Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 20

Astrid rocked a brand new attitude when Remy picked her up that evening.

She reflected after visiting Abner. He opened her eyes on a bunch of issues she’d been oblivious to. Some things he’d said hurt, but valued his honesty. After all, she came to him for answers not only about their relationship but men in general.

Sex, Abner confessed, the only thing he missed about Astrid. He’d been with many women, of course, but occasionally thought of her, of her tits and how she used him off. Yet, by the time Astrid left because she became offended, he sat her down for real talk, saying he saw something in her he hadn’t appreciated before. He explained she seemed not only more self-assured but provocative in how she carried herself.

Astrid divulged Remy’s rugged sexual preference in minimal detail. He pointed at her neck, giving a lecherous nod. Then Astrid disclosed Calder’s sudden arrival and interest and how the two men schemed behind her back. He shook his head, declaring they not only played on her emotions but made a deal.

“What do you mean?” She snapped, “What deal?”

“Okay, guys you’ve just described could fuck anyone, correct? So, why would they provoke you into seeing them both? If Remy told you right away, maybe they formed an agreement.”

“I still don’t get it,” she sighed in confusion, “I wasn’t ‘provoked’.”

“Yeah-huh. So, you call Remy your boyfriend and Calder your lover. Two guys who know about each other, along with the girl, have bigger plans than what you’ve outlined so far. You’re not polyamorous but it can be fun. You always were amusing even if a little boring.”

Astrid put a lot of effort into her appearance that night. Abner was such a sleazeball. She felt so much better about herself after their conversation. He made her realize Remy changed her by giving her a boost no other man had. Why hadn’t they? Because, like Abner, they did not want a confident Astrid loose outside the bedroom. They brought her down for their own greedy purposes. Remy wouldn’t dare. He urged her towards the frisky woman she now presented. No wonder Calder had been sprung on sight.

No longer would Astrid think herself below par. She dressed in a black mini-skirt and fishnet stockings after thinking about who would be at the party. The top was black too, but mid-drift with flaring half sleeves and a scoop front. After braiding in her hair for a sporty look, she applied dark makeup. Her grandmother had forbidden her to wear it for years, calling her ugly names until she threw everything out. When she’d grown older, she kept it as light as possible, but as she tested different colored eye-shadows, noticed how it highlighted her brunette tresses and eyes, transforming her complexion.

After staring at her reflecting in the full-length mirror, she decided to change. Skirts were too easy for Remy to access her body. Tonight, she would decide when he could touch her.

Finding a pair of low-rise jeans and high-heeled boots, she slipped them on before Remy knocked on the door. When he saw her, his mouth opened and closed, speechless. She pushed him aside to lock the house.

“Wow,” he growled, trailing his fingers along her bare midriff, “You’re fucking hot baby.”

She shoved his chest with a warning look, “No hanky-panky. I’m not a sex toy.”

He bulked, “Huh? What the hell is wrong now?”

Ignoring him, she walked to the car. He hurried behind and opened the door with a smirk. After patting his cheek, she slipped into the seat. He practically ran to get in on the other side.

“Remy, I’ve done a lot of thinking today,” she said as he drove, “About me. I’ve been going with the flow.”

He glanced at her warily, “Is that so?”

“All my life, I’ve gone along with the tide, never against it. That is until I met you. You’ve made me realize I’m stronger than the waves battering my shore.”

He considered her words for a few seconds before responding, “Astrid, what are you getting at?”

She snickered, “I guess no one except me can get where I’m coming from. It’s my personal battle. But, I feel great. Confident.”

Remy nervously smiled as she continued to laugh. She knew her behavior was freaking him out a little, but she didn’t care. Turning on the radio, she quit talking. He kept shooting her puzzled glances as she sang along to the song playing. Her upbeat attitude had her positively glowing. He grinned, enjoying her carefree mood.

After parking at his building, he admitted, “Arlo isn’t partying, but Jay and Rose came over. Jay’s like a gnat, buzzing around him. Kinda gets crowded when I need to relax, but whatever.”

“You must get sick of roommates.”

He shrugged, unlocking the entrance, “I’ve always shared space with others, I’m used to it.”

She frowned, itching to ask more information since he never spoke about his past, but now wasn’t the time. Her boots clicking on the metal stairs as Remy escorted from the rear, ogling her ass in the tight jeans. When they reached his apartment, she clocked the erection pressing against the front of his pants. She kissed him hard, teasing him in the hallway before strutting inside to say hello.

Arlo was alone with Jay. The men were shirtless, their delicious inked skin on display, and the sweet aroma of weed hung in the air. She sat next to Jay, grinning at the boy’s wide-eyed stares. Did she really look so different?

“Arlo,” Remy snapped, “Join me in the kitchen?”

Arlo tore his eyes off of Astrid, jumping to his feet. Jay asked if she wanted to smoke pot and with a shrug, decided why the hell not? He handed her the pipe with a wink.

Remy heard Astrid chatting over the loud music in the living room. Arlo leaned against the counter, showing him four little white tablets with red hearts stamped on them.

He hesitated, “Maybe I shouldn’t do this.”

Arlo tossed a tab in his mouth, washing it down with a pull from his beer, “I got them because you said she’d be down. If she bails, we’ll call Rose. That girl’s always primed.”

“She doesn’t understand,” he softly told his friend who gave him a sympathetic nod, snatching two of the Ecstasy tabs, “She won’t go for tricks.”

“Then why play games?” Arlo slurred, already drunk, “Go in there and ask if she wants to have a wild time. She’s fucking gorgeous.”

“She is, isn’t she?”

“The prissy dresses she normally wears doesn’t compare to tonight. We’re paid to entertain, but it’s nice to choose who we party with at home. Can’t wait to feel those lips wrapped around my cock,” he chuckled at Remy’s dark stare, “Hey, I’m only saying she’s fuckable, and clothes don’t matter once they hit the floor.”

“Get the fuck away from me before I do something I’ll regret,” he scowled.

Remy stayed in the kitchen when Arlo stumbled back into the living room. He pulled a few beers from the fridge and set them on the cluttered counter, undecided if he should place the drug in Astrid’s drink. He planned for Arlo to seduce her, but wasn’t sure if he could go through with it. Not after her speech in the car.

His past reared its ugly head, and the respect he had for Astrid derailed his intentions. Taking a deep breath, he squeezed his eyes shut as grim memories surfaced.

Astrid laughed wildly in the other room at something Arlo said or did. She was different this evening. It hadn’t escaped his notice she was more self-assured these days, but Arlo was right. She looked smoking hot. She seemed untamed and in control of whatever she set in her head.

He feared it would come back to bite him in the ass.

In the living room, Astrid cheered as Arlo dirty danced in front of her to the loud rock music. He gripped a beer in one hand, the other caressing his neck, acting silly.

She fell against Jay on the couch, “Whoa! Take it off! Are you my stripper tonight, Arlo?”

His eyes gleamed at her as he gyrated towards her, “I’m all you need, baby.”

Jay made a disgusted sound, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, “Boo! Go back to strip-a-gram school!”

Astrid giggled and Arlo acted insulted, thrusting at Jay as the man turned his head, fake screeching like a girl. Jay buried his face into her hair, his arms pinning her against the sofa. The moment she realized Jay’s bare chest was pressing intimately against her own, his hot mouth touched her neck, hand roving to cup her ass. She shoved him away, uncomfortable. He slid off of the cushion, falling while Arlo roared with taunting laughter. Jay shrugged.

She stood facing them both, “Let me show you how it’s done.”

The men scrambled to dance next to her as she moved her hips in time to the beat. They were funny guys, encouraging each other with taunts. Their eyes followed every movement she made, and her pulse raced, enjoying the lustful attention. Although they kept hands off of her, she could see they both sported erections.

Where the hell is Remy? She suddenly thought.

Remy hadn’t placed the drug in Astrid’s beer, figuring she could make her own decision. She held his heart, and he didn’t want to lose her because of a cowardly, adolescent move. He took a tab, then stepped out of the kitchen.

It surprised Remy to find his two friends dancing on either side of his girl. She glowed with sexual flirtation, which he’d never seen on her face. Her pants were sinfully tight, breast practically oozing out of the low-cut top she wore. The way Astrid moved her body to the music was too much to sit by and not join in.

Yet, it was all he did, admiring her happiness.

She spotted him, ditching the enamored men, “Hey baby! For me?” she snatched the drink from his frozen hand.

“Having fun?” he asked, carrying the pill in his fist, “Looks like it. Can I tell you something without you getting mad?”

She drank half the bottle, then breathlessly replied, “Shoot.”

He held up the tablet between two fingers so she saw the red heart, “We’ve all taken one of these.”

She tilted her head in confusion, sipping the remains of the beer. He smiled reassuringly so she wouldn’t feel scared.

“It’s a love drug,” he explained, “It makes you want to touch and fuck everything. I’ve just taken mine. Arlo did, too. I thought… we could play.”

“Yeah, but your kind of playing leaves me wondering why I bother with you,” she said in a semi-sweet yet harsh tone that wiped the smile from his face, “What are you suggesting?”

Arlo and Jay shifted behind Astrid, looking at him doubtfully. They wanted her as badly as he did, but it wasn’t coming together. Remy continued holding up the Ecstasy but stopped smiling as her icy gaze registered.

“Astrid, I’m not suggesting,” he returned her coolness. If she thought she was a hard-ass suddenly, she didn’t know him at all. He could whip her into submission so quick, her brain would hurt for a week. “I’m telling you. Stick it on your tongue so it dissolves. Within the hour, you’ll want every cock in this room. Yes?” he turned the tab, “Or, no?”

She noticed the unwavering cruelty in his eyes. He wasn’t playing. She had to choose. Hell, they consumed the drug already!

Astrid held out her hand, and he set the tiny pill on her palm. He gave her a stiff nod, brushing past her to join the guys. Music blasted the space, but her heartbeat rang the loudest. Why did he take drugs? Scratch that, why would he share her with his friends when he threw conniptions over Calder?

They invited her over for sex! She realized this as she examined the situation. Remy… set her up for an orgy! Lied to her about a so-called party so she’d come over.

The men were laughing and talking like nothing was wrong, and she eyed the front door, feeling the urge to run.

When Remy flopped down on the sofa, his vision blurred. Whoa, no more alcohol with the E. He half-listened to Arlo mutter he should coax Astrid into joining them as Jay rolled a joint.

He glanced to where Astrid stood a moment ago, but she wasn’t there. Sitting forward, his heart pounded, speculating if she went to the bathroom.

Arlo cursed, “Door’s open.”

Remy jumped to his feet, running for the wide-open doorway. His shoes crushed the pill as he rushed down the first flight of stairs. He peered over the railing, glimpsing dark hair.

“Astrid!” he shouted, fear of what provoked her to take off tangling his tongue, “No! Stop! Uh, Let’s talk. Where are you going?”

He continued to dash after her, but she had a head start. When he crashed through the exit, he didn’t see her anywhere. He called out her name like an idiot who’d lost his child.

Why had she run? Was it the drug? They’d discussed drugs before, and she acted cool about it. He groaned, knowing it had to of been the fact his friends wanted to fuck her.

After a minute, he ran back upstairs. Arlo avoided his glare, sensing Remy’s foul mood. He could not blame them for his actions. It was his fault she left, not theirs.

After grabbing his keys, he dialed Astrid’s cell once more, clamoring down the stairs. She didn’t pick up. He redialed in frustration. She couldn’t avoid him forever.

Astrid was important to Remy. Hadn’t she said he changed her? She changed him too. He needed her more than she realized.

He drove around the decrepit streets of his neighborhood without spotting her. Impossible. She had to be close! Why didn’t she answer the damn phone!

He finally left a message, “Astrid, I’m sorry. Whatever caused you to run out on me… I apologize. You should have talked to me. Whatever upset you, I’ll fix it. Just… fucking call me! I love you and… I never meant for you to feel so angry that you’d bolt. Let me know you’re safe, please?”

After twenty minutes of aimless driving, he returned home. Arlo and Jay were on the sofa, kissing Rose. She lived in the building, which was convenient. With stimulates coursing through their systems, Rose was having a fantastic time.

Remy crossed his arms, simmering in anger as she sucked Arlo’s dick while Jay fucked her from behind. They didn’t care he lost Astrid in their seedy area. Arlo counseled more than once to leave Astrid alone, saying she’d never fit into their lifestyle. He didn’t want her to conform. If anything, he should take notes on how to be a better person like her.

Jay finished with Rose, sat back to smoke a joint and the girl motioned for him to join them, holding up a condom. She constantly came on to him, even with two boyfriends. Every time he shot her down, it only seemed to fuel her crush, but he wasn’t single, no matter how enticing she looked.

Fuck it. Getting wasted, forgetting the gnawing guilt of wronging Astrid for the hundredth time sounded fucking perfect, and he jerked his head towards the hall. Ignoring Arlo’s tight jaw, he followed her into his room.

“Forget that snobby bitch. I’ll do anything for you. Fuck me hard,” Rose begged, pressing her small tits against his chest, “I can take it.”

He shoved her roughly onto her knees, “Jealousy isn’t a good look on you slut. Shut that dirty mouth.”

She batted her eyelids, “Yes, sir.”

How had his night gone from watching his girlfriend glow with joy to this hot mess? One thing was for certain, he should have waited to swallow that damn pill.

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