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The pup huffed in annoyance.

"Why can't I just skip the basics again? I already got them down."

My eyes narrowed.

Taking his partners place I kicked him behind the knee and he tumbled to the ground, collapsing in a pile of highly uncoordinated limbs.

"If we don't learn the basics-"

Stretching out my hand I helped him up. "Then we can not build you into a smart, coordinated fighter."

His baby blue eyes stared back at mine.

"I'm only hard on you because it's either you or them, you're going to be the one between your people and their grave."

We sat in silence as he registered my words, his head bobbed up and down.


This time the annoyance was gone and was taken up by determination. A smile crossed my face, the past six hours of me hounding him was finally paying off.

"Seems like you're doing quite alright over here."

My heart leapt into my throat, I didn't have to even turn to know whose voice it was. I gave him a forced smile, "Nice to see you as well, however I am quite busy training a pack to defend themselves against rogues. So you'll have to excuse me."

He smirked.

"I think it's time they learn the next set."

I halted, I knew what his game plan was.

Slowly turning I smiled, "Fine. But only the ones who are ready."

I walked away, dancing inside my own head. These heat pills were a miracle from the Goddess herself, clenching my jaw in determination I headed towards the circular arena.

Sweat trickled down my jawline and dripped onto my chest, the sun beat down roughly as multiple sets of eyes watched every move we made.

Raising an eyebrow he lunged towards me, arms outstretched I buckled my knees beneath me, making sure to arch my back as his muscled torso glided across my vision. As soon as his feet hit the ground I turned aiming to kick him in the temple, but he moved fast.

Blocking it with his forearm I pushed off him with both feet sending him back a few feet.

I smiled.

Smiled through my aching muscles.

Smiled for him not getting to me.

Smiled at finally being in control.

His eyes were intense, nostrils slightly flared those green eyes growing evermore darker, Bain not being able to smell my heat gave me a small step up.

I was surprised to find that even the sparks, although very prominent, could be ignored if I focused hard enough.

In a normal hand to hand combat situation there would be a very slight chance either one of us would come out victorious. Since both of us were the top Alpha's our of all the packs in the U.S. you have to posses a high skill set.

But those pills...

They gave me a edge.

And that was all I needed.

I ran towards him, calculating his next move as I saw his eyes dart to where I was pulling my fist back, he dodged it.

Just like I knew he would.

Flipping around him I dropped to one leg and swung the other around right behind the knees to knock him down, before he even had a second to move I jumped on top of him.

Some of the wolves applauded, I smirked down at him, "Point two for Maeve."

He grunted, "I let-"

I placed my bottom right on top of his manhood, I could feel it harden beneath me.

"Make it three."

His green eyes darkened as his musk filled my nose, it was erotic. But I quickly got off of him, not wanting to prolong any attention as he got up off the ground.

"Alright, we will both be demonstrating those moves for you and have you learn them today and practice them tomorrow morning."

Some growled while others grew excited, "See you on the field." Shouted Bain as we all began to disperse, "Maeve."

My heart stopped.

"I wish to speak with you after dinner this evening, in my chambers." He growled out the last part before dismissing himself off the field.

Butterflies whirled in my stomach like a tornado, holy shit.

The rest of the day that was all I could focus on.

His room.

After dinner.

I let out a frustrated sigh as I hopped out of the shower, wiping the mirror with my hand I stared back at the reflection. My nerves went berserk, but...

This could be a game changer.

I smiled.

And picked out something nice to wear.

The air licked my exposed back as I sashayed my hips down the hall, greeting pack members along the way as some of them even dressed a little bit nicer for dinner. The dress hugged my frame while dipping low in the back giving off an illusion that I wasn't wearing a bra.

I smirked.

Soft lightening gave off a homey feel as myself and a few others made it to the table, I felt his eyes staring at me before even seeing him, taking a seat next we made our announcements before passing bowls heaping with delicious food.

Taking a sip of wine I ever so casually glanced in his direction, his forest eyes taking over my body.

"Take a picture-"

His orbs snapped towards mine.

"It'll last longer."

His jaw clenched.

Let's push some buttons.

I ripped apart a roll before taking a bite, making sure he was focused on my teeth gently ripping the roll before sucking it into my mouth.

He shifted.

My heart beat hard in my chest.

"If you don't cease your little sexual antics, I may have to bend you over."

Excitement flared within me.

"Maybe you should."

I muttered so that only he could hear me.

He growled.

Gripping my arm he pulled me from the table, "We need to talk." Sparks shot up my arm and rattled my core.


A few heads turn, but his cold stare made them all look away.

Well fuck.

My feet became heavy as a sudden warmth bloomed inside of me, at this point he was practically dragging me up the steps to his room.

I was kicking myself hard for not possibly thinking this through all the way, damn genetics!

The door shut loudly behind as he spun around, "Why the fuck do you smell different!" He roared, it sent my pulse spiking upwards.

"I don't know what you mean."

I stated boldly, playing dumb could only get me so far before he figured out my secret. "Don't be so coy Maeve." This space between us was too big, I needed him closer.

A fog settled over my head and only one thing was speaking loud.

Very loud.

I moved towards him and touched his chest, splaying my fingers over the muscles surface. His heart beat wildly and I could feel it tremor beneath his shirt, his green eyes clouded over.


That carnal need clawed through my body leaving me needing him, his nostrils flared wide as he inhaled deeply.

Then they were black.

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