Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 17

Astrid spent an interesting evening with Calder, now anxiously pacing her living room expecting Remy. She had just taken a shower when he called and not in the mood for his crap, but he would not take no for an answer.

She poured a glass of wine after their abrupt conversation and shuffled into the kitchen for a refill. Her nerves grated from the information Calder dumped in her head.

Was he stalking her? Whatever for? Astrid only went running and to the club now that she no longer held a job. If he was working, how could he tail her? She half wondered if Calder was trying to make her paranoid. She expected him to taunt her into leaving Remy, not scare the shit out of her.

Remy pulled up outside when she finished her second glass and tried to boost her frame of mind for his sake. Looking down at the silk black mini-robe she had on, she suddenly wished wore more clothes. Ever since they’d started having sex, he couldn’t keep his hands off of her. She wasn’t complaining, only missing the times they spent doing mundane things such as going to movies or tracking down popular food trucks.

No sooner had she placed her hand on the doorknob, Remy flung it wide. She stepped backward at his bold entrance, his searing gaze throwing her off balance.

If she had to compare Remy or Calder in the looks department, Remy won. His gorgeousness was all-consuming. Calder’s bedroom eyes were easy to daydream over, but Remy’s striking glances caused women to stop and stare.

“Hi,” she blushed, peering up into his watchful hazel orbs.

“Hey,” he grinned, “Come here.”

His large palms cupped her cheeks, drawing her to him for a sensual kiss. Why had she feared him? His intensity curled her toes and when he smiled against her lips something unlocked in her chest. It wasn’t fair how one touch from him erased distrust.

Remy jerked his head up, licking his bottom lip as he gave her a once over, “Sorry it’s so late. I have the weekend off and wanted to be with you.”

Astrid melted from the sweet way he spoke. He loved her. The word escaped her logic sometimes. Love. People said it all the time but were insincere. Yet, with Remy, she felt it instead of having to say it. She would try harder to show how much he meant to her.

“It’s fine,” she smiled.

“I taste wine,” he winked, “I heard the nervousness in your voice earlier. Are you okay?”

That was Remy! Always blunt with his concise reading of her turbulent emotions. Astrid appreciated and hated how he wouldn’t allow her to ignore her fears. He made her confront everything she avoided. Holding her face between his palms, he forced her to meet his scrutiny head-on. He looked amused as he waited for an answer. Should she bring up her concerns now, or later?

“I was a little upset after not seeing you all week,” she explained, “And no, I didn’t fuck Calder tonight.”

“Did you see him?” he kept his tone light.

She drew away before answering, “Yes. Don’t you already know?

Astrid turned, hiding her hesitancy. Remy could shut down if he felt baited. He often came across as indifferent, but she needed him to talk. Clearing her throat, she straightened her shoulders.

She strode through the living room to the sofa, hearing his heavy steps follow.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She perched on the armrest, “Someone informed me you’re a bit of a stalker.”

“Who?” Remy’s handsome face twisted, “Calder? I told you about that night at the club. That was the last time.”

She raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms, “How many times have there been Remy?”

He hissed an agitated breath, “I need a drink. You want?”

“Sure,” she rolled her eyes, “So, you don’t shadow me?”

No!” he shouted from the kitchen, “Do I look like a lunatic? Shit, this wine all you have? Where’s the whiskey I brought over a few weeks ago? Fuck it, I’ll drink beer.”

Astrid relaxed as he fixed their drinks. How could she believe he would go to such creepy lengths? He admitted to it once but explained his insecurities. She shoved Calder’s accusations out of her head. Jealousy clouded his judgment. He’d say anything. Yet… Calder seemed to withhold information.

He returned in a huff, handing her a glass of wine then chugged a beer standing over her. She took in his sculptured body. His tight abs, broad shoulders, long muscled calves, and endowed package. How did she land a guy as magnetic as him?

She sipped from the glass, then leaned forward to place the drink on the coffee table, brushing her cheek against the front of his pants, noting how his hips jerked.

“That moron,” he muttered darkly, “Why the hell would he spout lies? Please tell me you didn’t buy into his bullshit?”

She settled onto a cushion, letting her robe fall open, then kicked up her legs, inclining them seductively. “No, I asked because you wouldn’t lie to me. Would you, Remy?”

He set his empty bottle down as his eyes roamed her appreciatively. She waited for him to take her as he always did. There was a sexual pull towards Remy and his dark temperament turned her on. She was getting to know the man behind the impassivity.

Remy thought Astrid was pretending. She had a coy expression on her upturned face as she challenged him. Would he lie? Absolutely, if it meant she continued to be with him. He didn’t want to deceive her. Not in the least. Calder’s snitching forced him to change tactics.

She smiled, “What?”

“I love you,” he murmured before dipping down to frame her torso, inhaling her fresh scent, hoping she hadn’t lied about sleeping with Calder. “You can trust me,” he cooed, parting her pussy lips, and she writhed under his touch.

“Remy,” she gasped, “You drive me crazy. Are you going to answer the question?”

He ignored her, bending to taste her glistening folds. She moaned, and he told himself to go slow. His restricted cock ached but did nothing about it. When he placed his fingers near her asshole she squirmed, but he made no move to insert them.

He teased around her outer rim, tickling playfully. Her fingers dug into his scalp, hips thrusting, goading him to get to the good part. He clasped her ass cheeks, opening her up for his viewing pleasure.

“Yes,” she yelped when he circled her clit, “Remy, that’s great. Oh, shit… more!”

She squirmed impatiently, and he wondered at her seductive power. She bewitched him with her demure charms and refusal to behave conventionally. Her fingers slid across his back and he shivered, eager to please Astrid in a way she’d never forget.

He dove in making her whimper, sticking his tongue so deep she tried to fight his grip. He latched onto her swollen nub and sucked, nursing it while pumping three fingers into her clenching pussy. She tugged at his strands as she came under his expert mouth. He lapped at her sweet juice, urging her orgasm to its fullest peak until tears glistened in her eyes.

“Don’t stop!” she pleaded, “Fuck me now!”

Remy wiped his off his face after discarding his shirt then leaned backward with a smirk, “Nah, suck my dick first, baby.”

Astrid surged forward, her hands like quicksilver as she whipped off his pants. He groaned when she swallowed his length whole. She jerked his shaft, lips glistening with his precum and he seized her hair, gritting his teeth as she went to town.

He’d had a lot of blowjobs. Women tended to go about it the same way, but not Astrid. She once confessed she blew a shit ton of dudes in school and with a mouth like hers, he would have jumped in line.

She was doing such a fantastic job he fought against the need to break. He wanted to but had other plans. Staring up at the ceiling, his hips jolted when her mouth sealed around him. How she breathed while jamming his dick down her throat amazed him. The girl put her all into it, seeking to jerk him off within minutes. She would have succeeded if he wasn’t well-practiced.

“Astrid,” he spat harshly, “No… fuck! Not yet.”

The fire in her eyes made him freeze when she peered up at him. His heart leaped at the intensity in them. She wanted him to fall apart just as she did for him. A simple task, but he needed her to understand it wasn’t always about his pleasure. Men had taken advantage of her submissive nature in the past and he indulged too, but not tonight. There was something going on with her, and he would enjoy exploring whatever was bothering her.

“Enough,” he snapped when she cupped his saliva covered balls, “I don’t want to come. You make it impossible. Fuck!” he hollered after she slid her lips over his cockhead and licked the slit, “Astrid!”

She gazed upward with a combative look, forcing his hand. Did Astrid think she was in control? Just because she had a masterful touch did not mean he wouldn’t punish her for not listening.

When her vice-like grip ebbed, he shoved her back. She let out a surprised grunt when connecting to the armrest, leaning against the edge of the sofa while he manhandled her where he chose.

“Remy!” she struggled against his hold when he parted her legs once more, “What are you doing?”

He hushed her by placing his palm across her mouth. Her caramel eyes rounded, drifting out of focus when he slammed home. They both shuttered at the depth and he chuckled when she squirmed and tightened around his cock. He moved smoothly as butter, their slick bodies making it easy. He continued to silence her, and she kept struggling.

Remy captured her left nipple, biting down hard. She mewled inarticulate sounds under his fingers. He pumped into her tight hole until it became difficult not to burst. Yet, this wasn’t what he planned.

Closing his eyes, he murmured, “I’m going to let you go, Astrid. Let’s play a game.” When she tightened around his buried cock, continued in a low tone, “I want you to run. When I catch you, I’ll fuck you harder than I’ve ever done before. It won’t be gentle and you probably won’t like it. If you don’t fight me, I’ll be rough. Rougher than before.”

After opening his eyes smirked at her blown pupils. She enjoyed being at his mercy. Her body trembled underneath his and the urge to come right then as he gazed into her terrified eyes almost ended the game before it started. He pulled out of her warmth, nodding seriously before reluctantly getting off of her.

Like a pistol shot, she was up and running. He reached out to capture her but missed. Grinning, he lurched to his feet. The only lights on in the house were the dim table side lamp and stove overhead. The darkness heightened the game. He heard her heavy exhales as she dashed into the kitchen.

“Astrid,” he singsonged, “I’m glad you’re playing. I will try not to hurt you… badly. Do you want to know what I’ll do?”

He was teasing, giving them both time to steady their breathing. It also allowed time for their adrenaline to build as he stalked her. This game could convince Astrid to crave more.

He had to go slow.

Teach her the rules.

Astrid felt confused and scared at the threat Remy posed. No one knew about the assault that happened when she was younger, initiating her into the rougher side of sex. The boy had petrified Astrid, but as an adult, she found the experience to be pivotal to why his coarse demeanor turned her on. Something snapped in her psych back then and trusting Remy to give pleasure with pain a tightrope she tittered on each time he touched her.

She understood he considered this fun and maybe he was expressing some sort of kink. She took his threat seriously. Judging by the glint in his hazel eyes, she had better put up a fight as he instructed. She could have said no, acted insulted or irritated, but she never pretended to be normal.

Even as she had those rational thoughts, she wanted to punish him. To prove she was as adept at schemes as he was.

She ran for the laundry room, easing the door ajar, then slipped into the bathroom. She crouched behind the wood, securing a view of the backdoor. Remy continued taunting her from the living room. Why wait?

Her breathing eased, but the hammering in her ears didn’t subside. She closed her mouth, focusing on inhaling through her nose so he wouldn’t catch her. The gap highlighted his shadow moving down the hall and she hoped hers didn’t show. She stilled when he moved down the hallway.

“I’m going to squeeze that slender neck of yours,” his husky voice promised inches from her hiding spot, “You will cry from not being able to breathe. Then, when you can’t take it anymore, I’ll let go. I love your fight, baby.”

Astrid’s anger bloomed as he explained his intentions and she considered counter-tactics. She’d punch his lights out if he really wanted to play that rough. Strangulation did not turn her on. At least, the thought didn’t. She’d avoid his balls. Maybe she would scratch her nails across his gorgeous cheeks, drawing blood. To see her own marks of violence on Remy sounded damn good. She owed him a bruise.

Remy passed her vision, his steps soundless as he crept towards the laundry door. He paused, uncertain. She held her breath. He slowly eased the back door open a little, keeping his feet out while leaning inside.

She could not slip past Remy if he remained there. He blocked the bathroom entrance by his sly investigating. She willed him to move. It was a small space, but there were dark places where she could have hidden. Still cautious, Remy tentatively advanced. She shifted sideways as he moved closer. He wouldn’t notice her now, half turned inside the room.

She waited.

Remy strode over, flicking the switch on the wall. Shit! She leaped forward, running on her toes as she slipped into the bedroom. Had he heard her? Seen her? She knew every inch of the house. Backing up in the darkness, monitoring the door, she maneuvered around the bed.

“Astrid,” he hissed, shutting off the light, “Where are you? I’m going to make you beg. For what? More. I fuck you better than anyone.”

She frowned at his bragging, finding the thin black belt he used on her last week on the floor. She thought he would feel guilty bruising her when he’d lashed her ass, but he gave it to her good without apology. If he was referring to Calder now, more jealous than she guessed, and it didn’t bode well for her.

Calder made her soft. He possessed something Remy lacked. Both men were terrific lovers, but he seemed genuinely interested in her. Sadly, she imagined Remy would be the one to warm her heart since he had known her longer, but he took his displeasure out on her more and more often and although she understood their relationship became rocky because of her wandering eye, didn’t deserve his lies and constant abandonment when all she asked for was honesty.

No matter, Remy was closing in on her. She hunched down below the bed frame, pressing her knees to her chin, belt wrapped in a fist. Remy stood in the doorway, his erection leading. She admired how strong he looked.

A picture of pure maleness on the hunt.

His entire body was taut with flexed muscle she never tired of seeing. He had to be fit she supposed for his job. As usual, the theory of why Remy bothered with her came to mind. The people he screwed for money soured her stomach and grappled with her role in his life. Oddly though, she’d been more self-assured lately.

Which man sparked the change?

Remy surged forward, and she withheld a scream.

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