Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

Realization finally dawns upon me. Memories of that passionate night comes rushing through my brain and my body shivers.

The man whose face I couldn't concatenate in my dreams is sitting right in front of me. And the only thing my mind could register is, he sure was right about one thing. He wanted that night to be engraved in my brain and sure enough I can feel him in my dreams too.

I am unable to form even a single sentence. His face is a mirror of nervousness and he is maybe a bit scared of my reaction but even I don't know how to react. Then something occurs to me.

"Why did you leave then? The next morning, why did you leave?" It is a logical thing to ask. Or that's the only thing I can come up with right now. If he would have stayed then we could have figured out how things were suppose to go after that.

He exhales the breath he must have been holding. I could see that my question threw him off guard. He wasn't expecting the question. Atleast not now.

"That's because Vicky called me early morning. She wanted me to meet her parents for breakfast. But I couldn't do that so I went to meet her early and let her know that she and I could not be together anymore."

"Why would you do that?" I ask him astonished. I know he is not the type to cheat and that his conscience must be nagging at him. But he could have atleast tried talking to her. After all, everything was a drunken mistake.

One that I couldn't even remember till now. Damm it.

"Why would I not?" He questions me back.

"From what I could see, you two were doing great and everything was fine. Until that night of-course. But you could have atleast tried explaining her."

And also I feel bad that I came in between them. Vicky has become a friend of mine. We were not close or anything but still I feel like a home wrecker right now. And it's not a good feeling.

"I know what's going on in that brain of yours Layla. We have not been best friends for nothing. You must be blaming yourself right now, but let me clear this up once and for all. Vicky and I, we were good. But something changed after she started asking me to meet her parents. I realised that I couldn't see myself with her for a long time. I couldn't see her in my future and so what happened was for good. For her too. She doesn't deserve to be in a relationship where I can't be with her completely."

When he finishes I realize how less I know about him where as he can even read my thoughts.

"Okay so then why didn't you come back after that? You could have contacted me afterwards. You could have barged in my house just like you did today." I try questioning him but as every word leaves my mouth his expressions keep changing.

I don't now why, but he is getting angry. I can't help but wonder if he is bi-polar.

"You know what?" He asks as he nears his face towards me. When he is almost a breath away, he continues, "I would really love to wring that pretty little neck of yours right now. That morning, I left you a note telling you to call me. When you didn't call back I thought you needed space so I gave you a week's time. Then, as you said, I did barge into your house but what do I see? You were gone. Just like that. You were gone. I don't know where or why and I was worried sick. And all this time you didn't even remember any of it."

When he is done ranting out, I find myself sprawled on the sofa with him on top of me. His body is covering mine, stopping me from making any move to get away.

I can feel his every breath on my lips. I swallow hard because I don't have anything to say. It is not his fault and yet here I am trying to find any reason to put the blame on him. His frustration is clear on his face.

"I.. I.." I try forming a sentence but my brain is fogged. How can I think when he is this close to me. And now that I know what happened between us, I don't know what to do.

Run away from him and end this or run towards him and satisfy both of us. My stomach clenches at that thought and wetness seeps through my panties. My heart is beating hard against my chest. I am sure he can hear my every heartbeat.

"Cat got your tongue love." He asks sarcastically while his eyes roam on my face and land on my lips. He licks his lips and I unconsciously do the same.

"I..If you w..would just move back a l..little, I'll explain." I somehow manage to mutter. He contemplates for a while then moves little bit up, keeping both of his hand on my side on the sofa. He clearly doesn't want me to go anywhere. Not until we are done talking.

But if he remains in this position for long, I think our bodies will be the one talking soon. I'm not sure if I hate or love that idea.

I clear my throat and gain a bit composure.

"I didn't get any note the next morning, but I think I know the reason. I called the house cleaning the next day and I was too hungover to think straight let alone look for a note. Three days after that I left for my work. I had to be on the site and it was out of state." I admit sheepishly.

Also I was sore in all the places that I didn't even know existed and could not walk straight for the whole day let alone think straight.

But I don't mention that to him.

When I meet his eyes there is fire in them. His look suggests he would like to strangle me right there and then. I can't blame him. He must be thinking I was avoiding him on purpose.

"I don't know what to do with you." He sighs shaking his head and starts backing off and I panic. I don't know why but I just panic.

I feel as if I let him go right now, something would change between us and I desperately want to be close to him so he won't let go of me.

I tighten my hold behind his neck and bring him down with enough force that he looses his balance and fall over my body. Without giving it much thought I push my head up and meet his lips with mine with a passion and I sigh in pleasure when without missing a beat he kisses me right back.

Now that I know I have already had a piece of this god like body, I am dying to see all of it when I'm sober. It doesn't occur to me, not even once, that it would make things awkward between us. It only felt natural to be with him.

When he is done thoroughly inspecting my mouth and me doing the same with his, we let go for much needed breath.

"How do you feel about the whole thing?" He asks breathing heavily. His eyes are closed but I can sense the nervousness behind his words.

I let out a chuckle. How more stupid can he be? Here I am kissing him with everything in me and he still has to ask me such questions.

He finally opens his eyes hearing my chuckle and looks at me quizzically.

I palm his face and caresses his cheek.

"I think my kiss didn't do a good job of answering your question. I think I need to take some serious measures to ensure that you don't ask such questions again." I tell him playfully and wink at him while my hand wonder to his waist were his t-shirt is riding upwards.

He quickly catches on and try putting on a serious face.

"I believe you are right. What do you have in mind?"

"Something that would make this little friend of yours very happy." I reply while cupping his hard on and slightly rubbing it.

He groans and hold my wrist to stop my movement.

"I have a better idea. We didn't have any oral sex that time. So how about your mouth gets acquainted with this 'little' friend of mine. You will also get the idea that this friend is not so little when your throat gets sore with the pounding I will be giving you."

I gasp as I listen to him talking so casually about how he want's his cock in mouth. My mouth waters at the prospect of having his cock in my mouth. I would love to taste him. I didn't know he could be so crude with his words.

Before I can register what is happening he is half way through removing my shirt along with my bra. I get a little disappointed thinking I would have to wait for his cock to be in my mouth assuming he has something else in his mind, but he surprises me when he says,

"I want you naked when I fuck your mouth. I'd like to see you at my mercy fully naked and on display for just my pleasure while I will be fully clothed. Of course with my dick out."

I again gasp when in one swift motion he flicks open my jeans button and bring down both my jeans and panties at the same time. It seems as though I can't do anything other than gasp at his every action.

When I get my senses back, I close my legs since he is now inspecting my core like he is studying some new species in his science lab. He growls in response and opens my legs wide.

"Why do you want me naked. I could have given you a blowjob with my cloths on. Or you should also get naked with me." I reply breathlessly while he runs his fingers on the inside of my thighs making my nerves go haywire and my body melts at every touch.

He laughs at my words which brings me back to reality. I look at him in question. Did I say something funny?

"Babe, I think you got it all wrong. You are not giving me a blowjob. I'm going to fuck your mouth and you are just going to open your pretty mouth and take every thing I give. This is not for our pleasure. This is your punishment."

I think I just landed myself in trouble.

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