Lust Shackles

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That ass

Adam's POV

As I enter the room with the vibrator in my hand, I find Layla Sprawled on the bed just as I left her.

Isn't she a sight to behold.

I let the vibrator fall on the bed beside her and smirk at the thought of finally being able to fuck her ass. Anyone who saw her ass and didn't want to fuck it would be a complete idiot. And now that I'm going to tap her ass, I won't let anyone else near it.

She might not know this now, but I'm never letting her go. She has been mine since the second time we had sex. After our first time, everything didn't go my way. But the moment she swallowed my cum after I fucked her throat was the moment she became completely mine.

"Now how about we have some anal fun?" I ask wiggling my brows at her. I know she won't deny me... us the pleasure. But I am, afterall, a true gentleman and it's common courtesy to ask something like that.

"My ass is all yours." She replies with her own smirk playing on her full swollen lips. I gulp at her declaration and my dick becomes painfully hard.

Moving towards the edge of the bed, I take hold of my cock and start stroking it. Her eyes follow the movement of my hand while licking her lips. My control snaps. Taking hold of both of her ankles I flip her on her stomach, grabbing her waist I raise her on all four.

"Spread your legs baby. Show me the pussy I own." She complies without hesitation and I catch site of my favorite view. Her pussy glistening with both our cum and the wink of her asshole.

Back to stroking myself I run the other hand on the inside of her creamy thighs. I stop my hand at places to squeeze her flesh a little then continue tracing her soft skin. Her harsh breathing indicates that she can not wait longer. Without further delay I thrust two fingers inside the hotness between her thighs and her whole body trembles. She pushes her ass in the air with every flick of my thumb on her slit.

I coat my fingers thoroughly with our cum from her pussy and start applying it on the outside of her anus. I know she is not an anal virgin. She told me about it.

The first time she had anal, she couldn't sit on her ass for the whole day and kept cursing whenever she had to move. Having enough of her bad mood I confronted her and she embarrassingly told me about how her then boyfriend was into anal and all. The asshole Son-of-a-bitch didn't even use any lube. The douche convinced her that his spit was enough to do the work. We were in high school then and Layla was pretty naive, nothing like the confident woman she is now.

I had to rearrange his face after she told me his name. He never ever came close to her again.

And I have to agree that I was a total douchebag too because when she told me about it, all I could think about was how I would love to tap that ass too.

I bend down on her back, stretching to get the bottle of lube from the nightstand, giving her the feel of my hard cock. Squeezing a generous amount of lube on my hand I apply it on my dick. Layla turns her face and watch in fascination following every movement of my hand.

I bend my head and give her each buttocks a kiss. Then I spread them and apply good amount of lube on her back entrance. Her hips jerk every time my finger slips into her.

"Now relax Layla and let me in baby. We will take this at a pace of your liking." I thought that my assurance would get her to relax but instead she turns back and looks at me like I am talking in some other language.

"Why the hell are you being so sweet? I don't want you all sweet and mushy right now. I want you to take me hard and fast like you promised to do in your garage. Fuck me like l'm your bitch in heat. Show me how you like to fuck your bitch. I'm not a doll. I can handle rough. Do me dirty Adam." She speaks the words that every red blooded man dream about. My dick is almost ready to cut a rock. It's that hard.

I smack her ass before getting out of the bed. She wants it rough, I'll give her rough. Grabbing a tie from my closet I move to the head board of the bed. Taking both of her hands I tie them to the board tightly.

Layla smirks at my actions. "Now that's what I was talking about."

I grab her tit pinching her nipple which has her moaning my name. Moving to my earlier position I push on Layla's neck to bury her face in the pillow applying a light pressure with my hand. With other hand I guide my dick to her asshole.

Placing the tip at her back entrance, I push into her without any delay. I enter her inch by inch while she wither under my hold. Soon I settle my whole cock inside her ass. The grip of her ass on my cock has me grasping for air. It is damn tight. I move my hand from the back of her neck to it's front and pulled her face up and towards me.

"You will look me in the eye the whole time I fuck your ass. Every time I slam into you, you scream my name. I want to hear you loud and clear." Whispering to her I apply a little pressure on her neck to make a point.

"Yes.. give it to me. Give all of it Adam." She says with panting breaths.

Drawing back completely I thrust back, this time all the way in without stopping. Layla cries out my name just like I want her to.

With each thrust her scream turns louder and louder. The bed makes a constant thump sound as the headboard hits the wall with our every movement.

"Damn... Fuck... Shit babe, so tight." I growl continuing to fuck her. My hand snakes to the vibrator lying ideal on the bed. Turning it on full speed I bring it to her clit moving it up and down. Slipping it an inch or two inside her I pull it out everytime teasing her with the prospect of what is coming.

"Oh my god Adam.. No.. Please.. shit... " She tries freeing her hand but it is of no use. I tighten my grip on her neck in warning and she stops struggling again surrendering to the ministration.

I know she is on the edge so I slip the vibrator inside her pussy to the hilt and her back arches as she fall over the edge. That doesn't stop me from thrusting in her ass with more power. She struggles to keep her eyes open and stay on her hands and knees so I bend down and bite the back of her neck which has her snapping her eyes open and moaning. I slap her ass several times watching it turn red under my hand.

Letting go of her neck I let her bury her face in the pillow again. Placing my hand around her waist to help her weight I synchronize the thrust of vibrator with my own. I can feel the stretch of her skin against my cock. I can feel the vibrations against her skin. It is almost a dream come true.

My girl can only gasp in pleasure as she doesn't have energy to do anything else. I don't mind it though. I am more than happy to give her all the pleasure that her body can handle and then some more.

Soon she is cumming again and I feel my balls tighten and I too let go off the control and spill my cum in her ass. I shudder with the intensity of my orgasm and stay still for a while. Slowly pulling out of her, I see my cum leaking out of her ass. The sight has me puffing my chest with pride.

Finally. She is totally and completely mine.

I turned off the vibrator already but it is still inside her. My lust filled eyes never stray as I watch her pink pussy stretched with the black dildo. I slowly pull it out of her watching her own cum leak trough her pussy.

I would have been hard again if I didn't just have the most powerful and intense orgasm of my life.

I watch in amusement as half asleep Layla groans and fall on the bed exhausted trying to keep her eyes open. I guess I sucked all of her energy. I place the vibrator on the nightstand to take care of her first.

Moving towards the headboard I let go of the ties and massage her wrists before kissing them one by one. She mumbles something, which I can't make out, before falling into a deep slumber.

Taking the vibrator from the nightstand I take it to the bathroom to clean it up. After thoroughly cleaning it, I place it in my closet for future use because as far as I am concerned she will not need it while I'm here to fulfill her every need.

Entering the bedroom again I just watch my girl for a while. The satisfied bliss on her face and the flush of her body again fills me with pride.

I think about cleaning her up like the last time but then think against it. Pulling the sheets I cover her body as well as mine as I slide behind her bringing her close to me, my hands automatically landing one on her breast and the other between her legs.

Yes I'm a total pervert who can't even let her go while sleeping. And what has me grinning even more is that Layla opens her legs even in her sleep to make space for my hand.

I fall asleep with a huge grin on my face and with a single thought running through my head. I have fallen in love with the girl in my arms.

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