Tricking Astrid

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-Tricking Astrid is a dark adult romance- Astrid was crazy about her boyfriend Remy but something drew her to Calder, making her want to revert to shameful tendencies where nothing mattered as long as a burning passion waited. Choosing one man over the other sends Astrid in a tailspin, causing her to do things she never dreamed of, but maybe she doesn't have to choose if she overcomes her own insecurities. Remy knows Astrid is the one, his last chance at love, but every day he withheld his true self, she slipped further away. Then entered Calder and all his demons came home to roost as he struggled to let Astrid make her own choices in love and keep her from discovering how dark his taste is. Calder comes from a family demanding he always remains perfectly golden. Meeting Astrid unbalanced his life, falling for her sweet smiles and genuine interest in him, not just his wealth. Remy was not a threat because he trusted Astrid to make her own decision in love and life. Lies unravel, bets are made, violence ensues, drawing all three together in a way no one expected but one twisted individual in the shadows taunting their happiness with promised spilled blood. Tricking Astrid is a dark adult romance with edges that do not conform to consensual acts and content of explicit matter that may offend readers such as sex, drugs, violence and crude language that may shock you.

Erotica / Mystery
Joy M.
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Chapter 1

Astrid thought the world of her boyfriend. They began dating after meeting on the dance floor of a club she frequented called Bounce, and boy did it every Friday and Saturday.

Remy was an extremely handsome man, which caused her to wonder why he chose to rock out with her the night they met. Astrid wasn’t unattractive, only the typical curvy brunette type men usually found boring at first glance. She’d grown used to being overlooked until he took her into his arms during a remix of 'Dancing with Myself’ by Billy Idol, cheekily teasing she wouldn’t need to pay for drinks or cheeseburgers if he was around. She’d laughed at his ridiculous line because no one ever spewed a more silly promise meaning to keep it. He did, taking her out to an all-night diner to soak up the alcohol they’d consumed, conversing until the sun came up.

He romanced her, made her feel special in little ways until she couldn’t imagine life without him in it even though they abstained. What they discovered in each other’s company didn’t compare to physical attraction. But after months she questioned why they hadn’t slept together. It wasn’t as if the chance never presented itself. She lived alone in a two-bedroom house left to her by her deceased grandparents. In actuality, she had no living family. Her friends were few, mostly ones gained at the club.

She danced to cure the blue of loneliness instead of focusing on things out of her control. Besides, she had a great job. Directly out of high school she went to college to become a law librarian and was lucky enough to be hired privately assisting three brothers who owned the firm.

Remy never spoke about his career — if he even had one — or where he lived. The first few times she’d brought it up he quickly changed the subject or ignored her altogether so she stopped questioning him. He called nightly, chatting for hours, going on dinners, movies or they’d just ride around the city in a comfortable friendship. He must have a fine job to drive the latest Mercedes or afford the nice restaurants they went to. Yet, he never opened up making her frustration grow.

Astrid paused curling her long, thick hair, preparing for their three-month anniversary date. He was due in an hour. She frowned at the reflection in the large oval boudoir mirror.

Why hadn’t she been more persistent in asking Remy more personal questions? He knew pretty much everything about her. He was an intense guy who Astrid found intriguing, content to bask in his fond attention rather than rock the boat.

Shaking her head to clear away doubts about Remy’s life outside of when they were together, reminded herself some people weren’t as starved for validation as she is. He proved so far to be an honest man. She’d ask tonight where he mysteriously resided, although the way Remy tended to tense threw her off-kilter, eager to please him in those moments.

Finished curling her tresses, applied light makeup, then grinned as she slipped into the dark red jacquard halter neck dress which cost almost two hundred dollars. Good genes blessed her with big boobs and a toned waist, but also walked or jogged at least three times a week each evening to maintain her figure. Brown eyes and brown hair may deflect males who needed flashy, but tonight she knew Remy would not be looking elsewhere. She hurried to slip on her heels and loaded up her small black clutch before turning off unneeded lights in preparation for going out.

Remy was already late. Odd. He was so usually punctual to a tee, it at first amused her.

Astrid poured a glass of wine to calm her nerves. Not only did she intend to ask Remy about his life but also planned on having some much-needed sex. He’d kissed her as if she was his last meal several nights ago and tonight desired more. Damn, she masturbated four times that day.

Her previous boyfriend, Abner, had been a horn-dog. Screwing her before, during and after dinner. His excited libido ended up with her finding out she was not his only girlfriend. They had skipped dating, going straight to bed after meeting one drunken night. She’d been lonely then too, closing her eyes to Abner’s crude ways until catching him balls deep in some young girl’s ass. The memory burned because he hadn’t even cared enough to call when she’d fled in tears. Bastard.

Astrid checked her smartwatch. Hmm, fifteen minutes late. Then, as she tipped a small amount of Grenache for the wait, heard the unmistakable purr of his engine. With a grin, she flew to the front door to greet him.

Remy could be a model, She mused. At six feet two, his physique swoon-worthy. Others might say he had a swimmer’s body with his strong arms and torso tapering to long legs, but since Astrid only glimpsed his bare chest once, understood a term such as that failed in comparison. His captivating hazel eyes sparkled with mischief half the time and his unruly sandy blonde hair fell over his left eye sometimes making women sigh. Once, a lady asked if he was her brother while eye-fucking him, and coyly responded, “Do you think siblings sixty-nine?”

Astrid unlocked the deadbolt as he stepped up the three narrow porch steps. When she opened the door, he thrust a dozen red roses forward.

She nervously gushed, “You shouldn’t have! They’re beautiful Remy.”

He lowered the bouquet so she could see the charming smile he wore. She didn’t understand why he bothered to date her. He was so much more attractive. Remy always treated her like a queen, but her lack of self-confidence nagged she wasn’t good enough.

“Overdue,” he replied, raking his eyes over her body, “You look amazing… goddamn stunning.”

The heat of his compliment turned her cheeks pink. Drink in one hand, she accepted the flowers in the other awkwardly replying, “You know I hate it when you lie.”

Chuckling, he followed her inside. He shut the door when she went to the kitchen for a vase. She hummed while arranged the boutique, and he crept behind her.

When she shifted, he grabbed her waist, pecking her on the lips. Her instant arousal plummeted when he let her go. They’d made out before, but as soon as she tried to continue further he expertly wiggled out of the coupling. Tonight she swore he’d sleep with her. She noticed desire burning in his heated stare even now.

“Remy,” she purred, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, “Why do you tease?”

He balked, “I don’t tease!”

She was shorter than him, only five foot seven, but her heels made it easier to reach his mouth. His lips were perfect for kissing which she’d solely tasted for three months. It was time to kiss other parts.

“Do you really think I look good?” she cooed under fluttering lashes, “You always say I do yet you’ve never seen me naked.”

It was his turn flush. “What?”

She gave him a slow kiss, pressing against his solid chest. His scent dizzying, breathing in between soft pecks she moaned quietly. So masculine and clean smelling. A mix of spice and peppermint. He was well-groomed, not like Abner. She melted into his body as the kiss deepened. His hands went around her waist when she refused to let go. She hadn’t wanted to ruin dinner plans but the moment she opened the door aimed to jump his bones. The pent-up hunger she kept in check now seeping between her thighs.

“Wait,” he gasped, coming up for air as she pressed harder on his frame, “What’s going on Astrid?”

She rolled her eyes at his lack of seduction, “Remy, I’m horny.”

He laughed but quickly sobered at her warning glare. “Baby, I’m sorry. So, what do you want?”

She pushed, knocking him unexpectedly against the worn Formica counter. His hazel eyes became saucers, watching her take control of the situation. He visibly swallowed as she sauntered close, brown eyes lovely and oozing carnality.

“What do I want?” she huskily repeated, “I could think of a few… naked options.”

He held her at bay, “Babe, we have a reservation.”

“So?” her throaty giggle made sweat pop out on his forehead, “You always make reservations when we so obviously need to be moving along in our relationship.”

He gripped her forearms, intending to propelling her outside when she forced another deep kiss. She was winning. The bulge in his black slacks proof.

“Astrid,” he groaned against her supple lips, “I planned on making our first time memorable.”

“It is!” she declared, tugging at the sports jacket he wore, “What matters is how we feel. Most men have me then go. You’ve yet to go, but we haven’t fucked.”

He shrugged and garbled an unintelligible grunting noise, her tiny hands yanking off his coat. She worked the buttons of his shirt next, gazing into his eyes, seeing her longing reflected back even if he acted unaffected.

“Fucking and making love are two different things,” he gritted out, not returning his itchy palms to her curvy body, “Which do you desire?”

“I desire you,” she purred, pulling his arms out of the sleeves, “I desire to be desired. You know we’ve waited long enough. Is it me? You sound scared.”

He chuckled, relaxing against the counter as she continued to undress him. “You don’t scare me. I appreciate you, Astrid. You’re worthy of more than a quick lay. Look, sometimes you can be skittish. What’s the rush?”

Astrid felt like a fool. She backed away from Remy with hesitant mistrust. Why was he not taking her offered body? Was she meant to be a friend? Had she misunderstood their relationship entirely? Why else was he so passive? God, he barely touched her!

He watched her turn to leave, shame in her flushed cheeks so grabbed her hand. “Don’t,” He softly pleaded, disgusted he injured her pride, “Don’t run. You’re so hard on yourself Astrid.”

She tried to tug out of his grasp, but he would not allow it, “Remy, you obviously don’t want me! Here I am, throwing myself at you but you’re making excuses why we shouldn’t sleep together!”

He drew her to him. They now played tug-a-war as she frustratingly tried to jerk away. She wouldn’t put up with pity if he did not want her. The embarrassment if he lied to spare her feelings would shame her forever. If he needed a friend, he shouldn’t take her to restaurants or kiss her as if his life depended on it.

“I’m NOT making excuses,” he growled as she struggled, “Simply waiting.”

They moved in the hallway from all the jostling and she snapped, “Let go!”

He refused, pressing her against the worn plaster under faded vinyl wallpaper. Their breathing came fast. He hushed her shuttering body with a raised hiss, keeping still. The look on his face desperate to control the situation and she ached for him to take it.

“I crave you,” he calmly explained, “I didn’t think you felt so strongly about sex. You’ve never acted this aggressive before.”

“You’ve kept us in a holding pattern,” she admitted, “I was fine with it until realizing you satisfied me with chaste kisses. Shit, I don’t even know where you live or work Remy!”

He sighed, relaxing his hold to slid his palms down to her curvy waist. His hard cock pressed against her thigh. She whimpered when his hot breath fanned the space between her breasts when he leaned down to catch her eyes.

“I’ve wanted to have sex,” he whispered, running his tongue along the top of her bared cleavage, the sensation causing goose-flesh to break out, “Lord knows how many nights I’ve jerked off wondering if you want me as much as I do you.”

“Please, I do! Show me,” she urged, “I need you!”

The passionate kiss he assaulted her ready mouth with made her knees weak. In the hall, her back against the wall, Remy groped her over the dress. He quickly tired of that, expertly unclasping the material, roughly tugging the fabric down.

Her head spun in disbelief. She never expected him to be forceful. So enthusiastic as he stripped her as if possessed. He fiddled with his pants until exposed. Oh! How had she misjudged his length when they’d previously made out? Friction through clothes hadn’t allowed her to assess the hugeness she now had the pleasure of viewing.

Astrid pulled him into the bedroom once belonging to her grandparents. She’d left the antique boudoir and five dresser drawer but the king-size four-poster oak bed frame belonged to her.

Remy stared at her in the dim moonlight filtering through the window. Her heart stuttered from excitement and yearning as he stood in the room’s center, assessing her as a predator would its prey.

He clinched the nape of her neck until compelled to meet his fierce gaze. “Are you okay?”

She shivered in his arms, “Yes, it’s just… you have no idea how you make me feel.”

“I have a clue,” he groaned.

He kissed her throat, brushing warm lips across her flushed skin. She walked to the bed, his rough palms stroking creamy skin. He was not as she figured Remy to the first time they laid together. She imagined him a gentle lover.

Just the opposite.

He parted her knees and in one smooth motion dove inside her wet warmth to the hilt. She winced, letting out a screech of surprised enjoyment which he stifled with a hard kiss. He groaned, plummeting her tender flesh with full, long strokes which provoked her to continue crying out.

Astrid hadn’t hoped him to be so hung and as he dipped in and out between her thighs wasn’t ready for the way he welded it. Like a man who purposely wanted her to writhe until driven to pin her down. He gripped her tightly, pounding without mercy until she arched her back. She panted over his shoulder as he cursed, quickening the tempo until her eyes rolled in ecstasy.

“Yes!” She yelped a warning at the tension building in her core, “More! So good!”

Remy smirked, licking the salt beading on her slender neck, relishing the anxious sounds she sighed. He expected her to have an orgasm by now. Most did when he applied himself rigorously, using them as a fuck doll. He wanted to witness her first time on his dick, so pressed her down onto the mattress.

He lifted her hips, leaning backward as she clutched the quilt. Sweating, catching her glare of lust, blinked in confusion. He hated this intensity. The urge to shut her up and keep things as they were. The girl swallowed all nine inches, dripping down his balls and not even close to coming. His jaw tightened, angry she forced this before certain she was trustworthy.

Driving in her snug passage enjoying how her tits bounced noted she bit her cute bow lip to remain silent. Fuck her for thinking he couldn’t produce screams. She tensed around his cock when he increased each thrust to a rapid hammering, pinching both of her nipples in a torturous move. Moaning so loud the sound nearly caused him to come her pussy clamped down at last then she let out unrestrained mewls falling apart beautifully, showing him the look he waited three months to see.

He didn’t slow down. She was beyond the point of asking him to, lifting her hips at each measured stroke until he shook from trying to hold back.

She gazed at him sensually, body supple. He gasped, pulling out to shoot his cum on her belly. She watched the intense way his face tightened, eyes closed as ropes of white splattered across her breasts. She never imagined Remy could be so unleashed. She should have. He was gorgeous, probably bedding anyone he chose. Yet as he was screwing her she felt scrutinized. He examined her as if deciding something.

Sweaty, breathing fast they laid side by side. Time ticked by slowly. They did not speak. Was he sorry? Had she disappointed him? All in all, it had only been five minutes before they both climaxed. She loved those five minutes.

She rolled over to peer at him. “Remy that was awesome. No one’s ever made me feel so… taken.”

Grinning, he caressed a hand along her turned thigh. “You’re beautiful Astrid. I’m sorry I blew it quick.”

“Don’t apologize. You’re the hot one.”

He checked his watch. “I better go.”

Concerned at his abrupt need to leave, she decided on a smile as he redressed. He bent over her and gave her a kiss goodbye then walked out of the house.

Left awkwardly.

Did she ruin their relationship?

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