Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 10

Remy loved Astrid.

Watching her come out of Calder condo at 6 AM was the hardest moment he forced himself to witness, and he’d seen a lot of shit. He called her a taxi, the big spender.

He felt so angry, glaring at the taxi fading into the early morning rush hour. Biting his fingernail, wondered if Calder would really leave Astrid alone now that he fucked her.

Calder was a lawyer, use to getting his way because of who his family represented. The arrogant asshole would likely try to see her. Calder, like himself, found women like her irreplaceable.

She was incredible in bed and a good friend to have.

Remy sighed, then got out of his car. The kinks in his back loosened a bit as he walked up to the secured building.

C. Lewis #401

C. Lewis #201

Great, two Lewis brothers in one building. If he had to guess, Calder was #401. Chris had kids. He would prefer a lower floor for evacuation safety.

Grinning, he returned to the car. He drove the long way to Astrid’s house. She’d probably be in the shower, scrubbing that scums smell off of her when he arrived.

He hated Calder. Why did the man have to go after his girl? Astrid fucked him. Him. When she had Remy! Why? Did he not make her satisfied? Apparently not.

If she wanted to know what he did for a living after doing what she did, he’d finally tell her.

Show her what he did to naughty girls.

* * * * * *

Astrid was so sore. The hot shower eased some muscle aches but what she required was rest.

And to never see Calder again.

The man seemed possessed! He wouldn’t stop screwing her any which way he could. He didn’t even come. That alone set off warning bells. She orgasmed, a lot.

Tossing her towel aside, she headed for the covers until a sound came from the front of the house. What was that? Someone was seriously knocking at 7 AM? She grabbed a t-shirt laying on the floor, pulling it over her head as she padded down the hallway hoping it wasn’t Remy. What if he had made it to the club last night and heard she left with Calder?

Peeking outside she wanted to run back to bed. To disappear.

Remy impatiently rapped on the wood.

Steeling herself, inwardly chanted she could handle him. She’d once dated two men at once a few years ago. Granted, it had been purely sexual with both guys knowing about each other and it hadn’t lasted more than a few weeks. She needed to face Remy’s accusations because she owed him honesty. He deserved a better girlfriend.

She faked a smile, “Good morning.”

Remy barged forward, expression clear of suspicion as he shoved her out of the way, kicking the door closed. His forceful entrance startled her but went with it.

“Hi,” He said before passionately kissing her.

She placed her hands on his chest, pushing away, “Wow, it’s early.”

He looked her up and down, “Cute shirt. Did you just wake? Your hair’s wet but you look ready to sleep.”

Still damp from her shower, awkwardly shifting on her feet, noting his hazel eyes lack their usual warmth. Everything about him appeared relaxed except for his eyes. What had she done? She ruined their relationship for sexual gratification with a guy she just met.

“Yeah, I showered but my plans to clean fell through after it made me sleepy. Usually, it perks me up.”

He advanced once more, so she backed up. He purposely did it so they would end up near her bedroom. She was tender and swollen. If Remy found out about Calder, she would never forgive herself for hurting him.

“I need you,” He stated, grabbing her left wrist, “Now.”

She swallowed in apprehension as he forced her into the room. He swung her towards the bed, letting her go and her hip struck the frame.

She glared at him, “Why did you do that?”

He began stripping, glaring right back at her. She gulped, realizing he knew. Somehow, he learned about her recent visit to Calder’s. She gasped at the hateful stare he raked over her. The slight sneer on his lips. He intended to fuck her although she’d been with another man less than two hours ago.

“Remy,” She held up her hands as he came at her naked, “Wait! What’s going on?”

He shoved her face with his large palm, propelling her onto her back, “Quiet, Astrid.”

She whimpered in fright. Why was he being so cruel? His muscular body easily overpowered her.

“No!” She shouted when he pinned her wrists at her side, “Remy, what the hell is wrong with you!”

“Shut up!” He slapped her so hard she saw black behind her eyes, “What’s wrong with me? Maybe it’s you, Astrid! Did you screw Calder up in his condo for six hours? DID YOU?

She was so dazed, not only by the hit he’d given but the truth of his words. How did he know? She stopped fighting, turning her head to sob. There was nothing she could do but hope Remy wouldn’t hurt her again.

“Go ahead,” He grabbed her chin, forcing her to peer at him through watery eyes, “Cry all you want. I want your tears. You should feel ashamed for coming on another man’s cock. Do I mean so little to you?” He roared, “I put myself out there, admitting I LOVED you!”

She cried out when he thrust his dick inside of her. She couldn’t believe what he was doing! Saying! He was fuming but the excitement over her distress made him hard.

“You like fucking?” He gripped her neck but didn’t squeeze, “So do I. Come on baby, I can tell this excites you.”

She closed her eyes, hot tears streaming down her cheeks as she let out a groan of denial. The slickness between her thighs made Astrid want to scream. He pushed himself so well on her she soon stopped crying. Then he slapped her again. Hard — telling her to cry.

“W-what?” She whined in disbelief.

He shook her yelling, “I said I want you to fucking cry!”

There were no more tears. She glared with animosity, steering his desire. He backed off with a rough smack on her flushed chest, but was not through though, only waiting.

He stood up, “You expected my wrath, so I showed you a little taste of it.”

She scrambled backward, “Fuck off!”

He circled the bed shouting, “Calder only wanted your body! Is that why I had to let you go?”

She knelt in the center of the mattress screaming with his mark still on her cheek, “Let me go? Are you insane? Get the hell out!”

“Calder played you last night,” He smirked gleefully, “I saw everything you two did at the club and told him you would fuck him. No surprise, you did.”

She looked horrified then outraged, “You are not who I thought you were. Get out!

Remy said nothing but stepped closer. The fight left her. His deception and her actions soured her stomach. She did it though. She went with Calder and fucked him silly. If Calder had spoken to Remy, he too deceived her.

The shame.

The humiliation!

She sank against the headboard, bringing her knees up before weeping. She wept for herself. How blind was she to their manipulations? They played her the entire time. She was a joke to them.

“Astrid,” He spoke softly, his voice filled with raw emotions she couldn’t trust, “I work in a fetish establishment. I give pleasure-pain to people for a living.”

She snapped her head up, “WHAT?”

He nodded, “I’m paid to make house calls to fulfill their kinks. I do things to them I’d never do to my lover.”

She had not even been close to guessing his real occupation. The bluntness of his declaration blew her away. That he would cause suffering for pay was beyond her realm of thinking.

“Don’t look so shocked,” He snorted in derision, “You like it rough.”

“You have sex for money?” She rasped, throat clogged from crying, “And you told Calder he could fuck me? Why would you be so deceitful Remy? Why? Why did you choose me to be so cruel?”

“I love you,” He jumped on the bed, grabbing her arms as she raised them defensively, “You have no idea the stress I felt knowing someone like you would never accept my job. You make me so happy Astrid that the thought of telling you made me sick. I didn’t pick you, I fell in love with you.”

“Don’t!” She cried as he rambled lame excuses, “It doesn’t matter! You can’t tell me anything which won’t change the fact you basically sold me.”

“You whore yourself out!” He snarled, shaking her, “You went with Calder on your own. I hoped you wouldn’t. I fucking prayed you’d remember I loved you. It stung so bad. I still love you, baby.”

“No!” She struggled to get away, sobbing so much she was nearly incoherent, “Go! No! Stop!”

He tried to apologize. Tried holding her.

Remy remained hard but Astrid didn’t smash his balls as she imagined in her head. She would not hurt Remy even if he injured her. His rough handling bruised her wrist and neck.

“Listen to me,” he pleaded, maneuvering himself between her trembling legs, “Why do you think you fucked Calder? Is it because you’re scared what we have is real? Because I said I loved you? You can’t accept love, never knowing it. I understand.”

“No,” she whimpered, “You don’t love me.”

“Oh, yes,” He sighed, pressing his cock inside her, although she began crying again, “I do. For three months you told me everything about your life. About the boys who used to give you-” He thrust slowly in and out as she shivered, “-rides home so you would suck their dick while they drove.”

Her tears slowed, his unyielding rocking on her frame melting some resilience. She closed her swollen eyelids, her hands clenched. How had things come undone like this? She hated how Remy still turned her on. She was as sick as he was.

“About how you liked the neighbor who bought ice cream if you sucked his dick,” Remy spoke so softly, his strokes inducing pleasure instead of pain, “Astrid, I love you. You want me. Let me in, baby. Let me love you.”

She stopped weeping, lips quivering as she recalled confessing her many lovers to Remy without judgment. He caressed her wet cheek, causing her to flinch. He continued to wipe away the tears, plunging in and out of her until she started showing signs of acceptance. She met his thrust. Her fists unfurled, clutching his hair with her nails.

“Astrid,” He grunted, his orgasm close, “Please don’t hate me. Don’t leave me. I need you. No one else compares.”

She opened her eyes, hearing the strained truth in his voice. He looked at her lovingly. How could she forgive Remy? The awful plot to see if she’d cheat on him beyond horrible.

Calder was so going to be sorry he messed with her.

Yet Remy had tried to show her how she was worthwhile. He’d held off on sex for reasons she couldn’t have guessed. His job was strange, but what did she know? He wanted to connect with a woman outside of the bedroom and chosen her. She battled trusting his statement of love.

Astrid moaned in bliss Remy expertly plucked out of her by his tender touches and words. He was an excellent lover who understood how to win her affections. She panted, tensed as an unwanted orgasm coursed through her body. She did not want it, trying to wiggle away from him except he was on the cusp himself.

He pulled her into his arms and instinctively she wrapped hers around him too. Together they came. The soft gasp in his ear made him shiver against her flushed skin. He kissed her sweetly and urgently. She didn’t fight it, kissing him back. She needed to remember his compassion.

When the wave of emotions passed he let her go, sprawling beside her. They silently gazed at one another. Her tear-stained face seemed confused but beautiful. He waited for her to communicate, done pushing himself on her. He hoped she understood his actions now.

Astrid spoke harshly, “I will not tolerate you lying to me Remy. You say you love me, yet you played a sick game when telling Calder to seduce me. That is unforgivable.”

He let her speak her mind. Even when she paused, he said nothing.

“Love is not something I pretend to understand,” She admitted softly, “So your games were to show me love’s like this? You treated me well… I thought you were sweet, charming but secretive. When Calder came around, he didn’t hesitate to tell me what I needed to hear. Fuck. Why would you test me? Was I that obvious?”

He remained silent.

In anger Astrid hit him square across the jaw. His head slammed against the headboard. She gave him a pleased smirk as he rubbed his mouth.

“Ow,” He growled, “I guess I deserved that. So what now?”

“I’ll see you,” She shrugged, “You were violent earlier but I’m used to roughness. That… I can cope with.”

He smiled uneasily, “So… we’re still okay?”

She rolled her eyes reaching for the quilt, “No. I’m tired but I pardon you for now. Don’t think I won’t teach you to fuck with my head. That bastard Calder will pay too. Go to sleep and you better not leave. Don’t fucking move from this bed.”

He stared at her. “Okay.”

She laid down. Her re-bound astounded him. In one smooth rant, she’d taken control. He adored her. How could he not? He curled up behind her smiling.

Astrid woke up at five. Her immediate response to doze more. The warm body beside her too much stress to face.

Remy stayed.

Why the hell had she told him to? His assault had been extreme for her cheating. Shit, she earned a slap after sleeping with someone else. She cringed remembering how wet she’d gotten after he struck her. Maybe she was a masochist believing she needed punishing, although Calder and Remy were both asshole users.

What did either man want from her, anyway? There were plenty of other girls in the city to prey on. Astrid trusted Remy when she should have run from his taciturn ways. What drove him to torture women for a living? How did one even get a job like that anyhow?

Contemplating jobs, Astrid realized she could not return to work for the 3 C’s. No way. Calder made her think he really liked who she was when all he wanted was sex. She had a hard time wrapping her head around why two handsome men, who could have anyone, decided on her.

“Good-evening,” Remy’s sexy, sleep laden voice rumbled in her ear.

He snuggled deeper, a muscled arm binding her middle to his front. He pressed his warm lips to the nape of her neck, creating an unexpected fervency in her heart.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, “I can order some Chinese food. I’ll get extra spicy mustard just for you.”

Astrid wiggled until they faced each other. Remy caught the faint bruising on her cheek and felt like utter shit. He hadn’t intended to physically hurt her, only his temper flared out of control. Softly, he kissed the bruise. She looked sadly at him and his chest tightened. Once again, he was close to losing a woman he never meant to love in the first place.

“I’m sorry,” his voice broke, “I never imagined someone as wonderful as you would come into my life like a shooting star I had to make a wish on. A wish for you to understand everything I’ve been through and still accept me for my flaws. You are incredible.”

Her eyes turned as stony as her tone, “It will be a very long time before I believe anything you say.”

Remy sighed in acceptance and remorse, “Then I’ll be here a very long time Astrid.”

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