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He pressed me up against the wall, eyes locked as desirable tensions soared high. His eyes scanned my body, sending pleasurable tremors down my spine. He spoke those sacred words, “Mine.” “Say it.” His burning lips sucked at my neck, Goddess only knows what his wicked tongue could do in other places. His muscled body pressed itself deliciously against mine, my fingers tugged at his silky strands. A low rumble reverberating through my chest had me clenching my thighs, “Maeve.” I shivered, as he separated my legs with his thigh the denim material stroking me under my skirt. “Bain.” His hands tightened on my waist, that wild craving building intensely within me begged for a release. “Say it.” He whispered into my ear, fingers stroking my exposed skin calling goosebumps to rise towards the surface. “I’m yours.” His canines extended. *Sexual content* *Mature audiences only* Cover by~RoyalFlameWritings (On Wattpad)

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"What a shitty day for rain." Mike added, holding the umbrella over our heads as we made our way to the front doors, "At least it matches everyone's mood." Fat rain drops rolled off the top before crashing onto my pointed shoes, business meetings with Alpha's never put me in a good mood. My phone buzzed, looking at the caller I.D. I rolled my eyes, "What." I seethed into the speaker, "Alpha, the rogue has awakened." A heavy sigh left my painted lips as ideas toyed around in my head, "Just let him wait, we wouldn't want him to think we're eager." A smirk sprawled out on Mike's face, "Such a sadistic woman."

Flipping the phone shut I looked at him as we entered through the threshold of the doors, "You don't get to the top by being nice." He just shook his head, we began to walk down the marbled hallway.

"Do you know what this business meeting is about?" I shook my head, "They hardly ever tell us anything Mike." He grumbled about wasting time while he could be with his mate, I eyed him speculatively. I never fancied the idea of having my mate, I was betrothed to my pack not some other soul.

Opening the doors all eyes zoned in on us. The silence was thick but I swatted it away as I was greeted by some alliances, "Alpha Maeve", "Alpha Lax, pleasure to see you and your mate again." The word soaked into my mouth leaving a bad taste in its wake. The chemistry between them still messed with my mind, but I placed that silly idea away for now.

"How are your little friends?" He smiled, "Always so business-like." I smiled back, "Just checking to make sure." Mike drifted off to our spot at the large, oak table centered in the room. "My Luna appreciates your concern." They both smile at each other appreciatively, that rancid taste assaulted my mouth, "If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call me." After shaking both of their hands I headed towards Mike and took a seat, "Every Alpha here seems a little tense," I suppressed a laugh as I straightened the papers laid before me.

"Females aren't usually Alpha's, nor do they usually partake in these types of discussions unless they're mated." Mike rolled his blue eyes before the door opened revealing the head Chancellor, we all bowed our heads in sync as he sat down.

"Thank you Alpha's for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come here today." "As if we had a choice." I glared at Mike, he gave me a wink before turning back towards the Chancellor, "There has been an increase in the number of rogue attacks on the Level 1 packs." Everyone grew silent as my Third in Command began writing the information down, interesting. Level 1 packs were the lowest in the scale, due to their ethics about being non violent and allowing members to roam freely in and out as much as they pleased.

From an Alpha's standpoint the idea boggles my mind, letting wolves roam in and out set me on edge to say the least.

No pack records.

No hospitals.

No standard rules.

I couldn't imagine how the 'pack', if you could even call it that, didn't explode into chaos with free ranged wolves becoming power hungry. It was an easy way out of living, I couldn't fathom going on a strict vegan diet, we are natural borne carnivores after all but the Chancellor decided to let them be as long as they could keep peace among their kind.

Obviously the whole 'No war, more peace' mantra wasn't working quite in their favor, their motive is innocent but it's also killing them. "I have came to a temporary solution, if each pack could donate one warrior, they may have some basic combat skills needed in order to survive these attacks." That interested me, the level 1 pack's are actually wanting to learn hand to hand combat, that was new.

"I have personally spoken with a few of their leaders-" No Alpha's either? "And they agreed that it's time for them to take a stand and defend themselves, but only if they're threatened." Many Alpha's shifted uncomfortably in their seats, almost all of their faces gave them away.

Nobody wanted to waste their warriors when rogue attacks were becoming almost a monthly occurrence.

Especially on a level 1 pack.

Especially on a pack that didn't view self defense as a necessity of life.

Cooperation didn't seem like it would be in the warriors favor.

"Each warrior shall remain at the pack for two months, or until they feel that the pack is read-"

One Alpha slammed his hands on the table completely outraged by this discussion, "Why the hell should I have to give up one of my strongest warriors, to go help a level 1 pack who should've been smart enough to learn basic hand to hand combat centuries ago!" The Council member raised his eyebrows, "Rogue attacks have been increasing everywhere not solely on the lowest ranking packs!"

He had a point.

I wasn't too keen on giving up my warriors easily either, even missing one strong warrior could put us months behind schedule for training the new pups.

"Alpha Isaac, I can assure you that a single warrior from your pack that is on a two month mission, couldn't place your whole pack in danger. If it does, I believe there are some serious steps that need to be taken in order to ensure safety for your pack."

"Oh snap." I pinched Mike under the table, 'Shut up!' I mind-linked, he gave me one of those smirks before focusing on the task at hand. "It is our duty in our werewolf society to aid those who are in need, we are all one pack." Mike aborted in his mind link, 'Yeah, because Dark Mouth didn't just try taking over the pack last week.' A gloss of a smile ghosted over my lips, my wolf within me began to stir, odd.

Usually she just- the doors to the meeting room bursted open, my heart instantly hammered in my chest as excitement began coursing through my veins. That impulse to look up hit me full force, I tried struggling to deny it but failed miserably when I finally looked him.

Everything about him hit me at once, that intoxicating aroma wavering about, those eyes.

His eyes.


I couldn't pull myself to look away from him, those dark blue orbs pulling me into the ocean. I wasn't even bothered by the raw power boiling off of him, or the state Mike gave me.

Nothing else mattered in this moment.


He was my mate.

My wolf practically puffed up to him, those black strands of hair begging me to touch, I bit my bottom lip. His eyes zoned in on my tiny action, darkness clouding his eyes drawing out a feral craving within me. Gasping I instantly released it. "Alpha Bain, thank you for joining us, please take a seat."

I finally broke eye contact, my body felt like it was going a hundred miles an hour while my brain drifted off to another place.

Focus Maeve.

Closing my eyes for a few seconds, I reopened them only to find him staring intently at me, his scent made me light headed. All of the Chancellor's words became a messy blurb, my eyes kept drifting back to the taunt muscles moving beneath his dress shirt.

And how much more appealing it would be, if it was off.

I mentally slapped myself, get your shit together Maeve! Sitting up a little straighter I forced myself to pay attention, his intense gaze still burning at me throughout the rest of the meeting.

All future chapters are published on Wattpad due to plagiarism, thanks for understanding.

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