Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 3

Remy drove to Sunshine Lake but turned onto a side road up a hidden rise. An ancient weeping willow hid the car from view. The street too if you looked from the shore. The huge tree a hideaway most never found, but he’d come there for years.

He watched Astrid standing under the spruce, gazing down at the water’s moonlit surface and couldn’t imagine a more beautiful girl to spend his nights with. The affection for the brunette grew gradually. She trusted him. He trusted her… somewhat. The secrets he kept from her were fine for now. He didn’t want to spoil their relationship. She was perfect for what he needed.

“Astrid,” he tenderly called her name, opening the backseat door, “It’s time.”

She grinned, watching him unbutton his dress shirt, “IS it? This spot is great. I’ve been at the lake a hundred times, never realizing this was here.”

He smirked, “Most don’t.”

She sauntered over, “You have a heavy hand at sex, don’t you?”

Surprise flickered in his hazel eyes before they lowered to her heaving chest, “Heavy hand? I’ll try to be more… gentle.”

She giggled, sliding into the car, “No, it’s fine. Don’t hold back. I want to know how I make you feel. I want… to be wanted.”

Quietly Remy joined her in the plush back seat. The darkness made it near impossible for them to see each other’s faces. He left the radio on a slow jams station.

“When will you realize you’re appreciated?” he softly asked, peppermint breath fanning her cheeks, “Your self-esteem bothers me sometimes.”

She awkwardly unhooked her high heels. Had she done something wrong? She only meant to explain how his sexual techniques turned her on. She liked how he made her squirm in need. He sat still as though she ruined the mood. Damn!

She yanked her dress up and over her head, tossing it in his face to liven things up, “Show me you want me then Remy. You’re the only one I crave.”

He gripped her legs, dragging them apart until able to lean over her body then kissed her neck as she ran her fingers through his silky ash-blonde hair. He traveled to her caged breast, pulling the bra aside to smack the flesh with the palm of his hand. She snickered when he expertly snaked her panties off next.

He leaned back to whip off his shirt, leering at her nude form in the dim light. Hastily undoing his pants, he knew he should slow down to show her how she needed love, but he couldn’t. She excited him too much.

“Come here,” he growled once they were both bare.

Remy hauled her onto his lap. She wrapped her hands around his wide shoulders, positioning her knees comfortably. She began kissing him with a fiery passion, setting his blood ablaze. He stretched her opening, shoving inside her weeping pussy, hearing her give a throaty moan. He smiled at the slickness between her thighs as she shivered in his arms. Always fucking wet, this one.

“Ready?” he placed his hands firmly on her curvy hips, “Ready to feel how you make me want you?”

She let out another small cry that vibrated down to his balls. He worked her on his cock, grinning in the dark. She shook atop his body, gasping at the brutal force. Her hot little mouth latched onto his sweaty neck, wetly kissing his salty skin.

The car bounced on its shocks.

He gripped her damp hair, snapping her head back. Her sultry lips made it hard for him not to explode. Astrid’s whimper at the unexpected smarting excited him further. Her diminutive cries a drug he barely had a taste of but needed more of. So much more than he wanted to pressure her for. He took it easy the night before, but now as he felt her vigorously applying her sweaty body against his that decision eased towards medium pain.

Astrid sensed something in Remy switching. If she were conscious of it or not, he noticed the sudden way she wriggled awkwardly instead of fluidly. Had he injured her? He covered a fist in the long, lush dark hair cascading around her pretty face.

She allowed him to bend her backward, crushed against the driver’s seat. Her perky tits flashed white and silky smooth in the dim moonlighting. They stopped moving at his decline of her form. He stayed rooted in her tight warmth with a rough grunt.

With her breaths quick in the air, breasts shaking, he lowered his lips to one. When he peered up at her face, she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Remy,” she panted, low and husky, causing him to pop her nipple out of his mouth, “You make me want to scream.”

His dick jerked. He longed for her to scream. He dismissed the thought as soon as it came. “Astrid, don’t hold it in babe. I’m learning every inch of you. We’ve explored our fucking sensitive emotional side. We can do the same with sex, right?”

She swallowed thickly, “Okay.”

He couldn’t help but smirk, “Now back to these fantastic tits begging for my tongue.”

Astrid wasn’t afraid of Remy. With her eyes tightly closed she refused to meet his shadowy expressions. She’d caught his weird glint of animalistic pleasure when he hurt her in the clubs parking lot. She didn’t care to see it again, even if was present now.

His body was amazing. No other man she’d been naked with had looked so damn good. The way his muscles bunched and never seemed to tire of fucking flaunted his stamina. A perfect specimen. Did they exist? Yes. Right here with her in the back of his Mercedes. She melted for him. Touched his shoulders softly to increase his speed.

Remy held onto Astrid’s bucking frame as the climax he achieved for her made the car move. She moaned throatily, but it wasn’t enough. More. He brought her throat against his teeth, knowing how to drive her fucking shriek at least one way.

Astrid gasped as the wonderful, odd sensational pain of his bite on her neck increased the orgasm she was in the middle of having. He slapped her ass, thrusting and pressing until she let out a strangled wail. His other hand wrapped around her windpipe, not allowing her to pull away as he bit at her delicate skin with vicious intent.

“Oh god! Stop!” she pleaded, her entire being tightening, shivering from the ongoing explosions she could not handle. “Too much! I can’t! Please!”

No one ever brought such an extreme ongoing orgasm as Remy forced her to endure. It was so sensational; the world blurred as she let out a shriek she never produced before. His prick swelled on each high note she reached.

She eventually issued the right yelp he waited to hear. He groaned deep inside his chest as she emitted the sound. He came. And came. Pushed everything he could muster as she struggled to stop him with frantic pleas. His head spun. Damn this bitch. He’d bang her scrumptious body for hours if given the chance.

Yet, she was near tears as he released her. Oh shit, what did he do?

Astrid weakly slid off of Remy to the other side of the seat. She hid her face, blindly groping for the dress on the floorboard.

What had he done? He came inside her! She was on birth control but did something she should have seen coming. Shit!

She tried to relax, wiping the area between her legs with the inside of her dress. He sat motionless except to catch his breath but felt his heavy gaze on her. The music blared some old love song, reminding her of high school. She shoved those thoughts away. Those feelings of being used in the backseat of some random boys’ car.

Backseat fuck sessions. So much for having a mature relationship slut.

“Astrid,” he softly asked, “are you okay?”

Was she okay? She just experienced the best orgasm of her life!

“Yeah… great. What?” she fiddled with her bra, trying to clasp it, “I’m a little dizzy. You… you made me tired.”

He assisted with even, calm hands, “I didn’t intend to do what I did. Too excited. It’s no excuse, but are you sure?” he finished, dropping his arms to his side.

She finally peered up at those sparkling hazel eyes, seeing the same ole Remy. The compassionate man who understood her, “I’m fine. I mean, I excited you?” she nervously laughed.

He grinned. “Yes. Men exercise restraint to not blow their wad in the first few seconds you know. Anything tight and wet gets us off.”

“Yeah, I’ve had that type before,” she snorted.

She really had a great time. There’s no need for awkwardness, she told herself, although her neck hurt like a bitch. How awful was the damage to sting this bad?

“You’ve had finer girls than me though.”

“Hey!” he seized her fidgeting hands bringing them against his strong chest, “You’re a zillion times better than whoever you may compare yourself against. I’m not bullshitting you.”

His words cut. The way he spoke heartfelt, so adamant she wanted to believe him. How could he honestly expect she would? His last girlfriend had probably been a supermodel who sucked his dick eighteen hours a day.

“Astrid,” he chided, sensing her doubt, “When will you stop belittling yourself? I’ve done nothing but try to show you how wonderful you are for three months! When I pay you compliments, you throw them in my face. Every time I tell you how fucking beautiful you are, you ignore me! Please Astrid, somewhere in that phenomenal, intelligent mind of yours there has to be a breaking point. Find some damn confidence.”

She angrily wrenched away. “Don’t patronize me, Remy! You weren’t asked to indulge my ego!”

“What the hell!” he sounded surprised at her anger.

She opened the door, dipping out in only her bra. She wiggled into her dress as she shouted at him, “I have fucking confidence! A good job! I see myself as an intelligent woman who landed a gorgeous boyfriend who’s trying to make my self-esteem a bigger issue than it is! Why? I accept myself as I am Remy.”

He redressed when she went off, now stepping out of the car. He shot her a bewildered glance, circling the vehicle. She ignored him as she searched for her heels.

“You accept yourself?” he repeated, “Are you implying I don’t? Astrid, I love everything about you.”

She slammed the door, “So do I. Okay? Settled?”

Remy gazed at the fierce expression. He’d seen her a bit angry before, but never witnessed such a display of fire as she just showed. She was stunning. The passion behind her speech aroused him instantly. He craved that kind of heat during sex. To have her so pissed off at him, she cursed his name.

“Stop!” she jumped backward when he took a step forward, his facial muscles ticking aggressively, “Don’t touch me.”

He blinked. “Sorry. It’s...”

“What?” she snapped, “Let’s go back to my place. I’m tired.”

He slowly opened the passenger door for her, appearing as if coming to his senses. Awkwardly, she slid inside, wondering why he had that look. He closed it then rounded the trunk to get on the driver’s side.

Except he didn’t appear.

She remained seated. Maybe he’s taking a moment to compose himself. Why did she snap? Her problems were hers to deal with. She always doubted herself but tried to not let it show in front of others. Or at least she thought.

Remy expected something from her. Something she’d seen, but not heard or understood yet. What? What did he want?

He slipped behind the wheel a minute later. He tentatively smiled before starting the engine. Nothing changed. Everything the same.

The ride to her house was uncomfortably silent. Embarrassed by her outburst by the time he pulled into her driveway, she grappled for peace. Why did she overreact? Had she been wrong to defend herself? The many unsure questions about his life caused her to wonder if perhaps the reason he focused so much on her was so she didn’t turn the spotlight around to grill him.

“Coming in?” she gave him a sexy leer, “I’m sorry I yelled. Was that our first little tiff?” she leaned forward exposing the top of her breasts.

He snorted, hands strangling the wheel,“If you could call it that. You sort of established you don’t need me.”

She blinked, sitting up, “Of course I don’t need you. Relationships should not be needful. Independent. I want you. I like who you are Remy.”

He gazed ahead at her house. “I’ll wait until you’re inside.”

He dismissed her.

She flinched at the coldness. What had she done? “Remy, are you mad?”

He smiled reassuringly, but she avoided peering into his hazel eyes in case indifference nested there, “No. No, I’m tired. Give me a smooch babe.”

She did. A quick one since he pulled back immediately, fists still clenching the steering wheel. She sighed as she opened the door. Well, she at least received a goodnight kiss. Damn him anyhow!

“Night,” she huffed, “Drive carefully to where ever you lay your head.”

Then she slammed the car door on his reply.

She stormed up to the house, her hands shaking as she unlocked it.

Then she banged that one too.

With tears in her eyes, she ran to the bedroom. In a fit, she threw her dirty dress off then kicked her heels across the room with a thunk.

Why had he been so cold? He may be handsome, but Astrid did not appreciate his attitude. So, once again she acted like a bitch when saying goodnight.

She curled up naked in bed, not bothering to wash him off her body. His scent was all around her, making her tear up. Damn that man! She needed him. It’s difficult for her to trust people, especially men. Remy understood this. Gentle with her emotions all these months.

Before sex.

Is sex ruining their bond? The friendship they enjoyed a few days ago so wonderful. She figured the sexual one would be as well. Remy had been so forceful. The way he tugged her hair and bit her neck utterly brutal.

Brutally arousing.

Such a stupid ending to a fun date.

She would call his cell in the morning. First thing, she promised herself. She’d be contrite and apologize for being bitchy. He’d probably act as if she blew the conversation out of proportion, but wanted him to know she could own her actions. Good or unwarranted.

She did need him in her life. His constant high opinion of her. She felt better about herself since meeting him. She carried herself much more confidently.

Remy was great. Secretive but sweet.

She needed to get a grip on her anger issues or lose him forever.

Become perfect for Remy because she was far, far, from ever being what he needed.

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