Tricking Astrid

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Chapter 9

Calder didn’t wish to frighten Astrid by admitting he spoke to Remy. Not only that but given permission to fuck her. The sick bastard was a slick character whom he planned on investigating as soon as possible.

Astrid meekly smiled at him, taking in his new, sparsely furnished apartment. She dropped her purse on the glass coffee table. The three plush, white leather couches faced each other between the table. A large TV hung on the wall, silently showing sports highlights.

“Make yourself at home,” Calder winked as he tossed his keys aside, “You’re the first non-family to be here.”

“Oooh, I feel special,” She grinned.

“You should but don’t let it go to your head, a cleaning lady comes in on Monday.”

She walked over to the family portrait taken long ago. The Lewis’s mother had been a beautiful woman. Calder inherited his mother’s looks where the other three did not.

“I’ve seen this in Chris’s office,” She told him.

He shrugged, opening a bottle of vodka, “Want a drink?”

She rolled her eyes, walking over to where he stood at the kitchen’s island bar. “Why? So you can get me drunk?”

He chuckled, pouring a hefty dose into two crystal tumblers, “I’ll be drunk too if that helps.”

She accepted the drink, “What’s your plan then Calder?”

He sipped the liquor then asked in return, “What do you mean? Should I have one?”

She shot him a pinched stop bullshitting me, expression. “Why do you keep harassing me?”

He blinked, “Excuse me?”

“Is it sex you’re after?”

He circled the island to stand beside her. They silently gazed at each other for several moments. His jaw ticked, and he slowly licked the bottom of his full lip. She drank the entire glass while waiting for a response.

She set the empty cup down, giving him a smug look, “Are you going to tell me?”

He was not smiling, setting his glass down next to hers. “Yes, I find you quite sexy. I wouldn’t mind having sex with you. That’s not all I want though.”

Now buzzed, took a staggering step backward. The two drinks at the club along with the vodka quickly made her loose-lipped and brave. Remy’s recent actions hurt her pride. His refusal to answer her phone calls or questions, the no-show tonight accumulating to abandonment in her drunken state. She was sure something was going on. She wasn’t dumb. After all this time Remy didn’t trust her.

“What can I do for you to satisfy that itch you said I would have, huh? I need to know because men like you rarely go for girls like me.”

“What’s so wrong with you? You’re sexy, beautiful, intelligent and sassy,” He teased, “I think you purposely avoid guys like me.”

“Do not!” She snapped, then marched into the living room.

Her head felt light but good. Tipsy, but that was okay. Calder refilled both glasses, before joining her.

She groaned, accepting the drink, “Why do you bother me so much! You won’t leave my thoughts at night and it irritates the hell out of me.”

She sank down onto one of the plush sofas, sliding off her heels as he sat beside her. Peering at his smug smile she realized she didn’t want his attention to wane. His sweet talk made her feel special.

“Astrid,” He purred, “Why complicate matters? Remy’s obviously a secretive person. Why shouldn’t you have secrets too?”

“Like you?” She snorted, then took a swig of the fiery liquid, “I have morals. It’s wrong to cheat. Are you a cheater?”

“No, and three months with a guy you barely know hardly makes you married,” he teased.

He placed an arm on the sofa, leaning his body close to hers. He’d kicked off his shoes, revealing silky black socks. When did he do that? Boy, she needed to slow down on the booze. His clean, masculine scent enveloped her as his large forearm brushed hers.

“Calder,” She whined, knowing he was right, “What if it were you? What if another man came after your girlfriend? Would you act callused then?”

“Callus?” he scoffed, “No. It’s no big deal in my book. I once had a fiancee.”

She pressed her back against the armrest, turning to face him. “Really? Tell me about her. What happened?”

He scratched his neck and blew out a breath, “We met when I was eighteen at Harvard. She was studying to become a doctor. Our schedules conflicted a lot. I proposed, hoping it would make her spend more time with me. We were together for eight months before I popped the question. After the diamond ring, she transformed into someone I didn’t recognize. She preferred my money it turned out. The fact I wanted to marry her made it seem okay to waste it. I broke it off after a year, glad my buddy had already been working on her.”

“What do you mean, ‘Working on her’?”

“They were fucking,” he sneered, “and I suspected as much. It helped me tear that leech off my bank account. You aren’t the same though.”

“How do you figure?” She poked his chest, “I love money.”

She knew touching him would start something. He was too close for her not to touch.

She liked Calder more than she should after a few conversations. His easy charm and penetrating looks equaled Remy when they first met. If he kissed her, she wouldn’t leave. He turned her on and recalled how she used to behave, spreading her legs when guys showed her attention.

Used to. Before Remy. Who was she kidding? Maybe Calder had a point about three months being a blip of time for a relationship considering Remy’s refusal to let her into his life.

He grabbed the finger she prodded him with, “I bet you do. Most people love wealth until they don’t have any left. Seriously, Astrid, I can tell you’re trustful.”

She peered down at his hand holding hers, “You can trust me… but can I trust you?”

He didn’t answer, kissing her palm then folded her fingers gently together before letting go. She smiled, holding his kiss in her fist. That was the sweetest gesture she’d ever received from a man.

“You like me don’t you?” He whispered, gripping her knee. His thumb traced circular patterns, igniting a fire she wasn’t sure she wanted to douse. His sexy tone made her forget any protest.

Astrid gazed into his emerald bedroom eyes, “Yes.”

He kept staring at her, his hand moving slow and easy up her dress, “Me too. Why complicate shit? I’m not asking you to break it off with Remy. I can be with you when you’re available.”

She swallowed, the alcohol making her mind fuzzy. His caress reached her panty line, his fingers now hitching on the material. She began to breathe harder, the desire for him burning her blood. Sweat gathered on her forehead and she took deep breaths as she tried to formulate a response.

“How?” She asked, lost in his eyes as they loomed closer, “You want to be a secret lover? My booty call?”

He let out a sexy chuckle, then he kissed her similar to the one they shared at the club. His feathery light kisses relaxed her whole body. It was easy to forget Remy under his attentions. She yearned for him to take her. If he only wanted sex so be it. She merely craved his cock at that point.

Calder watched Astrid close her eyelids as her frame melted into the sofa. The signal she desired what he offered, had him inwardly smirking. She didn’t know Remy said she’d fall for his lines. The bastard had been sure of it. He hesitated to go any further, fearing his actions would haunt him later. What kind of man signed off his girl getting fucked by another?

He nibbled her exposed throat, inhaling the sweet smell of strawberries. The softness of her skin as he stroked her arm was like spun silk. She sighed under his touch, turning him on to the point of no return.

“Astrid,” He groaned, “Do you want to fuck? You can leave now… or in the morning.”

Her eyes fluttered open under dark painted lashes, “Is that the plan?”

She pushed him with surprising strength until straddling his body. Her voice had been harsh, but her lips were forgiving. He groped her waist, unable to keep his hands off of her.

“Babe,” He panted when she stopped kissing him with more passion than he hoped, “You drive me fucking crazy. Your sweet librarian ass has a wild side.”

Her breaths came raggedly, unbuckling his slacks with practiced movements. His palms rested on her pert backside, watching her expertly work her way into his pants. Just seeing her so excited and in control made him realize she’d been around. Probably with guys who expected her to do everything and left her feeling empty. Nothing but a piece of ass they quickly replaced.

He grunted when she pulled his erection out, “Fuck, Astrid. Slow down.”

She gave a throaty laugh, dropping his dick like a hot rock. Then she once more showed her skills by slipping off her panties while anchored in his grip. He wasn’t prepared, even after Remy boasted she wouldn’t disappoint. Why Remy had made this deal with him, Calder couldn’t understand nor would he ever do such a thing if Astrid was his. She oozed sexual adeptness. Her dexterity was obvious from the way she straddled his stocky frame.

After freeing herself of her panties, she urged him, “Lift your butt so I can wiggle those slacks off your ass. Come on, you’ll like it.”

He didn’t doubt it for a second. “All right. Hey, careful. I’m not that kinky.”

She laughed, hurriedly shifting his clothes down when he thrust off of the cushion. She sighed, re-positioning herself comfortably.

“Wow,” She licked her lips sultrily, once more grasping his hardness, “I figured you’d be big but not like this.”

She was drunk but wanted more. Her bravery a front, scared to show Calder much more than she had. She noticed his startled expression when she quickly removed her clothing. Could she help it if she’d experienced more quickies with men than lovemaking, knowing how to have sneaky sex anywhere and everywhere?

She bent backward, reaching for Calder’s forgotten glass. He ran his warm hands up her front, his eyes were wide and dazed.

She downed the vodka, set it back down, then righted once more.

“Ready?” He chuckled, “And yes, I’m aware of my size. I like compliments if you want to keep going.”

She grinned, “I’m sure you do. Condom?”

He heard the nervousness in her voice, so felt bad for what he was about to do. “Astrid, suck my cock.” He said it causal yet demanding.

She looked down at his jutting hard-on, “Well...”

“Do it,” he ordered with a tinge of intimidation laced into his words, “I bet you suck cock like a pro with those gorgeous lips. Either you do it or I’ll stick it somewhere you won’t appreciate.”

Astrid flinched at his abrasive tone but complied as he knew she would. He closed his eyes as she dropped to her knees before him. She pulled his slacks and briefs off, then got to work.

“That’s great,” He titled his head back, relaxing as her wet mouth locked over the tip of his dick, “Oh, good fucking girl.”

Calder detested his behavior. He desired someone with her companionable temperament for a long time. She was real. Funny. She also had a spiteful boyfriend who might make her pay. He gritted his teeth as she made him nearly come by deep throating him.

“Whoa!” He jerked forward, pulling out of her perfect mouth, “Okay. Time out. Need another drink?”

She hazily nodded, avoiding his stare. Calder yanked off his shirt, forgoing clothes altogether. He gave no fucks when it came to walking around in the buff.

He took her hand, helping her to her feet, “What’s wrong? Too much dick?”

She frowned as he led her into the kitchen. He decided that if this was his only night with Astrid if her boyfriend broke their deal, he would enjoy every inch of her.

Calder would fuck her until she forgot her boyfriend’s name.

He grinned as she glanced at his body, her nipples hard under the dress. He poured a large splash of vodka, sliding it across the counter. Then, as she sipped it, he pushed her belly against the edge.

“You know,” he sighed, pressing behind her, “you have a great way with that fucking mouth. I had to stop you or I’d embarrass myself.”

She finished the drink, drunkenly slamming the tumbler down, “So I’ve been told but I always like the compliments.” throwing his words back at him made his lips tip into an unwelcome smile since he was trying to prove a point.

He lifted her dress, exposing her pert backside. He grinned wider, pulling the material off. Her breast fell forward. He was so hard it hurt. He opened a kitchen drawer, fishing out a condom.

“Spread your legs,” He demanded, “You have a fuckable ass, babe.”

She spaced her thighs, placing shaky palms on the countertop. She couldn’t wait to find out what he would do next after enjoying the taste of him. His size was a little intimidating. Never had she been with someone so thick and long.

With a surprised jerk, she moaned when his mouth landed on her pussy. He had knelt down, stretched her open, now sucking her clit like a man who hadn’t eaten in a week. Holy hell! She quivered all over as he licked those bundles of nerves.

Her body leaned forward, legs splayed for his use. She gasped, clutching the marble as he made her come in less than a minute. His tongue fucked her vigorously until her knees wobbling as she screamed her release.

She cursed, “Oh shit! Don’t do that ever again!”

He stood with a chuckle, “No promises,” he grabbed her breasts, “You make me want to fucking come with you when you cry out like that.”


“Hell yeah,” he hissed in her ear, roughly twisting her to face him, “Do you want me to fuck you now?”

She shivered from the way he took in her flushed appearance, “Yes.”

His hard eyes were not as stony as his dick. He seized her hand, marching her to the bedroom. The room was dark but sparsely furnished as the rest of the apartment. The king-size bed at the center held her attention. He flipped on the bedside lamp, casting dim lighting.

He carried a look of a determined man, which almost made Astrid reconsider her decision. Drunk though, she didn’t dwell on her actions. He pushed her down onto the soft mattress on top of a black and burgundy comforter, climbing between her legs.

She tried to relax, shutting her eyes. She wanted this. Right? Oh, fuck!

He thrust once viciously, straight into her. She let out a small whimper. A sound of complete venerability, telling Calder he needed to take it easy. He didn’t listen to his conscience, pelting into her as if he could not get enough. His grunts became animalistic, fingers squeezing her supple flesh until she yelped, jerking out of sync.

She orgasmed. Several times, loving the roughness. She may have appeared not to, but he noticed how she met his harsh strokes. He loved her expressions each time she came on his cock. Damn her pussy was so tight it was like a cruel joke he wouldn’t have her again after tonight. Her come leaked onto his sheets and her voice echoed around the walls.

He really, really hated to hurt Astrid. Yet, he agreed to a deal where Remy would keep her and he would not. On a mission to learn every curve and hear every moan, kept her awake by fucking through the night until dawn broke over the horizon.

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