Lust Shackles

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Adam's POV

When I walk out of my bedroom after freshening up and make my way towards kitchen, I find Layla sitting on the kitchen counter swinging her legs which were on display along with her whole body since I forbid her from wearing any clothes in my presence. I too let go off any clothing.

What is the use of wearing them when they will eventually find their place on the floor?

Her eyes are fixed on the stove where she is busy making us something for lunch as we didn't have any breakfast. We were too busy feasting on each other.

Her tits bounce with every swing of her legs and as a result my dick starts rising, giving a standing ovation. Greedy bastard can't get enough of that wet cunt. I palm my cock giving it a hard squeeze.

Layla jumps to her feet and goes to stir whatever she was making. I make a bee line for her.

She shrieks in surprise and almost hits me with the wooden spoon when I place my hands on her waist.

"God Adam! A little warning next time." She groans out placing her hand over her heart.

A little chuckle leaves my mouth as I nuzzle my nose in the crook of her neck. The moment seems so domesticated that I want it to be like this forever. I never had this feeling of being at home with any of my other girlfriends but with Layla it all feels normal.

It's like this has been our daily routine since ever, even if it's just been a little over a week. Layla and I have always been close and now that the sex is added to it, I think it makes sense with what I'm feeling right now.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when she moans my name as she places both of her hand behind my head and bury her fingers in my hair before tugging at them.

I didn't realize that while my mind was somewhere else, my hands got their own mind as one of it is now on her breast, squeezing and pulling it. What can I say? They are very soft. While the other hand is covering her pussy. So I rub her clit a little more.

Layla starts wiggling in my arms which results in her ass rubbing my already hard cock.

"Don't tempt me love. I'm just a second away from bending you on this very counter and fucking that cunt of yours." I growl at her.

To my surprise, she just starts wiggling some more.

"What's stopping you then?" She asks in between heavy breaths as I pull her nipple a little then gaze it lightly with my thumb.

I gape at her, not believing for a second that this woman standing right here is MINE. She always have to utter the words to any man's heart. Her words make my dick throb for her even more.

"I thought you would be sore since I didn't give you any rest last night and this morning." I can't help but worry about her. Since I haven't seen her for a week, I took the opportunity last night to pay full attention to both of our sexual needs.

"Ohh baby.. my ass might be a little sore but my pussy is always ready to take your dick. Don't worry about me. I can handle anything you throw at me. I want you to throw that gentleman attitude of yours out of the window when we are in bed and unleash your wild side." Even though her words come out as whisper, they are spoken very clearly.

Even if I wanted to be wild with Layla I was still holding back. I was afraid that if she realizes the kind of need I have for her she will run away from me. I didn't want to spook her. But the fact that she realized that I was holing back just blows my mind.

Hearing her, the first thought that comes to my mind is to let her know just how wild and ungentlemanly I can be in bed. But I hold my lust back because as much as I want to take her right now, I can't. Not only her body needs rest, but also her stomach needs food for energy to keep up with my sexual appetite.

Removing my hand from her breasts I kiss her on the side of her head and turn her around to face. Placing my thumb under her chin I raise her head and meet her eyes.

"You are right about me holding back and I promise I won't do it again. I just wanted to ease us slowly into all of this. But if your ready for all of me then that is what I shall give you. And also, you need to eat first since you'll need energy to keep up with me. I don't want you passing out on me." I tease her a bit to get rid of the tension building in both of our bodies.

"Okay then, lets eat. I made pasta for lunch." She states with a smile on her face and I return it with my own.

After an hour, we are done with our lunch and I clean the kitchen and dishes. After doing the dishes I look for Layla only to find her asleep on the couch.

I move to her side and just gaze at her as she sleeps soundly. I didn't notice a small smile creeping on my face. I kiss her lips gently before picking her up in my arms and taking her to my bedroom. She will be comfortable there.

Putting her on the bed, I cover her with the sheets and slide in beside her for a much needed nap.

When I wake up, it is already starting to get dark so I look at the clock to check the time. It shows 6:00 in the evening. I look beside me and find Layla still sound asleep snuggled to my side. I must have wore her out so I let her sleep.

Moving out of bed I make my way to the bathroom to freshen up. After I'm done I pull out a t-shirt and boxer from my closet and put them on. I would not have bothered with clothes but since Layla is sleeping, I am thinking of completing some work in my study.

Because of the emergency last week there was so much work to do and because I could not wait to see Layla, I left some the paper work for later. Now that I have little bit of time on my hand, it will be better to get it done now or my father will have my ass.

Almost an hour pass by and I get most of my work done. Seeing that it's almost dinner time I leave the remaining work for tomorrow. I'm not in a mood to cook anything and I also don't want Layla to do the cooking so I order pizza for both of us before I stand stretching a bit and then make my way to wake up Layla.

As I'm about to reach the door, it opens up itself and I find Layla on the other side of it.

I take few steps back when I find her seething in anger. I assess the situation to understand what could have been wrong for her to be angry like that, but I find nothing.

"You....." She just leaves to that as she takes a few steps towards me with a finger pointed at me.

"Wow wow babe relax. What happened?" I try calming her down even if confused as hell.

Her face is bright red in anger and she looks beautiful. Beautifully pissed. My cock goes hard in seconds seeing her like this because not only her face is glowing red but her whole body is turning a shade of red.

Yup she is still not wearing anything.

A chuckle leaves my mouth and I shake my head. I'm totally obsessed with her.

I look up just as I hear a warrior cry and find her charging at me in full speed.

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