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He held open the door for me while holding my duffel bag with the other hand, I walked over the threshold and was shocked at how intricate the paintings on the ceilings were. My gaze drifted to the walls as it was made up of a black and white granite, “This is beautiful...” My voice trailed off as I touched the stone, its coolness bit at my warm fingertips, “This way.” He said impatiently, I turned to face him with a scowl on my face, “Got somewhere to be?”

My wolf snapped at me in annoyance, okay not the most mature thing I have ever done. But seriously, you live in a mansion and act as if I’m not supposed to admire its pristine beauty. He cocked an eyebrow, “I want you to get a chance to be settled in before dinner.” I walked towards him as he lead me up the three flights of stairs, “Oh, I didn’t realize-“ he stopped and stared at me as the rest of what I was going to say died on my tongue.

“It’s okay.” His words barely registered as his eyes soaked into mine, the air charged with excitement as a small tug pulled deep within me, I blushed a bright red as the heat made itself known. “Um, I would like to go to my room, please.” He immediately turned and continued the last few steps, I let out a breath that I hadn’t realized I had been holding. My heart beat faster as I trailed a few more steps behind him.

Keep it together Maeve, I told myself, Just breath.

I nodded my head and decided to ask him questions to evade the awkwardness which had now found a home between us. “So, how long has this place been standing?” More older paintings hung on every available space on the walls, almost seeming to pop out against the dark contrast of the walls. “This house was built in 1918, around the time when wolves started forming leadership and shielding themselves from the world.” Interesting, it didn’t- “It has been remolded quite a few times before I took over.”

“Are the paintings from 1918 too?” He shook his head, “In 1918 there wasn’t a surge of painters, or even a time for such luxurious activities when they were trying to fight off the humans.” Ah yes, the era of the wolves when supernaturals tried coming out and then they all get massacred for trying to make peace.

“The paintings are actually dated back to 1950, my however many great grandfathers first mate took up painting while he was away.” I quirked an eyebrow, “His first mate?” He gave out a chuckle, “The bastard had three.” My mouth dropped open, “Three? Is that even possible?” He stopped at my door before facing me, “Actually yes, more common than any of us would ever think. Some of my alliances are twins and they share one mate, or some females get two male mates.”

I shook my head, “That’s bizarre, some wolves don’t even get a mate, let alone two.” I looked up to him when he didn’t say anything and found that he was staring at me, “Bain?” He didn’t even respond as he lifted a lock of my hair and gently placed it behind my ear. Blood rushed to my ears as his close proximity enraged my heat, “Dinner is at 6:30pm, you have an hour.” He dropped my bag to the floor before walking away, I looked at his retreating form and bit my lip as the muscles in his back rippled.

I quickly fumbled to open the door before bursting through and slamming it shut, letting out a deep breath I dragged my bag to the center of the room before leaving it and opening the curtain to the french, glass doors. A lush green forest encased the large, rolling hills, completely blocking out the world. “Beautiful,” the wind pulled gently at my head as the scent of pine nipped at my nose.

A smile stretched across my face as I walked back inside, a peaceful calm floated through me. I grabbed my bag and decided to get ready for the welcoming dinner.

I chatted with some of my pack members as we made our way into the dinning hall, large wooden doors opened wide to reveal a long, mahogany table stretching almost the whole length of the room. The walls were bare aside from the swirling colors of painting kissing the ceiling, “This place is just grand!” One of the She wolves spoke out loud as her mate guided her to a seat at the table. A smile crawled on my face, nothing brought me more joy than having happy pack members.

Even Mike was handling things spectacularly while I was absent, while everyone filtered in and admired the hall I chatted with a few warriors about some great beginner techniques before taking a seat at the end of the table.

My body hummed with excitement, my eyes scanned the crowd for his as disappointment punched me in the stomach when he wasn’t here. “Looking for me?” His minty breath blew over my ear causing goosebumps to arise on my neck, “No, I wanted to speak with one of my warriors about some new tactics.” The lie easily came from my mouth, but his face showed doubt.

He sat beside me while everyone else was getting settled at the table, “Is that so?” He quirked an eyebrow as his lips pulled into that sexy smirk of his, the embers within me came to life.

He stood up, holding a crystal glass in his hand as everyone instantly hushed around him, “Welcome, I hope everyone has settled into their new rooms.” Everyone smiled politely as he continued, “I would first of all like to thank all of you for coming-“ I took in how he looked. His hair was slicked back as his broad muscles were hidden beneath his dress shirt and pants.

His eyes seemed to glow green as he gave a breathtaking smile that sent my head spinning, breathe Maeve.

The whole room started clapping as I joined them, he sat back down in his seat as people began being served their food. Delightful aromas wafted around my nose causing my stomach to growl impatiently, a white plate was set in front of me before the silver lid was removed revealing a perfectly cooked steak.

My mouth watered as I began to slice into the juicy meat, “Alpha, how long are we staying here for?” I opened my mouth to respond when a warm hand rested on my bare thigh, “Um-“ I began to stammer as I knew exactly whose hand was there.

“We should only be living here for a few weeks, depending on how well the pack learns the tactics.” He gave a nod before returning to his original conversation. I turned and glared at him, “What on earth do you think you’re doing.” I hissed at him, he gave me that sexy smirk that was doing things to me.

Things that needed to stop.

The embers began to burn to a small flames.

“I don’t see a problem.” He smiled while taking a sip of his wine, his hand was rough, warm. And I hated the fact that I loved his hand resting there, rubbing small circles on the inner sides of my thigh underneath the table at a formal welcoming dinner.

It was erotic.

His hand gave a gentle squeeze and my legs opened wider on their own accord, I prayed to the Goddess that my face wasn’t going red. He leaned closer to me as I began eating my steak, “I love how responsive you are to me.” He huskily breathed into my ear, his thumb increased its pressure as it swirled higher on my thigh.

My heart beat erratically in my chest that I was afraid everyone could hear it, the small flames built into something greater.


The room temperature seemed to skyrocket as my skin burned with desire from his hand. “Bain,” it came out more in a breathy moan than a direct statement. His eyes were already darker as his hand went straight up under my dress, my panties were wet as something inside me began to ache for him.

His thumb rested inches away from the place that I needed him most, my fingers gripped the table as I tried to maintain my composure. I stopped drinking my water and started taking large gulps of the wine. “Do you like that kitten?” He growled out as his thumb pressed firmly over my wet entrance, I let out a small gasp as shocks tormented my very core.

My skin prickled with excitement as I opened my legs wider for him, needing him to finish what he started. “Bain, we need to..” He gave out a possessive growl before pressing his thumb harder onto my wet opening. I bit my lip to prevent letting out a moan, the rough material of my wet panties beneath his thumb had me rubbing myself against him to create a delicious friction.

He pulled his thumb away the faster I tried rubbing against him, “Only when I want to give you pleasure, is when you’ll receive it.” His wet thumb drew lazy circles on my inner thigh again.

Dammit! I screamed at myself, a tense buildup started in the pit of my stomach, I forced myself to relax as his fingers went back to their original spot.

I almost died on the spot when his fingers worked circles around my clit. The wet material glided over my sensitive area, causing my release to be more urgent, I regulated my breathing as he picked up the pace. His eyes never left mine as he watched the pleasure roll over my face, “We’re going to play a little game Maeve.” I shivered as my name rolled off of his tongue, “Go on.” My voice came out clipped, strained even.

If it gave me the release I needed, then I could have cared less what it was.

“It’s the Breaking Game,” he whispered into my ears, shivers slicked down my spine as he increased the speed. “How does it work.” His lips brushed against my ear, “Whoever breaks first loses.”

Confusion arose as I began to ask, “Breaks?” His fingers slipped underneath my panties as he furiously began to rub circles, the pleasure was intense and it took everything in my will power to not scream for him to go faster.

That’s when it clicked.

“Ready to play kitten?” He bit my earlobe as I almost came undone beneath his fingertips, he pulled away right before I came to a release. My knuckles were white from gripping the table as uneven breaths bursted through my mouth, I glanced around and was relieved that no one noticed his antics beneath the table.

He brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply, causing me to turn a deep shade of red. When his eyes opened, black orbs exposed themselves instead, “You smell so much better when your aroused.” His eyes lit up with a new, intense emotion, “You’re in heat.”

My mouth dropped open as every word escaped me.

He sucked my juice off of his fingers, “Mmm you taste sweet.” His control was slipping as was mine, he stood up, lust evident in his eyes.

“I’ll see you in the morning.”

He kissed my ear

Before walking away.

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