Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

It takes almost half an hour to reach Adam's home from the restaurant, but Adam only took fifteen minutes. I was so scared the whole ride that I didn't even open my eyes. They were glued shut.

I hear his side of the door open as soon as the car stops and I open my eyes only to find him beside me opening my door in a hurry. Without wasting a second, he removes my seat belt and pulls me out of the car.

"I don't think I can wait babe. Bed will have to wait." Saying that he grabs my hips, picks me up and puts me on the cold metal hood of the car.

I am glad that we could atleast make it to his garage. I don't want to have sex with an audience watching us. His expert hands slides to the side of my dress to find the zip and pulls it down. His cold fingers touch my skin barely, but they are enough to ignite fire in my core. He pulls the dress down and expose my silk covered breasts to his lustful gaze.

He latches onto my exposed skin as if he has been starving for a single taste. His tongue starts drawing patterns on my cleavage and my hands rack his hair making a mess of them. With the sensations running through me, I need to hold onto something.

His hand goes behind my back and as skilled as he is, he opens my bra with a single flick. Throwing my bra somewhere, he takes my left nipple into his mouth and suck hard. I cream between my legs. He moves his mouth to another while his hand holds the previous one.

I bite my lip to avoid the scream that threatens to spill when he roughly pulls my nipple with his teeth. By now, we both know that we like it rough and I wouldn't want him to hold back on my account. So I arch my back and push my breasts for more. When he licks the pain away, I moan in pleasure.

I have enough of his exploring so I push his face away before attacking his lips for a scorching hot kiss with as much tongue as I can push down his throat. His hand comes to the back of my neck to keep me in place.

I remove his coat and shirt as fast as I can. When we move away to catch our breath, he places a hand on my chest and pushes me down so that I'm lying on the hood with my feet dangling.

"Raise your ass baby. I need to taste that sweet cunt of yours today." He says with a smirk and I feel my juices flowing. His dirty mouth gets me so wet. I raise my hips and he pulls down my dress all together. I still have my panties on.

He removes my heels and raise both of my legs up and puts them on the hood. I part them only too eager to help. I want him between my legs sucking my pussy and fucking me with his tongue.

I am breathing hard from all the anticipation when he only keeps looking at the outlines of my pussy lips. I can feel cool air hitting me down there where I imagine is a big wet spot. A pleasant shiver runs down my spine and my thighs quiver.

Putting both of his hands on the car hood beside my feet he comes close to my core, his nose almost touching. He takes in a deep breath and smells my arousal and I think I miss a heartbeat or two. There is chaos going on in my mind and heart while every bloody part of my body is buzzing with electricity with the sheer intimacy of the moment.

In a swift movement he gets up and places his hand on the hem of my panties pulling at it. The fiber stretches and dugs into my skin, parting my pussy lips and getting to the inside flesh. The friction gets me screaming Adam's name in ecstasy and pain. Pain from not getting an orgasmic release.

The silk fabric gives in and tears apart. His hands come down to both of my thighs parting them and he pulls both of my legs on his shoulder. His eyes were on my pussy the whole time.

"Beautiful. And all mine. You are going to love this. And I want you to show me how much by screaming my name. I don't want you to hold back. This sweet cunt is mine now."

He licks his lips before connecting to mine, just not the upper ones, and my whole body jerks up. When I don't find anything to hold onto, I push my hands in his locks. His tongue parts my pussy lips and finds my hole. He licks it there just enough to give me a promise of a good time and then begin sucking my clit. His teeth makes contact with the sensitive skin and I see stars shinning behind my eyelids.

Fuck. This feels so good.

"Adam... more.. please." I groan out. He stiffs his tongue and thrusts it into my heat. I scream when his fingers join. Clamping my thighs around his head I push myself for more. I keep begging like a fucking slut. By the grin that I feel between my thighs, on my pussy, I know he is enjoying the power.

As my arousal reaches almost to the breaking point, he engulfes my whole pussy in his mouth and his tongue gives me relentless thrusts. I hit my peek and my whole body quiveres. My pussy pulse and my insides clench. He keeps licking me till every ounce of my juice is inside his system.

Releasing his hair, I lay there on the car hood. Completely bare, totally satisfied and definitely boneless. I look up to meet his eyes with my dreamy ones and he licks his lips. Bending down, he kiss my lips, this time upper ones, and plunge his tongue into my mouth. I taste myself. I have done that before, but I taste good on his tongue.

He doesn't break the kiss and frantically pulls his pants down. Leaving my mouth he pulls me up with both of my hands. I sway a bit when my legs hit the ground, but I don't get much time to think as he turns me around and bends me over the car.

We did fuck before with me on my all fours, but something about being bent over and fucked from behind has it's own thrill. The garage just adds to the mood.

I feel a smack on my ass and I immediately moan. Another smack lands, this time on my pussy lips and I scream, not from pain but pleasure. They are already sensitive with his previous assault.

Adam leans over my body and I feel his hard cock rest against my ass. His body weight on me feels just perfect.

"Hope you don't mind the position babe." He whispers in my ear with a little arrogance and bite the side of my neck. I think he is obsessed with my neck.

He rubs his cock against me a little bit and I think I'm already about to cum again just by his teasing. He keeps dropping small kisses all over my neck and back.

"Feel me Layla. This is what you do to me. I can't get rid of my lust for you. You have bound me in invisible shackles of your lust and it's the best thing that has happened to me." He says those words so tenderly that I feel a little moisture gather in my eyes.

He relieves my hair from the bun and they flow all over the hood. Adam starts massaging my scalp then takes the locks in his hand and pulls them firmly.

With other hand pushing between our bodies he takes hold of his cock and pats my pussy with it, gazing it on my clit up and down till my juices coat his cock. Then comes his hard thrust and I am pushed more on the hood. We groan in unison as the sense of being completely filled comes over me.

Adam doesn't move for a while. He pulls my hair and raise my head. Ahh.. the feeling. I can't even describe it. All kind of sounds come out of my mouth.

The next thing I know, he is slamming into me like his life depends on it. Deep long hard thrusts almost have me creaming again.

I am helpless under his hands yet the pleasure is euphoric. With each thrust I am pushed more on the car. His thrusts are so powerful that the car moves in rhythm with his every stroke.

"Layla, put.. put your right leg on.. ahh.. on the hood." He says between thrusts and somehow I manage to do so. It gives him a better angle and I feel the tip of his cock hit my cervix. Fuck.

"You love it don't you. When I take you hard and rough. You open your legs for me like a dirty slut." His words only add to my already building arousal.

"I want you like this for me always. I want you to spread your legs at my command like a bitch in heat. I want you to always be ready to take me whenever and wherever I want. Can you do that for me baby?" The words go right to my core and I cum again.

He continues his onslaught. When I don't reply, he pulls my hair tightly and turn face towards him. His other hand takes hold of my neck squeezing it just a bit to show his power.

"Tell me Layla. Will you be my bitch? Will you be mine? Will you allow me to have control of your body? This pussy.." He leaves my hair and move his hand towards my clit, rubbing it in circular motion "...this pussy to be all mine?" I am unable to concentrate on what he is saying. How can I when I already had two mind blowing orgasms back to back and about to have a third.

I nod my head. There is nothing else to say. I have been wanting him for months without even knowing. Now that I have the chance, there is no way I am letting it go.

He continues moving in and out of my slick pussy. Our mingled juices flow on the cold metal of the car. The steady thump syncs with the wet slaps of his balls on my cunt.

Then out of no where he spanks my ass hard.

"I want words Layla." He grunts and pinch my clit a little while putting a little more pressure on my neck.

"Yes... yes I'll be your bitch. I.. I will open my legs whenever you ask. You can fu.. fuck me wherever you want." I say while he again pinches my clit. My walls clench around his dick and he groans. With another pinch I cum for the third time all over his cock.

I feel him go still for a second, then warm liquid touches the walls of my pussy. He gives another few light thrusts with his hips milking both of our orgasms, grunting every now and then.

As soon as we both come down from our individual high, he pulls himself out of me and I immediately miss him. His cum mixed with mine starts pooling on the car. Adam turns me around and throws me over his shoulder making a sprint for his room and I squeal in delight.

He throws me on his bed unceremoniously and I laugh at his impatience. He just had an orgasm of his own but his cock doesn't seem like it got any release. He is again hard.

"Wait a minute here, I forgot something. I'll be right back." Adam gives me a quick smooch and moves up to get whatever he forgot.

I wait for him a I lay sprawled all over the bed. I take a moment to just feel how my body is tingling all over. I run my finger slightly over my hardened nipples remembering the feel of the warmth of Adam's mouth. I know there will be several hickeys all over my body and breasts tomorrow morning.

The pink flesh between my legs is still tender but I can't deny that I want more of this. Everytime I see Adam, I just want him to bury himself in me to the hilt. Fuck me like an alpha male that has been sex deprived for a long time.

I feel him before I could see him coming in the room. His face holds a shit eating grin and I notice a little late as to why. My breath hitches when I see him holding the same vibrator dildo that he took from me this evening.

He moves towards the bed and climb in throwing the vibrator on the bed beside me which lands there with a soft thud and I swallow the lump in my throat.

I raise myself a bit on my elbows but he straddles me and push me a little as I again lie down with my back on the bed.

My body is already a shade of light red because of the sex but now I think I must look like a clown going all crimson red with embarrassment.

I don't know why I am being shy with this vibrator thing as I have already fucked him more times than I can count on my fingers.

"Now how about we have some anal fun." He smirks and wiggles his eyebrows at me. I have indulged in anal sex before but I know it will be different with Adam. It is always different with Adam and he has ruined me for anyone else.

"My ass is all yours." I reply copying his smirk.

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