Lust Shackles

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Sweaty Nights

I lay in my bed alone eyes closed, all sweaty and sticky. The air coming from the window feels cool on my hot skin. I shivered slightly as the cool air kept hitting my naked body. My hair splayed all over the pillow. Yeah I sleep naked.

I live alone and on the top floor of my building so why not sleep naked and that too with curtains open. I feel liberated when I can simply be open figuratively and literally.

My breathing was way too harsh and heart was beating at an abnormally high rate. I groan as I remember what kind of a dream I had.

Rough hand all over my body, sweet nothing being murmured in my ears. “I am going to take you in every possible way and you are going to let me do you over and over again. This sinful body is mine to play with.”

Damn!!! I clench my naked thighs as to ease the pain in my cunt. The dream was way too erotic for me to handle. I haven't been completely satisfied in over three months and the dreams I keep having are just a reminder of what I am missing.

I try controlling my labored breaths by keeping my eyes on the visible night sky but nothing seems to work. For distraction I try counting stars but my mind kept playing tricks with me. Involuntary I close my eyes.

“Beg for it love and I will offer you relief.” His husky voice was sending shivers down my body. I gulped hard and tried to look at his face but it was buried in my neck. Licking and biting and sucking.

I was a withering mess under his hard body and skillful hands. His voice held so many naughty promises. I mourned as one of his hand slowly traveled down my body slightly gazing the side of my breast, then my slim naked waist and slowly towards the hem of my panties. He kept playing with the hem teasing me to no end.

“Open your eyes beautiful,” he commanded and it turned me on more. I didn't want to open my eyes but once again he commanded and I couldn't resist this time. As soon as I opened my eyes he faded into thin air.

What the hell is wrong with me. It’s just a dream. I keep reminding my self that but damn if my libido listens to me. I am still clenching my thighs and I am so wet. I need to cum right now.

The dream was so vivid I could actually feel every touch, every whisper, his every groan resonate throughout my body.

There was pressure building in my core at the mere thought of his hands touching me intimately.

Damn!!! He is every where. In my dreams, In my thoughts. But who the hell is he.

I don’t know why I keep having erotic dreams of this man. His face is blur in my dreams but the memories of his hands, his tongue and his voice are imprinted in my mind.

I have had a number of orgasms before but never have I ever experienced such passion in my real life. Only these dreams.

My body is still damp and the spot between my legs is still flowing with my juices.

I stand up and walk towards my window so that the air can cool down me and my libido.

As I stand near the window the cool air hits me hard and my breasts stand in full attention and I groan in frustration.

I know I can give myself the orgasm I need but it won’t be same. It hasn't been same ever since these dreams started.

I tried every thing.

I went to the bar found a man who I thought could be similar to the one in my dreams and we went to his place.

We were up all night fucking each other senseless. I even had multiple orgasms but it did not satisfy me.

Then I went a popular club and again found someone similar. He had this aura around him that promises you all the pleasure in the world.

When he caught me watching him he came to me and started flirting.

I was intoxicated with the amount of alcohol I had and didn't even notice that he had his hand under my mini skirt under the table that was dangerously close to my core.

I have never been an exhibitionist but I didn't stop him. I thought may be adding thrill is what I needed.

Soon His hand was playing with my core that was covered with my silk underwear.

The pleasure was so much and I wanted to close my legs but his other hand stopped me as he continued his ministration.

He soon moved my underwear aside and plunged his thick digits into me.

I was damn wet and didn't care about my surroundings.

He was calling me names and talking dirty in my ears and soon I came.

The thrill was good and it definitely added to my pleasure but again it just wasn't the same.

Thinking about all this I became more hot and wet. I was still standing near my window and soon I started touching myself.

My hands were roaming all over my body. Then with one hand I reached my left breast and started massaging it, pinching my nipple.

My other hand was already touching my core. I was rubbing my core hard and soon my two fingers disappeared inside me.

I kept plunging my fingers inside me and soon I was cumming hard. My whole room was filled with sound of my moans.

My juices were flowing on my bare thighs while my fingers were still deep inside me and i was still standing over the window.

I didn't care if anyone could hear me or see me. It was still night and no one has ever seen me before.

My breathing slowly came back to normal but I didn't remove my fingers and kept massaging my walls. I wanted to feel them inside me for a little longer.

Soon I felt the exhaustion catching up to me and I removed my fingers.

I didn't have energy to go clean up so I took the fingers into my mouth and sucked them hard cleaning them thoroughly.

I then moved to my bed without cleaning my cunt and removed the sheets from my bed. I was already hot so I didn't need them.

I lied on my bed face down and naked and slept through the whole night.

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