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The Halloween Party

I watched her round backside swing to the music. She was driving me weird.

I haven’t had sex since before my son was born. He is five. His mother and I were high school sweethearts. She was a cheerleader, I was the blonde, blue eyed golden boy and jock. She got pregnant, I married her.

Only when she had our son she decided she didn’t want him or me. We got divorced, I became a single father and she lived up the single life, fucking everything in sight. Even trying it on with my best friend. Luckily he is a proper friend and told her where to go.

Last I heard she is a dancer in a club.

I’m a firefighter, so between work and my son I don’t have time for women.

I am very lucky to have great parents and an awesome little sister who both help me out with little Tom when I’m working.

Tonight I was lucky enough to have a extremely rare night off. My son is having his first sleep over at his best friend’s house.

It was just in time for Halloween, so my friend convinced me to have a Halloween party at my house.

I invited thirty people, more than fifty turned up. But I’m not complaining because a sexy little red head with a cat mask and a tight black leotard and heels.

Half the guys in the room was eyeing her up. But I made it known to them that I intended on having her in my bed tonight.

I had cheated for my costume, wearing my old football uniform, which was a little tight since I workout between shouts at work.

But it seems to please her since she keeps looking at me.

Several beers and three hours in and I decide it is time to make my move before I am either too drunk or another man tries.

She has her eyes closed and is swaying away to the music in a world of her own when I approach her.

I stopped behind her, she is so much hotter up close. She is quiet a little shorter than me, but has a tight curvy body and smells delicious. I am hard already at the thought of her riding me.

I move close, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her to me.

She jumped and tried to free herself.

“Shh, it’s just me,” I whisper to her and she looks at me relieved.

“You scared me, Marty,” The familiar voice I couldn’t place said. She relaxed back against me and I immediately felt a connection with her.

“Are you having a good time, princess?” She clearly knew me, so I pretended I knew who she was too.

We had plenty of time to learn names later.

“It’s the most fun I’ve had in forever. Everyone is so nice.” She had her head and back rested against my front. It felt so natural, not slutty or forced.

“Not too much fun I hope?”

She glanced at me with a confused look in her bright green eyes. They were the only thing of her face I could see but they were sexy.

“What do you mean?”

She is either playing or really that innocent. I think the latter.

I don’t mind. Maybe if things go well I can see her again.

“I want to have fun with you.”

“We’re having fun,” She said happily.

“No.” I grab her waist and grind my bulge against her round backside.

She gasped and stared at me wide eyes.

“Marty, we can’t...”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want it too. You’ve been looking at me too.”

She looked torn.

“Have you got a boyfriend?” She shook her head.

“Then come to my room with me and if I can’t make you have your biggest orgasm ever, you can leave and we’ll never speak of it again.”

She stared up at me.

“I haven’t had sex since before my son was born. This isn’t something I do every week,” I confess trying to make her feel special.

She is though. What I didn’t tell her is that I have had several women try to seduce me already, just tonight. But I have my mind set on her.

She silently nodded. I took her hand and led her up the stairs, to my room.

I closed the door and walked her to the bed.

“Take that mask off and let me see that beautiful face.”

She hesitates, but goes to take it off but the lights go off.

The area had been having power cuts all week. I called and appprantly it’s a technical fault they were working on.

“We don’t need lights, princess,” I assure her, drawing her to me.

I couldn’t see a thing, but could feel plenty.

I leaned in and pressed my lips to her plump, smooth ones.

She whimpered and I lifted her onto the bed, laying her beneath me. My hands began to explore as I deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth with my tongue.

It was nothing like all the girls I had in high school or even my ex wife.

We had a connection none of them did. She was a little stiff, but I put that down to nerves.

“Relax, princess. I’ll take care of you.” I kiss down her neck, pulling the top half of her outfit down to reveal her bare breasts.

“You’re not wearing underwear?”

I felt her shake her head. “I tried but you could see the outline through my outfit.”

“Fuck. It’s lucky they didn’t know that down stairs.” I move down her body, kissing and licking every inch.

I was never really into foreplay as a teenager - other than a blowjob - but now I’m twenty-six I’m grown up and my tastes have changed.

I want to taste every inch of this sexy woman.

Her body felt just as marvelous as I imagined.

“Marty, are you sure we should be doing this?”

“I’m certain. You’re enjoying yourself, aren’t you?”

She didn’t answer.

“Tell me, princess. Tell me you want me to stick my big cock inside you.”

“Yes,” She whimpered. “I want you, Marty. I want you inside me.”

Her words had a reaction on me no woman’s had. I came in my pants a little.

I moved further down, removing her outfit completely.

Moving between her legs, I put her legs over my shoulders and begin to place kisses above and around her pubic area, avoiding actually touching it.

She squirmed and whimpered, breathing quickly.

I love her reaction.

When I actually licked her slit her she gasped and stopped breathing. She had only the finest short hair.

I licked again, paying special attention to her tiny little nub.

Her breath quickened and she lifted her backside a little.

“Marty,” She moans and I doing again. This time flicking it multiple times with my tongue. She squirmed more, moaning loudly.

I push my face in closer. She tastes as sweet as she smells. I move my tongue down and lick around her twitching hole.

It was super tight. I move my hand and use my thumb to rub her as I fuck her hole with my tongue.

“Marty!” She cried out arching her back and wrapping her legs around my head.

She got wetter and wetter as she came on my tongue.

“Yes, Marty. I love you. Yes.”

That took me back a little but I didn’t stop. I can’t say it back because I’m still unsure who she is. But I do like her a lot.

She loosened her legs as her orgasm passes.

I moved and climbed off the bed removing my clothes before climbing back on.

“You like that, princess?” I ask her moving up so my face was in front of hers.

“Yes. I want to feel like that again,” She said breathlessly.

“You will, only this time my cock will be inside you instead of my tongue.”

I pressed my lips to hers, positioning and pushing my cock inside her.

“Fuck!” I groan. She is so tiny I can barely get it in. She clearly hasn’t been with many men.

Pulling back, I push forward again harder, this time getting deeper. She whimpered, likely enjoying my cock.

I push inside her hard again. I kiss her again, moving my hips faster and faster. She is the tightest pussy I have ever had by far. Or maybe my cock is just bigger.

All I know is I loved the feeling of being held in her tightness and the way she got wetter and began to moan I think she liked it too.

“Your pussy is made for me,” I push my cock all the way in and then out again.

“Yes, I feel so full. I think I might explode,” She said squirming again beneath me.

“Cum, Princess. Come on my cock.”

I was struggling myself. I was hanging on by a thread. I knew the moment to came I’d be a goner.

“Marty, I think it’s happening again.”

This time she dug her nails in my back, pulling me down and kissing me hard as her pussy quivered around my cock.

It was too late. I doubled my efforts, moving like a jackhammer inside her, making her scream and myself cum. Cum harder than I can ever remember.

Balls and body drained, I rolled bringing her to lay on top of me.

“It’s never been like that.”

“Was... Was it alright?” She sounded nervous.

“Princess, if you give me ten minutes I’ll show you how alright it was.”

She giggled and I pulled her down to me.

I kissed her gently and we lay together.

“Princess, ready to go again?” I ask but got no reply. “Are you sleeping?” Dumb question.

Rolling her off me. I cover her and climb out of the bed. After struggling for a minute I find my pants and leave the room to check out the house.

Everyone had left after the powercut. I looked around, finding a torch and checked nothing was amiss before locking up.

I started to clean up. I wanted it to be clean for when Tom was home.

At the same time I drank more beer getting drunker and drunker.

Thankfully the house wasn’t too bad. It would need a vacuum in the morning but otherwise was good.

I was drunk when I had sex with her before, now I was almost legless.

I crawl up the stairs to my room, climb in the bed and clumsy stick my dick in my new friend.

I barely go the head in before passing out.


I was awoken the next morning by my phone ringing on the side table beside me.

Not opening my eyes, I reached over and picked it up.

“Yes?” I answer feeling the effects of last night. I didn’t have to open my eyes to know the sun was streaming through the window.

“Oh, thank God you answered,” It was my dad. He sounded worried. Him and mom are kind of hippies, free love, etc. So this was unusual.

“What’s wrong?” I immediately wake up but my eyes struggle to adjust to the light.

“Did Emma stay there last night? She didn’t come home and isn’t answering her phone.”

“Stay here?” I repeat.

“Yes, you invited her to your party remember?”

I completely forgot I invited her. But I didn’t see her. I thought for a moment, trying to remember if I had seen her.

She is eighteen, short and unlike me she has red hair and green eyes.

Red hair and green eyes...

I closed my eyes tight and turned my head to the woman I had sex with last night. The woman who knew me, loved me, but I didn’t recognize neither because of alcohol or the mask.


“She’s here. I will make sure she gets home safe.” Not giving him a chance to answer I hang up.

She was still fast asleep and clinging to me. The cover hung over her waist, revealing her large breasts to me.

I hated myself. I had taken advantage of my sister. She has never even dated or kissed a guy. She never showed interest.

Realization hits me. She wasn’t just tight, she was a virgin. I didn’t have to pull the blanket back, the small patch of blood told me everything.

She turned, still asleep and unconsciously pushed her naked back against my cock.

“You can’t. She’s your little sister,” I tell myself, my cock quickly growing hard, painfully so.

“Mom and dad will kill you.” They are a little weird, so who knows.

“Tom will be home soon.” I still had a few hours in truth and Tom loves her. I have even heard him refer to her as his mommy since his own was absent.

“I’ve already been with her, what harm could one more do?”

I moved my cock between her legs and push myself inside her. She is just as tight, if not tighter than last night.

“Marty?” I heard her sleepy voice ask.

“Yes, Emma. Don’t worry, it’s me.” I slowly and much gentler than last night move inside her. Gently making love to her.

“That’s good. Can you rub my thing again? I like that.”

I reach around her and push my finger between her lower lips.

“I love you so much, Marty.”

My heart broke a little for what I did to her last night. I would have to tell her sooner or later. But not just yet.

“I love you too, Emma.” I really do. But now I’m starting to question in what way.

She turned her head to the side and I leaned closer, pressing my lips to hers.

It felt so different than last night.

Last night was exciting. But this... My body tingles and my heart is beating faster. Even my hands are sweaty.

I have never felt like this, even with my ex.

My stomach filled with excitement - almost as though I had butterflies in there when she began to moan my name as she came.

I came shortly afterwards, sending ropes of my seed inside her.

My cock hadn’t even gotten soft yet when I got another call. Answering it this time I am surprised to find it’s the station officer.

I hang up a minute later.

“Could you hang around today and watch Tom?” I ask climbing out of bed. “My boss wants me in to cover for several hours.” I didn’t want to tell her I was covering for someone hurt in a shout. She hates my job, always worries about me.

“We need to talk too.”

She nods. “I’ll look after him. You know I love him like my own.”

I have a quick shower before rushing off to work.

My hang over quickly disappeared but thoughts of Emma didn’t.

I knew I should end it now, tell her it was a mistake. But was it?

I love how I feel when I made love to her. Even before I discovered who she was I wanted to date her.

But now...

I am so confused.

“What’s got you thinking so hard?” I looked to see one of the veteran firefighters. He is forty and dating a girl half his age with his brother.

Maybe he could give me some advice.

“Did you ever regret dating Harmony?”

She’s a beautiful girl who he rescued in a shoot. Her mother was a hoarder and fell asleep smoking killing herself. Harmony survived since her room was the only clear place in the house. But she was a dwarf and couldn’t reach the window.

Julius found her and broke it in. He visited her everyday at the hospital and fostered her before dating her.

“Never. Love At first sight. She is my angel.”

He does get teased a bit for it. He is a huge black guy and she a four foot nothing blonde girl.

She really is beautiful, just not my type. I’m more into red heads.

“I spent the night with a girl in the blackout last night.”

“That’s great. You deserve some fun,” He knows I don’t have much personal time.

He is no stranger to controversy since he started dating his current girlfriend when she was just seventeen. That was a year ago and they are now expecting their first baby.

“I didn’t realise who she was at the time. She was in a costume. She knew me. I thought she was sexy.”

“But you liked it, right?”

“I loved it. Under any other circumstances I would already be dating her. But it’s more complicated.”

“I’m engaged and expecting a child with my foster daughter, I know complicated.”

His brother is a college professor, so he didn’t have it easy either.

“It was Emma,” I tell him knowing he could keep a secret.

“Emma, as in...?”

I nod. “It isn’t her fault, she thought I knew. She kept asking if we should. But I convinced her too. But I don’t regret it. It never was like that with anyone else, I can’t explain. Just... Even before I knew who she was it felt different, but in a good way. I really thought I found something special,” I admit.

“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But if you both want it, I think you should try. Never let the one escape. You may live to regret it for the rest of your life.”

I thought about what hr said for the rest of the shift. By the time it was over I knew what had to be done.


Tom ran to the door to greet me when I returned home.

“Daddy, Emma and I made cakes,” He exclaimed excited.

“That’s amazing, Tom. I can’t wait to try one.” I pick him up and hug him. No matter what, I have never regretted having him.

“How would you like a real mommy?” I leaned in and whispered. I think Emma was in the kitchen.

He looked at me as thought ready to cry. “I have a mommy, Emma!” He was so cute when he was angry.

I knew I made the right choice for us.

“I know, son. But I mean, would you like Emma and me to be like other parents, live together, call her mommy all the time?”

His eyes shone with unshed tears and he nodded his head quickly.

“Yes, daddy, please. I love mommy mostest.”

“Even more than me?”

He paused and looked thoughtful. His big blue eyes staring at me. “Hmm. I love you mostest too.”

I grinned and chuckled. “Let’s go win Emma over.”

I don’t know if it was smart talking to him first. I guess I got a little excited.

The moment I put him down he ran to the kitchen and I found he hugging Emma’s legs rambling incoherently.

She noticed me enter and smiled but I noticed a sadness in her eyes.

“Tom, can you got play in the other room for a minute while I just speak to Emma?”

He is a smart kid, he seemed to understand what I meant because he left without argument.

“I know what you’re going to say.”

“You do?” I asked stepping closer.

“I realize this morning, you didn’t know who I was. I was a mistake. Don’t worry. I won’t say anything.”

She wouldn’t look at me.

“I didn’t. But it doesn’t change the fact that I felt things with you I never have with anyone else.”

“Marty...” She was in a floral dress she had likely left here after sitting for Tom in the past. She had a few clothes in the spare room.

“I have thought about it all day and the more I do, the less I like the idea of you being with anyone else.” She tilted her head to the side and looked at me confused.

I moved closer, drawing my arms around her waist and pressing my front to hers.

“I want to be with you. Move in with me, we can be a proper couple.”

“Marty, we can’t...”

“Yes, we can. I love you, you love me, Tom loves you. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I want you, Emma and I’m not planning on stopping until your mine.” I stole a kiss from her lips and heard a giggling.

I glanced to the door to see Tom peeping around watching us.

“I should have known,” I shake my head laughing. “Come here, you cheeky monkey,” I held my arms out and he ran over, into my arms.

“Are you my real mommy now?” He asked her excited.

“You’re gonna live with us? Am I gonna be a big brother?”

We both stared silently at each other. “Are you taking anything?” I ask her cryptically, but she knew what I meant.

She shook her head and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of a second child.

“Yes, she is staying with us,” I tell my son and she stares mouth agape.

“And a baby.... Not just yet. But I’m the future.”

He pouted. “Oh okay. At least I have mommy.” He wiggled out of my arms and threw himself at her. She automatically picked him up and smiled when he kiss her cheek.

“I love you, mommy.” He hugged her neck and I noticed a tear fall from her eyes.

I walked over and hugged them both to me.

“Give us a chance, princess?” I whisper to her and she looked at me.

“I love both my boys,” She spoke for the first time since Tom entered.

“I’d love to stay with you.”

Tom cheer and I kissed her lips.

“But I have to speak to your grandparents first,” She added.

“I’ll call them, invite them for dinner.” Not giving her a chance to argue I left the room.

“Hey, mom, I wanted to invite you for dinner tonight?” I say on the phone a minute later.

“There is something I want to discuss with you both.”

“Sounds ominous. Should I be worried?”

“He hasn’t taken that little bitch back, has he?” I heard my dad ask in the back ground.

“No. It’s nothing to do with her. But I’m unsure how you’ll take it,” I admit.

“Come around here. I was already preparing dinner and there’s more than enough for us all.”

“Alright. What time?”

“An hour?”

“See you then.”

I hung up and returned to find Tom telling Emma about his sleep over.

“Change of plan, we’ve going to them. Tom, go use the bathroom, we’ll be leaving soon.”

If he didn’t go he would just whine all the drive that he needed too. Plus I wanted to drop by the store.

He reluctantly left leaving us alone.

“What if I do get pregnant? Maybe I should go get the morning after so-”

“No,” I cut her off.

“I love children and I know you do.”


“The likelihood of birth defects are low. I saw a documentary about inbreeding,” I admit.

“I want babies with you. I want you to be my wife, even if we can’t legally marry, we can act married.”

“Are you sure? What about everyone who knows us?”

“We can move. Please, Princess? Me and Tom love you so much.”

She looked torn.

I move in closer, moving between her legs.

“I’ll take care of your other needs too.” I slip my hand up her skirt and inside her panties. She whimpered and I rubbed her clit.

“If we had more time I’d take you now. But for now...” I rub her quickly forcing her to orgasm. She bites her lips to keep herself quiet.

Hearing footsteps I pull my hand out, leaving her flushed and in a daze.

She looks so sexy.

“Mommy, I’m done!” Tom appeared, holding out his washed hands for inspection.

“Good job, Tom.” She leaned down and patted his head. He smiled.

“Let’s get your shoes on while daddy gets ready.”

I’m going to die during dinner. I need her so bad.

We took my car and I dropped by the store to pick up some wine for my parents, then drove the rest of the way.

Climbing out of the car, I walked around the back and unbuckled Tom from his seat.

He giggled and the moment I placed him on the ground he ran to my parent’s front door, letting himself in.

“Papa, Nana, it’s me!” He yelled running inside. I couldn’t help but chuckle and looked to Emma to see her smiling too.

“I asked him earlier if he wanted a real mom and he told me you were his real mom,” I tell her. “He got upset when he thought I was replacing you as his mom.” I watched and waited for her reaction.

“I love him so much. He has always been my baby to me,” She admitted blushing.

It’s true she basically raised him with me. She was barely in her teens but she always had time for him. Often spending the night at my house to help out when he was a baby.

“He is.” I follow her into the house and to where our parents and Tom was.

“Hello kiddies,” Our parents greeted us. “Dinner’s ready.”

“I brought a bottle,” I hand my mom the bottle of wine.

“Oh thanks, sweetheart.” She a took it and escorted us to the dining room.

“What was it you wanted to talk to us about?” Dad asked. “Molly hasn’t been around, has she?”

Molly is my ex wife. Dad never liked her, even when I was dating her at school. But he wanted me to be happy.

“No. I haven’t heard from her since the divorce.”

“Good. What is it then?”

“Mommy is going to live with us!” Tom exclaimed excited, his cheeks bulging with food.


“Yes, Mommy Emma,” He replied still stuffing his face. My parents smiled hearing him refer to Emma as his mom. This wasn’t really a new thing. But he’s more open about it now.

“You are? What made you decide that?” Dad asked, not seeming angry yet.

“Can we speak later, when little ears aren’t around?” I ask and they nodded.

“How was the party?”

“It was awesome. But everyone left after the blackout.”

“Yes, you should get a back up generator like us.”

“Maybe,” I thought about it but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. The electrics are fine normally.

“They released a schedule of blackouts for the next month. Apparently the jobs a big one.”

I sighed. I can’t afford to dump the food from my fridge and freezer everytime it happened.

In the long run it would cost hundreds, possibly more.

I’m not short of cash, but I don’t like wasting money.

I think that’s another reason my ex left, because I wouldn’t let her have hundreds of dollars to go shopping.

I wouldn’t have minded if she needed it. But she was always buying expensive outfits and rarely wearing them. She had a serious spending habit. Which was why we had to live with my parents. It wasn’t until after the divorce I could save enough for a deposit for a house.

“Alright, if you get it for me I’ll give you the money.” I knew nothing about that kind of stuff. My parents were a whole different matter.

I didn’t have to ask, I already knew my dad would fit it. Or at least he will if he doesn’t fall out with us.

“Tom, why don’t you go play in your room? I’ll call you when it’s time for cake.”

He nodded his head. He used my old room but it was now decked out for him.

“Are you coming, mommy?” He was a complete mommy’s boy today.

“In a little while. You go up first.” He nodded and disappeared up the stairs.

“So what’s happening? Why are you moving?” Mom asked impatiently.

“We are in love,” I answer taking Emma’s hand. “I want to live with her as my partner.”

Both stared at us in shock.

“Is this true, Emma?” Dad asks her.

“Yes,” She blushes. “I want to be with him as a girlfriend, not sister,” She admitted nervously.

“It’s my fault, don’t blame her. I seduced her,” I confessed when they didn’t say anything.

Dad sighed and rubbed his hand over his face.

“If you are really serious about this, there is something you some know.”

This wasn’t the reaction either of us expected.

I expected a black eye from dad. He is very protective of Emma.

“You and Emma aren’t blood related.”

“What?” We both said at the same time.

“Dani and I have been best friends as long as I can remember.” Dani is our mom’s name and Randy is our dad’s.

“I dated a woman called Jillian briefly and she got pregnant. She was a lot like Molly and the moment you were born she left stating she only had you because it was too late for an abortion.... I’m sorry I never told you, son. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“But Mom lived with us?” I remember her always being there.

“Yes, she was my angel. When you were born she came to live with me to help me raise you. You automatically took to her as your mother and we never corrected you.

We were both happy raising you, but still weren’t a couple.

“Dani dated one guy. He was a nice guy, except he loved to drink. One night he drove drunk and killed himself. Dani was heartbroken and on top of that she found out she was expecting,” He explained.

“Over the course of the pregnancy we fell in love and got married. Emma was born and the rest is history.”

We were both speechless.

“We both love you as our own which is why we never told you. But if you really want to be together you both deserve a chance.”

“That’s why I could never see my birth certificate?” I thought out loud and my dad nodded.

“No matter what we’re both still your parents. Just as much as you and Emma are Tom’s.”

It was a lot to take in.

“But it means you can legally be with each other, have children and even marry if you should want in the future.”

Emma and I shared a look. The idea of her round we my child and legally my wife... I couldn’t help but smile.

Learning she wasn’t my biological sister had changed nothing. I love her just as much, if not more. She is meant for me, just as mom and dad were for one another.

“Why don’t you leave Tom here tonight? It will give you a proper chance to talk,” Mom suggests.

“Are you sure?” She nodded.

Emma went up and played with him for a while before we left, he’d only be upset otherwise.


Back at home that night.

“I can’t believe you aren’t my real brother.... At least it explains a few things.”

I look at her confused.

“You, mom and dad are all tall, blonde with blue eyes. I am a short, red head with green eyes.”

“I’ve always had a thing for red heads,” I say moving closer.

“If you’re really upset about us not being blood related we could role play or I could get you in the club?” I press my body against hers.

“You may have already got me in the club. What is role play?” I smirk at her innocent question.

“I’ll show you...” I led her up to my room and strip off my clothes before laying on the bed naked. She stood watching me.

I begin to fist my cock and she blushes. “Do you like watching your big brother jerking off?”

She nodded and sat on the edge.

“Why don’t you help me?”

She shook her head and stood back up. “I think I might go to Lucy’s house she has boys over.”

She started to the door, I jumped off the bed and grabbing her and pinning her to the wall.

“No, you are my girlfriend! I don’t want horny boys hanging around you!” I tell her and see her grin.

“I’m sorry, big brother,” She looked up at me with though big green eyes, giving me an innocent look.

“Ah, so that’s what we’re doing, hey?” I ask realising.

I began striping off her clothes.

“What are you doing?” She asked as though she didn’t already know.

“I’m teaching you that you only need big brother.” With her naked, I picked her up and with her back still against the wall, I push my cock inside her.

“Marty!” She gasped, clinging to me and wrapping her legs around me.

“You’re so big,” She moaned and started sucking on my neck.

“Oh yes, Emma. I like that keep going.” All thoughts of role play were gone. It was just me and the love of my life.

“You are so beautiful. I can’t believe I never noticed before.” We stare into each others eyes.

It felt more intimate then we had ever been. I felt like we were seeing into one another’s souls.

“Marty, I think I’m going to cum,” She whimpered. “Move harder, please.”

I watched as her eyes furrowed and her mouth fell open as orgasm hit her. Never taking my eyes off her once, I watch and Moving inside her harder, deeper.

Her cum was dripping down my balls.

“I love you, princess,” I pumped my hips against hers, emptying my seed deep inside her fertile womb.

As I softened, I carry her over to the bed and lay her in my arms.

“I am so pleased you aren’t my sister,” I admit. We are likely still to get teased for a while. But it will work out.

“Me too. I was worried we’d be arrested and leave Tom with no parents.”

I smiled, happy she was thinking of Tom as our son.

“I’ve been thinking... I know it’s fast but I want you to be my wife. Real wife, marry me, Emma?”

“But... But what if you end up hating me, like you did Molly?”

“That was completely different. I always knew she wasn’t the one, but I cared for her and then she got pregnant.... I knew it wasn’t going to work out from the beginning, but I tried,” I confess. “She was a pretty face, but as a person she was a pain.”

I look into her eyes and stroke her cheek. “But you are beautiful inside and out. I have always loved you, only now it’s not platonic. I am in love with you. Everything I feel with you is new.

“I may have not had sex in a while, but that isn’t why this is different. Sex and even just spending time with you is different. More enjoyable, more intimate, I feel connected to you in a way I have never with anyone. And all that even before I learned who you were.”

She had tears in her eyes.

“I want to be with you. I want to be your husband, father to your children. The idea if you with anyone else breaks my heart.”

She still said nothing.

“Tom always asks why his mommy - why you don’t live with us?”

“I love being Tom’s mommy. I love you, Marty.”

“Then make all of us happy and become my wife?”


One year later...

We married several months ago. People weren’t as surprised as we expected. Apparently half of the people we knew didn’t realise we were meant to be siblings because Tom always introduced Emma as his mommy.

Then the best thing happened. Three months ago Emma gave birth to our daughter, Grace. She had a head full of bright red hair, but she had my blue eyes. I heard eye color can change. I kind of hope they turn green like her mom’s.

Tom loves Grace. He is always kissing and holding, telling her stories. He loves being a big brother, little does he know another little will be arriving in eight months.

“I told you breastfeeding isn’t a contraceptive.” She had recently been suffering from a weak stomach and after some tests the doctor told us we were expecting again.

I couldn’t help but smile. I love my family and children, the more the merrier.

“We should have use a condom.”

She loves children but she had wanted to wait a couple of years for another.

“No barriers, Princess.” I am never wearing a condom with her.

“Despite the time, I know you’re happy.”

A smile broke and she laughed slapping my arm. “It’s your fault, they told us to use condoms and wait six weeks.” We had sex only days after Grace was born.

I drew my arms around her and chuckled, kissing her.

“I have a surprise for you too.”

She looked at me expectantly. “Is it chocolate?” I laugh and shake my head. She has been chocolate mad since giving birth.

“I have been offered another job.”

Her eyes widen.

“It’s a only a little more money, but it’s less and more sociable hours. I’ll have weekends, every evening and night with you and the kids.”

“But you love your job.”

“I do but I love my family more.” I spend so much time at work, I feel like I’m hardly seeing them.

“Plus it’s still in the fire service. Only I won’t be an active firefighter. I’m going to be training them.”

“No more danger?” She asked hopeful.

I smile. “No more danger, my princess. I’ll be around more and be able to help with the babies.”

Mom and dad are around all the time. They adore Grace. Dad put in the generator and even helped me build Tom a swing and seesaw.

“Yes, take it. I want my husband home. Tom and Grace will love it too.”

I smiled and stroke her cheek. If someone told me a couple of years ago I would remarry and her another child with Emma I’d call them insane. But now, I can’t imagine me life any other way.

“And who knows, maybe the next will be a boy and then we can try for a fourth before you’re twenty?” I half joked.

“Don’t even think about it. Unless you’re looking to become celibate.”

I can’t help but laugh.

“I love you, Princess.”

“I love you too, Marty.”

I may have sleep with her by mistake but now I see none of it was an accident. We were destined, we are meant to be.

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