially lately. Not that he cared; he’d been sleeping around with other women ever since their marriage for more than he could count. Marriage, after all, was not about love, at least not between the two of them. It was about a comfortable way of life.

He sat before Julia and unpacked the food boxes. Julia’s brilliant green eyes lit up from within when she saw he brought chicken. He smirked inwardly. Isaac had told him they were her favorite and now it paid off.

They ate in silence until Nate decided it would be much more convenient to talk to her. After all, the entire reason he was here was because Isaac had been afraid she would be lonely without company. “So your finals are coming up soon,” he said, remembering Kaden had told him so a few days ago.

Julia eyed him with slight suspicion. “Yes, they are,” she said, then tucked a piece of chicken into her mouth. Nate knew he shouldn’t look, but his eyes seemed to have life of their own as they locked on her lips lushly closing around the chicken. Heat flared in his crotch, and he forced himself to get under control. He wasn’t some horny teenager anymore.

“Isaac told me you’re doing good,” he said, giving her a prompting smile. He needed her to talk, otherwise he would just stare at her for no reason. And he wanted to stare at her. More than he’d thought he would ever want to look at an eighteen-year-old girl.

She shrugged, the motion making some of her hair slide to the front, all silky and thick. “It’s just tests,” she said nonchalantly, “all you have to do is study and you’ll get it eventually.”

Nate couldn’t help but think that she reminded him of himself at her age. He was smart, almost a genius, some of his teachers claimed. According to Isaac, Julia was very close to that. “You’re right,” he said, taking a sip from his glass of water.

The conversation dropped after that and they kept on eating in silence. But while the room was quiet, Nate’s mind was wandering into forbidden territories as he watched her chew on the food, swallowing them in that thin, delicate throat of hers, as her eyes seemed to roll in pleasure from the taste, like she was having an orgasm...

Nate’s thoughts regarding babysitting Julia had been proven right. She was trouble. A sexy, tight little pack of trouble.

She was imagining things, Julia thought a little apprehensively, when she grabbed their dirty plates and took them to the sink to clean them. She could’ve sworn she felt Nate checking her out throughout dinner, but that wasn’t possible. Nate was married with children, and probably had women flocking to him on a daily basis with how good he looked and with his specific, stellar occupation. Why would he even bother looking at a young girl like her?

What bothered her even more was that she wasn’t sure she disliked it as much as she should have. She was used to people staring at her, thinking her to be hot, and even got asked out on a date more than a few times. That kind of attention wasn’t new to her. But from someone like Nate? That probably was only her mind playing tricks on her.

As she washed the dishes, Nate came to stand next to her. “Do you have any plans for this evening?” he asked.

It was a completely legit question, Julia knew. He probably wanted to know if she needed him to stay longer or he could leave. But she was annoyed instead. “Why do you care?” she bit out before she could choke the words back.

From the corner of her eye, she saw him stilling. “Because I need to know if you stay here all by yourself after I leave or not.”

She scowled, getting even more irritated. She attempted a casual shrug. “Yes, I do have plans for tonight. You don’t have to stay here any longer.”

He frowned. “Your friends are coming over?”

Before she could stop herself, she snapped her head at him and glared. “No, my friends don’t come over. My boyfriend is.” That was a lie. No one was coming over, including Evan. She wanted to have the evening to herself, but Nate didn’t need to know that.

His eyes narrowed and his jaw locked. Julia stiffened in surprise. Was he angry? “Does you father know you have a boyfriend, bringing him home tonight?”

She was turning mad now. “I don’t need Dad’s approval to date, Nate. And I certainly don’t need his approval for bringing any guy I want home. I’m eighteen, if you haven’t noticed.”

“Oh, I noticed,” he said, voice a low murmur, she was shocked into silence. He stepped closer to her and she found herself stepping back. “But you’re still living in your father’s house, so he has a right to know about it.”

Julia had a distinct, disconcerting feeling they were no longer talking about her bringing Evan home. “I’m still an adult,” she said, eyes wide as she realized her back hit the kitchen island. Nate still stepped closer, like he was stalking her, his hazel eyes looking more gold than green as they locked on hers.

“Yes, you are an adult,” he stopped right before her, looming. He was beyond personal space, right up in her face, his front almost touching hers. He looked down at her from his significant height. “That’s why you should know better than to have sex with some boy while your father is out of the state.”

She felt trapped and her breathing hitched as her heartbeat escalated. “What’s in it to you anyway?” she shot, her unease with the entire situation turning into fear. “Dad only told you to check up on me. He didn’t tell you to dictate my life while you’re at it!” she was beginning to panic, especially when his arms shot to rest on each side of her, completely caging her.

His face was inches from hers as he leaned down so they were eye level. “Such a mouth,” he murmured, eyes flaring with an emotion that made her stomach drop and her throat clog. “It’s been a while since a woman talked back to me like that.”

Then, as all she could hear was the drumbeat of her heart, he leaned even closer and put his lips on hers.

Nate had lost control when he saw the fiery anger in her eyes. The sight was such a welcomed one, since he couldn’t remember the last time anyone, much less a woman, looked at him with anything other than pure adoration. It didn’t even matter that this was Julia Lanter, his friend’s daughter, and overall untouchable. It didn’t matter she was only eighteen. The moment he say those beautiful green eyes sparking with anger, his cock turned hard.

And Nate was in no mood to deny himself what was so easily offered before him, especially when said woman dared to mouth off, taunting him on purpose by telling him she had plans for tonight with some boy who probably knew nothing about how to get a woman into bed.

So he had made a decision. Julia would learn that no one talked back to Nathaniel MacLean. She would learn what happened when you played with fire. She would learn what it was like to be with a real man.

His lips on her cold ones, Nate lowered his hands to rest on her hips as he fastened his front to hers, crushing her generous, tempting chest against his. She was frozen in his arms, her lips unmoving as he teased her, licking at her lips, taking a bite from them, causing her to gasp, and then plunging in with his tongue, caressing hers. She was still frozen, non-responsive, but Nate was confident he could change it. Every woman would’ve wanted to be in Julia’s position, being the sole focus of Nate MacLean.

He kissed her harder, making at least her lips to respond to his intimate caress, and that just made his crotch tighten, pressing at the seam of his pants. He wanted to free his rigid cock, but not yet. Soon.

As he took her mouth, his hands roamed up her hips and around, cupping her butt cheeks. She jerked as he grasped them in a bruising hold, and he felt her trying to move away, but she was very much under his control now. He wouldn’t have her moving anywhere. Not now. Not that he had her in his hands.

He groaned into her mouth as he felt her wriggling, brushing her hips against his erection, and he felt another snap of his control. His hands slide under her pants and panties, cupping her butt skin to skin. She jerked again. He squeezed her ass. She tensed. He took her mouth even harder.

It was still not enough.

She cried out when he pushed her pants and panties to the floor, picked her up as if she weighted nothing, and lowered her so her thighs cradled his still clad cock. “What are you – “ she started saying, her voice high-pitched with fright, be he claimed her mouth again, efficiently shutting her up. Her exposed entrance felt so good, and when his fingers brushed against it, making her stiffen tightly, he groaned again and entered her with two fingers.

This time, she managed to break the kiss. “No!” she screamed, trying to thrash against him. “Get your fingers out of me, you son of a – “

"Quiet,” he growled and lowered his head to her neck, suckling and nibbling the soft skin there. She gasped, and he felt her tight, virginal sex squeezing his fingers, sending a bolt of pure lust to his even harder cock.

She whimpered, and he didn’t care if it was from pleasure or fear. He pumped his fingers inside her, his free hand fondling her handful breast, and when she started thrashing again, he pulled his head up and closed his mouth on hers again. He felt salty tears on them. She was crying.

And that just turned him on even more.

Growling again, he took his fingers out, pulled his cock free, and without warning pushed inside her, breaking her hymen, taking everything. She froze and screamed in pain, but he couldn’t care less. He needed to fuck her, and he needed to fuck her now. He put his hands on her waist and lowered her even deeper onto his cock, swallowing him whole so much that he stretched her over the max. Blood dripped from her entrance, dripping to the floor, and he felt primal satisfaction at having taken that from her, that she would never get the chance to have that boyfriend of hers taking it.

She was his.

Crying out in despair, she tried to push at his shoulders, but that only made him want to hurt her more. She had nowhere to escape, and her daddy wasn’t here to help. She had only him. And she would always have only him. No other man would be on her mind. She wouldn’t be able to go on without him.

He would make sure of it.

He grunted as he thrusted in and out, each time deeper than before. He shuddered and almost came when she squeezed him so tight, so fucking tight, so perfect, like a lush, exquisite glove. He could feel the orgasm building, and knew that once wasn’t going to cut it. He was going to have her again tonight.

He pushed and pushed and pushed until he came inside her with a harsh groan, his cock trembling inside her, twitching endlessly, spilling his juices into her, mixing them with hers, bonding them together.

She was his. She was so fucking his.

Julia never knew sex could be so painful as Nate drew out his cock from her, still caging her between his body and the island. She was also, quite possibly, in shock.

She’d been raped. Raped. Nate had raped her. She’d never thought it could happen to her, that it only happened to all those women in the news. She regarded it like some sort of a fiction story... yet here she was, sliding to the floor because her knees gave in, her skin sweaty, a pool of blood from her torn hymen on the floor.

There was so much blood there. Was it all just her virginal blood? It couldn’t be. Had he hurt her when he penetrated as roughly as he did?

Tears dried on her cheek as she looked up at Nate. He was looking at her with a sinister glint in his eyes, something she hadn’t seen there before and made her shiver uncontrollably. He was smiling, a smug, predatory kind of smile that made her tremble even more. And his penis... His cock... it was hard again. How could it be? She knew about the male anatomy. It couldn’t get so hard after he’d... come.

A new wave of terror filled her. “Please,” she whispered, begging him with her eyes, “please...”

“No,” he answered her unasked question with vehemence. “We’re not nearly close to be over.”

She felt cold at the words, and she shrieked when he suddenly grabbed her wrist and dragged her across the kitchen to the bedroom. Her father’s bedroom. She felt even chiller. “Stop,” she pleaded, “please stop...”

He threw her on the mattress as though she was a rag doll. She tried to scramble away, but before she could do so he was on top of her, her wrists in his hands, her thighs pressed under his. He then put both of her wrists in the hold of his left hand as with his his right he searched something under the bed. “Ah,” he said, satisfaction in his twisted voice, “Knew Isaac hid some of his kinky shit here.”

Her body ran hot and cold. He couldn’t possibly mean...

Nate drew out shackles and a round small object with a cable and a remote control. Julia had zero knowledge about objects used for sex, but she had a very bad feeling about that. Even worse when, using his hold on her wrists, he shackled them together, effectively immobilizing her hands.

“Isaac knows his shit,” Nate smiled as he showed her the small, round object. “This is called a bullet vibrator. When I put it inside you, I have a remote control that would allow me to dictate what level of pleasure I can give you.” His smile widened when her eyes turned round with horror. “It’s not as good as my dick, but I have a feeling you’ll love it.”

Julia froze, astounded and incomprehensible. Why the heck did her father have that? Did he do that to some woman? She felt sick. He couldn’t put it in her. Her father must’ve used it!

Nate didn’t listen as she began screaming at him, using every curse she knew of. He simply flipped her on her front, raised her to her knees, and without farther notice, plunged the small bullet vibrator into her sex. She screamed, freezing, as she felt the small thing inside her, and when it began to vibrate, something else happened, a different feeling entered her abdomen, tightening, knotting her up.

She heard him click the remote, and suddenly the vibrator was much more ruthless. She gasped, and for the first time in her life, she felt a pure wave of lust hitting her right in her sex. She tensed, and then began wriggling, trying to shake the sensation off, but to no avail. Her skin turned hot, even as she was terrified from what Nate might do next, and she began moaning, the odd sound making her feel mortification. How could she be so turned on when just minutes earlier she’d been raped by the same one who was making her feel such hunger right now?

“I love how you shake this tight ass of yours, Julia,” Nate murmured in her ear and she jerked. She was so immersed in the unfamiliar yet utterly pleasuring feelings running through her body that she didn’t feel him looming on top of her back, his body naked, pasted along her own nudity. Where did her tank top go? She didn’t know, and as the vibration intensified, she suddenly didn’t care.

When she felt his finger rubbing her clit, she began panting, flushed with arousal, needing to find an outlet to everything she felt. She found herself, much to her shame, riding his fingers as he teased her clit while shooting the vibration in to an even higher degree. Her loins clenched, and her nails dug into the sheets as she struggled against her emotions, wanting them out of her as soon as possible.

One specific flick on her clit and she was done. Euphoria filled her from within as everything exploded, causing her to spasm with blinding ecstasy. She panted, barely breathing, almost moaned in objection when he removed the vibrator from inside her and inserted his own fingers instead. “So wet,” he murmured, “so fucking wet...”

And then he shoved himself inside her.

He heard her sucking in a breath as he began pumping her from behind, indulging himself in her lushly soaked, pleasure heat. She was so soft now after the orgasm, and she was no longer complaining. Julia was beginning to realize what her place was.

Nate groaned, grabbing her breasts from beneath her as he thrusted hard and rough into her. She moaned, not screaming or yelling or using profanities anymore. He adored the feel of her clutching around him so tightly like that, and he knew, from her sudden aroused tension and the even more trickling wetness of her insides, that she was close again. He was close too, yet he didn’t want to end this delicious torture just yet.

Grunting, he grabbed her so he was sitting up, his arms holding her legs open as he thrusted her from beneath. She cried out, this time in pain, and he knew why. This position made him penetrate her so much deeper, the head of his cock kiss her womb.

He wanted to see how she looked like. He needed to see. So, in the same position, he used his hold under her knees to pick her up and walked them to the chair, where he sat down, still inside of her, and rolled them around so they faced the body-mirror. She gasped, and through their reflection, he saw the horror entering her eyes again. But he wouldn’t let her feel anything but pleasure now.

Pressing his teeth to her neck, he locked her gaze through the mirror and pumped upward again and again, both of them look into each other at their connecting sexes, creating the most erotic image Nate had ever seen. When she suddenly leaned against him, her head slumping back on his shoulder, he knew she was about to come. Grinning savagely, he rubbed her clit as he quickened the pace of his thrusts and she suddenly squeezed him tightly, her inner muscles clenching him within them, and a wave of liquid heat poured from her as she shuddered against him, the orgasm making her hips spasm violently, uncontrollably.

Groaning, he thrusted three more times before he shuttered too, shooting all of his cum inside of her, filling her up again.

Julia didn’t know how it was possible, but Nate managed to be hard again even after coming twice, and he spent the night using her like his sex doll.

Much to her shame, she didn’t complain.

If she was completely truthful to herself, after the first time she orgasmed, it was like nothing mattered anymore, like he hadn’t raped her just a few hours ago. The more they had sex, the better Julia felt. She felt pleasure, she felt lust, she felt completely out of control.

And she adored every single moment of that.

For the two weeks her father was away, Nate came everyday after work and they had sex all night. She didn’t complain. She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted him to live and breath inside of her, she wanted to be his meals and his drinks, she wanted him to need her elementally.

Even after her father came back, they continued their affair. Julia couldn’t get enough of the pleasure she tasted when she was with him, and Nate had the same problem. They couldn’t get enough. They didn’t need to deny themselves anything.

Julia was his. Julia knew she was his. And she wanted that no boy or man or any other male human being would ever be able to take her away.

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

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