Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 6

“Nice to met you,” Calder nodded at Remy, “Astrid, you’re a buddy. Thanks for showing me around. Catch you at the office.”

Remy didn’t pay attention to him, staring at her. She said goodbye, then walked to her porch in measured strides to come across unaffected by his sudden appearance.

Remy followed, stopping on the tiny steps, “Got your message. I tried calling you back.”

She opened the door, leaving it that way as she silently entered the house. She glanced at her phone, standing in the darkness of her bedroom. Well, she’d called him for days. Was he expecting her to apologize after reaching out once?

Still a bit tipsy, she struggled to remove her blouse as Remy slammed the front door. Finally undressed after several attempts, she brushed her teeth then fell into bed.

She was tired and confused by Calder. The whole night had felt like it was just he and her in a little bubble of easy-going companionship. In a day, he became someone she could easily become attached to.

“Babe,” Remy invaded the room with his tall frame, “What are you doing?”

“Sleeping,” she muttered, tossing the quilt over her nude body, “I’m exhausted. I called you yesterday and all fucking afternoon! You ignored me.”

“My phone died. I left it at home on the charger. I got your message too late I guess.”

She didn’t believe him. Why the lies? Too drained to argue, rejected his lame excuses by curling up with her fluffy pillows. The dark hid his features when she peeked through her lashes. After a few quiet minutes passed, he slipped in behind her, and her chest expanded in anticipation. Was he staying the night with her? He never had before.

“Did he hit on you?”

She turned on her side facing him, “Who? Calder? No. He’s nice. Maybe you two can hang out?”

She realized he was naked as he snuck closer. Sleepiness completely disappeared when he caressed her neck, moving his warm hand lower at each stroke.

“I trust you,” he mumbled near her mouth, “But I saw your relieved look when I arrived. He flirted, right?”

The hell? She refused to answer. Why would he want her to? The truth would only make him angry. She kissed him instead.

“Astrid,” his chuckle devoid of humor, “Men like that don’t care about what’s inside a person.”

“Let it go,” she groaned, “He’s not attracted to me. We talked. He probably won’t say boo to me outside of work. Okay?”

“Sorry, I’m a little disturbed by the fact another man took you out,” his tone hard, “Whether he’s your boss or not, the guy’s interested. Just like women, we can also tell men’s intentions.”

“Whatever,” she snapped.

She felt guilty. Of course, Calder flirted with her. She let him do it too. Her attraction to Calder was wrong, especially since they were in a relationship. She couldn’t help finding his attitude attractive whereas Remy often comes across brash and closed-off.

She sighed, shifting on the sheets, frustrated with herself. Remy thought she was mad at him, and she was considering he’d ignored her for two days. Dead battery her ass!

Astrid moved away, but he slowly shifted until covering her with his arms and legs. She barely made out his face and was glad he couldn’t discern her trepidation. Would the guilt show? She decided to focus on him and his obvious need.

“What are you doing?” She tensed, placing her hands lightly on his wide shoulders.

He gently nudged her legs apart with his knees until able to push the tip of his erection where she desperately wanted him to enter. His breath blew calmly across her chest compared to her anxious panting.

“I’m kissing you,” He mumbled, then did.

His tongue flicked in and out of her mouth sensually, gradually moving downward. She closed her eyes, ache building in her core. She arched her back involuntarily towards him, and he encircled her with his arms, stilling her squirming as he lowered his lips to taste her skin.

“Remy,” She panted, “Now you go slow? You’re killing me!”

He chuckled, kissing her breast. One then the other. She shivered in his embrace, and he wanted to drive into her wet heat. But he paused, waiting for her to become so crazed by the time he did she’d let him do anything.

He clocked the hickey he left the other night. His mark.

That pretty boy Calder intended on stealing Astrid. He caught the intelligent glint of intent in the man’s eyes. Astrid was no fool. She lied to his face.

She hadn’t seen him in the shadows at Bounce. His stalking wasn’t out of control… yet.

Standing in a dark corner, Remy watched Calder and Astrid on the dance floor. His vision zeroed in when Calder’s hands grabbed her ass. He knew Astrid thought she was only being friendly, but Calder too smooth for her awkwardness.

Calder was a douche-bag, plotting to smash his girl.

Sex with her was amazing. Yet, she by herself, beyond fascinating. If Calder simply wanted her body, he’d handle it, but the way Calder spoke and gazed at her while at the club suggested otherwise. He liked her. So, Remy followed them to her house and his actions felt justified when she seemed ready to invite the asshole inside.

Didn’t she care about him? His feelings?

“Please,” she begged, pouting those bow lips as he bit down on a nipple, “Fuck me! I want you!”

He twirled his tongue, pressing his rock hard cock to her slit. She trusted upward with her hips, driving herself onto him. He gritted his teeth, easing back so she couldn’t do it again.

“Remy!” she fumed, “What? Come on!”

He laughed, letting her go to sit on his knees. He stared down on her voluptuous body with relish. The things he imagined doing to her were endless. The ways he’d make her scream. Just for him. She’d crave more before realization took hold there would be no escaping his deviancy.

Yet, he cared for Astrid. He held off on sex because he didn’t want to be cruel and push her affections away. She was too important to him to let Calder waltz in and throw all his hard work out the window. He hoped Astrid wouldn’t be that heartless.

“I love you,” he blurted.

She halted with her impatient hip thrusting, “Really? I… really?”

He understood right then when she didn’t immediately reply she doubted his sincerity. So he did what she wanted instead of making himself look even more of a tool. How could she not love him?

Remy grabbed her bent knees then slammed his cock inside of her. She let out a pleased moan, tensing all around him. Fuck she was tight. He stayed deep, thrusting forward with intense purpose. Her breast jiggled in his face, exciting him further as she kept issuing that wonderful little cry.

Pissed off, he fucked her harder than she probably wanted. Why didn’t she love him back? Plunging into her heat wondered, why? Why? Why? He drove into her powerfully.

“Remy!” She exclaimed, “I love you!”

He grinned, watching her quiver beneath him as her orgasm made her impossibly tighter. He angled her upward with his nails biting into her hipbones, still sunk balls deep.

“Say it again,” He growled.

She sighed, “I’ve loved you since we met, baby. You make me feel amazing about myself. You really love me?” She sounded near tears.

Hearing her so insecure melted his anger. Why did he think she didn’t return his affections? Her fragile self-esteem easily molded to his desires. He kissed her passionately as he flipped her on top. She clung to him as she buried herself on his slick shaft.

He straightened his legs then pulled her head back as he had done in the backseat of his car, one hand on her plump ass forcing her towards him like a maniac. He grew obsessed by the way she moved, meeting his forceful thrust with zest.

Christ, the girl could fuck.

Her loud moans as she climaxed again had him pushing her off of him as he too, suddenly exploded. It was so sudden he couldn’t control himself. He clutched her throat, holding her immobile as he jerked off all over her beautiful tits.

Astrid had been in the middle of her second awesome orgasm when she was hustled off his throbbing cock and jacked off on. She smiled in the darkness, picking up his ragged breathing. It tickled her to know she excited him so much.

“Shit,” he panted, “Fuck! Sorry babe, you get me off quick that way.”

She touched her sticky chest, “Like how?” she played dumb.

He breathlessly chuckled, “If I tell you, you may do it even more. Hold on, I’ll grab a towel.”

“No,” she stood on shaky limbs, “Let’s take a shower.”

He grinned, “Okay.”

Once in the tub, under the bright lights and warm spray Remy became hard again. She giggled as he pressed behind her teasingly. She stopped laughing when he parted her butt cheeks and used soap to lube up her asshole before pressing inside. He was forced to stoop, but damn, he ached for her and she didn’t say no. He wanted to fuck her always.

Nobody else.

Except, it was impossible.

She turned her cheek to the wet tiles, gasping as he fucked her like no one man ever had. She came over and over again as he fingered her while flicking her clit. He never let up, even after the second orgasm or when the water turned cold. A feverish drive overcame him, and she never experienced such mad lust before. It electrified everything inside of her. She told him how good he was until he roared his release, the ecstasy nearly collapsing her knees.

He left at 2 am after kissing her sweetly goodbye. She passed out in bed thinking about Calder. Even if he liked her, she really did love Remy.

No other man compared to how he made her stronger just by being near him.

Calder’s teasing smile was the last image in her mind when sleep claimed her.

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