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Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

Lack of sleep pulled Saraid from the solemn company of her bed. Sleep was limited between the loneliness of the King-sized bed she now slept in alone and the daughter who cried for her father all night. Everything from her cold satin sheets to the matching pillows rejected her as she tossed and turned, trying to drown out the excited reunion noises coming from Chase’s room to the erotic lashing noises coming from Jaxon’s room down the hall. Everyone had someone now except for her. Her love had been ripped from her and replaced with a man she didn’t know. She went through idea after idea on how to regain Liam’s memory to no avail. Now she was afraid that James had successfully stolen him from her for good.

“I won’t let him win,” she muttered under her breath, talking to no one other than herself.

She silently opened the door and tiptoed to the room next door to sneak a peek in on Treasa. Satisfied to see that Treasa was soundly sleeping, she crept back to her room and made her way to the shower, hoping the hot water would melt away the pain.

The steam from the shower filled the room as she stepped into the expansive shower. Images of the many encounters she had with Liam in that very shower plagued her. Her thoughts seemed to mingle with the flow of water, forcing the dam that was her emotions to break and she dropped to her knees. The sobs turned to full bodied cries as she aimlessly through her fists into the marble floor, her knuckles cracking and giving way under the brute force, but she felt nothing. She was cold now. Her body trembled and shivered, the hot water helpless against the chill she now felt to her core. She opened her now swollen eyes and gasped at the sight in front of her.

The glass doors to the shower and the floor she now sat on had frosted over with a thin coating of crystalized ice. She took in the sight with her mouth agape. Her emotions had amplified her magic numerous times and usually out of fear or anger she would start a fire here and there, but she had never frozen anything. Saraid pulled herself to her feet and turned the water off just as Jaxon burst through the door.

“Saraid, are you okay?”

“I’ll, I’ll be okay,” she stuttered.

“Bullshit. Get out of here and get warmed up.”

She stepped out of the shower, wrapped herself in a towel, and marched by Jax and into the bedroom. Who is he to tell me what to do? She went straight to the bed and sat on the corner.

“What happened in there? The temperature just dropped twenty degrees in the whole damn place.”

Jax watched as Saraid battled with her emotions. She was scared. Scared of what she had done and scared of what it meant. She had never heard of a witch that could call the cold outside of a cartoon that Treasa watched on repeat for a month straight.

“I-I don’t know. I couldn’t sleep so I wanted to take a shower to warm up. I needed a moment to break down and then the next thing I know- this happened,” she said waving her hand around the frosted windows of her bedroom.”

Jax frowned, “You have never done anything like this? Even in your past?”

“No. My powers usually manifest as some form of heat or fire. Never cold or ice.”

Jax now paced back and forth, his brows furrowed, “Has anything out of the norm happened recently. Well, aside from Liam losing his memory. I know that is awful and most likely what caused this new power to exhibit itself at the moment you broke down, but somehow you acquired this power Saraid. We need to find out how and make sure that you’re not in any kind of danger.”

“Why would I be in danger. I gain new magic all the time. It’s part of being a Siphon.”

“As a Siphon, when your body willingly takes on a power it changes and adjusts to accommodate the new power, so your body won’t reject it. Kind of like a liver transplant, your blood type has to be matched, yada-yada.”

“Get to the point, Jax. I don’t have the patience for this right now.”

He sighed, “If your body didn’t willingly take on this power and it was unwillingly given to you, it can kill you.”

She shook her head, “I’m not dying. I feel fine physically.”

Jax wrapped his arms around her still wet frame, “You have to let me know if you start to feel different in any kind of way.”

“I will. Promise.”

Jax released her and walked her over to her bed. He placed a chaste kiss on her forehead before he took a seat beside her.

“How are you holding up with everything else?”

“Honestly, I’m not. I’m falling apart and yet I can’t because I have a daughter who doesn’t understand why her Daddy hasn’t come back home yet and I have a husband who doesn’t remember me or our life together. I can’t find a fix for this problem and believe me I have tried and researched everything and came up with nothing. I can’t bring him back.”

He took Saraid’s hand in his own, “You will find a way Lil’ Witch. You always find a way. Try to get some sleep and who knows, maybe after getting some much-needed rest you will have better luck.”

“Can you stay with me?”

Jax offered her a reassuring smile, “You thought I was leaving. You’re so cute when you’re dense. Slide over Lil’ Witch and let me under those covers.”

Saraid slid over to her side of the bed so Jax could slide in beside her. Jax pulled Saraid into his comforting embrace and held her tight against him. She allowed herself to relax in his arms enough that her eyes started to feel heavy and she slowly drifted off to sleep. Jax felt the slow in her breathing and the relation in her body, forcing him to smile. He laid a kiss on the back of her head and lay there as she slept.

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