Lust Shackles

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Adam's POV

I look at the beautiful women passed out in my arms. I feel like a creep as I keep staring at her. She is really something else. The hunger I feel for her is something that I have never felt before. I didn't know that being with her sexually would be so different from any other girl. The way she followed my every command was a major boost to my male ego.

When I told her I was going to tie her, I thought she would surely slap me and walk right out. But to my surprise and great pleasure she wanted me to do that to her. And the way her eyes begged for more, it did something to me.

When I commanded her not to swallow my cum till I tell her, I thought she would just spit on me for even saying such thing but again to my surprise she did as I told her.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not into BDSM thing but something about owning Layla's body is highly arousing. I want to see her body dancing to the tune of my seduction. If I were a dog, I would have peed around her to mark her as my territory.

When I saw my cum in her mouth, I was immensely satisfied to know that atleast I marked her mouth as mine. I would love to do same to her asshole too.

I could have taken her there too but I wanted it to be on my bed and not on my sofa like that. I was behaving like a caveman when I fucked her mouth. Not to mention when I finger fucked her.

The moment she told me she wanted to go to her place, something snapped in me and I knew I had to do something. So I fucked her with my fingers. I would have fucked her pussy with my cock too had she not passed out.

When I didn't let her cum the first time, I felt like a jerk. I just wanted her frustrated and craving for my touch. And she did get frustrated. But do I regret doing that? No. Because if asked, I would do it again since the end result is this. Both of us satisfied. She, lying here in my arms, glowing in the aftermath of orgasm.

I push away all the thoughts and carry her on the stairs to my bedroom gently laying her down on my bed.

She has been in this room before and we have shared this very bed too many times but all those nights were just as friend. Watching movies and hanging out. But I'm glad it's different now.

This time when we share this bed, I'm going to be deep inside her heat, fucking her senseless just like I did that night. I want to do unspeakable things to her and if she could read my mind I'm sure she would be out of this house before I can even speak my name.

I stare down at her face a little longer and then my eyes roam all over her body. I get hard again. But she needs rest and I need a shower. My hand and cock was all sticky with our cum but first I decide to clean up Layla.

I grab a wet cloth from my bathroom and get back to her. I push apart Layla's legs and clean her inner thighs and mound. Call me a pervert for all you want but I can't resist the sight of her so I push her pussy lips apart and see the pink of her inside and smell her scent. She smells so sweet. I would eat her if she was awake. Not now, but soon.

My cock twitches at the sight but I control my urges and clean my cum from her ass then throw away the wash cloth.

I take a shower before joining her on the bed and lie down beside her. I don't bother with clothes. I like to go to bed nude and even if it's not night yet, I decide to take a nap.

Layla is facing away from me so I pull her to my chest and spoon her. I palm her breast with one hand while other cups her pussy. A sigh leaves me when my cock comes in contact with her ass, then I drift off.

I wake up to Layla's struggling to get out of my hold. I tighten my arms around her to stop her from moving but she keeps struggling. Sighing I give her tit a good squeeze and spank her pussy lips. She immediately stops moving and I nuzzle her neck.

"Adam, it's dinner time and I'm hungry." She tries removing my hand from her pussy but I just slip my middle finger inside her and she moans.

"Ohh! My sex crazed Adam. A girl needs food to survive. So you need to stop." I continue my ministration and bite the back of her neck lightly feeling shivers run down her back.

"And what about my hunger? I'm hungry too, for you. It's not fair you passed out on me. I wanted to fuck your cunt." She gasp then moan and this time more loudly as I add another digit and find her G-spot. I love hearing her moan my name. If it were upto me, we wouldn't leave this bed even after years.

"Y.. you can d.. do that after dinner. I need to use the bathroom." She sure is trying to say different but her body is dancing with pleasure. Her hips jerk to get more of my fingers and I add another one.

"Good that your bladder is full. Your orgasm will be more intense." I tell her and she withers in my arms. My thumb plays with her clit and within seconds she milks my fingers with her orgasm. She cums for a while.

Even after she has her orgasm, I don't let go of her pussy. It is so warm. My cock is rock hard. It is ready to cut diamond. But she is right. We need food in our bellies.

"That was.. that was amazing." She speaks as she comes down from her high breathing hard trying to take as much oxygen as she can.

She turns around to face me and my fingers slip out of her pussy. Taking my cock in her hand she twiddles the tip of it with her thumb.

"But you need relief too. Let me return the favor." She starts moving her hand up and down my dick but I hold her wrist. I kiss her forehead and rub our noses together.

"I didn't do that for you to return the favor. And also, the next time I spill my cum it will be inside your pussy when I have fucked you to my satisfaction and made sure that you won't be able to leave my bed tomorrow morning because you will be too sore to even move." I say seriously looking into her eyes feeling her breath hitch.

I want her to know what she is getting into. I want her to be with me to explore what is between us. For three months I have been trying to get Layla where she is right now and now that she is in my bed, I won't let her go no matter what.

She is like, my ultimate desire come true. The kind of passion I feel with her is something I have never felt. The fire of lust she ignites within me doesn't seem to diminish. Every time I'm with her it's like fuel to the fire.

"I think I would love every second of what you would do to me and my body. I just don't want things to get awkward if we ever decide to go back to being only friends." Her words hold a hint of sadness.

"Babe, I think you got it wrong. We are never going back to being only friends. I am simply incapable of being around you and not think about different ways to fuck you. Since the day I got a taste of you, you have always been the center of my every sexual fantasy." I hug her close to me and smell her hair.

She giggles then kiss my chest taking my nipple in her mouth before tugging it hard.

"Ouch! It hurts." I say frowning down at her, but in reality it just made my cock twitch.

"Now you know how I feel when you keep doing that to me and also this." I realize what 'this' means when I feel a firm slap on my ass. She lets out a chuckle when I soothe my behind. I look down at her in amusement. She has more strength in her hand than I estimated.

I playfully glare at her, "Don't do that again. Not if you want to sit on your ass." She just rolls her eyes and hide her face in my chest.

"I want to hear all of your fantasies." She whispers lowly but I hear her perfectly.

I bring my mouth close to her ear, "You will get to star in my every fantasy if you agree to be with me in this totally. I know what your body wants but I want to hear you say you want me as much as I want you. My emotions are involved here and I want to know if you are willing to involve yours." I gulp the nervousness that slips despite me trying to hold it back.

"I want to know if you trust me." I say and wait for her to answer.

She moves back a bit and looks straight in my eyes, "My trust in you is never in question. I trust you with all of my being. That is why I'm not running out of the door. And as for my emotions, I really like you and would love to know where this goes." Her eyes hold seriousness and I sigh in relief hugging her tight against my body.

On queue her stomach growls and I chuckle. She hits me lightly on the chest and hide her face again. "I told you I was hungry, didn't I?" She groans.

Getting up I take her along with me. I forget that my hand is still sticky with her cum and now her's is too. I let her use the bathroom first in private. When she is done I put her on the counter. I told her not to clean up. I want to do that for her, take care of her.

I take another wash cloth and wet it in warm water then I part her legs and start cleaning her again while she blushes furiously trying to close her legs. I take hold of both of her thighs keeping them in place.

"Why are you blushing? I have already seen everything." I laugh when she hits my arm but doesn't say anything.

I finish cleaning her and wash my hands. I notice her looking at my hard on.

"Don't look at it like that if you want to eat real food for dinner." She blushes again and looks away. I grin at her reaction. Too cute and shy. Not for long.

Getting up from the counter she goes to grab a robe from the hanger but I snatch it from her hand and place it back. She looks at me in question and I just shrug.

"Why bother when I'm gonna make you sit naked on the dinner table where I can appreciate your body and have my food." I wink and smirk at her then leave her standing there gaping at my back.

I have no shame in walking nude around my house. This is my sanctuary and I live as I like.

Looking into the fridge I find enough ingredients for sandwich. I prepare sandwiches for both of us and make my way towards dinning table where I find Layla already sitting with her legs crossed and as nude as I am.

This scene would have been perfect if she was spread out on this very table as my buffet. Her arms and legs spread wide open and waiting for me to eat her. But I will take whatever she offers. I don't want her running away from me.

I place her plate in front of her and mine beside her's, then I go to grab wine for both of us.

I sit down on my chair then pull her up and on my lap. To my satisfaction she doesn't even protest and quietly make herself comfortable then we have our dinner in silence.

"Go on a date with me Layla." I don't try posing it as a question because I'm not going to give her any opportunity to refuse me.

She has a small smile on her face when she looks at me and nod. I peck her lips and we sip our wine in quiet. Placing my hand on the inside of thigh I feel her snuggling upto me with a sigh. She slowly open her legs letting me play with her skin. I keep brushing my thumb on her clit and she starts squirming.

I have had enough of the hard on I have been supporting till now. I need her and I need her now.

Gulping down all the content of my glass I stand up picking her in my arms bridal style. Then I make a run for my bedroom door.

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