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Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

Saraid’s hands feverishly worked Graten’s shirt up and over his head, leaving his perfectly sculpted chest exposed to the bare skin of her palms. She flicked her tongue out past her fangs and traced the rips in his chest with her tongue, entrancing him as her eyes rolled up to meet his. His hands met the denim on her waist, sending her buttons flying as he tore the fabric as if it were merely paper.

His arms were around her, lifting her to his waist, just above his hardened member. The feel of her heart beating through the wall of her breasts drove him wild with heated desire. Meeting no protest from her, he slowly lowered her, so his erection slid up and down her dampened slit, drawing small moans from her lips.

“You’re so wet,” he breathed close to her ear, slowly pushing his erection into her, small thrusts pushing him further in until he was buried deep inside of her.

“Harder,” Saraid moaned as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and began to bounce her hips up and down to pick up the pace.

He gripped her hips tighter, his nails breaking her flesh, and slammed himself into her, using her hips for leverage.

“Is that how you want it?”

She threw her head back in pleasure, “Yes, fuck me harder.”

He walked over to the table and pulled himself out of her to set her on her feet, lifting her right leg so it rest on the table. He raked his nails down her back, driving another moan to escape her. He allowed himself to slide between the lips of her heat, causing her legs to quiver before he slammed himself into her again, buried to the hilt.

“I want to feel you come on my cock,” he grunted, “and to hear you scream my name.”

In and out, fast and hard, Graten continuously thrust himself deep into her swollen pussy as she screamed from the pleasure.

“Stop,” she spoke, just loud enough for him to hear.

He needed no further instruction and stopped his thrusts immediately, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh Gods, no.”

Saraid dropped to her knees in front of Graten and took his hardness into her mouth, running her mouth down until the length of him hit the back of her throat. She moved her way back up, allowing it to fall free from her mouth with a wet, POP!

“I want to suck your dick and taste you as you come down my throat,” she teased and she slammed her mouth down over him again, making him come apart with each stroke.

His hands fisted her hair and helped guide her mouth further down his shaft until her throat contracted from the intrusion. If she kept that up, he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Please stop. I don’t want to come so soon,” he half-heartedly pleaded, torn between wanting her to continue and wanting to make it last forever.

“Come for me Graten, something tells me it won’t be the end for us tonight,” she teased.

The words from her lips were enough. He grabbed her hair with both fists and held her head in place as he thrust himself into her mouth with the sheer force of his need. His rhythm faltered as he began to lose control. With one final thrust, he watched with amazed adoration as Saraid let his seed slide down her throat and her eyes fell heavy from the pleasure it gave her.

Without skipping a beat, she continued to work her mouth around his now softened dick, watching his eyes roll back as he began to slowly harden again. He grabbed her hand and led her to the couch across the room and pulled her down on top of him.

She took his erection in her hand and guided it to her entrance before sliding herself down the length of him. His teeth clamped down on her nipples, causing a momentary pause in her downward thrust.



“Fuck me.”

He rolled her over, so she landed on her back on the couch, lifting her legs so they rested on his shoulders. His thrusts were hard and were growing faster as the noises coming from her grew louder.

“Yes. Just like that,” she moaned.

Her words fueled his desire, propelling him further into her center until his last hard thrust made him stutter and shake with his release.

His moment of euphoria was short lived when Saraid immediately stood and began looking for her clothes.

“Have you seen my bra?” she asked as she crossed the room, picking up pieces of her clothing as she went.

“What’s the rush? You can’t even sit with me for a minute?”

She stole a glance over her shoulder as she pulled on her panties, “I have to try to get Wendy back before my magic weakens again. I’m sorry Graten. I don’t mean to offend you. It was really, great.”

He stood and crossed the room to stand in front of her, his full-bodied manliness dangling in her face as she fought with the remaining fabric of her denim jeans and she found it extremely hard to look away.

“Does great mean that I can have you again?”

Alarms were sounding in her head. This is what she was afraid of. She couldn’t see him again. It was hard enough trying to keep up with the lovers she already had. No, this was just for a magical reboot, nothing more.

“Look,” she said as she stood up, looking him square in the eyes, “it was great sex, but I can’t afford to give anymore of myself to another permanent partner. This can’t happen again. I’m sorry.”

“I understand,” was his reply.

His face betrayed the calmness in his voice. His feelings were hurt and Saraid felt a twinge of guilt. Being a succubus was never going to get any easier when it comes to this part. She hated hurting people, but in the long run this was better for Graten. He reminded her a lot of Liam. He would never be ok with sharing her and that would always be a problem. Liam knew it was vital to their survival and he loved everyone in their bond, but he didn’t enjoy having to share her with them.

“My life is complicated. Trust me when I tell you that it’s in your best interest to not be involved with me.”

“Whatever you say. You’re the boss.”

She didn’t have time to explain the complicated nature of her life or her magic. She concluded that if she had time to sit down and discuss it with him later, she would, but at the moment she had to get Wendy home.

“Ok, lets see if this works.”

Saraid walked toward the door, leaving Graten to find his clothes and get dressed on his own.

“Sure. You’re welcome by the way,” he mumbled under his breath.

Grady wouldn’t meet her eyes when Saraid re-emerged. She managed to hurt two people within thirty minutes of each other. That had to be a record for her, of that she was sure.

“You ready to try to go home?” she directed her question to Wendy.

“More than you know,” Wendy replied, hope in her eyes.

Saraid waited until Graten joined them before directing her statement to the room, “I am recharged, but I can’t carry everyone back at once. I want to take Wendy back first and then I can come back for Grady.”

“I can blink Grady back. That is if he doesn’t mind,” Graten offered, not meeting Saraid’s eyes.

“I would appreciate it. Thank you,” Grady accepted.

“Ok, we have a plan now. Let’s get this show on the road.”

Saraid took Wendy’s hands in hers and closed her eyes to focus as she had so many times before. Usually she would focus on her bedroom, but she promised Damon an update and she wanted to check on Liam, Aaden, or whatever he was going by now.

Her magic flooded to the surface and rushed out of her like a geyser. She had been wrong. Her power was stronger than it had ever been before, but she didn’t feel it until this moment. She allowed it to expand outward and cocoon itself around them. All three sets of eyes were on her, wide with astonishment at the feel of her power blanketing them. She knew it could zap out at any given moment and didn’t want to risk not being able to get them back, so she brought Damon’s sitting room into mind and threw her magic into it, pulling herself and the others with it. When she opened her eyes again, she was greeted by the crooked yet handsome frown of her father.

“Thank the Gods. I was worried that you couldn’t make it back,” Damon gasped.

“Sorry. I was facing a magical deficiency. I’m here now.”

“You all are. I take it that this golden beauty is your beloved Wendy?” he asked, smiling in Wendy’s direction.

“Yes. Dad this is Wendy. Wendy this is my father, Damon.”

Wendy looked between the two before expressing her confusion to Saraid, “Your father? When did this happen?”

“I will tell you everything. Damon didn’t know my mother had me. I just met him around the time I had Treasa.”

Wendy nodded ever so slightly, “When can I see Chase?”

Saraid smiled, “We can go. I just need to check on Liam first. Would you mind terribly to give me just a few minutes?”

Wendy gave Saraid a reassuring smile and nodded. She knew that it had to be nerve wracking not being able to rush into Chase’s arms. They had been separated for so long and they loved each other so deeply. She was sure that every minute they were apart was excruciating but she had to try to convince Liam to come home with her.

“How’s Liam, Dad? Is he making any progress?”

Damon shook his head and wrapped his arm across her shoulder, “I’m afraid I have no good news. I have tried potions, spelling, and even suggestion but it’s no use. I cannot bring his memory back. I’m afraid he may be lost to us forever or at least until the one who bespelled him dies.”

“Oh goodie, another reason to kill James. I know he’s behind this.”

“What about this Reaper? He’s no longer a suspect?”

“No. He had nothing to do with the attack on Liam or the attacks on Wendy. When we arrived in Purgatory, James was trying to attack Wendy and Graten, whom you know as Reaper, was fighting James to protect her.”

“You’re sure?”

Graten decided that he had enough of the conversation and cleared his throat, “I can assure you that I most definitely am not the enemy and my name is not Reaper.”

Damon’s eyes grew wide with shock. He hadn’t even noticed Graten in the corner.

“Dad, this is Graten. You know him as Reaper but as you can see, he does not approve of that name. Can you please respectfully call him by his birth name?”

“If you trust him, I trust him,” he offered Graten his hand, “pleased to meet you Graten.”

Graten accepted Damon’s outstretched hand and gave him a curt nod of his head, “Pleasure’s all mine.”

“I suppose you want to see Liam now?” Damon suggested.

“I have to at least try to convince him to come home. I need it to appear as though everything is normal for the time being anyway.”

“Ok. Right this way,” Damon answered, his arm stretched in invitation for Saraid to lead the way.

Saraid walked down the hall and back into the family room that Liam occupied before she left. He was still there in the same chair, staring at the flames in the fireplace.

“Hi, Aaden. I know this has been a confusing night for everyone, but I was wondering of you would mind accompanying me and my friends back to the castle? We could really use another Guardian to escort us.”

Liam stood to his feet, placed one fist over his chest and bowed his head as he spoke, “It is but my duty. I would be honored to escort you and your friends’ home.”

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