Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 14

Astrid enjoyed spending time alone after so much stress. Tuesday she slept in, then jogged twelve miles. She didn’t rush, relishing the freedom. She had a healthy bank balance and if she spent wisely wouldn’t need to work for a few months but aimed to find employment soon or she’d go crazy otherwise. Although, between Remy and Calder she was sure keeping busy would not be a problem. She admired both men immensely and experienced a little guilt when comparing them sexually.

Remy had spent three months doing nothing but take her on wonderful dates, showering her with compliments and deep conversations. Their relationship began on a personal level. Now, they fucked until she screamed. Remy blew her mind when he spanked her with her own belt. She liked it. More than she ever thought she would because he was rough. He could be rougher. She caught glimpses in those dreamy hazel eyes how he held back, making her cry in ecstasy instead of pain.

Calder, on the other hand, could be just as hard-handed or gentle as a butterfly. The last time they were together he’d shown such care. His tender touches almost made her weep when he worshiped her body. She really liked Calder. He was funny, attentive, smart and willing to be with her. He never once brought up Remy as if he accepted the odd situation.

Wednesday afternoon Astrid was at the corner store buying a bottle of Coke when Remy waltzed in. She was reading the cover of a magazine, not looking where she was going when she bumped into him.

“Sorry,” she looked up, giving him a huge grin.

He smirked, his sandy-blonde hair covering his left eye, “Hello babe. Find something interesting?”

She felt happy to see Remy, although she hadn’t planned on calling him until Thursday, “Well, I have now.”

He chuckled, moving aside for a little boy and his mother, “Is that a compliment? I stopped because I saw your ass when I drove by.”

“Yeah, right!” She rolled her eyes.

He laughed with a shrug, “It’s true.”

She walked to the cash register after discarding the magazine. The cashier smiled flirtingly at Remy, ignoring her. She paid for the soda, then strode out into the sunny afternoon as he followed her, not paying any attention to the girl.

“Why are you in my neighborhood?” she softly asked, avoiding his stare.

“A job,” he truthfully answered, “I have to go. Do you want a ride home?”

Smiling tightly, she shook her head, “No, I like to walk. It’s a nice spring day with the sun shining and the birds singing. I’m appreciating this shit while I can.”

Remy grabbed her left hand, pulling her forward to kiss her lips. She liked the way he pressed his body towards her, bending his tall frame to commit to the kiss. When she opened her mouth, he took advantage, tangling his tongue with hers. He smelt and tasted so good it drove her crazy.

“Astrid,” He murmured, “You’re cute, you know that? Hey, I have an idea.”

She stepped back, although he clung to her, “What?”

“I would like to take you to my apartment tonight,” he casually stated, “My roommate is dying to meet the girl I’ve kept all to myself. He’s a bit of a flirt.”

She smiled, “That sounds… great.”

“Pick you up at seven? We’ll hang out and have some beers.”

Astrid felt her belly flip-flop, “Sure. Hey, what ‘job’ do you have around here?”

Remy dropped her hand abruptly, backing away as if remembering he had to hurry, “No time. I’ll tell you about it later.”

“I’ll hold you to that!” she laughingly called out to his retreating figure.

She dashed up the street towards her house. Would she really want to learn what kind of clients he serviced? What he did to other women that he may do or not do with her? Did he use condoms? He fucking better. She didn’t need an STD on top of everything else going on in her life.

It was already three when she got home. She kept busy, checking her mail for bills, eating a late lunch, cleaned a few rooms. She was excited to put a face to Remy’s friend. To check out his place. He must have realized that in order for Astrid to trust him, he had to open up those private doors of his.

She hoped she could deal with the way Remy lived. He once admitted he feared she’d run and wanted to prove him wrong. She cared for him.

Astrid’s imagination raced how Remy did his job. Did he play fantasy games with rich, bored housewives? Did he punish them because they enjoyed rough sex? How could she listen to the truth, knowing she was the one he chose? Not those who handed over money for his attention. Did he ever like any of them? Date them without pay? Her head spun as the questions piled up.

People paid her boyfriend for sex, and it short-circuited her brain because she wasn’t the judgy type, but telling the difference between cheating or working was a fine line she needed to figure out. How did men have relationships with women who slept with others? Calling him a ’man of pleasure sounded messed up, but how else was she to categorize his profession?

Remy pulled up, right on time. She stood outside, not wanting him to chicken out in case it had been a ploy to trap her at home. His eyes widened in surprise when she jumped into his car.

“Hi,” she leaned over, kissing his cheek.

Astrid wore jeans with a light blue cotton blouse. It was tight, low cut, giving him a nice shot of her cleavage. He had changed also, she noted, into black slacks and a white polo shirt. He looked sexy.

Remy gripping the back of her neck, “You seem excited. My place is nothing to be excited about.”

She grinned, keeping her disappointment from showing, “I’m just happy to see you.”

He kissed her hard, shoving his tongue inside her mouth. She gave into the passion in which he moved his lips against hers. It wasn’t a simple kiss, but one meant to show she turned him on.

“Okay,” she sighed breathlessly when he let her go, “We better get going before you pop a tent.”

He smirked, “Already have, babe.”

They talked while he drove into the city. She hadn’t asked about his workday, but he spoke up without prompting and she eagerly listened.

“I went to a house that belonged to a couple this afternoon,” he declared casually, not taking his eyes off of the traffic, “They paid me seven-hundred dollars to spend two hours with them. They live in your neighborhood.”

Astrid turned red, glad he didn’t notice.

“They aren’t married. In fact, he said if they could get through a threesome and stay together he would propose to her. He was nice, she a little on the bitchy side. Opposites attract and all that jazz,” he chuckled, “Anything else you want to hear?”

She swallowed hard, “Um, how old are they?”

“Nineteen and twenty-something. He told me he sort of rescued her from an abusive home at seventeen. She likes it rough since that was all she knew. I showed him some moves. I think they might become hitched someday.”

“So… you helped their relationship?”

Remy turned onto a street she had never been on. The road led into a district downtown where seedier things happened. Astrid had imagined him living somewhere nice, with all the money he apparently made.

“Sometimes. It’s great when I get that out of a job instead of the other. The other side where I ruin relationships by wives cheating.”

“Did you fuck her?”


“You use protection, don’t you?”

“Doctors screen clients beforehand. I always protect myself. Actually, you’re the only woman I’ve ever not used it with.”

“Good. Good,” she let out a nervous giggle, “Just wondering.”

“You’re clean too, right?” She stuttered for a response and he laughed, “Kidding!” he smiled at her discomfort, “We’re almost there. The shithead might have friends over.”

“Arlo? You both work at the Armor?”

Slowing the car for a four-way stop, he glanced over with a smirk, “Yup. He got me into it, and a wonderful lover, so I’m told.”

“Oh.” Her face burned in uneasy.

“Be careful around him.”


He hit the gas, “He’ll probably try to fuck you, Astrid. He’s always horny. I said you may or not be into it.”

She looked up when he suddenly pulled into a small parking lot behind a dark four-story brick building, “Wait, seriously?”

He shut the car off, giving her a funny look, “I’ve shared with him before. I figure since you want to see other people, you may find him doable.”

“Doable?” she choked out, “Remy, we are in a relationship. Calder is… not a part of ours.”

He sneered at the mention of the other man’s name, “Whatever. Let’s go.”

He waited for her to walk by his side, leading her to the locked building. He used a key, then held the entrance open revealing a dimly lit corridor. She was nervous, following him to the fourth floor. The stairs were dirty but quiet. Remy opened the first door on the left, letting the loud punk-metal music blast their eardrums as he ushered her inside.

The apartment was quite large. Astrid gazed around, noting the typical male furnishings in the open floor plan. Framed posters of rock bands hung in the hallway. The living space sported two different sectional couches, tables and an impressive stereo system set up along the rear wall next to a window overlooking the city. Her footsteps tapped on the cream-colored tiles as they moved further inside.

She took it back, his place was fantastic.

Two men and a woman sat on one couch laughing with each other. A man with black spiked hair, olive skin, and sensual light brown eyes stood quickly.

“Arlo,” Remy greeted him pleasantly, “Meet Astrid.”

Arlo was as tall as him, she noted. Handsome too, with a pierced eyebrow, tongue and tattoos scattered across his bare arms. He waxed his chest, and it looked touchable making her blush when he sauntered over, hand outstretched.

She offered her own, “Nice to meet you.”

He clasped her hand firmly, “Same here. Sit,” he tugged her down where he’d been sitting. His voice sounded as sensuous as his eyes. He sat her beside him, introducing the girl as Rose and the other man as Jay.

Rose dressed punkish, her hair dyed pink. She peered snottily at her but said hello. Jay appeared stoned, grinning under heavy lids. He held a marijuana pipe in his hand. Remy disappeared down a dark hall. Astrid fidgeted, not knowing what to say.

“Want a hit?” Jay asked, holding the pipe out.

She shook her head, “No thanks.”

“Beer?” Arlo suggested, turning on the cushion so he could gaze down at her, “I have vodka too.” Smiling under his intense stare she nodded. “Rose,” he snapped, “Go.”

She immediately jumped up, her tight blue Capri pants jingling from the chain she wore as a belt. She shot her another glare before she left as if she thought Astrid was up to something.

“So, what’s up?” Arlo asked, placing his arm on the back of the couch.

She squirmed on the seat, “Nothing much. You?”

“Remy told me you quit your job,” he blurted, “And you run?”

She flushed, “Yeah, I do.”

“Me too,” he winked, “We have shit in common.”

Remy laughed, entering the room, “Alro, stop flirting. Come with me, babe.”

Astrid hurried to follow Remy out of the living room, flinching when Arlo yelled, “Come on Rose! How long does it take to get a beer you stupid cunt?”

She followed Remy into his bedroom and had pictured his room right. Twin bed with dark sheets and throw. Clean, uncluttered dresser. No clutter whatsoever actually. She knew Remy to be efficient and neat but where was the framed picture of them outside at a park she had gifted him?

Astrid sat on top of his silky black comforter, “Nice.”

He closed the door, “I hardly sleep here.”

“Where do you sleep then?”

“On the couch,” he grinned, sitting beside her, his back to the wall which the bed faced sideways. The mattress was smaller than she thought he would have for a bed. No wonder he slept on the sofa.

“Arlo seems fun,” she commented, not knowing what to say or do, “Are Jay and Rose your friends?”

“No,” he ran a hand over her hunched spine, “They’re Arlo’s lovers.”

She shifted, then deciding to make a move, straddled his tall frame comfortably. He smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Lovers? He’s bisexual?”

“Yes. Surprised?”

“Well, everyone is different,” she mused, placing her hands on his wide chest, “He looks like a punk.”

“He is,” Remy teased, “At least he tries to look the part. You’ve never been with a girl, huh?”

Astrid bulked, “No. You?”

“I’ve been with lots of girls.”

She playfully smacked him, “Smartass. Have you done men? Have men done you? What about the couple today? Did you fuck him?”

He laughed at her babbling, “Ask bluntly, why don’t cha?”

“Answer the question,” she growled, tugging his shirt, “Well?”

He gripped her tightly. His fingers dug into her hip bones as he forced their crotches together. She felt his erection and couldn’t resist rubbing against it.

“Sometimes guys suck my dick,” his voice was serious, eyes on hers, “I do nothing else. Nothing. I like women. I occasionally allow men the privilege of my cock in their mouths.”

“Privilege?” she whispered, a little turned on by the image, “I suppose it would be.”

He loosened his iron grip, “Take my shirt off,” he ordered her in a low, commanding tone. Slowly, Astrid obeyed, pulling the top over his head, tossing it on the floor, “Now you.”

She took her off her blouse, revealing a pale blue bra, “Okay?”

“Stand up, take everything off except your bra.”

Grinning, she did as he asked. The animal lust in his eyes made her shiver. His threatening tone of voice turned her on like he would force her to comply if she wasn’t fast enough. She stood in front of him bare, except for the bra hiding her tightened nipples.

“Shoes and socks next,” he unbuckled his belt.

She complied, bending over. He licked his lips at the view. He waited until she finished before saying, “Turn around, bend over, but put your knees on the bed, between my legs.”

Astrid grew tense, leaning over so her ass was between his knees. Remy slid forward, yanking his slacks down. He pulled her cheeks apart, then slipped two fingers teasingly back and forth testing her wetness. She bit her lip in anticipation.

Slowly, Remy eased Astrid down onto his swollen cock. He took it so easy that by the time she became situated her breaths came in pants. He cupped her breast as she rocked, fucking herself on his dick. She let out a cry, jerking in ecstasy.

“So good,” he cooed when she rested against his broad shoulder, “Like that, baby?”

Astrid shivered, her pussy tightening like a vise around his engorged member. She moaned, tossing her head as he used a hand on her hip to keep the rhythm.

“Fuck me,” he murmured in her ear, “Show me what you got.”

Placing both of her hands on his spread thighs, she worked herself up and down on his shaft vigorously. He pinched her nipples in approval as she did her best to get him to hit that perfect spot.

Astrid gasped, her muscular legs coming in handy as she relied on them to hold her upright. She felt Remy grow harder, letting her know he was close. She grew crazed, grinding down on him. He reached down and rubbed circles on her fat clit. He groaned deep in his chest, biting her earlobe.

“I’m coming!” she closed her eyes as the intense rush started at her toes.

“Fuck yeah you are,” he grunted, working her clit faster.

The peak of her orgasm faltered when someone knocked on the door.

Astrid froze. Remy slapped his large palm on her mouth. The sudden arousal by the interruption coupled with his possessive need to quiet her had her coming so hard she shook. Her muffled cry and pulsing channel set him off too, and he hissed as he filled her with his cum, their body’s jerking violently in a frantic finish.

Luckily, Astrid quieted as quickly as she had suddenly come. Breathing heavily from her nostrils, Remy took a ragged breath as another impatient knock sounded.

“Yo!” Arlo shouted, “Stop fucking! You have a phone call, man.”

Remy whispered, low and almost threatening, “When I let go, lay on your stomach until I say you can move.”

She nodded, feeling him throbbing inside of her. Damn, he was still hard!

He pushed her off of his lap. She fell on her knees as he moved around her, holding his slacks up. Snapping his fingers, he pointed to the bed. Astrid caught the cruel glint in his hazel eyes making her follow instructions.

With a smug smile, he stepped into the hall. Her limbs ached from exertion. Shit. Remy did not handle her sweet, did he? She frowned, hearing the men argue. What would he do if she disobeyed and dressed? Deciding not to find out, she snuggled his pillow, waiting for him to return and do what he wanted with her.

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