Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 12

Astrid woke to Remy fondling her, his chest low on her belly. Sleepily, she gazed down at his gentle caresses on her exposed breast. How long had he explored her body while she slept?

“Morning,” he mumbled, his deep voice raspy, “You are so beautiful.”

They had screwed for hours last night before collapsing. Best night’s sleep ever.

She caught the hunger in his hazel eyes before he moved further up. Astrid wrapped her arms around his shoulders, still sleepy but willing. How could she deny her sexy man anything?

Remy was very hard she discovered, as he pressed against her folds. Inch by inch he slipped in and out. In then teasingly out. By the time he fully immersed himself she was panting, gripping his neck, completely awake.

He lowered his mouth to her breast, sucking the nipples as if intending to devour them. She loved waking up like this, witnessing his insatiable desire for her. Astrid felt great, but the usual orgasm his instant entrance caused eluded her.

Remy peered at her less than thrilled expression, figuring she needed something more. He grew frustrated when she did not come. What was he not doing? Then he grinned, realizing he was usually more vigorous. She actually preferred rougher sex, the little minx. How had he not realized? She required a stringent touch, and he would give it to her.

He hardened his features, pulling out of her warmth as he fell onto his knees. Astrid gave him a cautious look, seeing his sudden change.

“What?” she asked in alarm sitting up with her dark hair tangled, “What’s wrong?”

“Go take a shower,” he used a gruff tone, swiveling off the mattress, “You’ll feel fresher.”

She appeared insulted, clamping her mouth shut before storming out of the bedroom in a huff. He chuckled at her temper as she went to do exactly what he told her to do. Damn, she had a feisty side he looked forward to testing.

Remy waited until he heard the shower turn on before he joined her. He was ready to show Astrid how he could stir the vivaciousness she held in check.

He attacked her from behind unexpectedly. She let out a yelp as he shoved her against the tiled wall. He forced her head to the side, one hand on the nape of her neck, the other slapping her wet ass cheeks hard.

She moaned, “Remy, what are you doing?”

“Shut up,” he hissed in her ear, “You’re going to come, and you better give me everything. Don’t talk. Just do it.”

She shivered, nodding in compliance. Pleased, he twisted her to face him. Astrid’s eyes looked half afraid, half livid with passion. He pushed her against the wet surface once more, then knelt down.

Remy stroked that velvety softness between her legs. She lifted a leg up on the rim of the tub, giving him access to her glistening pussy. Astrid gripped his head as the water cascaded down. He licked all around her outer lips before sucking her hard. She sighed, grinding against his tongue. He knew how to this better than anything. He tongued her clit before moving to stick three fingers straight up with a twist. She blossomed sweet as candy. As he lapped her sweetness remembered a little trick that would send her off. He did it, watching her knees shake as she clung to his hair for leverage. She screamed out a string of curses and cries he never heard her make before.

He smugly licked his lips, “Making you squirt shouldn’t be so easy.”

Astrid quickly realized he wanted to play. No problem. Having many lovers meant they taught her how to tease. She usually won since their gratification was more important than hers.

She did the pushing now. Remy fell backward in the tub, surprise flashing across his handsome face before he smirked. She found his smile irritatingly challenging. Under the spray, she also knelt, taking him into her mouth like a possessed whore.

He gasped a low groan. She shot him a look of pure desire that almost set him off beside the fact she really knew what she was doing with her wide mouth. She squeezed his muscular ass, bobbing for one thing. His climax. He shook, trying not to give her the satisfaction. She wouldn’t let up, even as he yanked her hair. Moaning around his cock, she worked harder, suctioning her lips while swirling her tongue. She pulled him down her throat, swallowing.

“Astrid!” he barked, nearly exploding into her sultry mouth, “Stop!”

She cupped his balls, giving his perineum a tap before she stuck a finger up his ass. That was it. His hot, thick cream rushed into her ready throat. She took it all, licking every drop while he panted in a daze.

She had not only triumphed but would pay. Remy glared at her self-satisfied expression realizing Astrid was more than he’d bargained for. She was his best. She had no idea how she’d shown him up by making him come like that.

“All good?” she innocently asked, standing, “Can I shower now?”

He stood, gritting his teeth. She winked, turning her back to reach for the shampoo. He stepped out, toweled off then went into her bedroom.

Where were her belts kept? The little tart would learn he was the master of their relationship. Not her. She looked so fucking smug when he’d shot his load. She thought he was done? Well, he could come and keep coming for as long as it took. Hold her suspended in agonizing, obliterating, indescribable pleasure and pain.

When Astrid strode into her room, Remy snapped her thin leather belt menacingly. She laughed. He approached her with a deadpan gaze.

“Still frisky?” she purred.

He gripped her chin, “Let’s see how loud you can scream today, baby.”

She stopped smiling.

* Meanwhile *

Calder waited to phone Astrid until late Sunday evening.

He worried about her all weekend, even after picking up a blonde at the club where he hoped to run into her and get bitch slapped over his conniving. He felt awful for deceiving her but found her irresistible.

His skin crawled remembering the random he fucked. He grew angrier the longer he stewed over his shady behavior, and the slutty blonde kept pestering him. So, he drove to her place and unleashed some tension. The chick hadn’t noticed his indifference in her drunken state. He’d taken her abrupt and cruel, leaving within ten minutes of being inside her apartment.

Near eleven he worked up the courage to call her cell. She sleepily answered.

“Calder?” she sounded confused, “What is it?”

“Can we meet before work?”

“I’m quitting. I will speak to Chris in the morning.”

Stunned he asked, “What? Why?”

“Because I can’t work for someone I’m dating.”

He grinned as chest loosened, “Oh? So, you wanna date me? What about what’s his face?”

“Remy?” her tone became detached, not at all her usual friendly self, “Him too. Look, can I see you tomorrow? I’ll drop by around six.”

“Right,” he frowned, “Sure, sounds good.”

She hung up without another word.

Calder tossed his phone on the mattress, suspecting she found out his arrangement with Remy. There had been no joy in her voice.

She came across cool. Controlled.

Did Astrid hope to accuse him in person? Why would she quit her job? He scrambled for excuses, his degrees going to work on how to avoid incrimination.

You’re a lousy bastard, he scolded himself.

He went to bed in a sour mood. Why bother with Astrid when she was taken? In a relationship with a guy who got off following her in secret? Why would she choose to date them both? Maybe he had it wrong believing she was a sweet girl.

There were plenty of other women. Chris already tried to set him up. Why did she appeal to him when others did not? She was pretty, but other gorgeous ladies out there. She had a nice body, fuck did she, but not special by any means.


He rolled over, wishing she would come over tomorrow innocent of his misdeed. She was undeserving of their intentions. You didn’t throw away genuine people like her but protected them.

Calder would confess. He owed her the truth after she trusted him, listened to him, fucked him as if he meant something to her.

He wanted Astrid.

Remy wanted Astrid.

Who did she want?

Calder fell asleep and when his alarm sounded his first thought was of the dark-haired beauty who planned on quitting his family business. He knew not having Astrid at the office was his fault and would have to explain it to his brothers.

Chris would flip the fuck out.

He needed to keep seeing Astrid if only to understand why he couldn’t stop picturing her beautiful smile and engaging attitude.

* Monday *

It terrified Astrid to quit her job. She liked hers and very few people could claim the same. The pay was excellent and the hours not too strenuous. Plus, she would miss Flo and Mallory.

Sunday evening she’d sent Remy packing. He hadn’t been too happy. They’d discussed her terms for continuing their relationship. He grew agitated, but she wouldn’t sway. In the end, Astrid had gotten him to reluctantly agree.

When Calder called, she kept it polite. He seemed a decent enough individual, believing he may actually care for her on some level after she reflected. His asking to meet before work only meant one thing. He was going to confess.

His anxious request surprised her. She figured he would keep lying to her and with her temperament, would have to confront him as soon as possible. She still planned on it he intended keeping up pretenses when they met up later.

At eight she entered the 3 C's building not wearing her usual attire. Instead, she wore a low cut pale green cotton top and tight jeans. She carried all of her identification badges to return to Chris Lewis. Drew, the guard, gave her a puzzled wave through the security. No wink today.

Chris was in his office as she knew he would be. He typically arrived before dawn and never left before nine at night. A die-hard workaholic. The clients benefited, his family suffered. Astrid took a courageous breath before rapping on his partly open door. Chris’s office was spacious, with a bathroom and seating area. He practically lived there sometimes.

“What is it?” He barked.

She swung the door wide, waltzing in with false confidence. His brisk behavior would not intimidate her this morning. She had to be the one with an attitude. His little brother fucked with the wrong woman.

Chris widened his eyes under his glasses, “Astrid?” he stood from the desk, “What can I do for you?”

The sleeves on his white dress shirt were half rolled up, with the three top buttons undone exposing his tanned chest. She had never seen him appear so casual, even on their late-night pow-wows. He was the epitome of the button-up man, not down.

“I’m sorry to disturb you,” she gave him a genuine smile, “I need to speak to you.”

He squinted at her street clothes, “Please, sit. You can always talk to me. You’ve worked for me for what…? Three years now?”

Astrid became nervous after sitting in the large brown leather chair, “Yes.”

He sat then yanked off his readers, tossing them on a heap of case files. Leaning forward, fingers interlaced, showing attentive eye contact he waited. She couldn’t meet his intense stare. He constantly looked at her rather oddly, oftentimes freaking her out.

He smiled softly after an awkward silence fell, “I see you have badges with you. Are you leaving me, Astrid?”

She blushed at his subdued tone of voice. He made it sound personal. Like he was sad. She swallowed hard, deciding to tell the eldest brother what the youngest was up to.

“I will be blunt,” She tossed her long hair back, meeting his watchful gaze, “I won’t lie.”

He nodded, “I’ve known you to be very forthright. I wouldn’t want you to be anything but, Astrid. Please, tell me what has caused this sudden decision to quit.”

How mature Chris treated her. He was a very suave man. At nearly fifty he maintained the body and face of thirty-something. His family’s good stock would always make him attractive. It was the way he spoke to Astrid now that made her realize he respected her. He placed her on his team for a reason.

“Calder asked me out,” She kept her tone easy although flustered, “I agreed, even though I have a boyfriend. He requested I show him around the city as a friend. So, I did. A few nights ago we had… sex.”

“Astrid…” Chris sighed her name, sitting back in his massive chair. His attentive demeanor changed to brotherly knowing. He rubbed a hand over his face, gazing upward for a second as if choosing his words.

She nervously waited, biting her lower lip.

“Okay,” he suddenly sat forward, eyes coldly returning to hers, “So, you fucked Calder, and he made you feel like a little tramp? Tossed your pretty ass out after he promised something else? I had no idea you wanted a promotion so badly.”

Astrid blinked in disbelief at his crude language and him calling her a tramp. Chris no longer regarded her as a boss, but a pervert. His smirk appeared to have everything figured out before she’d even given him all the facts. He obviously did not know Calder. No wonder he disliked his brothers.

“Excuse me?” she couldn’t form any other words, her body shaking with anger.

“I’ve seen you bending over, so I’d look at your fucking ass,” he leered, “You may be hot, but unlike Junior I have standards.”

Ah, that’s right. Calder Sr. was a jerk and his son inherited his chauvinist attitude.

“Wow,” she stood, tossing her badges at him, “You’re out of line. For your information, Calder said he cares for me. No promises. I didn’t want to work for a lover, so I quit. ASSHOLE!” she shouted.

Chris rose so fast, his chair rolled back several feet. His cheeks flaming red from either embarrassment or the fact she’d put him in his place, “Astrid, Calder could never be with you. He doesn’t have relationships with classless women.”

She staggered backward, glad she quit. Chris’s behavior forced her to see the last three years in a different light. “You’re disgusting. I never bent over for your ogling you prick.”

“Astrid!” he stormed after her into the hallway, “I’ll be speaking to Calder to find out the truth. Good luck with applying to another firm!”

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