Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

Now that my anger has gone down considerably, I can feel his dick hardening under me. A little while ago I was so mad at him that I wanted to break few of his bones but as he explained himself, I calmed down. I trust his words and if he is saying that he has not been with anyone since me then I believe him.

When his words truly register my brain, I frown. He said I have been the only girl in his life for last few months but I did have men in my bed after him.

In my defense, I didn't know it was Adam that night. I thought it was a random one-night-stand.

I feel fingers smoothing down my frown so I meet Adam's eyes before clearing my throat and looking away when I feel guilt creeping in.

"I..I want to tell you something." I say softly while playing with my fingers in my lap.

"Go ahead love." He encourages me as his hand draws circles on my thigh and I turn to look at him. I don't know how to say this. I'm afraid of his reaction.

"You see.. I might have taken one or two men to my bed after the night of the party but I swear you are the only one since we got together last week." I feel Adam's grip tighten around my thighs when I mention other men. I think he is the one who is mad now.

He squeezes my flesh in his hand lightly before letting out a sigh then in a flash his right hand goes behind my neck pulling me in a passionate kiss. His hand starts massaging the back of my neck while other goes to knead my ass. My tense muscles surrender under his palms.

My fingers tangle in his hair as he takes possession of my mouth. He demands with his tongue that I open my mouth to him and I gladly let him in, this once without any fight.

I know Adam is a possessive man and this is him showing me his possessive side and also that I belong with him.

He lets go off my mouth and I breath in deeply. His eyes hold mine captive and I can't look away.

"You know I'm a possessive man Layla, but I'm not narrow minded. You didn't even remember our first night together so it's okay. It's not like we didn't have any sexual partners before that. But now I want you to be careful before mentioning any other man in front of me if you don't want to get a first hand experience of what I would do to you after that." A pleasant shiver runs down my spine before I smile brightly at him.

"Awe.. Are you jealous Adam?" Feeling mischievous I tease him placing both my palms on his cheeks and squeezing them together. He looks so cute when he is jealous.

Pushing away my hands he playfully glares at me.

"What if I am? You better remember what I told you or I'll fuck you so hard you will forget every man you have ever bedded. And I know you will let me. Tell me who this fucking pussy belongs to?" Playful Adam is long gone and is replaced by the man who demands control of my body. His eyes flare with heat.

Not only his words but his fingers too reach my core and I shiver. He parts his legs just a little to make space for his hand to get between my thighs as I'm still sitting on his lap. He easily slides his middle finger in my pussy before moving it in and out slowly.

"You didn't answer me love." He adds another finger and I whimper placing both my hands on his shoulder and grinding myself on him.

"It belongs to you." I mutter and he starts pumping them faster in and out of me. I almost sob his name when his thumb starts playing with my clit.

But I do cry out when I hear doorbell ring. I look in horror at Adam as his finger stills inside me. He is not leaving me on the edge.

He smirks seeing my face, but instead of removing his fingers he adds another digit and starts rubbing my clit harder. Pulling one of his finger out of my pussy, he moves it to my asshole and lubricates it before plunging it back in my cunt.

His left hand parts my ass cheeks and he slowly pushes his middle finger in my asshole. My heart skips a beat then start pumping again. I can hear blood rushing in my ear as I moan his name. I feel so full. His fingers are doing magic down there. I gasp as he touches my G-spot.

"Fuck love, you look so hot right now. You are like a wanton woman. I can feel your juices on my hand, I remember how you taste, so fucking sweet. There is no place I'd rather be than inside your pussy. I like you being my bitch, you have such a perfect little pussy, damn tight."

Adam finger fucks both my holes and all this while the doorbell keeps ringing. When it stops, Adam's phone blares and he looks at it.

"Pick up the phone love, it must be the pizza delivery guy. My hands are kind of busy right now." To emphasis is words he adds another finger in my ass. Good God! How am I suppose to do anything when he is doing that to me.

Trying not to scream I take few deep breathes before removing my hand from his shoulder to take his phone. I slide on screen to accept the call and putting it on loud speaker.

"Hello." We hear the guy say from other side of the phone. "I have got your order sir but no one's answering the door."

I try to suppress a moan when Adam's fingers starts plunging into me faster. I think he is doing it on purpose. I am so close, so I keep grinding myself and I feel sweat tickling down my back.

"Do you mind waiting for a minute or two. I'll be right there." His voice sounds composed whereas I'm a mess.

"Okay sure." The delivery guy says and ends the call.

"Come on love, we need to hurry... cum for me." He commands and I cum. This time I do sob his name. I keep grinding on him till every tremor of my body dies down.

"That's like my naughty little slut." He says as he removes his fingers and I feel myself making a mess on his boxers. I don't even have time to think when he picks me up placing me on his study table.

"Get cleaned up babe and come down for dinner." With that said, he places a chaste kiss on my lips and makes his way to the door.

I come out of my daze and get up to clean myself. I sigh thinking how it's the starting of our relationship and we won't be able give enough time to it. But work is also important.

I told Adam about my new assignment when we were on our date and he assured me that we will be able to make it work. I'm still afraid though because I have had one or two very bad breakups as according to them I didn't have enough time for them. There is just a hint of a doubt in the back of my mind.

I like doing my work. I like everything about my job and I'm very passionate towards it. I don't think I'll ever give up on it and truth be told, Adam will kick my ass if I ever think about it. He has been with me when I used to sulk about bad grades or when I couldn't get something done, when I needed to show creativity in my work he was there all along.

The realization hits me hard as I think how he has always been a part of me no matter what happened. He is not some spectator who saw me from sidelines but he is the one with whom I have lived every moment of my life. And I want it forever.

A smile makes it's way to my lips and I start grinning like a fool looking in the mirror.

I realize something else too, but I'll wait for Adam to reach that point before saying anything. I'll just have to make sure he feels the same way for me.

With that thought I happily march down to have dinner with my man.

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