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I slammed the door with unnecessary force, and closed my eyes. My heart thrummed ecstatically as my core temp climbed high, I turned the A/C to as low as it would go before stripping down to nothing. I threw open the french doors as the cool breeze kissed my red cheeks, frogs croaked as stars danced in the night.

All seemed peaceful.

Thick, sturdy trees rose in front of the marbled balcony, I could see miles of woods. Rolling hills looked like sleeping giants, while the forest was something out of a folklore book.

A vast pond lay a few yards away from the mansion, its waters swirling ink clouds. Some noise rustled from the edge of the woods, my acute hearing honed in on a clumsy animal.

A fawn.

It's white spotted fur stood stark against the dark scenery, a smile crept on my lips, such a fragile little thing.

It crept towards the water stopping every few feet to listen, moments like these were great. Just being able to see nature and be outside eased the tension running through my body, his hooves hit the bank as he stretched his neck as far as he could.

His tongue barely lapped the water as he drank quickly, a flash of silver caught my attention as it disappeared back into the black.

Something tugged deep in my stomach, as an uneasy feeling settled deep within my bones. I held my breath as I tried to find the animal in the dark, a loud splash erupted the silence.

I jumped in surprise, a high pitched screech echoed through the woods. Pale, milky skin covered nimble limbs as the lower torso joined into a long, thick fin. Scales glittered in the moonlight as the darkness filled her eyes. My eyes widened at the sight, I thought those creatures went extinct hundreds of years ago!


The fawn let out a high pitched scream that had my teeth clenching tightly, pointed fingers pierced its silky fur coloring the spots in with red. My throat constructed as the little thing screamed again, and I ran around my terrace frantic for a rock or something to throw.

I saw two potted plants.

I'll apologize later.

I crouched near one and lifted it up, although heavy it was manageable to carry. I made it to the ledge and with the strength of an Alpha I chucked the plant over the side and down to the pond. I watched the pot slam onto her head as it broke into pieces with a sickening crack.

The siren's scream was worse than the fawns, I had to cover my ears. She let go of the deer and turned towards me damning me in her siren language.

My fangs elongated as claws shot from my fingers and I gave her an authoritative growl, I flooded her with my dominance as she instantly recoiled.

I'm a fucking Alpha.

She retracted her sharp teeth before studying me, then plunged back into the water with a loud splash.

My heart pounded from the adrenaline as my fangs slowly retracted, groans resumed their croaking as crickets chirped. The stillness now broken by creatures of the night, I turned to see the other potted plant.

A smile crept over my lips as I grabbed it and threw it over the edge, "That's for being an asshole, Bain." Before I shut my doors and flipped into bed, feeling great about saving the dawn I fell into a dreamless sleep.

I made my way down the stairs as I popped my little pink pill into my mouth before swallowing, the sound of chatter and smell of food guiding me to the dining room. Opening the doors a smile instantly spread, families were laughing with one other as children colored or raced about playing games.

Being able to see my pack so vibrant and chatty made me feel good, and I was happy I let them bring their loved ones with. Walking around the table I greeted everyone before picking up a plate and pilling it high with warm food, my stomach growling impatiently.

Breakfast felt bright, happy even until he decided to come in. A quiet hush fell upon my members and his as he entered the room, his persona filling up the room. Annoyed already I gave a little smirk as the heat was already being depressed, sipping on my juice he sat down.

Everyone slowly resumed to their conversation, some even finishing up and leaving. "Good morning Maeve." His bed voice was so sexy.

"Morning." I chirped back for taking a big bite out of the waffles, "How did you sleep." His green eyes looked straight to mine, I knew what he wanted me to say.

That it was unbearable.

I needed him.

Take me now.

I rolled my eyes inside my head, "Actually, there could've been more blankets, it gets quite chilly." I sipped some more juice while looking straight ahead, trying my damned hardest to now burst out laughing.

He continued to stare at me as I finished my breakfast.

"What I found most interesting are the lovely little sirens in the pond out front." I turned my head to stare straight into his eyes, he lifted an eyebrow in surprise. "How did you find out."

His tone became serious so quickly it gave me whiplash, "It tried killing a fawn, so...."


His muscles were slightly tense beneath his dark green V-neck, I smiled inwardly.

"So, I dropped a potted plant on her head."

"A potted plant..."

I turned to him and smiled, "Oh, make that two."

He clenched his jaw.


"I missed."

His eyes narrowed and I took that as my cue to clean up my plates, everyone had seemed to clear out a while ago. "You did what." I turned to him, "I don't appreciate the fact that there's a potential danger to the young pups in my pack and I wasn't warned."

He shrugged his shoulders, "I didn't expect to prepare rooms for your warriors and their families."


A smirk sprawled across his face as he took a step closer, I felt a rush of heat before a cooling effect took over.


"You see," he whispered, "A little communication on your part would've been nice." I blushed slightly.

What is this man doing to me.

His eyebrows knit together, he took a step closer as his nostrils flared.

"Did you-"

"Did I what?"

He gritted his teeth while I mentally screamed.

The pill really worked.

"Maybe next time..."

I leaned up against him, my chest brushing up against his as I placed my hand on his lower abdomen.

"I'll come and talk to you in private."

I could see the erection forming in his pants and a smile graced my face.

"See you at the arena."

And I walked away.

One point for me.

This is where it's about to get real! One point for Maeve! Can we give her a round of applause! Thank you, each and every single one of you for your patience, love, and support. I know it took awhile, but when inspiration hits you out of nowhere you end up writing in a line waiting for the car wash. Show me some love in the comments.

Until next time,


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