Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

Adam made good on his promise that night. We had sex all night, in every different position we could think of and even then he wasn't satisfied. But I had enough of it for the night. I was too sore to even move so I had to put pause on our activities.

Adam was not happy about it but he was understanding. He prepared me a hot bath and cooked lunch for me. Then we had pizza for dinner and he also gave me a massage before we went to bed.

It was a whole week ago. It's been a week since I saw Adam and I am almost dying to see him. He got a call from his secretary the next morning telling him that one of his shipment went missing and the clients are complaining about the delay.

Adam's business is imports and exports. His dad use to run the company before him, but he got it from his father soon after he turned twenty-three. Adam and I have known each other since childhood, since our fathers were college buddies.

So this whole week he was gone and we had to postpone our date for another time. Not to mention, I have been sexually frustrated for the whole week. And it is all because of Adam.

I tried distracting myself with my work but within every hour I would receive his text. He would tell me how hard he is and how he wanted to be inside me and get me all hot and bothered. Sometimes I just want him in front of me so that we can do everything he told me on text and sometimes I just want to kick him in nuts for getting me all wet when he is not here.

Tomorrow it is Sunday and my only free day. After that I'm going to be very busy with my next project. My boss asked me to handle this particular project as the client especially requested for me to work on this one. I'm to meet this client on Monday.

Any other time, I would have been happy to take the project but I want to spend little more time with Adam. I let out a sigh and walk out of my office and towards my car. It is evening and I am already done for the day. I need rest.

I enter my apartment and put my keys on nearby table. Then I turn to switch on the lights and immediately scream sensing someone behind me. A hand covers my mouth, effectively shutting me up.

"The only time I want to hear you scream is when I'm deep inside you and the pleasure I give you is the only thing you can feel. Other than that you don't have to waste your energy." Adam whispers in my ear playfully and I immediately go slack in his arms. Sensing that, he moves back and pulls his hand away from my mouth before turning me to face him.

I don't waste time and throw a punch to his gut to which he buckles under the pain. I ignore the whimper that comes from his mouth as I watch him fall on the floor holding his guts.

I move to my sofa and watch him get up from the floor, making his way towards me. I simply slide down and put my legs on the coffee table and try calming down my heartbeat. He almost gave me a heart attack. I feel him sit near me with a huff.

"You could have kissed me instead of punching my guts. That would have been a nice welcome." He says following me and relaxing back.

"Then you could have simply waited for me to be home and come see me like a civilized person. Not almost giving me a heart attack." I snap at him. He merely chuckles and pull me in his arms bringing my head over his chest.

I sigh at the warmth of his body and nuzzle his chest. As much as I want to be mad at him, I can't because I missed him so much. I don't know if I'm catching any feelings for him.

We sit there in silence as I focus on his heartbeat. I listen to it quietly. I think he is still recovering from the punch. What can I say? I throw a mean punch.

He groans and stops my hand, which I realize was getting under his shirt. I blush with embarrassment. He must be tired and here I am groping him.

"I don't mind getting down and dirty with you right now, but I want to take you on a date tonight." He says before kissing the side of my head. My heart melts at the gesture.

I look him in the eye and see adoration. Adoration for me. I don't think much then. His eyes do things to my insides. So I kiss him with full force and he kisses me back with same passion without thinking for a second.

We make out on the sofa for a while before he pulls away and we take in the much needed oxygen. Placing his forehead on mine he groans again. This time he sounds pained.

"God, you'll be the death of me!"

I get confused till I see what he is talking about. There is a huge tent in his jeans. I laugh out loud hard as he concentrate on his breathing.

He narrows his eyes on me and I squeal when he pulls me up on his lap. My ass rest on his dick, and feeling mischievous, I grind on his lap pretending to find a comfortable position.

"Stop." He hiss in my ear and bite it. That stops me and I relax in his arms still suppressing a chuckle.

"You find my situation funny." He speaks it as a statement rather than a question. I don't get the time to answer because in a swift motion he pushes his hand under my skirt and cups my pussy.

I am wet down there from the kiss but as soon as his hand lands on my covered pussy, another gush of liquid flows down and I moan. He isn't even doing anything dammit.

I try removing his hand from under my skirt but he holds me still with his other hand.

He slightly gazes his thumb on my pussy lips and my stomach does a somersault.

"Fuck." I hiss.

"That's exactly what I plan to do later on." His mouth comes down on my neck to bite my flesh before sucking and licking the spot to soothe the pain. But his bite already has electricity passing through my body and straight to my libido.

Removing his hand he pushes me just a little to indicate for me to stand up and I do still dazed with my arousal.

A smirk is plastered on his face and I mentally plan to wipe it off later.

"Layla, why don't you get ready for our date while I change too. I asked my assistant to get me my clothes here. He should be here any minute."

I want to deny going out with him, but I recall that I am going to be busy with work for I don't know how long and I don't want to waste this time just because my ego is bruised. So I nod my head and run up-stairs to get ready.

I search for a dress before going for a shower but my aroused state is not helping. Also my panties are sticky, so I remove them from under my skirt and clean myself with it, then throw it in the bathroom.

I get back to my wardrobe and look through every shelf but I can't find anything good to wear. But what I find has me gulping. I forgot that I put my vibrator here underneath the pile of my old clothes. It is a large black dildo that I got when I first watched porn and started fancying about big black cock.

I pick it up and the thought of reliving myself crosses my head. Just then my wardrobe gate bursts open and my eyes almost pop out of my socket.

Adam looks at me where I am sitting on the floor with the vibrator in my hand. My heartbeat skyrockets.

"I.. I wasn't doing anything. I just found it lying there and picked it up." I don't know why I am explaining it to him. Sure the situation is not that bad.

His face shows amusement, so I relax a bit. But when he starts moving towards me, I know I am in trouble.

Reaching me, he bends down to my level and take the vibrator from my hand.

"I see you fancy black. It's smaller than my dick, but we can still play with it. Together. I might ask you to fuck yourself with this while I sit and watch. Or I could put this in your ass while I pump your pussy with my dick. What's say?" He asks me nonchalantly and I turn into mush just thinking about it.

A pleasant shiver runs down my spine and I gulp as my throat dries up.

"I didn't know you were into kinky fun." I chuckle nervously and push few strands of my hair behind my ear.

He gives me a full blown smile, with his teeth and all.

"You will get to know how kinky I am since you yourself asked me to tell you my every fantasy." He winks then stands up.

"I think I'll keep this with me, for future use. You won't need it anyway with me around. Ohh! before I forget, I came here to tell you that I have a dress for you that I placed on your bed. I want you to wear it." That said, he walks out with my black vibrator still in his hand.

I touch my cheeks to feel them warm with all the blood that rushed there because of my embarrassment.

I stand up on my shaky legs and find liquid flowing on my thighs. Great. My pussy is throbbing now.

I go straight to get a cold shower and thoroughly clean myself. I don't need to worry about shaving since I regularly get waxed.

The dress is black and very beautiful, so I take out matching lingerie and put them on. It is in lace. I blush thinking how Adam would love it.

Then I tie my hair in a bun and put on simple earrings after doing my makeup. I'm in middle of putting my shoes on when he again barges into my room without knocking and I roll my eyes. Somethings never change.

Sometimes I think he does it on purpose so that he can find me in compromising position. Just like an hour ago. I again blush. He takes notice of that and as if reading my mind, he smirks then winks my way.

I look away. Damm.

"Good, you're ready. You look beautiful and ravishing. Now let's go."

He places his hand on my waist as I get closer to him. He is in a tux, looking mouth watering. He must have changed in my guest room.

We get in his car and he drives us to a fine ass restaurant. It all speaks class. The waiter takes us to our table and we sit down.

When he asks if we want something to drink, we just order water for both of us. We both want to be sober.

Adam shifts his chair closer to me so now we are sitting side by side instead of facing each other. Then he takes hold of my hand and kiss my knuckle and I again melt.

He is being way too romantic. Just when I think that, he takes my thumb in his mouth biting it and a loud gasp leaves my mouth. Immediately I cover my mouth with other hand and look around to see if anyone heard me. I sigh in relief seeing we are in a secluded area.

I give him my best glare and try pulling my hand back, but of course, he won't let me. He gives me a sheepish smile and I fight back my own smile.

After that, nothing of that sought happens and he behaves like a gentleman throughout the dinner. We talk and laugh whole night. We relive all of our childhood memories. We laugh at how our parents always needed to be on their toes when we were kids.

When we are done Adam asks for bill. He keeps tapping his fingers on the table, which is a sign that he is getting impatient.

Ha ha. I know exactly how he is feeling. Because I am anticipating the night just as much as he is. It's been too long for us. The waiter comes with the bill and Adam wastes no time.

He pulls me from my chair and I almost shriek. Then he pulls me to his chest and place a searing kiss in the middle of the restaurant. As fast as he places his lips on mine, he removes them just as fast.

Taking my hand he pulls me out of the restaurant. I am only happy to oblige.

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