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Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Five

“I can’t do this anymore! What was the point of all this if I was just going to keep losing him,” Saraid silently asked herself? She stormed through the mansion, throwing everything she could lift in her anger. She now had the last person responsible for taking Liam away from her and she wanted nothing more than to still her beating heart, but she couldn’t, not yet.

A glint of silver caught the corner of her eye, tucked away in the corner atop a small wooden table. It was a picture of her and Liam the day they first sat upon the throne. She felt her breathing slow as she slowly crossed the room and took the picture into her hands. They looked so happy and so in love as they gazed into one another’s eyes. The memory of that day sent a small stream of warm tears down her cheek.

“I am yours and you are mine forever,” she whispered through her tears.

Her life with Liam seemed to move through her mind like a slow-motion movie. All the good and all the bad, and all the things designed to tear them apart had never done anything but pull them closer together. Now here she stands alone and unsure of her future. The thought of being alone resurfaced her anger and she sent the picture soaring across the main hall where at shattered against a wall. She didn’t bother to look at where it landed. It no longer mattered. If she couldn’t get Liam’s memory back, she wasn’t keeping anything to remind her of him. It would hurt too much. She would make sure Treasa had a picture in her room, but she couldn’t bare it.

“Bad time?”

The voice stilled Saraid’s pacing and she turned to face the problem head on.

“What can I do for you Li- Aaden?” Saraid asked a bit harsher than she intended.

“I was coming to see if your Vampire had been found and I heard a commotion, so I came in to see if everything was okay. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“Well, if that is all you came for then yes, my Vampire whose name is Jax by the way has returned home!”

She stormed passed him, leaving him to stare after her. Jax, Chase, Wendy, and Damon emerged from the cellar and found Liam standing there with a look of confusion.

“Did I do something to anger the Queen?”

Jax stepped up and clapped him on the shoulder, “Not at all. She is just in a lot of pain, but I think we may have a cure for that if you have the time.”

Liam shook his head, “I already told her that I do not wish to have my memories back. I cannot see myself ever being okay with the lifestyle she lives with the lot of you.”

“Dude, none of us were okay with this kind of lifestyle but we all love each other, and fate knew that we were stronger together than we were apart. You were happy with us. That fact alone should make you want to remember us,” Chase argued.

Wendy stomped across the floor until she stood directly in Liam’s face, “No screw that! How can you know that your memory is the cause of all their pain, all of Saraid’s pain and still do nothing about it! It is your duty to protect the Queen from all who mean her harm and yet here you stand unwilling to help her against the one thing that has hurt her the most. Losing you! I am sorry I ever introduced you to her you coward!”

“Says the one who was going to let both Saraid and Chase die rather than allow her to have sex with Chase to save their lives,” Damon added coolly.

Jax, taken aback by this new information exchanged a look of disgust with the two of them and turned back to Liam, “Look man, I get it. I never in a million years would have thought that I would partake in a polyamorous lifestyle, but hell, now I can’t imagine my life without all of you in it. I am begging you to at least try.

Liam seemed to be thinking when a cool touch on his hand drew his attention away from Jax. What he saw, rather who he saw startled him and made him take a step backwards.

“Hi Daddy. I missed you,” Treasa greeted the now befuddled Liam.

He knew he had been told that he had a daughter, but deep down he never truly believed it was possible. Having a child with Saraid would mean that everything they were claiming had been true and he chose to not believe it. But how could he deny the miniature version of himself and Saraid standing in front of him. Her wide, grey eyes staring up at him expectantly, her black and silver hair curling just below her shoulders, and her smooth, angelic features screamed of the truth he fought so hard to deny.

“Hey Angel face, can I steal your Daddy for just another couple of minutes? I will give him back very soon,” Jax dropped softly to his knees as he pulled Treasa’s tiny frame in for a gentle hug.

“Okay Uncle Jax, but you give him right back.”

“I will Angel face. I promise.”

She took a quick look around the room and her eyes landed on Damon, “Granpa, will you come play with me?”

Damon forced a smile. He didn’t want to leave and miss this conversation, but he knew it was best to get Treasa out of here. If Saraid finds out that Treasa saw Liam before he got his memory back, there would be hell to pay.

“Grandpa would be honored to play with you baby girl. Let’s go find your dollies.”

She released a squeal of excitement that echoed around the main hall as Damon scooped her into his arms and carried her up the grand staircase to her room, where they were greeted by a disheveled looking Saraid.

“Hey darling, would you like to come play Dollies with me and Treasa. We have much to discuss,” Damon said, trying to hint at the importance of what he had to tell her.

“Oh, okay,” she said as she turned on her heels to follow Damon the rest of the way up the stairs.”

They opened to door to Treasa room and Damon noticed how Liam and Saraid had put a lot of thought into the details of their daughters’ room. It truly was a room fit for a princess with it’s powdered pink walls, gold accents and large crown molding where the ceiling meets the walls.

“Major kudos to Treasa’s decorator,” Damon offered to Saraid as he stood in place and admired the room.

“Liam designed it. He had every room in this place customized to fit the occupants. He designed our room as well,” Saraid whispered softly, tears threatening the corners of her eyes.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you any further.”

“It’s okay Dad. Really, I guess I should be used to losing the people I care most about. That seems to be my curse.”

“Surely, you can’t believe that,” Damon whispered back and then turned to Treasa, “Why don’t you go find all of you Dollies and bring them out here so we can play.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” Treasa exclaimed as she skipped over to her closet.

“Look, I think you should know that Treasa walked into the main hall and saw Liam. None of us knew she was coming but I think she may have been what was needed to push him into wanting his memories back.”

Saraid’s eyes widened, exposing the whites of her now shocked gaze, “I didn’t want her to see him for her own protection. I hope you are right but still, now if we can’t get his memory back how am I supposed to explain to her that her Dad is gone but some man that looks like him is galivanting around the mansion?”

“I don’t know sweetie. I wish I knew how to handle this,” he whispered and shrugged his shoulders in a defeated kind of way.

“I can tell you this. If we do not get his memories back, I am leaving Ireland and won’t be coming back.”

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