The Secret

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Erotica / Romance
Jessica Edwards
Work in progress
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How I wish I could see your faces reading this letter right now. After recent events, I just want to reassure you that I am in fact still alive. You can stop worrying now, my love.

I bet you were expecting this letter, right? Of course you were after what you’ve heard on the news. I don’t blame you for worrying. Not at all. The news reporters make it sound a lot worse than it is on the telly. I won’t give you all the details, but I was at the bank taking out money for you when I was unexpectedly shot in the shoulder. I never saw who it was. If I did, they wouldn’t be alive.

I cannot believe it has been another month already. I hope you are both well and spending every single penny I send your way. When I see the two of you, I want you to show me what you’ve bought, especially you Maggie. It’s about time you bought yourself something. Don’t let your mother talk you into buying something you don’t want because trust me she’ll get you to buy anything. Trust me, I should know.

All joking aside, I want you both to know that I love you very much. Not a day goes by without me thinking about you and wondering what you’re doing. How I wish things were different...

I’m currently on a private yacht, and no I won’t tell you where. If I told you that, you’ll come to me and I can’t have that happening. Both of you need to stay safe and be far away from me. Even writing this letter is dangerous.

After what happened at the bank, I’m fine, but sadly I have feared the worst. I know now that I am being followed, but do not worry. I know what I’m doing. I didn’t get my nickname for nothing. Now, I do not know who it is but give me time and I will find the person who pulled the trigger and who’s following me.

When my cover will be exposed and it will happen, I won’t be able to protect you. I cannot protect you myself but what I can do is pull a few strings.

Next month, you will have new neighbours. A man with three sons. How I know this? One of the boys work for me and no I will not tell you which one it is. Now, just because one of them is an informant, it doesn’t mean you can speak to him. Do not associate yourself with either of them. Especially you, Maggie, they are dangerous people. Stay away from them. I beg you, my darling. Act as though I’ve told you nothing.

I’m afraid that is all for another month. Remember, I love you both so much it hurts. I pray that one day, we will meet again and live a long and happy life together.

Be safe.

Until next month Dad.

P.S. Maggie, your lesson for this month is Self Defence with Vince. He’ll pick you up every day after school. Under any circumstance, do not miss any session.

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