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Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

A loud crash followed by the sharp sounds of glass shattering echoed throughout the house as Saraid left a trail of disaster in her wake. She was so full of rage that not one person dared to intervene until it had passed. The onlookers in the mansion ducked and cowered in fear. They had never seen their Queen lose control the way she had now and none of them knew what it was that had driven her to this point.

“We have to do something. If people think that she has gone mad they will demand she be removed from the throne,” Grady had appeared as if from thin air and whispered to Chase.

“She will calm down. The woman has endured so much these past few years that I am surprised she hasn’t cracked before now,” Chase replied.

Jax stepped between the two men with a look that could stop a man’s heart, “She lost the one man who meant the most to her. Chase you of all people should know how that feels. Have some damn compassion. Not everything needs to be about politics. She’s a damn woman not a fucking robot!”

“I-,” Grady began his rebuttal but Jax had stormed off after Saraid.

It wasn’t hard to figure out where she was going. She left a path of broken furniture and shattered glass in her wake. Pictures were torn from the walls and left shredded in heaps along the hallway. His heightened hearing allowed him to hear her uncontrollable sobs and screams as she finally released everything, she had been holding in.

He found her in the cellar, on her knees, begging the Gods to send Liam back to her. She bargained everything from her throne to her own life and found no answer in return. She caught sight of Jax entering the room behind her and shut the door.

“I said I need to be alone,” she sniffled.

“No, you don’t. Quite the opposite really. What you need is an outlet and I’m going to help give it to you,” he stated matter-of-factly as he turned the lock on the door behind him.

“You’re great in bed Jax, but I don’t think fucking you is going to help me.”

“Well, aren’t you a conceited little witch. I have no intentions of fucking you Saraid, not now anyway. No, now we are going to spar until you feel better. You are going to try your best to kick my ass and you’re not going to hold anything back.”

“I-I don’t know about this Jax.”

She hadn’t seen him cock back his fist, but she sure felt it when it landed across her cheek. Her skin split just slightly, allowing a little trickle of blood to roll down her face.

“Don’t fucking hit me again!”

Saraid spun on the ball of her foot, swinging her other foot out until it landed hard into Jaxon’s sternum, sending him to the far side of the room, gasping for air. He was on his feet in a matter of seconds, just in time for her to land another blow to the side of his head with another roundhouse kick.

“Girl’s got a strong ass set of legs on her, Jesus Christ!” Jax thought to himself.

Her assaults kept coming and not once did Jax fight back. He didn’t want to hit her the first time, but he knew that it would be a sure way to get her ready to fight. He took each blow silently until her hits fell weaker. She had exhausted herself. When her last hit fell short Jax took a staggered step toward her, wrapped his arms around her and let her fall limp into his arms.

“What is it about that tool that has a woman like her so pressed,” Graten asked himself, “A real man would never make a woman like her hurt so badly.”

He watched as Jax held the weakened Saraid from behind the veil. He was positive that if they ever realized that he was looking in on them that they would try to kill him. All they could do is try. As long as he was the Keeper of Souls, he would remain immortal. Of course, his immortality had its perks and its cons. Sure he can live forever, but he is bound to Purgatory. If he were to step outside of Purgatory for longer than a few hours a day, he would begin to age and decay until he slowly reached the physical age of his soul and would eventually lose his immortality and die.

That fact alone is why he hadn’t pushed harder to be in Saraid’s life. He knew deep down that she was right to not allow herself to get close to him. It didn’t stop him from wanting to and now she may have no choice but to put up with him for many years to come. How was he going to tell her about her new fate without her thinking the worst of him?

Jax carried the sleeping Saraid up the stairs from the cellar, through the main living quarters, up the massive staircase until he finally reached her room. He lay her on the bed, removed her shoes from her feet and tucked her tightly into bed. He couldn’t bring himself to leave her alone, so he climbed the bed opposite her and watched her sleep.

I tiny fist knocked on the door before pushing it open. Treasa walked straight to Jax, glancing at her mother sleeping peacefully. Her arms raised up to Jax, signaling him to pick her up. He grasped her under her arms and hoisted her on to the mattress.

“Is Mommy ok?”

“Well baby girl, Mommy is just a little sad, but don’t worry she will get happy again soon. I will make sure of it.”

“Is she sad cause Daddy left?”

“Daddy only went away for a little while. He will be back.”

She shook her little head from side to side, “I saw him watch Mommy cry and walk away.”

Jax scooped Treasa upon to his lap and whispered, “Daddy is just having a hard time remembering how much he loves your mommy and Uncle Jax is going to find a way to help him remember.”

“Did he forget that he loves me too?”

“Of course, not sweetie. You’re Daddy loves you more than anything in this world.”

“Then why didn’t he come see me?”

He hadn’t expected Treasa to be awake let alone hammering him with questions he didn’t know the answer to. He promised her that he would find a way to make Liam remember and he had every intention on keeping that promise. He just didn’t know how.

“He had to leave to help some people who are having a hard time. That is what Kings do, they help people. He will be back soon.”

“I miss him.”

“I know you do munchkin. We need to get you back to bed though. You don’t want to be all sleepy and cranky when he does come back do you?”

She shook her head no as Jax carried her to her room. He let Treasa snuggle into his chest until she drifted off to sleep. He noticed how the noises she makes as she sleeps were identical to the ones Saraid makes in hers. There was nothing that he wouldn’t do for the two of them and that includes bringing the man who stole his happily ever after back to them. Unfortunately, that meant leaving them and he wasn’t sure how well Saraid would handle him being gone too. He needed to talk to Chase and Guin because he was going to be leaving tomorrow night and he wanted to make sure that they would put Saraid and Treasa’s well being first. He also needed to tell Saraid in person of his plans, so she didn’t feel abandoned again. He couldn’t live with himself if he hurt her even more than she was hurting now.

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