Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 44

* Two Months Later *

Astrid ended a half-mile jog by landing on the freshly cut grass in front of her house. The summer sun blazed like a furnace and on reflex peered at the scars on her exposed skin. Her body continued to heal, but would always carry the crude markings, or at least until next year when able to receive grafts. Her back resembled a tic tack toe board and twin horizontal lines marred both arms but it was the puckered twelve-inch laceration from just below her breasts down to her right hipbone that stood out.

Glancing down at her stomach, she shook her head. Remy and their therapist encouraged her to wear clothing she felt comfortable in because at first thought all anyone would focus on were her scars but when the weather outside became hotter decided she didn’t want to hide under hoodies and jeans. Besides, Astrid had the support of a doting man, and in his eyes she was perfect.

A survivor.

Remy opened the screen door wearing only cargo shorts, coming to stand over her, casting blessed shade before smirking and folding his tall frame down beside her. Sounds of the neighborhood clamored in the afternoon air and Astrid tilted her head in relaxation, loving the normalcy. It took a while for the press to go away and now they could enjoy relaxing on the lawn without strangers approaching to rehash a time in their life she worked hard to overcome.

After kissing her sweaty cheek, Remy patted the slight bulge of her abdomen. “How is everyone after exercise? Thank you for not overdoing it.”

She smiled and inhaled the fresh summer breeze. “Come on, I have the doctor’s permission. I’ll go crazy sitting around otherwise. It’s hot. Although, I don’t think it’s nearly as warm as last year. Maybe I’ll join an indoor gym.”

He hummed in agreement, planting another kiss across her brow, “Shower to cool off. I made ice tea.”

“Perfect!” she grinned as he sauntered to the porch, ogling his backside, “With sugar, sugar?”

He snorted a laugh; the screen slamming shut. No sugar then. She dug her fingers into the soft turf, looking up in time to watch Calder’s car swerve up the block. Her pulse jumped when she rose, brushing off the grass, speculating why he finally visited her.

He parked, then slowly exited the vehicle. They hadn’t seen or spoken to Calder since Astrid left the hospital. She laid a hand over her midsection, wondering if he knew she was ten weeks pregnant. In her heart, Remy was the father. Even though she’d had sex with both men at the time of conception remained devoted to him. She hadn’t contacted Calder because voicing her choice aloud to the man who risked his life to rescue her seemed beyond cruel.

She blinked at the handsome blonde man taking his time joining her on the lawn. He looked great. She sighed, becoming aroused although they had yet to say one word to each other. “Hey. Wow, it’s good to see you.”

His lips pulled up into a tight smile, while his bedroom eyes devoured her sweaty figure, “You too. Is Remy here?”

She nodded awkwardly, admitting, “Yeah, um… he’s here. We live together now.”

Calder took off his sunglasses, emerald orbs shooting straight to her slight bump. “Well, that is to be expected with a kid on the way.”

Astrid opened her mouth to explain when the screen door slammed and the heat of Remy’s body pressed against her backside. Looking up over her shoulder, seeing Remy’s bright grin, she narrowed her eyes. Did he know Calder was coming over?

In and outside counseling, they’d discussed Calder at length. One thing they both regretted was leaving him without support. He wasn’t like his family. He was caring, brave and alone after going through something terrible. She understood he needed someone to be there for him and it drove her to tears late at night wondering if he thought she abandoned him. Remy respected Calder and told her numerous times everything would work out, imploring her to focus on the future and their baby.

“Shit,” Remy beamed, handing Astrid a cool glass of iced tea, “If it isn’t Calder Lewis the second! How are you, man?”

He laughed, “I’m okay. I stopped by to catch up. I’ve been really busy. Seems being nearly killed makes people think I’m an awesome lawyer.”

“Come inside,” Remy clapped him on the shoulder, “I’ve wanted to get together too. As hard as I try, I can’t hate you any longer.”

“Well, that’s what happens when two men go vigilante and one gets stabbed. You have to respect me now.”

Remy smirked, “I said hate, don’t push it.”

She shook her head at the ridiculousness of their banter, knowing full well Remy liked Calder, but his pride wouldn’t let him admit it. With a funny flutter in her tummy, she followed the guys indoors. Remy might be an asshole, but he was her asshole. Astrid appreciated the fact he never withdrew or coddled her after leaving the hospital. He actively pushed forward, never looking back, and it made her heart swell with so much love it hurt at times.

They both still had nightmares, but with meditation and therapy, each day and night moved their thoughts further away from the house in the woods. After Detective Laramy’s funeral, Astrid asked Remy to move in since Arlo left to join his sister in another state, and they couldn’t have been happier for the man.

They all deserved fresh starts.

The sight of both of her lovers laughing and joking made Astrid’s heart nearly burst with happiness. This felt so right. She loved two men and didn’t want to choose. As much as Astrid wanted to pretend otherwise the reality of the situation remained at twenty-four she would become a mother and couldn’t continue on as before.

Calder sprawled on the couch while Remy sat in the new recliner they’d pick up only days before. Both men gave her a smile when she stood gawking like a freak. Astrid blushed, realizing she looked disheveled. Why did they both smirk as if they knew something she didn’t?

She placed the drink on the table, mumbling, “Shower. I need a shower. I’m sweaty.”

Calder patted the space next to him, “Sit. Remy said he quit his job?”

She flopped down when he raised an expectant eyebrow, “Yeah, that bitch Teena went beyond pissed, calling at all hours, even showing up on my doorstep. Seems he had quite a fan club. She finally stopped when I threatened to sue for harassment.”

He chuckled with a shake of his head, “You should have called me. I would’ve made her sweat a little more and speaking of which, I love it when you’re sweaty.” Licking his lips, he glanced down at her legs in a manner that drove her to clench her thighs together.

She squirmed, getting up once his heated survey carried to her breast. “I really need to bathe.”

Remy smirked again, seemingly unaffected by Calder’s obvious leering. “Okay, babe. Want a beer, Cal?”

She rushed to grab fresh clothes then hid in the bathroom, completely aroused. One thing missing in her relationship was sex. Why did Calder’s appearance turn her on so much? Stupid hormones!

Jay drugged Astrid and only recalled bits and pieces of being violated. She remembered the final hour of captivity when the Detective, Remy, and Calder found her. Thankfully, there were no nightmares of rape. Only of knives and could no longer sleep without a nightlight because total darkness caused panic attacks. Remy had the patience of a saint. Besides sleeping in the same bed, kisses and occasional hugs, no real intimacy took place.

Gazing in the mirror, inspecting her marred skin, she frowned at the memory of catching Remy staring uneasily with his gaze pinned to the jagged cut along her torso when she tried to give him a blowjob a few weeks ago. The fact she was pregnant made him nervous, he’d confessed, concerned for her healing while baby cooked. She let it go, thinking they both needed an adjustment period.

After showering, Astrid put on a tank top and shorts, towel drying her hair. Maybe it was time to approach the subject of sex again. She was frustratingly horny. The man walked around half-naked these days and the way he teased her today made it seem he might be too.

The door opened, and she smiled at Remy until it registered he stood nude with his thick member pointed in the air. “What the hell? Is Calder still here? Why are you naked?”

He crowded Astrid until she reached the sink, pressing a kiss to her parted lips. “I want you happy.”

“I am,” she giggled, “What’s are you up to?”

He kissed her with a passion she hadn’t felt from him in months, melting into his embrace, “Oh, I missed this.”

He stepped backward, gripping her hand, “Come.” They both smirked at the innuendo.

Remy tugged Astrid past the living room into the bedroom. She blinked slowly, taking in Calder’s muscled body naked on the bed. She looked from Remy to Calder, flushing up to her ears. Both men were hard as nails and when Remy ripped her top off she let out a squeal of surprise.

“Tell Calder how brave he is,” Remy rasped, wrapping an arm around her waist so she couldn’t move, “How much you love him.”

Astrid panted, not believing this was happening. Was she daydreaming? Did she fall and hit her head in the shower? “What are you doing? Calder, you’re very brave and…” she trailed off, unable to keep her voice even without breaking apart.

“We choose you, princess,” Calder never tore his heated gaze away from her face and it eased her mind to learn her scars didn’t bother him, “I love you.”

Swallowing around the lump in her throat, she whispered, “I-I love you too. Both. I care for you both so much. What’s going on?”

Remy chuckled, giving her neck little kisses and bites making Astrid wet and squirm in his hold all the while pushing closer to where Calder in all his exposed glory didn’t seem to mind, “Some call it a Throuple but I don’t go for labels. We’ve worked it out.”

“Worked what out?” she squeaked, watching Calder stroke his hard-on. Once. Twice. Her eager stare moved up to see his dirty smirk, hooded emeralds absorbing everything she sought to hide.

Astrid tried to cover herself but Remy held her arms down explaining, “You miss Cal and I get why. Being through what we have, I realize life is too short to continue denying what’s in your heart. Our hearts. We understand this kid could be mine or his, so I asked him a few weeks ago what we should do. He needed time to think, but we had a good long talk about what we do know.”

She froze, they met behind her back? She figured he didn’t want her talking to Calder, even knowing Remy no longer hated him. Calder sat at the end of the mattress and Remy forced her between his knees, standing with his dick poking her in the ass, caging her between their muscular bodies. Remy gently ran both hands over her hips, and she exhaled with a moan.

Astrid traced the scar on Calder’s stomach with shaky fingers, feeling his warm skin relax under her touch. The line of flesh from the stab wound was only two inches of marred imperfection on his otherwise flawless body, but it added something. Calder covered her palm, pressing their joined hands on the mark, telling her it was okay.

“I worried a lot over the baby,” he reached out with his free hand, stroking her cheek and tummy, making her melt. “I won’t interfere if the blood test says the baby’s not mine. Life’s precious and so are you. I will care for this child and never ask for anything more than what you’re willing to commit.”

Tears fell, knowing this was a tipping point, and she never wanted to be without either man ever again. “No matter who’s DNA this baby carries, I consider you both the father.”

He shuddered in relief and Remy inhaled a deep breath, “Damn, can I keep you always? Horde your kindness and give you multiple orgasms?”

“Fuck, you both know how to make me cry and horny at the same time.” she panted.

Remy pressed his mouth to her neck once more, his shoulders shaking with laughter, “Okay… this isn’t the time for tears, baby. Let us show you how much we adore you. That you’re fucking beautiful and we love this tight little body, scars and all.” He pinched her nipples, and she yelped, warmth unfurling in her center like lava.

“You’re so sexy,” Calder licked his lips before crashing them down on hers.

Astrid’s knees buckled, drunk with raw sensations. Two sets of hands pulled her up onto the bed, stripping off her shorts and panties, then kissed each scar whispering they treasured her and would erase every bad touch that befell her body with their fingers and mouths.

“Do you trust us, honey?” Calder peered into her lust-crazed eyes, needing to hear it from her swollen lips even though Remy swore this was what she hoped for long before Jay tried to steal her from them.

To think she desired them both equally and chose to raise a child with him made his heart expand in awe. For weeks he’d ached to hold her in his arms while dealing with insensitive assholes who would never understand what they went through. He didn’t want to live without her any longer. “I’m so in love with you, Astrid. I need you.”

“Oh, Calder,” she breathed, kissing his brow, “I’m here. I love you. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say that,” he brushed his nose against hers, wiping away stray tears, “Never be sorry. I’m not. You’re compassionate and strong. Say you trust me. Entrust your heart to me because you own mine.”

With a wink, he unfurled her palm, placing a kiss at its center, then folded her cupped hand to her chest. She breathlessly giggled, “You give the sweetest kisses, honey.”

Remy slid behind her while Calder crushed her front. Dipping his head, caressing the puckered skin across her back, he gave them a moment to speak. It would take time to adjust to seeing Astrid award Calder the same sweet attention he craved but strangely experienced no jealousy. Maybe it meant he had some sort of bromance with the lawyer prick after they decided to move past their bullshit and show Astrid the adoration she deserved.

“I trust you. With my heart and my life,” she moaned, clutching Calder’s shoulders as he positioned himself against her soaked opening, “Both of you. So, so much.”

He fingered her tight asshole as Calder thrust balls deep into their girl, making her cry out. He bit down on her tan shoulder, doubling the pleasure-pain he knew Astrid was partial to. She let out a surprised whine, and Calder groaned when her pussy tightened around his sensitive member. Reaching for the lube he placed on the comforter earlier, Remy prepared to take her anally.

“Yes,” she exclaimed, then kissed Calder firmly until he couldn’t breathe but loved every second, “Oh, god!”

“Is he hitting that sweet spot?” He brushed her wet hair behind her ear to see her bright caramel eyes dilated in ecstasy, “You’re gonna be so full when I tap this ass. It’s been so long since you’ve bounced on my dick. You ready for us, baby?”

She nodded eagerly, watching Calder plunge into her sopping slit, “You… you are NEVER gentle and I love it.”

“You’re dripping for our cocks,” Calder brought his glistening fingers to her lips, “Suck.”

Astrid obeyed, then both men lost control, needing to claim her for good.

Remy grunted, working himself into her puckered hole. Calder slid out, and they found a rhythm that made her scream and writhing in rapture. Calder plucked her bouncing tits, and Remy angled her neck to kiss the shit out of her filthy mouth.

“Harder,” she begged, wriggling like a wanton cock-slut, making Remy close to bursting, “Fuck my holes and fill me with your come. Oh! I want you to come all over me.”

“Dammit, Astrid!” Calder hissed between his teeth, “Come for us, honey.”

“Give it up,” Remy clipped, sweat pouring down his spine in a battle to hold off until she broke.

And she did, screaming and thrashing in euphoria, taking them both to keep her in place. Remy smirked when their efforts had her squirting, coating his balls until his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Fucking hell, she was perfect. He wanted to satisfy and to have her fall apart in his arms for the rest of his life, even if another man helped.

Calder cursed as they worked at wringing out Astrid’s orgasm to its completion. She bucked, crying it was too much, but they aspired to bring her to heights she would beg for again and again. Picking up the pace, Remy came so hard he didn’t notice Calder’s release a moment later.

They laid breathless and sated for several minutes, trembling with aftereffects of their orgasms. Astrid loved being sandwiched between their strong bodies. Men who adored her enough to realize what she needed and gave it without complaint. How did she get so lucky to find boyfriends willing to share the love of one woman? She hummed a content whimper, feeling sore and thoroughly fucked.

Remy chuckled suddenly, “You have a dirty mouth,” he growled playfully, “I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“Yeah,” Calder nipped her bottom lip as she blushed, “Just so you know, I want my come on you too.”

She covered her eyes in embarrassment while they laughed. Everything finally clicked into place on that scorching summer afternoon. There were no words needed to explain how perfect life felt at that moment. Calder gently caressed her face while Remy stroked her hair, lulling Astrid into a peaceful state.

“I love you guys.” She whispered, grinning when they wrapped their arms protectively around her exhausted body, “Thank you for loving me back.”

“Always,” Remy murmured, nuzzling her shoulder.

“Forever,” Calder kissed her, “Rest now because we aren’t finished showing how much we need you.”

Astrid sighed serenely, falling into a dreamless sleep, never feeling so precious or blessed.

* * * * *

Many months passed and life only became more satisfying.

Remy ran into one of his old customers, a stoic man with an equally serious wife who owned flourishing nightclubs across three states. After hearing he left the Armor, he offered him a management opportunity on the spot. She did not understand why Austin took a chance on someone who had to learn the ins and outs from scratch, especially when Remy admitted he never touched the couple because Austin only hired him once to scare his then-girlfriend, but knew he could do anything he put his mind too.

Calder opened a small law firm with a friend from college, breaking away from his family’s legacy, and she joined them as their legal secretary. Cal Sr. stopped paying for Calder’s lifestyle, giving her the idea to rent out her grandparents’ home so they were able to live together before the baby came. They moved into a four-bedroom house in a nicer part of the city, knowing people would talk. After Calder explained to his family about their unconventional relationship during an awkward BBQ where she kissed both men in front of everyone and Cal Sr. tried to strangle Remy, there was nothing the Lewises could do but let Calder go on with his life the way he saw fit.

In December Astrid gave birth to a beautiful girl. Calder and Remy both stood in the delivery room, experiencing it in awe if not a little fear. After her daughter arrived, she realized this was life at its fullest. Being a mom and lover to two hot as hell men.

And the guys didn’t hide the fact she belonged to them. At first, she worried how others would react, but Remy and Calder never did. Even after discovering Rhonda wasn’t his, named after Astrid’s mother, Calder doted on her as any father would. It made no difference to him and she counted her blessings every day.

Astrid adored two men, and they worshiped her in return. In and out of the bedroom. If someday Rhonda asked why mommy insisted she call Remy daddy and Calder poppa, she’d explain because she is fortunate. They were all lucky to have such deep love in their lives.

Jay played matchmaker, tricking Remy into meeting Astrid that fateful night at the club. When dark thoughts of the time she spent inside the house of horrors in the woods surfaced, all she had to do was gaze at her fair-haired, green-eyed child, Remy’s sexy as sin smirk, and Calder’s seductive emerald eyes to know everything happened for a reason.

Entrusting your love to others and finding your forever family never comes easy, but the trick is to realize sometimes you have to open your mind and heart despite yourself.

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