He Wants To Be A Slave

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She's a beautiful kind of torment. Zac always wanted to be a slave to a cruel and powerful mistress. When he finally meets Mistress Sherri, he knows his dreams could be about to come true. Little does he know, he's about to actually be thrown into a world of depraved, filthy activities. Everything he knows us used against him. Does he really even know what begging to be a slave entails? Layla is a powerful Mistress by all rights and she loves what she does. Although the job becomes tiresome with the same old clients. She discovers her passion when an 18 year old Zac turns up claiming to believe he can take whatever she's willing to throw at him. Some dreams were always just pretty nightmares. ""Not a Problem Zak. Once the checks are all cleared you'll hear from me. You're able to change your mind any time between now and the 22nd. After that, it's all non negotiable. Between the 22nd and the 31st is when it will start. If it all goes through well. Is that all clear with you?" "Yes Miss." The boy stood and shook my hand like a gentleman. I leant in and gave him a small kiss on the cheek as a farewell gesture. Its the only kind touch he'll get from me again. The boy is signing his left over innocence away... And I look forward to taking it."

Erotica / Thriller
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How it began

I was being fucked.

A woman had called in a few days ago with the situation that her partner wanted to become her slave. She needed help and was willing to pay for it. After much consideration and thought gone into what she needed and how much she'd pay me, I accepted. She didn't need much just yet. She just needed help getting things started.
It started on a Saturday night, with a bling from my laptop. The woman's husband had been ordered to fuck me as well as he could, but he couldn't use his hands. With them tied behind his back, I knew there was no chance of him touching me without my say so.
So he screwed me as I lay on my front playing on my laptop. Of course I wouldn't make him feel great about it. He's about to become a slave to his wife. He doesn't need encouragement. He needs to work harder. Always. He continued to pound into me, fucking me as well as he can for as long as he can. He must have known he wasn't going to make me come as I giggled at a picture of a naked man. He must have known... but he still tried so very hard. I have to give him that.
I'd say we were 12 minutes in when the message came through from a profile named naughtyboi89.
:Hi... I was hoping I could speak to you about a slave experience. It's something I've always been interested in. I desperately need to taste the depravity you can so easily give.
"C'mon... at least get me wet with your pathetic thrusting. Stupid sissy bitch." The man was close. His thrusts more jagged and his panting harsh. As I waited for him to fail his task, I checked out the profile before me.
Many variations of kinks

Looking for a mistress to rule me like a real slave

It was the usual. Nothing stood out at all. But something called out about him. 18 was pretty young for a submissive to be so ready for a slave role. Not as bad for a female. Girls tend to know if they're submissive from a young age. Males on the other hand hardly ever want to admit it.

I clicked on the message icon as bitch boy behind me ended his quest in trying to make me come. So I looked over my shoulder at him with a smirk. "You done?"
"Yes miss... I - I'm sorry miss." I wanted to beat him until he cried. This just will not do.

"C'mon pussy boy... you're not done yet. Don't be giving up So easily. Should have used your mouth first. Nobody said fuck all about your tongue. Just your hands. Use your face to get me off. Then use your cock when you're recharged. Use your leg against me. Just rub your limp, unworthy cock against me. I'll tell your mistress how easily you gave in too. I hope you get the punishment you wish for."
I heard, rather than saw him awkwardly drop to his knees. His hands still tight behind his back. He could have easily begged me to ride his dick like a toy. That would have gotten me off quicker. But I'll not tell him that. He needs to figure that out for himself.
Unfortunately, that's what it's like with the majority at the moment. People trying to figure it out. Wanting just a taste or a simple session. I need so much more. I again let my eyes drift towards naughtyboi89. I don't take long to think about it while I type out a message. Shannons husband licks my pussy like it's his favourite feast and I start to feel warmer.
naughtyboi89 how sure are you that slave treatment is what you need?
Mistress Sherri.

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