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Fantasy X Vol. 1

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2] Rules One, Two and Three

2] Rules One, Two and Three

Wow. I had such a terrible nightmare. It was soo vivid too. Almost like it was real. In a way, the dream seemed more solid than reality. Right now, my favourite futon I liked to sleep on at home, hard and firm... was deliciously soft. Too soft. And my scratchy blanket felt like layers upon layers of silk.

Before I move a muscle or open my eyes, I smell a gardenia scent. My favourite perfume for a diffuser, but not certainly what I had in my room.

I open my eyes, scared of what I’ll find.

I hope it’s my dull grey ceiling... but I’m not at home.

I sit up so fast, after glancing at an unfamiliar cream ceiling with gold trimmings, and then I almost tumble out of bed when I see the rest of the room I have awoken in. I was in the middle of an old style bed with layers of cream blankets that matched the warm wood of the frame. The bedroom had huge windows, floor to ceiling, swung open and letting the cream curtains float with the light warm wind.

There was a circular couch for putting on shoes and a white rug underneath that. A whole wall of dark wood wardrobes. A chandelier with a thousand diamonds that hung low and the other half of the room had mirrors floor to ceiling and an opening to a white marble bathroom that from first appearance... looked larger than my bedroom.

On a seat next to me is a young woman sipping tea and she smiles when I finally meet her gaze.

“Don’t be alarmed,” she shakes her head, “You’re in the best place... don’t be fooled by the... the uh...” her hand waves to her throat, to suggest that I look to mine. Obviously I can’t see, but my hand flies up to feel a leather collar wrapped around my neck.

It reflected the same warmth of my body so I hadn’t noticed it straight away. There was a loop at the front and back. For a leash.

When I look down I see I am wearing a loose, thin white fabric robe and my body is clean. I pull the fabric across my small breasts while breathing rapidly in and out in confusion.

“W-Where am I?” I squeak out in fright, because despite the beautiful location... I had no idea where I was and how I got here.

I jerk in fright in the sheets when steps from the balcony beyond the open windows, suddenly come closer... until a new figure appears. Walking through the waving curtains, my eyes widen upon a god. Blonde hair. Green eyes. Rippling torso with not an inch of fat and black slacks for a suit he was yet to finish putting on.

Now, the man buckles up his loose black belt without breaking his locked gaze from mine.

“She doesn’t remember anything, does she?” he asks the young lady sipping the tea and she shakes her head.

“Nothing,” she smiles and puts down the drink while the man nods and doesn’t second glance me. He then walks towards the large double white doors that acted as the exit and entrance to this luxurious bedroom. The woman beside me quickly stands up, a hand on her chest, above a flattering baby blue dress that complimented her straight and long red hair, “So I will instruct her?” she asks and the man halts.

He turns and nods, before hesitating and holding up a finger.

“Not too much, Daisy,” as soon as the words leave his mouth she is nodding obediently, “I like it when they wander. It shows more about who they are.”

“Wait!” I call out and hold out a hand before the man leaves and I slowly lower my arm when I notice the quick flare of anger in his eyes. I don’t think the man had one second of patience within him... or maybe he was just passionate about being... being... a god? Who knows. He had an air about him... with dangerous looks and a temper that were obvious attributes to his persona, “Please tell me wh -?”

He cuts me off.

“I have a bad habit of taking back bad tempered sluts when I get in a bad mood,” he shrugs his shoulders while he cuts me off with a scowl, “I regret it already. I don’t need your words or your cheek. I need you to listen to Daisy.”

“Tell me. Did you rape me?” I ask, boldly, as the idea has occurred to me and I really wanted to clear that up.

“No, I’d rather fuck you while you’re conscious. Which I’ll be doing, soon. Until you bore me to death...” he turns and I jump out of the bed while Daisy waves her hands about, nervously, as if warning me not to even try and run after him.

However, I was angry at two comments he just made.

“Well I don’t have a bad temper and I’m not a slut. I’m a virgin, so don’t assume you know everything, asshole,” I pull my robe in tighter around me and do up the fabric belt nice and snug so I feel a little bit more protected.

Plus, I felt a little more confident with Daisy in the room... and she was relatively calm... so I was assuming he wasn’t going to hurt me. Well, I couldn’t be too over confident but there was only one way of getting answers and that was through talking.

He has swung open the doors to reveal a wide cream and black marble corridor. At the end of my speech he freezes and turns around in slow motion. He looks more shocked than angry.

“...what did you say?” he asks, raising a brow.

“You’re an asshole,” I smile and cross my arms over my chest.

“No, no, not that,” he shakes a finger at me and I narrow my eyes, “...did you say you’re a virgin? How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” I shrug, “Should I be offended?”

“No, but you should shut up, Lucy,” he drawls my name to create a shock-effect.

It works.

“How do you -?” my eyes widen as a torrent of memories flash through my head.

Zac. He was Zac. He spilled vodka on me. Mentioned the Black Market. Kidnapped me.

Oh, shit.

“Daisy,” he ignores me now as he sees my recognition and he instead adds to Daisy, “If you have any issues with her you can’t handle, you know who to call.”

“I sure do,” she winks and gives him a thumbs up. He winks back before walking out backwards and shutting the two white doors dramatically on the way out. Which just happened to emphasises the strength, muscle tone and veins in his perfect shoulders. Too perfect.

I turn to Daisy and she sits back down on the chair and bites her bottom lip as she meets my terrified gaze.

“Am I a slave?” I ask, quietly.

“No... ye-no,” she shakes her head and her blue eyes blink fast as she thinks of a better word, “Do you know what Subs are?”

“Submissives?” I ask, “Like, BDSM...”

“Yeah, you’re... you will be one, eventually,” she shrugs her shoulders and I sit on the side of the bed to sit knee to knee with her. She seemed nice - so, even if I was in some crazy cult of brain washed people, if I could get on her good side... maybe she would tell me what I needed to know.

“Can you tell me where we are... exactly?” I ask, hoping for a good answer.

“No,” she shakes her head, “I... I don’t exactly know,” she sighs and lounges back in the chair while she looks at her perfectly manicured nails. They were long and red like her hair, “I’m meant to tell you just generally what you need to know. So... it’s a mansion... more like a complex... of Submissive females and males,” she glances at me with a raised brow, “Taken by rich men and women, to be placed in Subservient roles. It’s not all... you, know... sex. A lot of it is, but, for myself, I’m just a caretaker.”

“You seem pretty relaxed if you were, you know, kidnapped, like me,” I try to lighten my tone as I run my hands through my brushed and clean but boring brown hair.

“Yes, everyone is brought here illegally. Human trafficking. It’s a part of the Black Market. But, they don’t treat us like complete fools. They give us reasons to stay,” Daisy glances at me and pushes her hair back until I see a black collar on her too. She points to a red blinking dot and she presses a finger on her lips and points to her ear.

Someone was listening to her every word.

Oh my god.

Could this get anymore strange?

“A-and... what reasons?” I ask, “Are they kind?”

“Do as they say and you will be rewarded,” she nods and smiles, “If you run, they’ll kill you. If you disobey... just, don’t. Please. They believe in communal punishing.”

“...and what else, do you have to teach me?” I ask, “Zac said, not too much.”

“I’ll help you get changed and then I’ll tell you the basic rules before you go exploring,” she stands up and points to my collar, “Your gold ring on your collar claims you as Zac’s, so no one else will touch you... except maybe his friends... oh, I probably shouldn’t have told you that,” she whispers to herself and stands up, flattening out her gorgeous dress, she points to the wardrobes, “Let’s get you something to wear.”

“Okay,” I nod and stand to follow her. I thought I was relatively calm, but with every step I take, I feel my ankles and knees shaking with weakness. I was extremely anxious on the inside. But I had always been good at keeping my bluff in check.

“I think a white dress, he liked that you were a virgin... smart...” she says this to herself as she slips closer to the wardrobes, before whispering to herself again that she shouldn’t have said that either.

“White sounds good,” I shrug and come up next to her as she opens the doors and sorts through the clothes. She brings out a skimpy white dress with no straps and diamonds down the centre line.

“Perfect,” she shakes it out and holds it up for me to inspect, “Do you like it?”

“Yes,” I nod and gulp down my increasing realisation.

I start to fiddle with the knot of my fabric belt that I tied too tight.

“...don’t freak out when you see your hair is gone,” she adds, “I had to wax you while you were out. It was probably better that way.”

“Oh, gosh,” I quickly undo the knot and pull apart the robe to glance down at my naked body. I really was hairless everywhere down below my neck.

“Here you go...” she hands the dress to me and it’s stretchy. I step into it and pull it up over me, while she purses her lips and admires how well it looks on when I pull it all the way up, “...perfect... makeup next. Follow me.”

I do so while my eyes look out the windows... and all I see are trees and grass.

Daisy takes me into the bathroom and I spot the shower fit for twenty people... the circular bath fit for five... and the huge dressing table with an immaculate white chair. I felt like a movie star. An abducted movie star.

“Thank you for your help,” I nod to her as I look at my reflection, sitting down into the plush dresser chair. I looked tired and worn out already.

“No need to thank me,” she grabs a brush and starts doing my hair, “Okay, so, listen up... wow... no wonder he likes you... your eyes are so big and blue.”

“So are yours,” I smile back at her and she blushes.

“I was told he likes blue eyes best,” she shrugs, “But his green eyes are flawless, don’t you think?”

I refuse to answer that as my mind runs riot. The anxiety was starting to be replaced with panic.

This was actually happening.

This situation was real.

I couldn’t escape or they’d kill me.


“Please, tell me what I need to know,” I ask, sounding a little desperate.

“You’re doing well, better than most girls,” she reassures me as she continues to brush through my hair, “So, the basic rules are what you need to know before you can explore. The first rule is your eyes must be down cast at all times, especially when you see the men and women dressed in black. Zac doesn’t usually wear anything but his black slacks or black jeans. You will know who the Submissives are and who are the Dominants of both sexes. Dominants always wear black. Submissives, anything else. The second rule is instant obedience. You must follow their word. You must. The third rule is opposing to the first two. But it’s important for you to understand. You’re free to do whatever you please, here, Lucy. It’s a fantasy world to many of the boys and girls that get taken. Eat what you will, their buffet is never-ending... oh... sorry... I’m not meant to tell you that either... you’re meant to explore... fuck... I’m probably going to get punished for that. Ah, crap, I shouldn’t have said that either... um...” she gulps and turns on a straightener while leaning forward to look through the draws of makeup. My eyes light up as I see hundreds of colours and shades and all manner of art for a woman or man’s face.

“The third rule,” I remind her, before I’m also distracted, “You didn’t finish. I can... do... whatever I please?”

“Anything at all,” she smiles, “But rule one and two override rule three. In other words; Do what you will, but do not go against your Dom’s word. Do not disobey. Do not try to negotiate or get around a directive. But other than that, you are safe here. No one will hurt you. You are Zac’s new Sub.”

“...and when he is sick of me?” I ask, scared of this answer the most.

However, she pauses and does not answer me as she raises the straighter and starts to fix my hair.

“There is a party on soon, you slept through the day. The sun is setting and everyone will be out near the pools. I think you’ll like the garden,” she smiles as she straightens my hair and when I look at her through the reflection of the mirror, meeting her eyes... all she does is shake her head.

That was her answer to my remaining question.

A vague but clear answer.

I may not know the specifics... but whatever happened to you when Zac was bored of you... obviously wasn’t going to go down well.

“Has anyone ever touched you, Daisy?” I ask, confused, “If you’re just a caretaker...”

“Plenty,” she answers, “But Zac likes to talk to me. I don’t know why, but we’re friends. He doesn’t do anything sexual. I’ve fallen asleep talking to him before, he tells me things... but if it’s any reassurance... argh, I’ll probably get punished for this too but I’ll tell you anyway. He isn’t cruel, I promise you. If that’s what you’re scared of. He won’t abuse you. He is just... he has other ways... and I wouldn’t advise trying to outwit him at his game. There is simply not another being on this earth, as Dominant as him. He has... a... a... talent for it.”

“Sounds... interesting,” I murmur the words as I feel the warmth of the straightener float through my brown mess to style it into something more attractive.

I wished her last explanation didn’t calm me to the point that I felt... almost a little turned on.

But I’d be a liar if I said it didn’t.

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