Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 15

Remy felt fortunate Astrid accepted his job when most women wouldn’t because, yeah, he fucked other people. She was either exceptional at accepting whatever he told her or naïve as hell.

He began behaving aggressively because of how easily Astrid welcomed situations. She was submissive when he met her, but he saw changes in her. He liked her insecurity. It was part of her charm. Sure, she still avoided eye contact, asked somewhat insecure questions about why he wanted her, but noticed the subtle differences.

Remy had been about to blow his wad when Arlo interrupted, and he instinctively slapped a palm over her mouth. He loved the way Astrid sounded while she came and he didn’t want to share her. Calder already experienced her sexual sonnets, and that alone made his greedy preservation their time together even more hard-handed.

When she had come, so unexpectedly, he held onto her voluptuous body in rapture. She constantly surprised him, and he found her responsiveness sexy. But, he had to deal with Arlo, so ordered her to stay put, as if she were one of his subs. He tested her about his roommate in the car, watching for signs of promiscuity because he hadn’t decided if Calder was a one-off or she planned on spreading her legs for every asshole who showed interest.

It wasn’t fair to ask for loyalty when he dismissed her days at a time, but there were issues out of his control and tried to nurse their bond when he could.

He shoved Arlo into the bedroom across the hall, slamming the door. Arlo grinned at him knowingly as he buckled his belt.

“Why the fuck did you knock?” he growled.

Arlo held up his phone, “Well, I enjoyed her squeals, but you have a call man. Sometimes you need to fucking relax.”

He snatched the device growling, “And you need to get your ear away from my door fucker. Hello?”

“Remy!” his boss, Teena Ludwig purred over the line, “Sooo glad I got hold of you. I tried your cell, but it’s off.”

He glared at Arlo. His friend promised to cover his nights so he could spend time with Astrid but the idiot shrugged, still smiling.

“Teena,” he ran a hand over his face, “Oh, the battery died. So, what’s up?”

“I have work for you both. Tell Arlo to come to the club. You’re needed at Mrs. Cleavers.”

Clients picked their own fake names. Remy already visited Mrs. Cleavers twice in the last week. The woman was too rich too bored and too nasty when it came to sex. She was beautiful at least.

“Mrs. Cleaver’s gotten carried away this week,” he hinted, “I recommend-”

“She insisted,” Teena interrupted authoritatively, “You will be there by ten. She added an extra five-hundred for you. Remy, she’s a terrific client. Don’t fuck with my money.”

He wanted to throw the phone but replied, “I’ll be there but when her husband sees-”

“That’s not our business,” she ranted, “Your job is to do what I tell you to do Remy. Stab the slut if she wants, just as long as she pays! Bye-bye now.”

The bitch hung up.

Remy tossed the cell into Arlo’s waiting hands, “You dick! You didn’t cover for me.”

“I tried! She said we both have to work!” Arlo shouted back, gathering his things, “Don’t take it out on me, man. Teena’s a conniving cunt. Just because you get paid more doesn’t mean shit.”

“I fucking hate Mrs. Cleavers,” he grumbled.

Arlo chuckled, “What I wouldn’t give to do what you do Remy. All those sexy babes begging for me to teach them a lesson,” he sighed as if fantasizing, “but you! You gripe because who you really want is that leggy brunette in the other room.”

He ran a hand through his hair, “Okay. I get it, bro. Let me drive her home, then I’ll drop you off at The Armor on my way to Cleavers.”

“Thanks. Betcha Astrid won’t appreciate it though.”

Remy gave him a superior smirk, “She will. She’s easy to manipulate when horny, which is all the time.”

Arlo rolled his eyes, opening the door, “Why follow her then?”

He thumped his skull hissing, “Watch what you say, asshole. Give me ten.”

Remy rejoined Astrid. She laid on her belly, gazing up at him with warm, sensual eyes. He stared at her, his chest tightening with sympathies she had no right to stir in his heart. The urge to protect and hurt her all at once made his head spin.

He cared for her so fucking much when he should warn her to run and never look back.

Astrid propped her head up, “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Huh?” he finished dressing, “Like, I love you?”

Her cheeks turned pink, and she dropped her gaze asking, “Why do you seem tortured? You remind me of a quote, 'A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave’.

“Who said that bullshit?” he blinked in surprise.

She smirked, “Gandhi.”

He realized months ago she had a hard time voicing her emotions, and her child-like wonder touched him. It wasn’t always easy but experienced passion before. Knew what happened when affections soured and blew up in your face. Love was a fickle emotion he understood all too well.

“Sit up,” he lowered his voice, “Spread your legs, baby.”

She grinned, bouncing on the mattress. Her full tits swayed, nipples poking out of her lacy bra. He loved every inch of her body, how she fit against him when he held her. He stood in front of her, peering down on all she offered. Her chocolate eyes widened in apprehension.

“Do you like it when I tell you what to do?” he asked, cupping her flushed cheeks in his hands, “I think you do Astrid.”

She parted her lips, “Yes. It turns me on in a way I never thought it would. Do you do this to those women? Order them around?”

Questions? Always with the fucking questions! Remy didn’t want to wreck the progress he’d accomplished by detailing how most preferred his cock shoved in their ass while he strangled them with a belt. She wouldn’t understand, and it would ruin his plans.

“Get dressed. I have to go to work. Sorry, babe.” He ignored her confusion.

“Really?” she huffed.

He looked away, picking up her discarded panties, “It’s my job, Astrid. I receive calls from clients at odd hours. Arlo and I will take you home.”

She jerked her clothes on, then softened seeing his irritation, “It’s fine Remy. I guess to make this work, I have to accept what you do.”

He frowned, “Doesn’t it piss you off?”

She finished putting on her flats, “Well, what do you want me to say? You refused to tell me the truth and yeah, it’s weird we just fucked and now you’re going to some other woman for money.”

He hated the bitterness in her voice, “Astrid, I’m not a fucking prostitute.”

“I didn’t suggest you were!”

“It’s a different concept than sex for cash. I don’t always fuck,” he sighed in exasperation, not wanting to argue, “Come on, let’s go.”

“Remy!” she protested as he took hold of her arm, tugging her out of his bedroom, “I’m trying to show my supportive side, not a judgmental one.”

He chuckled, still pulling her down the hall, “Thanks, glad you have my back.”

Puzzled, she shook her head but stopped talking. Arlo propped open the front door, winking at Astrid when they flew past.

Remy wanted to get the night of debauchery with Mrs. Cleaver over with and he smirked with the knowledge Astrid’s smell would rub off on another instead of the other way around.

* Four nights later *

Astrid angrily pushed end on her cell phone muttering, “Asshole!”

Remy canceled their date… again. They planned to dine at an expensive French restaurant since he insisted on making up the other two dates he’d skipped.

She peered down at the pretty white dress she wore. There was a revealing cut in the front exposing the top of her breast and a cute sash that tied in a bow on the left side, skimming to the end of the material which fell above her lower thighs. Her nude heels were new, having bought them before she quit her posh job, not regretting the purchase because they went with most of her outfits.

With a huff, she called Calder. She hadn’t spoken to him since seeing him last. They played it by ear. No commitment. Remy blew her off, so now was the perfect time to call on her other lover.

Calder answered cheerfully, “Hello, buddy. What have you been up to?”

She fell into his sexy tone, her nipples hardening, “I’ve been up to nothing. I’m spruced up with nowhere to go.”

“Why’s that?”

“Remy. He’s canceled on me twice and I already planned on calling you except he promised that if I didn’t, he’d take me out. Well, he hasn’t.”

He did not respond, the line silent.

She sighed, feeling her honesty had been too much, “You’re not second best Calder. I wanted to see you,” she lied, “Remy just doesn’t-”

“Stop,” he snapped, “Don’t explain your relationship. I understand. I’ll pick you up. Okay? I’m leaving now.”

Astrid couldn’t help but be excited, “All right.”

She hurried to look at herself once more in the mirror before he arrived, self-conscious of her flaws. He had a certain vibe that made her wonder if her hair was frizzy. If there was something stuck in her teeth. Remy used to elicit those reactions. She stopped fiddling, realizing she’d become comfortable with Remy’s opinion of her.

A purr of a motor outside caused her nerves to skyrocket. Was Remy showing up after all? She ran to the porch, surprised when Calder climbed out of a black Porsche. Where was his truck?

Calder looked amazing. He always did. An impeccable Armani suit hugged his buff form, and he had slicked back his blonde hair. He strolled up the walk, smiling at her with sexy half-masted eyes. She licked her lips, turned on by his very presence.

“Hi,” she hated that her voice came out breathless.

He leaned forward, kissing her gently at first. Then, when she gripped his fine jacket, he deepened the kiss until the world spun. He walked her backward into the house gripping her hips. When he lifted his head, they viewed each other.

“I missed you,” he murmured, running his hands up and down her bare arms, “You’re a vision in this dress.”

She melted, “Thank you. You look handsome. Smell great too.”

With a grin, he reached into his jacket to produce a little jewelry box. Her heart skipped a beat when he opened it. A pair of teardrop diamond earrings shone in the lamplight, stealing her breath.

She shook her head, “Oh, Calder! No. No, I can’t.”

He kissed her cheek, “Yes, you can. I bought them for you.”

No one had given her jewelry before. The gesture was sweet and intimate. With shaky hands, she accepted the tiny box. “Thank you, Calder,” her voice came out thick with emotion, “You’re too generous.”

“It’s the least I can offer after what I did,” he seemed embarrassed now, “Go put them on. I’ll take you to dinner.”

Smiling, she went into the bathroom. The earrings paired perfectly with her white dress. When she rejoined Calder, he told her how beautiful she was. She felt his sincerity by the way he gazed into her eyes. He made her feel special and wondered if she was taking advantage of his guilty conscience by calling him when Remy snubbed her for work.

Astrid kissed him until he teased they would never make it out of the house if she kept it up. His instance they leave surprised her, figuring he wanted sex, but he only ushered her out to his new ride with a knowing smirk.

“Where’s your pickup?” she asked as he drove.

He sheepishly shrugged, “Chris convinced me to buy this. I’ve had that truck since high school. I guess it’s time to act the part.”

“What do you mean?”

“I handle serious cases, can’t have my clients catch me driving a piece of shit. Do you like it?”

“Duh! Women appreciate fast cars too,” she frowned, “But I also liked your truck. When we met, it helped me view you as a regular guy, not a Lewis.”

He rolled his eyes, “But I am.”

“But not like Chris,” she growled, “Thankfully.”

“Chris endured a lot of pressure growing up,” he admitted, “He’s not all bad. Just taught to be a hard-ass. Our father has expectations, but I understand your resentment.”

“I see,” she changed the subject, “Where are we going?”

He grinned, “You’re dressed beautifully tonight and lucky for us, the firm holds several standing reservations around the city.”

Calder took Astrid to the same French restaurant Remy booked. She didn’t mention it after he established bringing up the other man in her life unwelcome. It pleased her they compromised for her sake.

After a fabulous meal, they sat in the car. She leaned over provocatively, “Where to next?” she whispered, touching his upper thigh.

He hadn’t started the vehicle yet, waiting for a destination. The hunger in his expression made Astrid lean closer. “Bounce,” he smirked, “I want to fuck you on the dance floor.”

Her breath stuttered before she found her composure. There was no way he knew Remy had said the exact thing to her. What were the odds though?

She sat back in the seat saying, “Public fornication is illegal Mr. Lewis. Sounds fun.”

He started the Porsche, “Yes, it fucking does.”

When they arrived at Bounce, he escorted her inside with a possessive hold on her waist. Tom, a nice guy who frequented the club as much as she did waved her over, and she introduced the men. He looked shocked she wasn’t with Remy, but with another good-looking man. Astrid didn’t have a chance to explain she was dating them both before Calder dragged her away.

Calder pulled her towards the back where the lights were lower, even though the flashing red, blue and purple strobes still shone. He turned Astrid, pushing her against his hard-on as they moved to the music. The song Daydream in blue began, and they swayed together sensually. There was quite a crowd, and she felt naughty when Calder’s hand slipped up the side of her dress, the other on her hip.

He pressed his fingers against her slick pussy, then tugged her panties aside. Her breathing became rapid from trying to dance and appear casual. There were people all around them, but Calder positioned their bodies in such a way no one noticed when he plunged his big, hard as nails cock in her ass after using her own wetness to lube her asshole. She jerked at the sensation, tossing her head back on his chest. He held onto her, grinding a beat as the melody pulsed through the air. She closed her eyes, fading into the climax he brought her. The heat of his touch electrified her skin. He thrust deep so she wouldn’t pull away, wringing out her orgasm until her knees wobbled.

“I dream a dirty dream of you, baby,” he softly grunted in her ear, quoting the lyrics.

When he pulled out after making certain her legs were steady, she tried to act normal. The experience had been carnal and left her craving more. He saw the yearning in her expression when she kissed him hard. Taking her hand, he prodded her to the bathroom and when they met again in the dimly lit hallway; she laughed knowingly. Not pressing their luck, they strode outside, and she moaned when he pushed her up against his new car, running his wet tongue over her cleavage.

“You’re incredible,” she sighed, gazing up at the night sky, “You know how to sneak a poke, that’s for sure.”

After he sucked her neck rough enough to leave a mark, he lifted his handsome face, “You too Astrid. Now what?”

She ran her fingers over his growing erection, “I think it’s time for you to come. I mean, you never have with me. Why?”

He groaned, prodding his hard-on against her stomach, “Haven’t you heard of prolonging gratification? It’s called edging but when I finally come, it’s a high like no other.”

“Come for me tonight Calder. Let go with me.”

He kissed her then backed away, hitting the key fob to unlock the vehicle. “You are trouble, buddy. Let’s get out of here.”

Astrid’s body hummed in anticipation. Calder was different from Remy. He seemed to want something from their coupling other than sex. She felt his need to please her. To make her happy. Remy preferred to watch her writhe in discomfort. Not that she minded his tough love. Both men had exceptional ways of driving her crazy.

Calder drove back to her house. As she was unlocking the front door, he hoisted her dress to caress her sore ass. By the time they stumbled inside, he had stripped off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. She kicked her heels across the darkened room, undressing while he worked on his slacks.

They came together like long-lost lovers, settling on the sofa with her on top. He held her so tight she forgot to breathe.

He loosened his hold demanding, “Ride me, Astrid. Fuck me hard until we both come.”

Astrid massaged his engorged prick before he spread her wet lips for his entrance. She didn’t waste time, sitting on his dick like she couldn’t wait another second. He cursed, hanging on by a thread as her pussy flutter around him. He told her to go crazy, but now that she was uncertain how long his control would last.

She moaned loudly, tossing her hair as she bounced on his thighs. He plumped both of her tits, squeezing hard as she began saying his name in breathy little moans, “Is this what you need Calder? Will you come, for me? I’m going to come just for you Calder!”

“Astrid!” he gasped when she squeezed her balls, coming with a loud cry, “Stop! I’m… oh shit. Fuck!”

He shot his load, and she cried out, breaking again. Calder closed his eyes, a dazed smile on his handsome face. With him limp but still nestled within her walls, she rested her cheek against his sweaty chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat.

“Good lord,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around her waist, “I thought you’d jump off when I came.”

Guiltily, she remained silent. Was it bad to want his cum inside of her? They hadn’t used protection. She was on birth control, but mistakes happened. She kissed his lips as his release coated her thighs.

“You’re fucking awesome,” Calder slurred blissfully, “I hope you got something out of it.”

She giggled, “I got you.”

There was a tenderness in his gaze when he opened his green eyes, “Yes, you did. You do Astrid.”

She laid her head on his shoulder, content to stay in his embrace the rest of the night. Her chest tightened in bewilderment. This was more than lust. Was she falling for Calder?

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