The Tales We Weave (A Collection of Short Stories)

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5th Tale: The Careless

Gwen slurped her favorite grape juice loudly as she reclined on the resting chair near her indoor pool. She was reading some book about successful people in the USA she’d gotten in mail from its publisher, and the moment she’d gotten to her own chapter, she skipped it at once.

If there was one thing Gwen couldn’t take was reading about how she got to have a penthouse worth billions, a few sleek SUV and sports’ cars, and so she didn’t even bother. She’d lived her life every day, knew what was to be expected from her, and that was that.

However, she beginning to get tired from her wealth. Everything was the same when you had money; what you wanted you got it. She’d wanted an indoor pool a couple of years back, and she got it. She wanted a BMW and got it. It was all just way too easy with money.

And men were hard to come by. She’d been dating for years now without having a serious relation and since she was twenty-eight, she felt like she was getting completely tired of this whole scene. She just wanted one guy who didn’t want her for her money, fame or anything else. Someone who was as rich as she was, like her sister Amabel’s husband, Nate. But so far no luck.

Just as she was about to get into broody mode, her cell-phone went off. Scowling, she put her juice down and picked the phone up, groaning a tired, “Hello.”

“What’s up with you, Gee?” asked her friend Marlene, “You sound terrible.”

She groaned again for added effect. Marlene had been her friend for a long time, before wealthy her years, before Gwen had won the lottery out of the blue, earning herself the most grand prize of all; fifty billion dollars. She was settled for life with that sum of money, and so she generally stopped working and turned into a lazy woman. Not that she was complaining that much.

“Haven’t slept last night,” she told Marlene now, grimacing. That was the truth; Gwen had a hard time falling asleep lately, because she was more... horny than usual. It had been a few months since the last time she got some, after all.

“That’s a shame,” Marlene said airily, “because I want to go out to drinks with you meet some nice guys, you know, the usual thing.”

“It actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” Gwen murmured, surprised. “Want me to get ready and pick you up at nine?”

After Marlene agreed happily, Gwen stretched in her seat and then jump up on her feet. She had to look at her best for this, because if her dry spell continued, she would be cursed forever with wet panties and aching breasts.

Tucker’s night was slow, slower than usual. He hadn’t found customers the entire evening, and he knew it couldn’t have been his looks; with his dark auburn hair sticking to all directions and reddish-brown eyes, many a woman considered him a man candy. Then there was also the fact he was athletically built with broad shoulder, abs some women openly drooled over, and tight butt women loved digging their nails into as he penetrated them hard and deep.

So now, it wasn’t his looks that were lacking. It was the fact that this was just one of those nights there was no one who was interested in taking a nineteen-year-old gigolo to their bed tonight. A shame, really.

As Tucker roamed the streets of the busy, upper-class part of the city’s night scene, he looked to the sides, sending charming smiles to every direction, trying to get women to watch him. Some did, and looked like they wanted to come over, but then decided against it. Tucker was getting annoyed. It was really not his night it seemed.

He was about to give up on that night – even though that meant sleeping in the streets again – Tucker turned and found himself stopping just in front of a woman, who stopped, startled as well at his sudden movement that brought him to stand so close to her.

The first thing he thought was that she had the most amazing eyes he’d ever seen. They were violet, a shade so rare that looking it up close was like a myth come true. Tucker blinked, dazed, as his eyes scanned her face. She was beautiful, especially with her light blonde hair running down her back to her waist in soft waves. She had some freckles here and there, and she was tall and slender, only a few inches shorter than he was, and she had a creamy skin he found himself salivating over.

She cleared her throat and his eyes snapped back to hers. She gave him a small smile and said, “I think you owe me an apology, boy.”

It took him a moment to process what she said, and then he frowned, raking his eyes over her face again. It struck him then that this woman was in her late twenties, not as young as he initially thought. He was just a boy for her, one who did, in fact, owe her an apology. Plastering on his best charming smile, he leaned closer and said, “I would’ve apologized, too, but you insulted me, so I think you’ll just have to live without it.”

Her eyes widened in surprise at his flirtatious voice. She didn’t expect that, despite the fact she’d probably seen him checking her out blatantly. “Insulted you?” she repeated after me, cocking her head.

Tucker smirked. “I’m not a boy. I’m a man.”

She laughed then, and Tucker found his smirk turned into a full-on grin. “How old are you, nineteen?” she asked, looking at him with mirth. “You’re still a boy in my book. Talk to me when you’re in your thirties and we’ll see.”

He understood what she was trying not to bluntly tell him. Move along, boy, you’re too young for me. However, Tucker wasn’t one to give up. This woman was probably as filthy rich as everyone in this district were. She was alone, so Tucker assumed she either came with a friend or a bad date, because a good date wouldn’t have her going around all by herself, and a friend might’ve ditched her because they found a better option for spending the night. And, of course, it didn’t hurt that this woman was practically stunning. She was perfectly the kind of woman Tucker went after when he came out hunting richlings down.

With a grin, Tucker leaned a little forward and grabbed a few strays hairs of hers, tucking them behind her ear. Her eyes snapped to him, hypnotizing with their violet color, and he felt her stiffen. She was attracted to him, he had no doubt about that. If the sudden flaring heat in her eyes was any indication, she wanted him, yet she denied herself that, thinking him too young and probably inexperience.

It was time, Tucker decided, he gave her his resume.

Gwen didn’t trust the sudden glint in the boy’s eyes, not even a bit. She’d been trying to be polite, to tell the boy she was simply not interested – she wasn’t a cougar, for Chrissake – but he seemed to be hardheaded about it.

What bothered her more was that she wanted this boy to be hardheaded. It’d been so long since a man took charge with her, deciding things for her, doing whatever he liked to her. She had a feeling this boy – no, man – would do exactly that. But she didn’t want a relationship with such a young man. She wanted an adult, healthy relationship.

She hated Marlene just then for ditching her for some sod. But the other woman was right when she told Gwen to go and try find some guy, even just for a night. And here was a guy – a gorgeous, delicious guy at that – who seemed to be interested in her just the right way.

The man smiled at her then, his eyes dark with heavy promise. Suddenly, she felt her skin itch. The man had turned on his sexuality a notch. “You have no idea what I can make you feel,” he murmured huskily to her, stepping closer and snaking his arm around her waist, causing her to gasp. “Let me show you. God, but I want to show you.”

His face was only inches away, and his eyes – she’d always been a sucker to brown eyes with this reddish, almost wicked, hue – were drawing her into them into him, begging her to say yes. She caved very easy at that. “Okay,” she whispered, and then gasped when drew her to his side and began walking down the street. “Where are we going?”

He gave her a triumphant look. “You’ll see soon.”

Relenting, she let him lead her through some dark streets and into a specific kind of alley. He stopped there and turned to her. “I’m Tucker, by the way,” he said, grinning deeply.

She swallowed, feeling the low sweet burn of arousal in her belly. “Gwen.”

“Gwen,” he tasted the name, and his grin widened. “Let me tell you what’s going to happen now. You’re going to love it.”

Eyes wide, she nodded. She didn’t mind about kinky sex; she’d had those before, was sure that with the right person it could be enjoyable. If he wanted to fuck her right here in that alley, she would be down for it.

Instead, he grabbed his hand and opened a side door. Once inside, they descended the stairs in a dark place and eventually reached a small reception desk with a tattooed man behind it. He looked up when they appeared and smirked at Tucker. “Haven’t seen you in a while, Tuck,” he said as a greeting, then his eyes wandered to me. “And you brought a hot one this time.”

Tucker grinned, his arm tightening around her. “This one’s mine, Bill,” he said, grinning almost possessively, “not leering at her. I’ll be the only one fucking her tonight.”

“Yes, yes,” Bill waved him off, “I didn’t forget about your weird possessiveness regarding all the women you screw.”

Gwen supposed she should’ve minded being called just one of the woman Tucker would fuck, but she found that she didn’t. This was just about sex, obviously, and she had a gut instinct that Tucker would know what he was doing.

“In you go,” Bill said, giving Gwen a wide smirk. “Be careful out there, Miss Fine China.”

She decided that to show meekness was like losing in this kind of place. So she gave him a wicked grin, winked, and said, “I’d rather be careless, Bill.”

The burly man was dumbstruck at that, and Tucker dragged her away, a broad grin on his face. He gave her a smug look. “You’re definitely better than all the women I ever brought here.”

She grinned back. “I’m glad to hear that.”

He chuckled as he led them to a door. That door led to a backstage changing room. Gwen frowned in confusion. “Is there a stage out there or something?”

“An auditorium,” Tucker said, and then let her go and turned to her. “I need to clear a few things out about this place first. You listening?”

Gwen’s frown deepened. “Yes.”

“I’m a gigolo,” he said without preambles, making Gwen jerk in shock. “I fuck rich women for their pleasure and they pay me handsomely for that. The very special ones I bring her after some time, the other ones I eventually leave.” He gave her a piercing gaze. “You’re a special case. I’d never fucked you before, but I know you got a kinky side. Your eyes told me that. That’s why I brought you here.” He motioned around him. “This is a specific club. Not a dungeon for BDSM like you might think it is, but something else. In here,” his eyes darkened, “couples have dirty, rough sex in front of hundreds of people, both men and women.”

Gwen swallowed hard and felt her loins clench at the thought of having sex in front of so many people. It was both exhilarating and scary at the same time, yet she wasn’t one to be shied away. She did, however, want to know something else. “Am I your client today, or just a woman you want to fuck?”

He grinned. “You’re both. Think of it as my greeting card. If you like what you get, you can always call for some more.”

Most women would’ve made a U turn and got out of there. Gwen, however, found herself looking at Tucker with new eyes. He’d known she had a kinky side without her having to blatantly state it, like she’d done with so many others. And he knew that just by looking into her eyes. He also brought her to this place, a place she knew would’ve made a lot of women scared out of their mind, but she was, instead, excited.

Tucker said he wouldn’t charge for this. He called it his “greeting card.” She would enjoy this tonight, and if she wanted more from this man... She would get more.

Money bought everything, after all.

Tucker was grinning as Gwen gave him a grin, making her look three times more beatific. “I’m going to play by your game, Tucker. Let’s do this.”

“Your choice has been noted and appreciated,” he said, eyeing her with anticipation burning in his gut. He couldn’t wait to see what he clothes hid in her slender built. “We now need to get undressed before we get up on stage.”

She nodded, licking her lips. She felt the tension, too.

He unbuttoned his shirt first, never looking away from her. He found himself regarded as well when she pulled out her blouse, revealing flat stomach and small breasts hiding behind the bra. Tucker felt himself turning hard at the sight. He preferred smaller breasts much more than anything else.

When he took off his jeans and his tight boxer showed his erection, Gwen’s marvelous eyes fastened on his cock, and with heavy-lidded look she got out of her own shorts, revealing gorgeous, skinny, endless legs. He could wait to have them wrapped around him as he pounded into her.

His boxers were on the floor next, and so was her bra, revealing small mounds with pebbled nipples that begged for a bite. Soon, he promised himself, soon.

When her panties hit the floor, Tucker walked forward, as naked as she was, and grabbed her head from her hair. With a growl of need, he pulled her up and captured her lips in his. She gasped, her hands flying to rest on his shoulders as he licked inside her mouth, grabbing her tongue in his, exploring her taste.

Breaking the kiss, he looked a her with unbidden lust. “Let’s go,” he said and took a hold of her wrist, taking her out of the changing room to the stage. He took a quick peek to see that the auditorium was crowded enough for his taste, and then dragged Gwen out with him.

Cheers sound as they both appeared naked on stage. Tucker grinned at the crowd, and then glanced at Gwen. She was smirking at them as well, unabashed in her nudity. She was getting into it all, and Tucker couldn’t help but want to rip into her already.

A bed was in the middle of the stage for their use. Locking his eyes with her, he grabbed her waist and, with the exhilarating rush of having so many pairs of eyes on them, he kissed her again. She moaned into his mouth, wrapping her arms around his neck, and with his hold on her waist he lifted her and put her plump, perfectly round butt on the bed. He began getting impatient, especially when she took charge of the kiss, licking at him, nipping at his lip, and with a growl, he slapped her legs open, broke the kiss, and got down to business.

When he licked at her entrance languidly, she fell with her back on he bed, shuddering. She moaned when he began to suck on her clit, nibbling it with his teeth. She tasted divine, and when he plunged his tongue inside her, he felt a rush of wetness and sipped it all in, hearing her cry out in pleasure.

The audience was quiet now, watching the show with reverence. Tucker could understand them; they made a gorgeous sight, the two of them.

As he fucked her with his tongue, he began teasing her clit with his fingers. She tossed then, her back bowing, her moaning turning into screams, and just before she came, he took his tongue out and inserted three fingers instead. She yelled, and when he looked up, he could see her eyes rolling in their sockets as she wriggled, needy for release.

He fingered her, vibrating his movement so they were a blur, and she finally tensed, cried out one last time, bowed her back, and then slumped, quivering with the aftershock of spasms. He was about to trail his lips all up her pleasured, languid body to begin playing with her breasts, when, for his surprise, she hoisted herself on her elbows and gave him the sexiest look he’d ever seen. “My turn,” she said huskily, and then she was making him stand up as she still sat, cupped the base of his cock before he digested what was going on, and took him into her mouth.

Tucker had such a big cock, it couldn’t possibly fit entirely into her mouth, but Gwen was stubborn. She wanted that stuffy man meat inside her mouth and she would have it, even if she had to choke on it.

Digging her nails into his ass, she swallowed him whole. Tucker bulked, an animalistic groan torn out of his throat, and he thrusted into her mouth, trying to take control, to fuck her mouth. But she didn’t want him to take control just yet. She wasn’t finished being in charge.

Stilling him with a scratch on his butt skin, she licked at his length, freed one of her hands from his butt to cup his balls and massaged them as she ate him. He shivered, cock twitching in her mouth, and she felt he was close. He was so close, it sent her senses to overdrive, making her feel powerful and feminine and aroused again.

Just before he came, Tucker moved backward, taking his magnificent cock with him. His hazy eyes on hers, he grinned and said, “Not yet.”

She pouted, but then he had his hands on her waist and he was hoisting her, flipping her to her front on the bed as though she weighted nothing. Gasping, she instinctively went to her hands and knees and then she felt him holding her hips bruisingly and shoving inside of her at once. She cried out, her back arching, as he filled her up to the point of stretching her wide. She panted, feeling deliciously full, and when he started pounding into her, his fingers leaving signs on her skin, her hands curled into the sheets of the bed and she moaned, thrusting against him as well.

When his hands left her hips and cupped her breasts, she screamed. He wasn’t gentle with her taut nipples, pinching and circling and teasing her to no end as he penetrated deeper and deeper with every thrust. His sweaty front was almost plastered to her sweaty back as he worked inside her, and she wanted him deep, closer, wilder.

Without warning, used her back to push him on his back on the bed, and once he was under her, she whirled around, straddled him cowboy-style, and lowered herself onto his cock. He groaned and sat up, arms flying around her, his lips catching her in a wet dance of wills.

She rode him, enjoying feeling so much in power, euphoric that he was giving it to her, and when she felt him tensing she tensed too, and when she came, ecstasy tearing through her violently, he buried his head in her neck and groaned as he came inside of her, filling her up, milking her everything.

They were both breathing heavily after that, and it seemed like forever until the crowd went wild, asking for more, screaming, clapping, cheering. Gwen lowered her eyes to Tucker, who looked at her with a sated, languorous grin. “Best sex ever, babe,” he murmured.

She nodded absently, squeezing herself around him still. It was indeed the best sex she’d ever had.

After their sensual show, Tucker and Gwen left the place. He gave her his number when they were outside and wrapped his arms around her, looking into her eyes. “Call me anytime, babe,” he murmured, “for you I’ll give a major discount.”

Gwen gave him an odd look. “What if I said I wanted to buy you?” she suddenly inquired.

Tucker arched an eyebrow. “You want to buy me?”

She smirked then, her hands gripping his shoulders. “I’m a billionaire,” she said with a grin, “and I’ve been aching for ages to have earth-shuttering sex. You’re it. I want to have you for myself the whole time.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “What do you mean by buying me?”

She gave him a Cheshire-cat smile. “You’re going to be my personal housewife. You’ll be cleaning, making food, all that stuff, and you’ll get to live with me, in my gorgeous penthouse, and have sex with me whenever I want to. I’ll pay you monthly for your services as long as they’re satisfactory.”

Being a Housewife? Clean and cook and have sex with the house’s owner? Tucker had just hit the gold mine. He grinned widely, and, his eyes on hers, bowed. “You’ve had me at ‘boy’, babe.”

Grinning back, Gwen put a finger under his chin. “It’s ‘ma’am’ for you, boy,” she said with a feral glint in her eyes. She was untamed, he realized, more than he’d thought so. That turned him on more than anything before.

“Yes ma’am,” he said, excitement and anticipation making him want to shiver in renewed ecstasy.

Gwen indeed bought Tucker then, and the two lived sexily ever after.

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