Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 35

Astrid’s head swam with conflicting emotions. Remy made her feel understood and cherished by his honest answers regarding his past. There was a lot she wanted to ask, to find out why he lied to her, but once more she fell into the comfort of his muscular arms as if time apart had never happened. Denying the draw of his seductiveness never crossed her mind once he spoke of how he refused to abandon her as everyone else had. Even angry, she reserved a place for him in her heart. In her sad soul.

When Remy kissed her with unexpected tenderness, memories of their friendship rushed forward. All the nights he held her, talking about everything, and nothing until the sun rose. Calder’s discussions lately had boiled down to… Remy. He went on rants telling her how dangerous Remy was and he loved her enough to force him out of her life.

Except it wasn’t his call.


It always came down to sex. Astrid didn’t know why, but they desired her as much as she did them. They were insatiable for each other. Was it reprehensible of her to love two different men when they couldn’t stand the sight of each other? She longed to go back in time when they might have become friends.

Remy brushed his lips near her ear, and she shivered in his embrace. He strove hard to rekindle their spark. To make Astrid his once more, but she wasn’t sure if she could do it again. She loved Calder and would most likely be curled up on his couch if she hadn’t let his family inside her head. He spent all weekend trying to protect her from their searing glances and bitter words and in return; she sat at a park making out with an ex-lover!

But oh, she melted from the way Remy roamed his fingers along her exposed skin. His familiar peppermint scent a balm she missed. His erection bumped against her parted thighs, pressing against her growing wet spot. He probably wasn’t aware of how he crushed her resistance with a simple kiss. She gazed into his hazel eyes, warring with herself after the conversation they just had.

“Do you want to keep this from Calder?” he breathlessly asked, cupping her flushed cheeks, “To not tell him we talked?”

“It would be wrong to lie,” she pulled him closer, getting turned on imagining Remy fucking her in the open, “I shouldn’t be here.”

He kissed her roughly without warning, demanding reciprocation, although it would only lead to more heartache. Knowing she should shove him away and run home, but fueled by his intensity, opened her mouth for his skillful tongue.

Remy’s solid body caged her on the bench. His cock bulged inside his jeans. The fabric scraping through to her clenching core. She clung to his leather belt, submitting to the moment. Seasoned at breaking down her defenses, she didn’t stand a chance.

“Astrid,” he moaned her name, breaking the frenzied kiss, “I won’t tell Calder. But, I need you. Right here, right now.”

She shivered from the raw intensity in his voice, and all rationality flew out the window under his lust-filled gaze. Only naughty, sinful thoughts flooded her mind. His thirst for her always turned her on, and tonight was no exception.

“Remy,” she whined when his hand slid into her shorts, “We can’t…”

His mouth descended onto hers once more, silencing all protests. The guilt needed to verbally if not mindfully quieted. Deft fingers met their mark, plunging into wet folds, making her buck on the table. She whimpered as a slow-building orgasm heated her body in contrast to the cool night air.

“Come for me, baby,” he growled against her panting lips, “It’s been too long since I’ve watched you fall apart for me. You’re so beautiful. I want to fuck you stupid then send you off with my come dripping down your thighs as a reminder you’ll always be mine.”

Astrid exploded under his words and touch, and he caught her cries in another mind-blowing kiss, leaving her breathless and dizzy. Before she could draw a full breath, his swollen member pushed balls deep inside her drenched slit. He didn’t care if anyone saw his naked ass pounding away, giving her everything while whispering how much he loved her.

“Still so damn tight,” he groaned, “You will come on my cock until you get it into that thick skull you belong with me.”

Biting her lip to quiet her moans, Remy began measured strokes and the sounds of their sloppy lovemaking filled park. She threw her head back, forgetting how he knew exactly what to do and say to win. With his unwavering stare catching her every expression, the out-pour of tender longing from his bright hazel eyes propelled her off of the cliff once more and she came so hard there were a thousand new stars in the sky.

He held her tightly, coming the same time she had. Two orgasms left her weak and shivering, glad to rest against his heaving chest. The realization of what she’d done and how his promised seed would trail down her legs on the walk home made her gasp. He had not only fucked her in public but came inside of her. Too dazed to protest, allowed his searing kisses to deflect regret bubbling alongside her old friend shame.

After a few minutes, Remy stepped back to right his clothes, a sheepish smile on his face. All Astrid could think about was how she was a dirty cheater and Calder would hate her forever if he found out. Was she insane to miss Remy even when he stood three inches away? Now what? She was such a mess!

“Astrid,” he softly said when she sat dumbly after he fixed her shorts, “Thank you. I know in your little head you’re all worked up over guilt. I won’t press you, baby. Just… call me sometime. Okay?”

She glared at his casual tone, “If I do, it’ll be the same. I can’t promise you anything, Remy. Calder and I are a couple. You make him crazy.”

Remy smirked, “And I will continue too. Sorry babe, you and I were together way before he even knew you existed. It was a mistake allowing him near you. You good? Sore?”

She blushed, “Fishing for compliments? I need time to process this.”

He scoffed, “Kicking me to the curb, as usual.”

“Hey!” she warned with a scowl, “Don’t push your luck.”

His handsome features blanked, and her chest tightened when he started walking off, “Remember what I said. I’ll be seeing you, baby.”

Astrid returned home, showered, then dove into bed face first. Calder made her so damn angry earlier, so she’d refused to stay at his place. Now, look. She’s messed around with Remy like a wanton whore incapable of keeping her legs closed. How had things gotten so complicated? Was fate messing with her cards again?

She tossed and turned throughout the night. The sensual kisses Remy laid on her felt different from anything she’d ever experienced. She enjoyed Remy’s possessiveness every time he touched her, and once more compared it to Calder’s gentle ones. Both set her body alight.

Why couldn’t she break it off with Remy for good? Now she had a secret from Calder, who didn’t deserve it. He’d done nothing wrong, but she kept him at arm’s length, thinking he would hurt her.

She treated Remy the same. Treated both men as if they already wronged her. Hadn’t they?

Thoughts of Julia led her to frown. What did Remy need a lawyer for? Crap, how had she forgotten to ask him? There was always next time.

Next time?

Could she go behind Calder’s back to find out more about Remy’s past and why he shadowed her movements? Ugh, untangling his reasoning caused her brain to ache! She rolled over to see it was two in the morning and still warring with herself over a man who point-blank said he would not leave her alone.

Then Astrid remembered they had screwed her over at the start of it all. Ah, the assholes thought she forgot, didn’t they? Remy regretted letting Calder near her? What they both failed to realize was she allowed both near her.

With her mind made up, she fell asleep at last.

* Later that Week *

Calder took Astrid dancing at her favorite club on Friday. They hadn’t really spent time together since fighting the previous weekend and thought going out sounded better than lying around her place. She became distant, although appeared to not have realized it.

Calder hoped a night out would ease the friction building between them. He didn’t understand why she was so quiet or seemingly bored when he stopped by her house after work, no longer pressuring her to stay over at his. He tried hard to get her focus back to what their relationship could be like without the interference of that asshat Remy or his family after the disastrous visit at his father’s. Obviously, they had hurt her more than he understood because nothing he did snapped Astrid out of her distracted funk.

Astrid looked fantastic in a backless black dress and strappy high heels. She seemed happy, and still, insipidness shone in her chocolate eyes. Why? Was she not in love with him anymore? The thought pissed him off. He’d done so much for her! Didn’t she realize there was no way in hell her glum attitude would change how he felt?

Calder shook his head to disperse negative thoughts, holding Astrid’s hand when they walked into the dark, noisy club. She ordered drinks. A lot of them. He figured out she drank heavily when troubled. It clued him further something was not right. Frustrated, he remained silent. Astrid had been in his life for almost two months now. She was a straight-up person, which he appreciated because girls sometimes expected guys to be mind readers. Yet, like all women, she kept some parts of herself a mystery.

She wanted to dance after a few shots of vodka. He preferred to sit and savor his bourbon, suggesting she find a willing partner with a teasing wink, hoping to lighten the mood. She took off, promising no dirty dancing with a grin and a shake of her sinful curves.

Calder enjoyed Astrid’s sense of humor. She tended to be upbeat, and when she smiled, it left him breathless for more. He watched her join the throng of dancers under swirling lights and in seconds, a tall Latino man had his hands all over her shimmering body.

The next ten minutes tested his patience when she allowed the guy to touch her in places that made his jealousy spike. He tossed back the rest of his drink, then pushed and shoved his way to where they danced. Astrid lost herself to the beat, but when he possessively gripped her shoulder, her pretty face lit up.

“Hey honey!” she latched onto his chest when she turned, giving the other man a curt nod goodbye, “It’s about time. I thought he was going to stick a hand up my dress.”

He grinned, swinging her towards a hole in the crowd, “Me too. Do you usually let strange men grope your tits?”

She dropped her hold on his shoulders, “No! I’m dancing!”

He shrugged, “So dance.”

She shot him a weird glance, “Why are you upset?”

“Why are you?” Calder took hold of her waist so she couldn’t walk away, “I know something is bothering you. Don’t deny it.”

“I’m fine!” she cried without skipping a beat, “Just dance with me.”

He held her and moved to the rhythm, finding it impossible to communicate over the loud music anyhow. Astrid swayed sultrily, and he grinned. Her inebriated actions attracted stares from appreciative onlookers and when the song ended, led her off of the floor. Several men tried to talk to her, but he didn’t stop until they reached the bar. He’d never seen her so flirtatious and shook his head at the self-deprecating words she spouted about herself in the past.

He decided it was time to leave going to pay the tab when Astrid begged for another drink. “Are you sure?” Giving her a look that spoke she’d already had enough.

She ignored him, yelling her order out to the busy bartender by his name, receiving a smile. When she got the shot, downed it in a single gulp, making her cheeks flush. “Okay, good to go!”

Calder quickly paid the man whose eyes trailed after his girlfriend, realizing she ran off. What in the hell was wrong with her? He loved Astrid’s carefree attitude, but tonight she was behaving almost half-crazed. Walking to the car he noted a short line of people eager to enter the club and boisterous groups leaving in the parking lot, but no Astrid. He stood beside the Porsche checking his watch, surprised to see it was after midnight. Where the fuck did she disappear to?

When he pulled out his phone after simmering for a few minutes, heard Astrid’s melodious laughter close by. She sashayed forward, talking on her cell. Calder clenched his hands, wondering who she was calling at this time of night. Astrid glanced up, sliding the device into her small clutch.

“Not to be rude, but who were you speaking to?” He asked tightly.

She smirked, opening the door, “No one honey, but you aren’t rude. Let’s go.”

Highly agitated, he started the vehicle, then turned to her in the quiet interior. She giggled, smiling with swimming doe eyes. Why did she have to be so tempting when he wanted to throttle her for being evasive?

“You’re drunk,” he stated, “How do you feel?”

Grabbing his left hand, she placed it on her breast, “You tell me.”

Astrid laughed, leaning in for a kiss he would not give. Sure, he found her sexy but knew something troubled this sweet girl and hated she kept secrets from him.

“Don’t,” Calder snatched his hand back, “Why are you acting so weird?”

She groaned, falling into the seat to glare out the window, “What’s with you? I’m cool. You’re the one who keeps asking dumb questions.”

Astrid clammed up, so Calder sighed and drove out of the lot more aggressively than he should have.

She switched on the radio, “Shit, I am drunk. Maybe that’s why you think I’m being weird?”

Astrid’s voice oozed persuasion. Was she serious? “Babe, you’ve been off all week. Is it me? Ever since we came back from my fathers’, you’ve treated me differently.”

She slid her hand down his inner thigh, causing his leg to jerk. He concentrated on the road, ignoring her sultry chuckle. She was frisky, yet he felt it a ploy to avoid talking. To distract his questioning. It worked when she leaned over to nibble on his earlobe, warm breath caressing against his skin until goosebumps broke out.

“Stop,” he laughed, “I’m driving!”

“Can you drive faster?” she sexily moaned in his ear, “I want to fuck you until you beg for mercy.”

He grinned, “If you make me come as fast as you’re turning me on, you’ll be the one left begging.”

She continued to caress him, whispering all the things she wanted to do. Astrid had never been so vocal about their sexual escapades before, and by the time Calder jerked to a stop in front of her house, his cock strained painfully against his zipper. She merrily skipped to the door, and he stalked behind, desire searing his blood.

Without ceremony, after slamming the door, did what he fantasized about earlier while she allowed a stranger to put his hands on her. Taking the soft material of the black dress in his fist, he tore the fabric then dipped his head to suckle on her fantastic tits, nipping at the hardened peaks.

In the dark, they stumbled around, fighting for dominance. Astrid yelped in surprise when his teeth tugged on her engorged nipples, encouraging him with a pull of his hair for more. She didn’t have to tell him how nasty she could take it. He’d seen the bruising and marks Remy left on her sun-kissed skin.

She had to like it rough, as Cody put it, to continue fucking Remy. Calder himself had a few fast and hard romps, specifically in college, where virgins turned into promiscuous lovers. That was until deciding to focus on his studies and give partying a rest. He didn’t want Astrid to associate their love life this way. He liked to make her feel special, but tonight she craved more than his tenderness and was more than ready to oblige if it meant she stopped pushing him away.

Astrid yanked open Calder’s shirt, tugging his pants down to his ankles in seconds flat before wrapping her small hand around his stiff prick. He smashed her large breast together, squeezing the firm tips until she flinched in pleasure and pain.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded, roughly shoving her down until her knees hit the carpet.

Astrid didn’t hesitate to draw him inside her warm, wet mouth and he swayed on his feet once she completely engulfed him. Her tongue swirled around skillfully each time he thrust in and out and shivered with delight when she cupped his balls.

Fingers tangled in her thick hair, Calder said filthy things he wouldn’t remember later, caught up in the way she slurped on his member as if it were her favorite thing in the world. He tried to maintain a rhythm, but it was difficult to do when Astrid expertly deep-throated him until he shattered down her throat, holding her still until she swallowed every drop.

“Fuck yeah!” he whooped.

She pushed his shoulders without warning, and he fell backward, landing on the couch. His sight adjusted to the dark, watching her tug his remaining clothing off while catching his breath post-orgasm.

“Do you love me?” she suddenly asked, turning on the outdated stereo in the room’s corner.

Calder mused he should buy her a new system before realizing she waited for an answer. Raucous punk rock music filled the air as she swayed drunkenly. “Course I do. Come here.”

The melody frenzied, much like their previous actions. Astrid jumped on his lap, thrusting her bare tits once more into his greedy mouth. Soon Calder got so worked up, he needed to be inside of her before blowing another wad on her gorgeous breasts.

“Fuck me,” she begged before he could make a move, “Fuck me as if you can’t stand to be outside of me.”

Odd words, but positioned her on his leaking tip. The slippery sweat of their combined bodies was an extra benefit once he started a rapid-fire motion into her clenching heat. She whimpered next to his ear, and he gritted his teeth, applying a finger to her bundle of nerves until she cried out in rapture. He sucked on her salty neck, the flutters of her pussy walls too much to take, needing more.

When Calder was certain Astrid’s initial climax passed, wrestled her down onto all fours on the floor. She hadn’t expected his sudden entrance into her tight ass, but accepted it with animalistic urgency, meeting his momentum each time he drove forward.

“That’s right,” he squeezed her juicy globes, “You like my cock, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Astrid exclaimed, throwing her inky hair back, “Oh, shit! Harder!”

Calder already had to clamp her waist to keep her in place from hard-driving thrust, so angled until his balls slapped her dripping slit. “You want me to come in your ass?” he panted breathlessly.

“Yes!” she squealed as he hit deeper and harsher, “Come! Now! Do it now!”

He groaned on a long exhale, coming so forcefully he became light-headed. His fingers left imprints on her hips and she continued to convulse, lost as he was in the blissful moment. Finally, they collapsed side by side.

Once Calders’ head stopped spinning, the loud tunes grated his nerves. “I love you. You’re amazing.”

Astrid stood, turned off the radio, then gave him a look he couldn’t read. “Let’s go to bed.”

Calder shook his head at her backside as she sauntered into the bedroom, feeling distanced from the sultry beauty who fucked him voiceless. Holy shit, she distracted him with sex!

He ran a hand over his tired face, screw it. Eventually, Astrid would say what was on her mind.

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