Lust Shackles

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Angry Layla

Adam's POV

It hurts. It really hurts. How can her small fists hurt so much? But damn she could throw a mean punch. I should know better since I was the one who insisted she join me for kick boxing.

I try holding her but she is fast in landing another blow to my gut.

"Fuck." I hiss. Having had enough of it I take both of her wrists and hold them behind her back with one hand while placing another on her waist to hold her tightly against my chest.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Will you atleast tell me what I did wrong before attacking me like that?" I growl at her angrily. I swear this girl will kill me someday.

"You are asking me what have you done wrong? Seriously? Leave me, then my fist will tell you what wrong you have done." She retorts back getting more angry now. I relieve a harsh breath in order to keep a cool mind. One of us with hot head is enough for now.

"Okay. I see I have done something to get you this angry. But babe if you won't tell me then how will I know?" I try asking her calmly.

"Were you with Vicky this week while you were gone?" She speaks through her teeth and I look at her surprised. I didn't expect her blunt question, at all.

I meet her eyes and hurt is evident in them as she takes notice of my surprised look. Seeing her hurt hits like a sucker punch to my gut. I hold onto her waist more tightly, not giving her any space to run away. I know what she must be thinking but she is wrong. Vicky is a closed chapter in my life and Layla will know it before we go to bed today.

"Layla I promise you, it is nothing like what you are thinking. Calm down and I'll explain everything to you." I tell her before kissing on her forehead before she turns her face away.

"I don't want to hear anything. Just tell me yes or no." She tries wiggling out of my hold but I keep it firm, not even letting air to pass through between us.

"Layla.. love. Either we do it easy way or I will have to force you to listen to me but anyway you will have to hear me out because I have done nothing wrong. You are the only girl in my life since the night almost three months ago." That catches her attention as she stills in my arms.

"Really?" She asks me as her eyes go wide in shock.

"Yes, really. I know I cheated on Vicky with you and you have the right to doubt me but I swear I'd never do that to you."

Leaving her wrists I caress her cheek with my thumb, meeting her eyes to let her know that I am speaking truth. Since the first night together with Layla I have not even thought about any other girl let alone do anything.

She internally debates for a while as her eyes flicker with doubt before groaning.

"Okay I'm ready to hear you out. Let me just go put something on. I'm not having any conversation with you while you are clothed and I'm still in my birthday suit." She looks at herself before trying to step away from my hold on her waist.

"But I'm enjoying the view. Let's talk just like this."

Not letting her go even for a second, I move backwards carrying her with me to my study table. I make myself comfortable on the chair and pull her on my lap parting her thighs to put them on either side of my legs.

Narrowing her eyes at me she speaks stubbornly, "But you are dressed so let me put something on too. I'm angry at you so I don't want to give you the pleasure of seeing me naked." She folds her hands under her breasts and her mouth forms an angry pout.

I try controlling my chuckle seeing her adorable pout that I want to kiss away, but I control myself. I don't want her getting more mad at me.

I nod at her agreeing to her demand. "Because you are mad at me and don't want to let me see your beautiful body, I'll let you wear something. But you don't have to go anywhere." I hold her thighs firmly to keep her in place as she starts getting up from my lap.

I take off my t-shirt before making her wear it. I hear her intake of breath as my t-shirt slowly slide down on her body and I internally smile.

"First tell me how did you get to know that I met Vicky." I don't care how she got to know but I'm just curious. I would have told her myself but I got distracted.

She glares at me not wanting to give in but I keep quite and wait patiently for her to speak. After a while she huffs giving up.

"I was coming out of bathroom when I heard my phone chime only to see that I got a notification on my social media. She uploaded a picture of both of you in a restaurant and tagged me." She admits reluctantly.

"Now you tell what the hell were you doing with her?" She speaks with her glare still fixed in place.

I let out a deep breath before speaking, "I did not go to meet her. Actually my meeting was with her brother. He had a business proposal for me and Vicky tagged along. I didn't know she was going to be there till she showed up. And before you ask me why I'm doing business with my ex's brother, let me tell you that our meeting was fixed a long time ago before Vicky and I broke up so I could not refuse him just like that."

"If that's the case then why is she posting photos with just you and not all three of you? And why is she tagging me? The girl with whom her boyfriend cheated on her." She asks me confused and this time I do feel guilt creeping in.

She must have understood the whole thing seeing my guilty face because she goes to stand again but obviously I don't let her go.

"You didn't tell her you cheated on her with me." She exclaims incredulously and I keep my mouth shut biting on my lower lip looking anywhere but her.

"Ohh fuck! You didn't even tell her that you cheated on her. What the hell Adam. Why did you not tell her? What is wrong with you?" This time her voice reaches another peak.

I sigh before groaning loudly and burying my face in her neck. "I would have told her right away if she didn't burst in tears in front of me and then run out of there like hell was on fire. She did not even attend my calls and completely refused to meet me. We didn't have any contact till last week when she visited with her brother to my office."

I sit back straight to look at her, "I didn't think it was the type of conversation I could have in front of her brother. I can't just say 'Hey Ray, how are you? Ohh Vicky you are here too, good. I wanted to tell you I broke up with you because I cheated on you. Ohh and that girl is none other than my best friend Layla who you are jealous off' now can I?"

I expected her to again scream and blame me for something but she just looks at me dumbfounded.

"Vicky is jealous of me?" She asks astonished and this time I'm the one who stares at her dumbly.

I couldn't control it anymore and burst out laughing so hard that my whole body starts shaking. I pull her close to before hugging her to my body, still laughing.

"What?" She gets irritated when I don't stop laughing for a few minutes. My laughter slowly subsides and I shake my head at her before pulling away.

"You Layla, leave me speechless everytime I think I have figured you out. I give a long speech explaining my loyalty to you and leave it to you to completely ignore the main issue and focus on something that is not even necessary to talk about right now."

She pouts again folding her hands under her breasts and this time it gives me a hard on which forces me to shift in my seat slightly uncomfortable. I can't take her until she considers this conversation finished.

"What can I say? I heard everything. I still want you to try and tell Vicky why you broke up and then I want her out of our life. Let me tell you mister that I don't like sharing." She shrugs her shoulder haughtily.

"So we are okay right?" She nods her head in agreement and I feel relief course through my body.

"Good, because I'm really hard."

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