Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 13

Astrid ran until she couldn’t breathe, needing to let go of stress. The exertion after running left her limbs heavy with pain. Good pain. She returned home, showered and took a nap.

The arrogance of Chris! All the times they worked late replayed in her head. It was a wonder she never noticed him checking out her ass. The nerve! She had thought he respected her. Why was it impossible for Chris to believe Calder might be into her? His insinuating comments stung. Did he honestly think she slept with Calder for a promotion?

Her simmering anger worked into a rage as she prepared to go out. She chose the red halter piece Remy stripped off of her recently. Recalling his reaction to it made her smile while brushing her hair.

She had instructed Remy to not contact her for three days. She picked three because she knew she’d probably end up calling him. It wasn’t as if he contacted her regularly. He agreed of course. She also informed him she would date Calder too. His jealousy had him spewing all sorts of character flaws on Calder’s behalf. She eventually told Remy if he didn’t like her decision to not call ever. He acted the typical spurned lover turning it around. Maybe he would see other women.

Astrid pointed out he already did, which shut him up.

She ordered a taxi, arriving at Calder’s condo when she said she would. The sun was nearly set, twilight gloaming beautifully. She felt ready to face his lies. His asshole brother had given her freedom when showing his perverted side.

Calder let her into his building with a loud buzz. Excitement flutter in her belly on the ride up inside the elevator. For all the nasty thoughts she’d internalized about him the last two days, wasn’t rehashing them now.

Remy throwing his jealous tantrum pinged the realization she didn’t have to conform. Unless Calder groveled, he could get lost. The man screwed her like a whore! If he had treated her with the same tenderness when they first met, they might have stood a chance but he conned her into his bed.

Calder leaned in the doorway when the lift opened. His dark slacks, open black dress shirt and no shoes or socks stirred her desire. His heavy-lidded green eyes drank in her appearance as she sashayed towards him.

“You look incredible,” he observed in that low, husky voice that had unnerved her when he’d cornered her in the library, “and you don’t seem pissed.”

Astrid paused in front of him. He blocked the entrance to the apartment, his half-masted gaze seemed to reach down inside her to cancel her restrained composure. Tension drooped her shoulders like an imagined weight.

“What?” she cocked her head, “Do you realize how handsome you are?”

He softly smiled, glancing down at his attire, “I just got home. Long day at that fucking office. Come in, Astrid.”

He moved aside, ushering her in. She passed him, his hand sliding across her back seductively. Calder locked the door, then joined her where she stopped near the glass table.

She regarded him curiously. He sounded depressed, and as she was about to suggest going out, he brought up what she planned to discuss later.

“Why the hell did you tell Chris we fucked?” he demanded, his chest heaving with controlled rage, “I can’t even understand why you quit, let alone air my business to that asshole.”

“He was my boss and your brother,” she answered.

“You bought into the professional front he puts up?” he sneered, “He’s a paid liar for Christ’s sake. So? Did you get your kicks when he called you a gold-digging whore?”

Now she was offended, “Calder, you better watch your tone. No, I didn’t appreciate his degrading behavior. I was being honest.”

“Since when does Chris care for honesty?” he cried, “He wins cases by lying! Anyway, he said you quit because we’re together.” Presumptuous on her part, but he hadn’t denied it.

“Yes,” she tilted her head, glossy dark hair cascading down her back, “I’m curious to know how your discussion went. Did you deny me? Call me a classless slut?”

He gave a nasty chuckle along with a similar glare, “Is that what you think I would do? After explaining my past?”

She kept her voice light, irritating him. His so-called conversation with his brother had been more of a mind your own whores and leave Astrid name off of the list. Chris was cocky enough to ask if he had a chance at fucking her, and he wanted to deck the idiot.

“What am I supposed to think after you and Remy shared me?” she coolly asked.

Calder stood back, clenching his jaw. They gazed at each other for several seconds. The tension wasn’t as bad as he imagined it would be. She didn’t appear fazed at all, staring at him so damn calmly. Why did she have to be wearing a red dress that made it impossible to ignore the lust humming through his body? She was a wet dream come to life.

“What did Remy tell you?” he finally bit out.

“He told me he saw you at the club Friday night. That I would fuck you. He was right, obviously. We worked it out,” she shrugged, darting her eyes sideways in a reverie.

“Yeah, by working you over,” he softened his words, “Are you okay?”

He noticed the bruise under her layer of makeup. Guilt hit him in the chest like a brick knowing Remy had struck her beautiful face because of his inability to walk away. Her chocolate eyes drifted upwards, taking in his tender expression. Heat flooded her cheeks.

“He and I will continue our relationship,” she exhaled, ignoring his concern, “Ours too if you apologize.”

Calder blinked in surprise, “After lying to you? You still want me and that dickhead?”

Astrid sighed heavily, then turned as to leave, “That wasn’t an apology.”

“Wait!” he raced to block the exit, “Astrid, I’m sorry. Really, I am,” he stepped close, taking her into his arms, “Please, I shouldn’t have been such an asshole.”

She smiled, a little pleased he called himself an ass. Calder peered down on her earnestly, his fingers digging into her hips like he thought she’d still run.

“I find you extremely handsome,” she stroked his smooth jaw, “Why bother with me? You don’t know me or how I’ve lived. If you wanted sex, you’ve already had it.”

Calder jerked her against his chest, “Why do you think I fucked you for as many hours as I did the other night? I feared you’d find out about Remy’s plan and never see me again, even if I begged. You dim the darkness, Astrid. Why ask why? I just like you.”

She kissed his cheek, murmuring, “Good enough.”

He turned his face, finding her mouth, giving a deep, meaningful kiss that had her knees buckling. Luckily, he was holding her so tightly she didn’t need to worry about falling. She ran her nails across his muscled forearms, soaking up his warmth.

“Astrid,” he growled, “I’m so fucking hard for you.”

She already knew that, since he was pressing his crotch against hers, “What do you want me to do about it? I’m dressed for dinner. You will take me out, Calder. I won’t be a hidden fuck buddy.”

He grinned, slyly placing one hand further down her backside until he lifted the dress over her ass then pressed her against the nearest wall, giving another mind-blowing kiss to distract his intentions.

“I’ll take you out,” he panted, breaking the kiss after undoing his slacks and exposing his long, thick cock, “If you let me put it in that tight pussy.”

She huskily laughed, not objecting as he shoved her panties aside. She moaned, closing her eyes in an enthralled passionate way that made Calder even harder. With dark hair framing her face and her lips swollen from his kisses, he suddenly couldn’t imagine fucking another woman who wasn’t Astrid.

He pushed his fat cock-head upward, and she gripped his shoulders, one leg lifting off of the floor for his entrance. He shivered as she immediately tightened around his member. Slow and easy he plunged into her slickness, loving the way she made tiny sounds, suppressing louder ones.

Calder felt the urge come, frenziedly pumping into her warmth, his balls slapping against her ass. She came hard, yanking his hair until he winced in pain. He slowed down before pulling out, not coming after all, glad to wait.

Astrid smiled dazed and satisfied, “Well, thanks for the apology, Calder.”

He was still hard but tucked it away saying, “If we’re going out, I should shower and change. Make yourself at home.”

She straightened her dress. “Don’t take to long or I may get too comfortable.”

He pecked her lips, “Fifteen minutes.”

Astrid had a smile when he went down the hall. So did he. She knew Calder would treat her well as long as things remained uncomplicated. Hopefully, Remy would pull his head out of his ass, because she had a feeling Calder didn’t take her seriously.

Astrid couldn’t wait to fuck Calder in a very unclothed, uncontrolled way later. With a grin, she walked to the spare bathroom to fix her hair and makeup.

* Elsewhere *

Remy finished untying the unconscious woman in a massive walk-in closet only filled with shoes. Fucking shoes. Shit, did she think she would need all of them to wander the afterlife? Sometimes he wondered what she would do if he took it out on her high heels instead of her ass.

The horror.

His cell vibrated, and he answered it as he sauntered into the darkened bedroom of the woman’s mansion, “What’s up? Did you follow her?”

Remy’s roommate laughed crudely, “Boy, she sure looks hot in that red dress. Does she prefer just clean cut-men like you and this guy or would she go for punk?”

He picked up his heavy leather satchel, shoving the nylon rope inside after placing it up on the large four-post bed, “Stop dicking around Arlo and tell me where she is.”

“Okay, but she has potential for better partners,” he chuckled then sobered when Remy remained quiet, “She rode in a taxi to Calder’s. Thirty minutes later they took his shitty truck down to that Italian eatery. After that, they went to Bounce. That’s where I am now, sitting outside like an asshole.”

He glanced across the room, hearing his client moan, “Alright. I’m almost finished here. Call me when they leave or else I’ll head over. And Arlo, you are a fucking asshole.”

“Man, why am I here? Astrid’s cute, but not obsessively. Maybe if you’d introduce us, I could see why you insist on being so weird. She’s out on a date with a douche when she should be at home like a good bitch.”

The woman loudly cursed, stumbling in the dark.

Remy frowned, “You know why, and you’ll meet her in three nights. Oh, never call her a bitch again.”

He shut his phone off. The poor woman in the closet would experience the wrath he craved to dole out on Calder fucking Lewis.

* Meanwhile *

Calder chuckled, watching Astrid stumble to remove her high heels as he poured one more bourbon for them both. She was an adorable drunk.

The night had gone perfect. He’d been on the lookout for her stalker boyfriend and didn’t spot the freak once. The need to ask why she wanted to stay with a man that hit her crossed his mind but held his tongue.

His admittance of Chris’s trash-talking had strained dinner. Calder promised he spoke highly of Astrid. He had, in fact, told Chris he was jealous of his status as the youngest and least responsible. Their father didn’t care what he did, unlike Chris or Cameron. They all disregarded Cody, being the middle child.

She bought his explanation and let the conversation move on towards more relevant things like what she’d do for a job and when they would go out again. She admitted other firms in the building had approached her in the past, but turned them down. He would miss her around the office, but she made her decision.

Calder took her dancing after dinner so he could press her hot body against his and observe her smile. He was quickly becoming addicted to her bow lips and throaty giggles. Got her tipsy as well before returning to his place.

Astrid accepted the liquor, then pushed on his chest until he sat on the sofa. She laughed, straddling him.

“You’re drunk,” he stated the obvious, “More so than last time I’m afraid.”

She sipped the bourbon, “Shocked?”

He roamed his hands down the front of her dress, “Oh, no. I’m just wondering if you’ll last the next hour.”

She narrowed her pretty eyes, “Buddy, I’ve lasted a lot more than you’ll ever imagine.”

Sadly, he believed her. Imagining her being taken advantage of pissed him off. She came across as a vixen but the more time he spent listening to her, there was a soft undertone to her beauty, fragile as the morning dew. His protective side reared its head when she flashed him a vulnerable smile.

“Why don’t we get undressed,” she grated her pelvis on his, “In that nice big bed of yours, where I’ll lick your cock instead of drinking.”

“Fuck,” he grinned, “Can you walk that far?”

She giggled, throwing her head back, exposing her delicate neck he couldn’t wait to mark. He liked the sound of her laugh. She was happy. Because of him. Something about her personality made him feel blessed. The charisma they shared in public was intimate and attraction to others around him seemed non-existent. He had always checked out other women in previous relationships, not really caring if his partner caught him. But when he was with Astrid, he never wanted to miss an expression. It was odd, he thought, being enamored by a woman who didn’t immediately catch your eye. But once she did, it was hard to look away.

In one big unladylike gulp, she finished her drink. She sat the glass aside asking, “Will you carry me? Or am I too heavy? Sometimes I feel like a fat raisin. I hate raisins.”

He sat forward with a smile, positioning his arms to lift her, “No. No, you’re not fat. You are lean where you should be, thick where it’s preferable and your legs are fucking amazing,” he became hard just telling her, “I can carry you anywhere, buddy.”

Astrid kissed him with a passion he was coming to expect, their tongues playing against each other. He lifted her easily, and she let out a sound of unsure surprise. Quickly, he strode into his bedroom, setting her rump on the edge of the bed.

Calder stripped in front of her. He liked the way her dark eyes drank him in. No other woman looked at him as greedily. She breathed rapidly, leaning back on both arms, opening her legs so he glimpsed her scarlet panties. He finished undressing before joining her.

She stroked her nails across his chest hair, “You have a great physique Calder. Do you work out?”

He unclasped the dress from her neck, gently pulling it down below her heavy tits, “I did, at Harvard. I need to pick it up again. Enough about me, you must work out.”

She gave him that throaty giggle as he cupped a breast, “I run.”

“Ah, that’s why you have strong legs and fine curves. Runners always have great bodies,” he bent his head down, flicking his tongue over her hardened nipples.

She sighed, “Oh, Calder. I love how you touch me. So soft, so loving.”

He once more caught sight of the bruise on her cheek. His throat tightened with unexpected emotion, understanding why she preferred the gentle way he handled her. Why would she stay with Remy? He had never hit a woman. He would never harm Astrid.

Deciding to show her how tender he could be, he took his time undressing Astrid. She laid below him, stroking his back as he kissed and teased her flushed skin. When they joined she was so primed her orgasm racked her frame. He made her come several more times, just to see and hear her fall apart for him. The woman was getting closer to his heart than his body as once again he held off orgasming.

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