Lust Shackles

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Making Love

Layla's POV

My lips curve into a smile feeling feather-light kisses all over the back of my neck. Adam spoons me as his fingers plays with my hair while massaging my scalp every now and then. His other hand wrapped around my waist.

I try shifting so that I could face him but he just holds me tighter. My back firmly pressed against his front. His morning wood nestling against my ass between our bodies.

I shudder remembering how it felt having his dick inside my ass last night. He almost split me into two with that huge dick but the pain and pleasure was so worth it. My pussy leaked like a fountain after I came. I would have felt embarrassed if I didn't feel Adam filling my ass with ropes of cum.

I feel his smile on my neck as he starts rubbing his dick on my ass-cheeks. I had to laugh at that. If he thinks he is having my ass again this morning then he is delusional. I loved everything about last night but my ass is too damn sore.

This guy is relentless. He can never have enough sex. He had me for nearly five hour straight just last night and still has the ability to have a hard on.

"Why are you laughing?" He asks with his lips still not leaving my skin. His tongue licking the spot behind my ear. Now he perfectly knows his way around my body.

I try removing his hand from my waist but he still won't leave me. Infact, he just adjusts his hand from my waist to place it right between my legs cupping my pussy... my wet pussy.

If Adam and I are naked with our skin plastered to each other then obviously I will have a fucking leaking pussy.

He again rub against me parting my ass with his dick and starts dry humping me. Sure I was not ready to take that dick in my ass as it was too sore but his cock rubbing against my asshole feels good and I close my eyes enjoying the feeling.

"You have got to be kidding me. How can you get your dick up after all night sex marathon?" I ask him groaning even though I know I will in soon enough. I'm as sex crazed as him.

I jump a little when I feel his fingers rub my clit before slipping his middle finger inside my needy cunt.

"Just like how you get wet, even before I try seducing you. I remember you having countless orgasms last night, yet here you are, again wet for me. I'm totally right in calling you a bitch in heat." I turn my face to see him grinning down at me.

Before I could retort, he flicks my clit lightly with his thumb making me moan. I can't deny the fact that even with all the soreness, I still want him. I think my need for him is starting to get scary.

Adam is making me feel things I have never experienced before and it scares me to even think of a possibility where he might not reciprocate my feelings. After all, everything between us started with lust. But now I can't control my heart from wanting more out of this.

His thumb again flicks my clit and all my thoughts flow out of head. My control snaps as I lift my hand grabbing his hair and slamming down his lips on mine. Since I can't move much, I had to pull his face down on mine. His hand, that was playing gently with my hair, tug them firmly.

I gasp and his tongue invades my mouth at the same time he adds another digit inside my pussy. His fingers move in circle within me, then in and out of me as his thumb find a steady pace to play with my clit. I push myself on his fingers.

Leaving my mouth for a second he breathes out, "Play with you tits for me babe. Twist them, tug them, pinch those nipples like I want to do." Going right back at making love to my mouth.

I don't waste time since my breasts were aching for any kind of attention. I palm my tit before flicking my nipple sending a shiver down my spine and to my core. I tug and pinch them just as he does it everytime.

I bite his lip pulling it into my mouth as the pleasure starts building inside my pussy. I clench my walls on his fingers squeezing them. He is still dry humping my ass. Our sweat mingles with each others and tongues fight for dominance.

As we both realize the need for oxygen, he leaves my lips and lands his on my neck scraping my skin lightly with his teeth while pulling my hair. I was trying to catch a breathe but his fingers and thumb were too much to handle. I am breathing hard and my heart is thumping at an unsteady pace just like his that I feel against my back.

Just as I am about to cum he pulls out completely.

I gape at him dumbfounded.

If he decides to play this game this early in the morning, I am totally going to kill him.

To my surprise, he part my thighs placing one leg on his as his dick leaves my ass and invades my pussy in one quick thrust. I don't even have time to gasp as he covers my mouth with his, shoving his tongue down my throat again.

I think he had enough foreplay for now.

I thought he would take this fast and hard, just the way we both like. But again, to my surprise, he moves his hips slowly making me feel every inch of his skin sliding slowly inside my pussy. He is not in a hurry, unlike me. As slowly as he slides in, he pulls out at the same pace. Parting his lips from mine, we take in synchronized breath.

This time when his lips land on my neck, they offer me sweet wet kisses as he sucks on my pulsing nerve. His hand squeeze my inner thigh and push my leg as far as he can before giving my thigh a light smack.

We have always fucked like animals till now. But this morning, he is making love to my body. His hands in my hair and on my thigh are rough yet he is so gentle while pushing his cock in and out of me.

"Fuck Layla.. I can't... get enough of... you." He grunts out in between his thrusts.

"Your pussy feels so smooth on my dick. I love seeing that pussy all swollen and gaping open after I fuck you. I can't tell how I feel when I see our mixed cum dripping from your hole. You know after you fall asleep, I open your legs and just stare at your pussy like the fucking pervert I am."

His last words make my stomach flip. He can't be serious about that. Ohh goodness! I don't know if I want to smack him or kiss him.

But his words do have effect on my pussy. I squeeze my tits and try moving my hips so that he gets the hint that I need more but he holds me down and continues his slow ministration.

Soon his fingers find my clit again and I feel his balls gazing up and down against the skin of my thigh.

Here I am dying for more and he wants to take his sweet time. My emotions and body are going haywire. So I take matters into my hand and leave my tits placing my hand above his over my clit trying to rub it harder.

But he takes my in his pushes my hand further down towards his balls and places his back on my clit. His balls feel heavy in my hand. He shudders and stills just for a second when I very lightly squeeze them, gently tracing them with my finger tips.

Atleast that had the desired effect on him. He slams into me so hard that I see stars around my head. With that, he looses his control and starts fucking me like he mean it.

I wanted to laugh at his lost control but the only sound that came out of mouth was of moaning and screaming. My throat is already sore from screaming so much last night.

He is still not done with his verbal play though.

"You babe, are my personal porn star. Yours is the only pussy I want so desperately and now that I own your whole body, I plan on using it every waking second. I know you don't actually mind it. You crave my dick like you crave your next breath." He whispers in my ear biting it.

He place his hand under my knee and bend it over my stomach just as slams into me again.

"Ahh.. Adam.. you feel so good. I could... worship your.. dick right now. Just don't stop."

There is no more talking after that as keeps slamming into me and his bed shakes along with us. Soon enough I'm cumming over his dick, screaming and groaning.

I keep riding my orgasm and he soon follows spurting his cum within me. He likes cumming inside my pussy as he made it clear everytime.

I rest my sore throat and body as he goes limp beside me.

We are both silent before he speaks again.

"That was great for a quickie. I'm glad we have whole day today. I'm really not done with you."

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