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Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A loud knock on the door tore their attention from Chase. Guin moved to cover her naked form while Jax moved to open the door. On the other side of the door stood the large, masculine frame known as Grady. He took a quick glance around the room, stopping at Saraid, eyes wide as he took in her disheveled appearance, in nothing but a t-shirt. The heat in his stare made her wrap her arms around herself for cover. Liam had once suggested that Grady desired her, no, loved her and the look he gave her then told her that Liam was correct in his assumptions.

“You are a gracious and loyal friend to the crown Grady, but if you continue to look at my wife that way, I may just have to rip your eyes from their sockets,” Liam stated in a way that gave Grady pause.

“My apologies. I mean no harm, your highness.,” he addressed Saraid, ignoring Liam’s glare all together.

“It was not me that addressed you, Grady. It is disrespectful to ignore the words of your King.”

The formality of her words caught Grady off guard, his shock evident on his features. He turned his eyes to Liam and bowed, “My apologies, my King. I meant no disrespect. Your wife, my queen’s beauty can be quite distracting.”

Liam offered his hand to Grady, paying no mind to the fact that he himself was still nude. It was obvious that Grady was fighting the urge to turn away, but he accepted Liam’s hand instead.

“She is indeed quite distracting. As long as you remember that she is mine, all will be forgiven.”

“Of course, your highness.”

Liam turned to cross the room and take his place beside Saraid, causing Chase to instinctively step to the side. He was careful to stand in a way to give Saraid enough coverage to feel comfortable with her state of dress. She placed her hand across the back of his waist in response and sent a silent, “Thank you,” in return.

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Maddox.”

Her heart clenched as he called her by his last name. She knew that it was his way of staking his claim on her heart. With so many additions in their relationship, she couldn’t blame him for laying claim to her. He had been very gracious with having to share her, due to her succubus nature. She placed her lips to the bare skin of his back, feeling little sparks of electricity where their skin met. His body tightened in response.

“You may want to not do that again or I’m afraid poor Grady will get an even bigger eye full.”

The skin on her face felt hot as a blush crept up her cheeks. She cleared her throat, drawing Grady’s attention back to her.

“Was there something we could help you with, dear friend? I assume you didn’t stop by just to say hi?”

Pleased to have something to take his mind off the awkward situation, his composure returned. His back straightened, and his arms were now crossed behind him.

“Yes, my Queen. We have received mail from an unannounced sender. We need permission to inspect the document before turning it over to you.”

His statement, as simple as it was, baffled her. Everyone that she knew that would write to her lived in this castle except for Jax. Jax hadn’t made up his mind on whether he wanted to move to Ireland or not.

“Thank you for asking, Grady. I appreciate your thoroughness. You may inspect the queen’s mail but be sure to bring it to us as soon as the inspection is completed,” Liam answered for her.

Saraid silently wondered to herself why Liam was so quick to answer for her, without giving her a chance to answer for herself. That was not something that he made a habit of doing because he knew how much Saraid valued her independence. Sensing her questions, he squeezed her hand in response, signaling to her that he would explain when they were alone.

“Very well, my King.”

Grady bowed before he turned to exit the room. When the door closed behind him Saraid immediately relaxed. She considered Grady a very good friend, but if Liam viewed Grady as a reason to be insecure, she would keep her distance.

“Jesus Jax, you could have given us time to get dressed before opening the door,” Guin snarled.

“Aww, come on Guinnie. That body of yours shouldn’t be hidden behind clothing. It should be shown off and worshipped,” Jax stated playfully as he took her nipple into his mouth. Her high-pitched squeal changed from playful to sensual as he dipped his hand between her thighs.

Her moans stole Saraid’s attention from the two remaining men in front of her, causing her body to respond. It was having a very visible effect on Chase and Liam as well. Giving in to the moans calling to her, Saraid crossed the room to Guin and Jax, sitting on the edge of the bed.

At first, she just watched as Jax playfully nibbled at her supple breasts while massaging her moist and very pink center with his fingers. The action caused her to lick her lips and reach out to Guin.

“Come to me Guinnie. I want you to sit on my face and let me taste you.”

Guin turned to face Saraid, desire in her eyes, as she gently pushed Saraid back and mounted the bed above her. Saraid ran her fingers along the folds, taking in their slick and rosy appearance. She licked her lips again before she thrust her tongue between the folds and ran it up and along the part, with quick long strokes. She felt a pair of cold hands parting her thighs as Guin gyrated her hips above her, driving her tongue into her center before circling its way back to her clit.

A man with a very sharp set of oral skills, that she assumed could only be Jax, was causing her own body to convulse in time with Guin’s. His tongue rode her clit, causing Saraid to scream out as she fought to concentrate on making Guin cum. She regained her composure when something made Jax jump. It gave her enough time to grasp Guin hard on either side of her waist and shove her down on to her mouth, forcing her to stay in place while Saraid sucked on her wetness, bringing forth the hot, creamy liquid that was her prize.

Jax was back and barely missed a beat. He plunged his two cold fingers deep inside of her, their coolness mingling with her heat, as his strokes quickened. Her back bowed as she cried out, seeing Liam across from her as Guin now took him into her mouth.

Through squinted eyes, Saraid became entranced by the sight of Liam grasping the bedpost, head thrown back in pleasure, as Guin worked her mouth around the length of him. For a moment she wondered where Chase had disappeared to, that was until Jaxon’s teeth pierced her center, throwing her into the strongest orgasm she had ever had. The force of her orgasm caused her body to jolt upright, giving her sight of Chase tasting Jax, before she fell back into convulsions. Jax loved to drag out her orgasms until she could take no more, but Chase was too good at oral sex. Jax slammed his teeth into Saraid’s inner thigh to stifle the orgasm Chase gave him.

Jax retracted his teeth and stood, bringing Chase with him. He pushed Chase to stand in front of him, between Saraid’s thighs. “I’m going to take you Cat, while you take her.”

Chase’s head lulled back and to its side, completely hypnotized by the feel of Jaxon’s teeth on his neck. “Yes,” Chase whispered right before he thrust the length of himself into Saraid.

Jax grasped Chase on either side of his waist and slowly slipped himself inside, keeping time with Chase’s thrusts into Saraid.

Saraid fought to keep herself from pulling away. Chase’s length had that affect on her sometimes. He was too well endowed to fully sheath himself inside of her. Picking up on Saraid’s tension, Chase slowed his rhythm, careful not to hurt her. The heat began in her belly button and expanded outward until it completely enveloped her, leaving her writhing in the feel of their unified release.

Saraid lay on the bed motionless except for the rise and fall of her chest from her labored breathing, with Chase collapsed on top of her and Jax slightly bowed above him. The sound of Liam and Guin’s release across from them, drew Saraid’s attention back to the look of Liam’s glorious face, lost in the moment. She caught him steal a glance her way and it made her smile. His returning smile followed by the playful noises coming from the adjoining room, made her heart constrict with pure happiness.

“Treasa’s awake. Everyone get dressed.” Saraid ordered as she pushed Chase off her, making Liam chuckle when it caused Jax to stumble backwards into the wall.

“Okay, okay, no need to get all violent and shit,” Jax teased as he reached for his jeans on the floor at his feet.

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