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My hand stung as a sharp slap from skin to skin contact bounced off the concrete walls, I was boiling with anger, how dare the Chancellor force us two to be together!


My other hand felt a bite as I hit him across the other cheek, whipping his head completely to the side. Mike sat in the far corner just allowing me to have my little outburst until I got too carried away, then he would step up and remind me about information.

The rest of the car ride home had been silent, Mike was on edge since he told me about the Chancellor's ideas.

I was just pissed off.

"Why the fuck did you trespass onto my land!" I demanded in my Alpha tone, he shrunk into his chair, the silver handcuffs he was in only allowing him to have so much wiggle room. Right as he opened his mouth I slapped him across the face, hard.

Blood dripped from his nose, making splatter prints onto the ground.

Fucking mating bond!


I turned from the rogue and paced, running my hands through my hair as my mind reeled itself back in.

"I think we're done here for today." A metal scrape could be heard as I glared at the rogue, "I have information!" I gave a wicked chuckle, "Yeah, and I'm almost positive I'll be seeing you tomorrow sweetheart."

I turned on my heel and walked through the door Mike held open for me, taking the stairs he cleared his throat to ease up the anger rolling off of me.

"What." I stated, already annoyed with what was going to come out of his mouth, "Alpha, I mean no disrespect and this completely none of my bussi-"

"Fucking what Mike!" I roared at him, teeth barred as my eyes formed into slits. He bowed his head into submission, remaining silent I turned around and took some deep breaths while ascending the staircase.

"Alpha Bain is your mate."

I froze on the last step, my heart pounded inside my chest at the mere mention of that name. "What about it." My voice was cold, cool he sucked in a breath really pondering his next move as we laid still, idle on the steps.

"I just worry that, well um-" I was getting anxious, annoyed and....


It has been hours, fucking hours and my wolf already called for him to be by our side. "I just didn't know how you were going to plan on keeping your distance with the um, heat."

My whole body went rigid,


How the hell could I have forgotten about something like that! "Doctors make sedatives or medicine to help with that now."

"Yes, but-"

I turned and glared at him wanting, no, needing this conversation about him to end right now.

"It's absolutely none of your business."

I climbed the last remaining step and walked away, I mentally slapped myself for being a dick to my Beta.

He was only trying to look out for me, I exhaled heavily as I wandered the halls of my pack house before finding an exit and taking it.

My wolf was antsy beyond belief, mopey.

I bristled with a cool anger as I headed towards some trees, I needed an outlet and running was going to have to do for right now.

I took off my shirt and removed the rest of my clothing, falling upon my knees as my bones began to snap, reshaping themselves into the anatomy of a wolf.

The week flew by as I kept myself busy, my wolf relinquished into a depression as I focused my mind on jobs, running, and interrogating the poor bastard downstairs who seemed to have very little information after all.

That waste of space was disposed of, immediately.

Now I was packing my belongings, the Chancellor called a few hours ago letting me know that Alpha Bain 'ever so graciously' opened his pack home to us since he was closer to the pack we'd be training.

My teeth gritted as my wolf finally perked up her head, I'd be lying if I told anyone that this action didn't excite.

It did.

A lot.

Tugging the zippers closed to my duffel bag I walked out of the bedroom, bag in hand as I went outside to throw my shit in our pack vehicles. Some of my warriors were standing around, already discussing and planing tactics to teach these pups.


They all said in unison, bowing their heads in my presence, I smiled at the respect, "Is everyone ready for tomorrow?" I questioned before throwing my bag into the back of a SUV.

Some nodded while others scoffed, they were a little pissy about leaving their mates behind for the duration of the time it took them to train.

I bit my lip in consideration, I knew it was going to be hard for them to leave their pups and family for so long, hell even I was a complete mess and it has only been a week without seeing Bain.

"I have an idea that might cheer a few of you up." I drawled our, a smile already lighting my face, they gave me a questioning look, "Why don't you guys bring your families with you, I know the couple months that we're set out to train may make a few of you antsy."

Smiles lit across half their faces and my heart flowed with happiness, "Thank you Alpha." The air around us seemed to change, taking on a more happy effect. "Plus I can't have you guys being cranky the whole time either." I gave out a chuckle as they laughed, "I'll see you all tomorrow morning, make sure we bring an extra pack vehicle and tell them to only bring essentials."

I turned to go when one of my men spoke up, "Alpha, is Alpha Bain going to be alright with this?" My heart warmed as I have a small smile, "He'll be fine, I'm sure he will understand the situation." He simply nodded back at me.

Like he's just going to kick me out, I scoffed to myself before heading to our little pack clinic, pushing open the door a bell above my head sang as our two nurses looked up at me.

"Alpha, we didn't know you'd be arriving here today."

I waved my hand, "I just need some medication." A call light glowed on as one RN scurried to a room, the other smiled at me, "What can I do for you?"

"Do we carry any sort of medication to help female wolves during their heat?"

Her mouth dropped open.

Thank the Goddess for HIPAA.

"Um-well yes, we may have something in the back. But we don't advise anyone to take it, it's more of a circumstance basis that we administer the tablets."

I almost growled but held it back, this is one of those circumstances.

I gave her a warm smile, "Cynthia, I am going to a new pack for a few months and I need to train some wolves, I can not be locked away in a room dealing with the heat."

She eyed me, it was only when I growled at her did she stand up and mumble about the medication.

As soon as her back turned the corner I let out a frustrated sigh, this is just one more thing that I didn't need to be piled on my plate.

I rubbed at my temples at a lousy attempt to keep away a bad mood, hearing footsteps I glanced up at a worried Cynthia. An orange bottle rested in her hands, "Did you by any chance start your heat yet?"

I glanced around the room and saw no one in sight, "No, but won't it start soon though?" She nodded her head as she sat at her computer filing the medication into her database.

"All she wolfs are different, but usually for Alphas the heat starts earlier than others, typically happening between 1-2 weeks after the first meet."

I ground my teeth together, fucking great.

"How long does the heat last for an Alpha then?" She printed a label and left to retrieve it, "For normal wolves it's about three days, but Alphas a whole week." She came back and applied the sticker label to the bare container, "There's just something that I need to tell you though first, since you are an Alpha the pills won't work as well as they would on a normal ranking wolf."

Well fuck me.

"But, it will suppress your symptoms by 80% and will keep your scent the same so no male will know you're in heat."

I nodded, urging her to continue.

"I only gave you a weeks worth of medication, try to take it as a last resort because studies show that the longer a she wolf suppressed her heat, the longer and more painful it is for her."

"How much longer will it drag out?"

"The longest is another week, which could be a high possibility considering your bloodline."

"When should I start?"

"The pill works for about 24 hours, but for you 12 since your body will burn through it faster."

I was starting to get very frustrated at my odds, "So I highly recommend taking it first thing in the morning and coping yourself up at night to prevent any, um- guests."

I quirked an eyebrow at her, "It's a normal werewolf instinct to mate with any she wolf who is in heat, that's how the pain is relieved, unless they have a mate. Then they won't be satisfied unless it's them."


"Do males go through heat as well, or something similar?"

Please, for the love of Goddess say no Cynthia!

"Well, they can sense when a she wolf is going to start her heart, but it's very subtle and it goes unnoticed by many males until it's in full effect."

"Thank you Cynthia."

"You're welcome Alpha, I hope you have safe travels."

I nodded my head before walking out, placing the pill bottle deep within my pocket. I let out a frustrated sigh as I walked back towards the pack house.

The drive to the Alpha's pack house was filled with excited chatter, Mike was left back on pack lands to attend to my Alpha duties while I was out. He didn't seem to care considering he could spend some times with his mate, a handful of my warriors except my second strongest were riding with me.

I couldn't leave the pack without leaving them a few of them, if an attack occurred and no one was there to help protect them aside from Mike. I don't think I could ever forgive myself for such a stupid decision, my fingers drummer against the steering wheel as they all laughed and talked about past experiences.

I smiled, it made me happy knowing that my pack members were all happy as well. The trees flew by as the other two SUV's followed behind me, we wouldn't be arriving until late lunch.

I still hadn't asked Alpha Bain about the extra people we had, the Chancellor chuckled as I told him my idea and said that the Alpha would accommodate to make me happy.

I gave out a chuckle.

I pulled up into the driveway going slower as it circled around to the biggest pack house I've ever seen. Everyone looked out their windows in awe, it was gorgeous to say the least, I placed the car in park as everyone filtered out opening trunks to grab bags as I did a mental head count.

Leaving my pack behind always left me feeling paranoid and anxious to get back, I'll have to send a message to Mike letting him know we arrived safely.

Just as I pulled out the last bag Alpha Bain came walking out, his black fitted tee showed off his muscles as his hair was messy from his fingers being run through it so many times.

My heart skipped a beat as my wolf jumped for joy, it was the first time I had felt her be this happy within a week.

"Welcome, please take your bags to the third floor, we have rooms set up for you and your families already. Dinner will be served by 6:30p.m."

Many of my fighters and their mates with unborn and born pups headed up the stairs, shaking his hand and thanking him for his hospitality. My stomach knotted itself together as I ground my teeth, breathe I told myself.

Ascending the front stairs his forest eyes locked with mine, I forgot what it felt like to breathe. His eyes slowly trailed down my body and back up towards my face, my skin was on fire as I felt completely bare to him.


A shiver raced up my spine, "Bain" his eyes darkened as excitement coursed through me. "I didn't know that you were bringing extra guests."

I smirked at him, his eyes fell straight to my lips, "I couldn't force my pack members to leave their families behind, plus it's less people for my Beta to worry about."

His aroma wrapped itself around me and I couldn't help but breathe his intoxicating smell in, I bit my lip.

"How thoughtful of you." The air between us charged as I wanted nothing more than to run my fingers through his hair as he kissed-

"Stop biting your lip." He growled, eyes flashing darker before he regained control as that wonderful green hue filtered back into them.

I gasped, letting it go as he took a step closer. "I'll escort you to your room."

Two updates for the same book in one month, you guys are getting spoiled. What better time to write than at 2 in the morning when you can't sleep and have classes at 8am? Praise college insomnia, thank you all for the love sand comments on my last chapter.

They all made me smile.

This chapter is loooong, which is good for you but horrific for my eyes. Just a heads up though, this is where things are about to get a little spicy so 18+ for the next coming chapters!

Who is excited?! Because in all honesty I can't wait to start writing it!

Until next time,


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