Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 18

Remy knew Astrid was in the bedroom, next to the bed. He could see her shadow. The sweet girl thought she could hide when she’d trapped herself in the corner? Not playing around, he swiftly walked over to where she crouched. She let out a gasp at his approach, too late getting up.

“Watch where you step, baby!” she shouted.

Remy started, realizing he had stepped into a coil of a belt loop. She tugged, unbalancing him, and he fell backward. The surprise on Remy’s face was priceless as he waved his arms to no avail. His skull cracked on the ground. She went to leap over his prone form, but even dazed, he reached upward with lightning reflexes, catching her legs. She tumbled sideways against the bed frame.

“That hurt,” he growled, pissed with the realization she caught him unaware. She might be tricky, but he had strength.

Astrid kicked his jaw with her left foot, the other held securely in his grip as she writhed towards the mattress. Although his head and mouth throbbed, he was hard as stone.

“Let go!” she gasped, flailing without aim as she struggled to crawl across the bed.

He used her distraction to rise from the floor, letting her struggle, pushing her back down. At least her feet stayed away from his sensitive parts. She took his threat seriously, so why shouldn’t she fight? He got off on her belligerence.

Astrid twisted, knowing he intended to pin her down. Already, he had one leg awkwardly positioned as he tried to do the same to other by pinching it. She swung her hand out, which he saw in time to avoid. He laughed, enjoying her outrage. With a grunt, she lashed out again, so he grabbed her arm, back-slapping her with the other.

Her head snapped backward, and she whined, “What the hell?”

Remy became even more hard-handed as her vision blurred. After spreading her thighs outside of his, he bound her wrist palm to palm with the belt. “Only a little love tap, fight back.”

“Stop that!” she moved to scratch his face, but he jerked out of reach, “Fuck you! You’re just mad I tripped your ass. Maybe I should have hit you harder.”

Her words obliterated his willingness to let her off easy. Remy smacked her cheek, infuriating her further. “You like it,” he panted, towering over her, “Tell me you like it.”

“No,” Astrid seethed, “I don’t. I don’t! Let me go, you asshole! Don’t touch me!”

Did she mean it? The displeased frown on her face forced him to consider his own prickle of anxiety that he might take it too far, but the lustful pique in her dark eyes made his decision easy.

“Are you going to cry?” his tone threatening, one hand steady her slender neck, fingers pressing on her pulse point, “Are you giving up already?”

She refused to answer, her eyes glistening angrily in the moonlight. Astrid turned him on to no end, looking so venerable. He kissed her soft lips, bringing the weight of his body down on hers. She did not respond or show fear. Remy never imagined she would act so tough.

She continued to amaze him and hoped she always fought.

“Baby,” he groaned, tightening his grip, “You are so fucking sexy. Do you feel the adrenaline?”

She did. Oh, how she felt it coursing through her veins, “Stop.”

Remy gave her a ludicrous look, “Why? Baby, you did so well. Better than I imagined. Kiss me.”

She twisted her head when he lowered his lips. He constricted her airway, hoping to crush her resistance, chuckling when her legs thrashed. His hard-on was painful as she turned a vivid shade of red.

“Yes,” he hissed, loving the way her eyes pleaded for mercy, “Do you want me, baby? I'm dying to fuck you.”

He relented control after a few seconds, and she gulped in air. With a dark chuckle, he placed his mouth on her sweaty breasts, licking and nipping them as she calmed.

“Remy,” she whimpered, “Please… stop.”

Once more, he squeezed her larynx. Her panic was a beautiful sight to behold. Biting his lip, trying not to come as big, fat tears rolled from pretty brown eyes, he whispered, “Oh, yeah? Are you going to tell me to stop again? Are you?” she flailed below as he shouted, “Or are you going to let me do whatever I want?”

When Remy released her neck, she coughed violently, and he flipped her over onto her stomach. With her concentrating on breathing, she couldn’t speak. Hooking her hips, he yanked her to her knees, forcing her to lean on her bound hands.

“Astrid,” he cooed, running a hand up and down her spine, “Tell me you want me.”

Coughing, scratching her nails on the floor, Astrid remained mute. He waited, then when she continued her silence, slapped her ass hard. “Say it!” he roared.

She let out a whimper, but wouldn’t utter the words. He spanked the other cheek, grinning at the handprint left there. She yelped, trying to wiggle forward, but he took hold once more, dragging her back.

Remy had never been this excited before, even on the job. She was one hell of a fighter. How long would she continue to resist? “I can smell your arousal. Fuck, you’re soaked, babe.

Astrid grunted as Remy compressed her windpipe. The expression as he manhandled her was savage. As if he intended to strangle her until she blacked out. The slickness soaking her thighs didn’t match the madness filling her mind until she thought of nothing but ripping him to shreds.

She hadn’t expected this violence from either of them but gloated over the fact she’d gotten a few licks in. Remy was much stronger and skilled at this game. Was it a game?

Now, as she whimpered, being dragged to where he wanted her, she found her voice. The pain in her throat made her speech raspy and Remy panted behind her, fingernails digging into her flesh like little knives. “I don’t want you,” she whispered, screwing her eyelids close, “Untie me, coward.”

“Coward?” he hissed, leaning over her.

“Taking away my ability to fight is cowardly!” she screamed, struggling.

She tensed, expecting a vicious wallop that never came. His rapid breathing filled the silence, and he stayed stock-still, restraining her squirming frame with little effort. He demanded her assent, only she refused to give in to his vocal demands.

Then he reacted with a snarl.

His fingers parted her ass cheeks before shoving his dripping prick deep inside. She shrieked, and he chuckled. She tried to jerk away, but he shoved her head down.

Astrid screeched as he forced his way in and out of her tight hole. He became lost in the sensation, her wails a distant noise.

“No! Please!” she cried, “Remy! You’re hurting me!”

Astrid felt as though she was being ripped apart. The ferocity of his strokes overrode her complaints as she gasped open-mouthed curses as he pummeled her. Never had she withstood such warring emotions, and Remy seemed to fuck her forever as her mind and body battled against clashing sensations. Pleasure and discomfort at her contorting limbs made her thoughts scatter as he took what he wanted.

He pinned her down, getting on one knee for leverage. He throbbed, grew and fucked her ass, thinking now she knew. Now she’d always remember he was better than that fuckhead. When the urge to come built, he bit her right shoulder blade. He marked her perfect creamy skin so when Calder dared to touch his girl again he would see his imprint.

Since he refused to ejaculate at work, he came like a goddamn rocket. When he returned to his senses, he deftly untied her wrists and worried over her prolonged silence.

She curled into a ball, eyes glassy, distant and unseeing.

“Astrid?” he whispered, “Hey, are you all right? Baby, you need to talk to me!”

She inhaled a shuddering breath as the pain slowly subsided, but the memory of him choking her didn’t. How could she go on with Remy if he intended on marking her so brutally? He had bitten her for one reason. Even though he looked concerned when she sat up, it did not ease the tension between them.

“Babe,” he softly implored, “Please don’t look at me like that. I thought we were having fun. Did I hurt you?”

Rubbing the indentations on her skin, she rasped, “I’m fine. Just sore.”

He sighed in relief, “I didn’t mean to be so rough. You… bring it out in me, I guess.”

Every muscle in her body protested when she moved, especially when talking. What sort of lasting bruises would she have this time? Remy shook his head when she shakily stood up. His expressions conveyed remorse, but it wasn’t good enough. He shouldn’t have been so damn violent.

After entering the bathroom, she locked the door. Avoiding the mirror, she picked up a washcloth asking herself what caused him to snap. A sudden realization came to her as she cleaned her backside he had saved himself for her, even with clients. He purposely waited to come. What did that mean?

Fucking maniac!

Dazed, she joined Remy in bed where he snuggled close, whispering how much he loved her. She needed to let his roughness go.

Had to, or she’d have to admit something was terribly wrong between them.

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