Lust Shackles

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My friend

Layla's POV

I turn on my side feeling the harsh sunlight on my body. I try grabbing my sheets before I recall that they are on the floor since I threw them away last night.

Remembering what all went through the night, I sigh. I came hard but there is still this feeling inside me of emptiness. Like I am not fully satisfied. This feeling has made me crazy for over three months now.

I need to find this guy. But I don't even know if he is just a figment of my imagination or someone that I have been with before.

I think if I had been with someone like the man in my dreams then I wouldn't dare forget the best sex I have ever had in my life. But then again, there have been so many drunken nights and hookups where my memories have been a total blackout.

I would like to believe that this man really does exists because if not then I'm really going to die of sexual frustration. And I'm definitely not kidding.

I get up from my bed and head towards my window to draw the blinds, completely forgetting my nakedness, only noticing it when sunlight starts burning my skin.

It's already noon and I totally don't want to flash anyone accidentally. Although I believe that at this height and only a single building near mine, no one would be able to see me. But I won't risk it.

I take a robe from my closet and cover myself first, then draw the blinds shut. Then I follow my morning routine in my bathroom and have a quick shower before heading towards kitchen for some late breakfast. Yesterday's work, including my night activities, had me exhausted and hungry.

I generally never bother with clothes when I am home alone and when I know that there will not be any visitors for me. So after shower I simply tie my hair in a towel and hang the bath robe on my shoulders without tying the belt.

I enter the kitchen and remove my robe and tie the apron so that I can prepare my breakfast. I make some pancakes and hot chocolate. Serving the pancakes on a plate, I sip on my hot chocolate.

I remove my apron and sit down on the counter naked eating away my pancakes. When I am done I take my cup of hot chocolate and move to living room again shrugging the robe on my shoulder to watch some show.

Grabbing TV's remote I sit down resting my back on one end while my legs stretched out on the other end. Switching between the channels I settle down for F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

It is so much fun. Just lazing around on my day off and watching my favorite series. I hardly ever get any free time since I'm an architect and most of the time I bring my work at home.

At one of the scene I laugh so hard that some of the hot chocolate from my cup spill over my breasts and the valley between them. I have a curvy body and I'm thick at all the right places.

In a haste I stand up due to which the hot chocolate slowly flows down to my stomach and then slowly towards my belly button. I am very sensitive there.

"What the fuck?" A voice shouts from the front door.

"Oh shit!!!" is the only response that comes out of my mouth. I couldn't say anything else. I was so engrossed that I didn't here the front door open.

I wasn't expecting anyone and most of the time my friends give me a call before they show up on my door. But I guess this one friend of mine is totally okay showing up anytime.

Because, he is my best friend. And if you are wondering how he got in, he has got a duplicate key which I didn't give him. He got it made himself. That idiot.

But what do I do now? He is standing in front of me, mouth hanging open as I stand here almost naked with only the robe on, even that isn't tied. And to top it all, my breasts and flat belly are covered in chocolate.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask him seething with anger. I want to tie the robe to cover myself but it would get more sticky. So instead, I turn my back on him.

I look towards him over my shoulder. He is still in shock but my question brings him back to his senses. His eyes show confusion for a second which I don't understand, but soon a smirk make its way on his mouth.

"Ahh!! Don't worry. Its nothing I haven't seen before." He said it casually winking at me.

"Now come on, get some clothes on bitch before I change my mind and chain you down on a chair just like that for me to enjoy the view."

His words shouldn't have any effect on me since he is my best friend and I know he is joking. But for some reason my whole body shudders at the thought of sitting there on a chair tied with the chain, at his mercy, for him to do whatever he wants with me.

I shake my head to clear away my dirty thoughts. I don't say anything just glared his way since I don't trust my voice.

I turn around to go in my room for another shower.

Just as I am about to shut my bedroom door I hear him say, "This hot chocolate is so yummy but I bet it would taste much better on your body."

His words are enough to make me wet, forcing me to take a longer shower. And that too cold.
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