Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

"W.. what do you mean by punishment?" I squeak out. He can't be serious. I gape at him and gulp when I see his face. He is definitely serious.

"You kept me frustrated for so long and that too for no reason. I think that's enough reason for a punishment. And don't act as if you won't enjoy it." He says playfully.

With that he takes both of my hands and makes me sit straight. He grabs my ass pulling me to the edge of the sofa. Adam caresses my ass for a while and kisses me quickly.

Then he stands up and I know there is no running. Not that I want to. I am anticipating what is about to happen.

He opens his fly and moves his hand inside his pant. Every move is so smooth that I can't take my eyes off of it. He rubs himself up and down while still tucked in. Then he takes it out and I squeak again.

I can't believe this thing has already been inside my pussy. This is an anaconda. I don't know how it will fit in mouth. And just by looking at it I know how sore my throat is going to be.

"You like what you see Layla? You will like it more in your mouth." He says confidently as he swings his dick in front of me.

I try touching it but he stops me from doing so.

"So sad you won't be touching it with your hands."

He must be getting impatient as he doesn't wait for any kind of reply. His left hand goes to the back of my head and take hold of my locks firmly as I gasp breathing heavily. He then demands I open my mouth and I quietly comply. With his other hand he places the tip of his dick at the entrance of my mouth.

Feeling playful he moves the tip over my lips again and again and then without any warning thrusts hard. I feel his dick hit the back of my throat and I gag at the sudden intrusion while he moans in pleasure.

Pulling back a little he gives me time to suck in oxygen but soon thrusts back in and once again I gag.

"I want you to relax your throat." He commands and my body, as if tuned to his every command, complies on it's own accord.

So the next time he repeats his action, my throat is ready to take him in and I don't gag. I notice that only half of his dick is inside my mouth and I wonder how much of it I can actually take in. But I know I don't have a choice. He will put all of his dick in my mouth if he wants to.

He proves me right when he thrusts in with more force. He keeps grunting and groaning as his other hand goes to play with my tits. I try tracing my hands on his jeans clad thighs but he instructs me to put my hands behind my back.

When I don't comply he stops altogether, which is a relief to my throat but I feel a sting with the loss of his dick. He tightens his grip a little in my hair and I wince lightly. It doesn't hurt much. Then he tilts my head up towards his face.

I try imagining how I must be looking from his point of view. My whole body is on display for him, mouth gaping open with my saliva running down everywhere, on my neck and tits. My heavy mounds moving in rhythm with my harsh breathing while my eyes beg for more. He must be thinking of me as a slut. But I would gladly be a slut for him. Only him.

"You better behave while I fuck you or I end this now. Better yet, I think I should tie your hands up." His words hold commitment and hearing that he is going to tie my hands and that I will be helpless against him did something to my stomach, in a good way.

I clench my thighs as the heat becomes too much to handle. I am definitely liking this dominant side of his. I never had such experience of dominance with anyone else.

"I think you are right. You should tie me up. Show me what you want to do to me." My voice comes out in hoarse whisper. I lick my lower lip and bite into it.

He doesn't waste any time. He makes me stand with a jerk on my hand. Picking my bra from the floor he moves behind me. I must admit I totally didn't expect the tight slap he lands on my bottom, but none the less I moan with the sensation. He massages the place where it stings then holds my wrists together and tie them. He throws me back on the sofa and resume his earlier position.

This time my throat is ready for the assault and it accommodates his dick perfectly. He keeps fucking, in and out and repeating. His cock glistens with my spit and I love the sight of it. I love every moment of the fucking even though most of the time I was gagging. He is relentless.

He shifts me back so that my head is now resting at the back so that he doesn't have to hold my head to keep it in place. His fucking doesn't stop even for a second. And now that both of his hands are free he takes hold of both the mounds and squeeze them while pinching the hard nipples roughly.

I groan and I get to know the vibrations from my throat adds to his pleasure as he moans. Then his one hand starts moving towards my clit and I notice that I am so wet that there must already be a wet spot on the sofa by now. It is flowing rivers down there.

His middle finger plays with my slit and I keep moaning and groaning against his cock. His actions are rough as he plunge the same finger inside my pussy and folds it in me to reach my G-spot. Damm!! One more stroke and I will fall over the edge.

Just when I think I have reached my orgasm, his hands are completely gone and he stiffens in my mouth. He withdraws till only the tip of his cock is in my mouth then he spills his cum.

"I expect you to hold it in your mouth and show me till I tell you to swallow it." He commands in a rough voice.

He empties his balls in my mouth and as he commanded, I keep his cum in my mouth for his inspection although all I want to do is shout my lungs out at him. He sure can't be so cruel to deny me the same pleasure? I ask myself. But when he makes no move to comply to my body's yearning, I know he is that cruel.

He takes two steps back on his shaky legs while breathing hard. His dick is all wet and dripping my saliva with few drops of his cum while hanging limp. When he sees his cum in my mouth his face shows a little pride and full satisfaction. Why not? After all, he just marked my mouth as his with his cum. That sly man is letting me know his possession.

"Isn't it a sight to behold? This image would surely give me endless sleepless nights but as long as we keep doing his, I'm sure I'll get to see you like this more often." He lets out a little chuckle.

Raising my chin up with his finger he commands, "Now you can swallow." And as usual my body complies.

He settles down beside me satisfied with my actions and shifts me a little so that he can untie my hands. As soon as he does that I push him so hard that he falls on his back on the sofa. I start hitting his chest with my fist.

"Wow, wow, wow, calm down my little cat. No need to get violent with me." He says with a chuckle holding both my wrists to stop me while my face turns red in anger. How can he find humor in this situation?

"Who the hell do you think you are? You can't just excite me like that and leave me high and dry." I scream at him and try pulling my hands from his tight grip.

"Sure I can do that. Infact, I just did." He has the nerve to smirk at me. In my rage I didn't notice that I am lying over him naked. Same as that night. And my face heat up for another reason.

A loud smack brings me out of my reverie.

"Fuck! Stop doing that fucker. It hurts." I soothe the sting on my butt where he spanked me as he leave my hands. Stupid kinky man. Obsessed with spanking my butt.

"Then stop making me mad. I told you, it was a punishment and you were not suppose to cum. And I made sure of it. This is nothing to what I have been feeling for the last few months." His voice is serious as he makes us both sit properly.

I sigh quietly. "But.. but it was not my fault that I forgot. You know I blackout sometimes after too many drinks." I look down on my lap while playing with my fingers. He should understand that it wasn't my fault.

Also, sitting here naked is getting uncomfortable for me. I can feel Adam staring at me and not to mention that I am still very much wet from earlier. The pain in my core is getting too much to handle.

"Hey! I didn't mean to upset you." He hugs me tightly to his side and kiss my forehead. I don't say anything, just wrap my hands around him and bury my face in his neck.

"Well.. for what it's worth, I didn't plan to torture you like that. I had something else in my mind." I look up at him trying to determine what he wants to say.

"Like.. maybe.. going down on me." I say as I shift slightly back to look into his eyes while trying to bite back a smile.

His eyes now hold mischief. Goodness! I didn't know he could be so playful in bedroom. In our case, living room.

He tilts his head sidewise and bite my ear lightly then whisper, "I would love to do that but actually I was thinking, you should give me a show and... masturbate for me. Right here." He bites my ear again and lick it. I shiver at the suggestion.

I have had enough sex in my life and I do masturbate sometimes but I have never done it in front of anyone. But the mere thought of my fingers inside my pussy while he just sits there and watches me is enough to ignite fire within my body.

"Now don't get shy on me. If I remember correctly, you did give me a show that night which was damn hot and sexy. See.. I'm getting rock hard just by thinking about it."

Sure enough when I look down I find him hard again. He just fucked my mouth and he is already supporting a hard on. What kind of stamina does he have?

"Maybe I should just go back home and take care of myself there." I want to poke him so I smirk and start getting up to find my clothes when I feel a tug on my hand and then I find myself sitting on his lap. He hugs me from back and puts both of his hands on my breasts.

I try removing them several times but fail everytime. Suddenly he parts my legs with his right hand and cover my mound while still keeping his left on my tit. I moan loudly and throw my head back on his shoulder.

Adam starts rubbing my clit with his fingers roughly and bites on my neck. He sucks where he bites me and moves a little down to do the same. His fingers are furious on my clit and the sensations are too much to handle. I am already aroused beyond limit and don't want him to stop.

I place my hand over his on my mound and press his fingers to apply more pressure. This time he complies. Then he takes my hand and plunges my two finger along with his middle finger inside my wet pussy. They slide in smoothly due to so much lubrication and my walls clench at sudden intrusion.

"Ahh.. ahh.. yeah.. like that. Don't stop.. Adam.. please. Ahh." I scream his name in pleasure.

His other hand keeps kneading my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples. As both of our fingers move in and out of my pussy, I start moving my ass on his lap to get more friction. His cock is hard and he joins in thrusting his hip as his cock slid between my ass cheeks. For a second I thought he would fuck my butt-hole but he doesn't.

His tip did touch my asshole many time as he thrust between my ass cheeks but he doesn't go any further than that. I can feel his breath on my neck where he is still busy giving me hickeys.

He curls his finger along with mine inside my cunt and massage every part of my inside. I could have cried with so much pleasure.

"J..just like that. Ahh... ahh.. harder please.. faster baby." I keep screaming incoherently.

He makes a 'come here' motion with our fingers against my walls and I see stars. I shudder because of so many emotions and a tear slide down my cheek.

He immediately leaves my neck before licking the loan tear and I close my eyes. As I am about to cum he covers my mouth with his and kisses me roughly. His palm rubs my clit and our fingers move faster inside me.

At last I fall off the edge and cum hard. I keep jerking my hips against our finger till the last waves of my orgasms come down. I feel something wet on my butt and notice that he came too along with me.

I close my eyes and I don't bother opening them. When he pulls his finger out along with mine, I open my eyes slightly. Before I fully pass out I feel him licking my fingers clean.

And then I was out like a light.

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