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Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

Graten watched Saraid from just behind the veil as she frantically fucked the immortal life out of her pet vampire. He wasn’t sure what happened to drive her into that kind of frenzy, but he didn’t like it. The sight of her writhing underneath of another man set his ego on fire. It took every ounce of strength he had not to step through the veil and remove the vampires head from his shoulders. It was silly really because he knew she had multiple lovers, so even if he did manage to make it into her heart, he would have to share her bed.

As the vampire’s last few pumps slapped against the bare skin of Saraid’s backside, Graten turned away from the sight and backed away. His demon was coming to the surface and he had to find a way to feed before it took complete control. The last time his demon took control the woman he was with died. That was his first time feeding and his first time with a woman in general.

“Damn it Saraid. What the hell got into you?” Jax exhaled as he rolled off of Saraid’s back and flopped on to the mattress beside her. She sat up, tears forming in her eyes as she looked down at Jax.

“I don’t know what happened. One minute I was at the cabin and then Liam and I were somehow transported to Purgatory, only Liam wasn’t Liam, he was Reaper. That is all I remember from before I showed up here. I have to find Liam!”

She jumped up from the bed and began to fanatically pull her jeans up over her hips. She sent up a prayer to the heavens that she found him quickly and that she found him alive. A vision of Graten danced across her mind as he told her that Liam was unharmed and that he chained him to a tree. She felt her pockets and found a lump there. He had kept his word and gave her the key. Wasting no time on formalities she ran through the door, yelling for Grady along the way.

It was as if he had appeared out of thin air, causing a yelp from Saraid’s throat. “Liam was taken while we were at the cabin. I need your help to find him.”

Grady took the lead, guiding Saraid to the closest vehicle while sheltering her from sight in case someone had been lying in wait for her. Once they were safely in the car, Grady brought the engine to life and slammed his foot on the accelerator, causing the rear of the vehicle to slide. Saraid reached for the seatbelt and yanked it into place. With everything she had been through and with as many times as she had survived attempts made on her life, she was damned if the thing that killed her would be a car accident. Once they reached the entrance to the woods, Grady exited and walked to her side of the car.

“Normally, I would ask you to stay put my Queen, but I fear that someone may take you while I’m looking for Liam. So please, follow closely.”

“I wouldn’t have stayed if you asked me to, so let’s go.”

They took off at a run, yelling for Liam along the way. It was too dark out to see anything. Saraid silently wished she had a flashlight and then it dawned on her. She pulled her cellphone from her pocket, hit the icon at the top to activate the flashlight and then scanned her contacts to dial Liam’s number. It was worth a try, right? He could have possibly shifted and released himself. She removed the phone from her ear, listening as she cautiously walked, for any sound resembling his ringtone. There was nothing but the sounds of insects and evening birds.

“LIAM!” she called out. She no longer cared if anyone heard her. She knew who had taken him, but what she didn’t know was what tree he had been chained to and if an enemy had stumbled upon him. She stopped yelling, so she could listen again. Nothing.

She could feel her heart race as she began to panic. Why wasn’t he answering her? Then a small glint caught the corner of her eye.

“Grady, over here,” Saraid said, pointing to the spot that had caught her eye.

There wrapped loosely around the bottom of the tree lay a coiled length of chain. This had to be the tree he was chained to, but someone cut him loose. She reached out to him through their now permanent connection, knowing it was a lost cause before she had even tried. He would have heard her yelling for him. For some reason their link had been cut off again.

“Damn it! I can’t sense him or hear him, Grady. We have no way to find him!” she cried.

Grady grabbed Saraid by both of her arms and shook her violently.

“Get it together my friend. Tears are for the weak and you are far from weak. We will find him.”

Grady pointed out two sets of footprints that lead further into the woods and away from the cabin. There were no signs of a struggle, so the person was someone that Liam trusted. That could have been good or bad. She decided to believe in the best but to expect the worst. She and Grady cautiously followed the trail of footsteps, using Saraid’s phone for light.

They had walked for well over two hours before the trail of footprints ended outside of small mansion. The house was lit from ground to attic and it reminded Saraid of something out of an old fairy tale castle. You could see the age within the architecture but not in the appearance. Whomever owned this place took great pride in its appearance.

“Let’s go,” Grady said as he headed toward the house.

“What are we supposed to do, knock on the door and say Oh hi, did you kidnap my husband?”

“Well, not those words exactly, but basically yes.”

She didn’t know what to think of Grady’s plan, but seeing as she couldn’t think of a better one, she followed his lead. She didn’t know what to expect so she closed her eyes and called upon her magic, leaving it to hover just under the surface should she need it. She felt the change in the atmosphere around them as her magic lay waiting to be released. Grady felt it too. She could tell by the knowing look he gave her through the corner of his eye.

As Grady’s hand reached up to knock, the door opened, the sudden intrusion of the light temporarily blinding them. Saraid blinked a few times until her vision cleared and she felt her jaw drop when she saw who had answered the door.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

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